Work Hard or Ground

dreamstime_5775817If you are not grounded then chaos reigns. Worse yet success is outside your reach. I was reminded of this working with two new clients this week. When we are grounded we are clear, focused and can think straight. When we are ungrounded we tend to be busy, doing what comes our way, that is simple to do, needs to be done but may not move us any closer to our success.

Two new clients this week are in different industries but in the same place with their businesses. They have been in business for a while, are working hard and making slow progress in their gross revenue. They wanted help, feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and without a plan.

As an intuitive, I look first at their energy. Are they grounded? From which chakra do they work? These two questions tell me a great deal about their business because our businesses are always a reflection of us. Scary but true so the solution begins within us.

Neither of them was grounded. They both operated from their third chakra (a powerful energy center) to work hard, react and respond to whatever comes at them. This is the opposite of being grounded, focused with a plan that determines where we place our energy. Sound familiar?

Both of them are smart, know their business very well but cannot get out of their third chakras (below sternum) and move into the crown (at the top of the centerh). The crown chakra is leadership. Because they work from their third, they do much of the work of their business. For a business to grow the owner has to be able to lead the business (crown chakra) and see the bigger picture, their vision (6th chakra) then communicate that to their staff (5th chakra) for agreement (4th chakra).

Do you find that their story is in some way familiar to you? To be focused, we have to be grounded. Try this today. It only takes a couple of minutes though you can spend longer.

  • Sit in a quiet and comfortable place (once you learn how to do this you can do it anytime and any place, eyes open or closed)
  • Close your eyes and relax into your chair.
  • Take a deep breath, exhale and relax.
  • Bring your attention onto yourself.
  • In your mind’s eye imagine where the base of your spine is (1st chakra)
  • Imagine where the center of the planet is.
  • Now imagine connecting those two points. You can imagine a tree trunk, a beam of light, a rope, etc. Any imagines that work for you to connect the base of your spine to the center of the planet. This is your grounding.
  • Take a deep breath and relax into your grounding. Feel grounded. Let go and allow yourself to be grounded.
  • Let go of whatever you are controlling.
  • Relax and feel connected to the center of the planet.
  • Continue to feel yourself grounding for as long as you want but at least a minute until you feel grounded.
  • Notice your awareness changes.

You can start your day this way. It helps to create focus. Then you can do this several times throughout your day, creating time to stop, ground and get clear again.

Stop and ground when you:

  • Find you cannot think straight or are having a tough time focusing stop and ground.
  • Find you are doing random things and not implementing a plan that moves you toward your goals, stop and ground.
  • Find yourself unsettled by something or someone and want to get your space back.
  • Have a problem to solve and want to get it right.
  • Want to regain perspective.
  • Are feeling stressed or tense.

There are a many reasons to be grounded. Make this part of your routine, and it will change everything.

Best wishes on your success, Kay



Not Being Myself

hI don’t like how I feel right now.  Does this sound familiar? Or I don’t feel like myself today.  These and other terms are used to describe how we feel when we have lost our space.  Losing our space means our energy is out of whack and we are out of sync.

Most of us sigh in frustration when we feel this way then move on with our day while feeling out of sorts.  This can be disastrous.  Disastrous is such a strong term but I mean it.  When we are out of sorts, not feeling right, etc. it means we are not being ourselves.   This means we also do not have perspective or control of our energy.  We may act and react in ways that are not typical for us and make decisions that we would not ordinarily make.

When our energy is disturbed in some way we are likely to do more harm than good because we are not being ourselves.  We are being the effect of an energy disturbance in our space.

The causes of disruption, disturbance or changes in our energy are varied.  It could be the result of an experience we had recently, a conversation, a meeting, etc. in which the energy caused a change in our energy.  Most likely someone’s energy got into our space causing a change in our flow.  Maybe someone whacked you meaning they threw energy at you in anger, frustration or competition.  Perhaps we had an experience that greatly disturbed us personally or professionally causing our energy to react.

Energy disruptions can also be caused by changes in the body.  For women it can be their cycle.  For all of us it might be our diet, lack of exercise, medications, drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep, etc.

There are so many causes. It is important to realize when we are out of sorts and not just go with it.  The good news is it is easy to change our energy and get our space back to being ourselves.   One of my clients, Claire, left me a message yesterday.  She is in the throes of a big project and she has learned working with me that her energy changes under pressure going from an otherwise pleasant business owner to a raging boss.  Always in the aftermath she regrets her behavior and declares that is not who she is, trying to convince her staff of that as they stare in amazement wondering, “Who is that?”

I recall I was in a meeting representing an organization in a multi-million dollar class action suit and I could tell that two men in the room were lying.  That was a trigger for me.  I am all about fairness and truth so when people are being dishonest I lose my space and my awareness.  I started to challenge them vehemently.  Our attorney touched my arm and asked that we step outside.  She pointed out how out of control I was and that I needed to get my space back.  I explained to her they were lying.  She understood that I was intuitive but that there was no evidence they could point out at this time so I had to bide my time.  Suddenly I realized how much I had lost my space and was not being myself.    What is a trigger for you?

Jim called me asking for help.  He had just finished a phone call with a colleague and he felt buzzed and could not think straight.  After working with me on this business he has come to realize that he needs to stop when things don’t feel right and set them straight.  I saw intuitively that the person he was speaking with was trying so hard to convince him of something that he placed all his energy in Jim’s space making Jim feel not like himself.  This is not logical but it is very intuitive.  We all have had this experience many times.

Regardless of the cause it is important to our success personally and professionally to realize when we do not feel right or not ourselves and do something about it immediately before we create trouble for ourselves.  Changing our energy or getting our space back is easy.  Being aware that we have lost our space and taking the steps to stop and fix it is the tougher challenge.

Should you decide to stop and change your space it is quite simple.  I suggest meditation.  It could be five minutes or an hour whatever it takes.  Meditation is simply stopping, quieting the body, clearing our thinking and resetting our space.  These are intuitive terms that don’t mean much until you experience it so try this now even if you feel like you have your space.  It will make things even better.

Meditation Exercise:

  • Sit in a comfortable and quiet place.
  • Take a deep breath, release and begin to relax the body (repeat often).
  • Close your eyes and focus on yourself, bringing your attention from out there somewhere back to you.
  • When you feel that you are beginning to relax and focus on yourself then be grounded.  Imagine a connection between the base of your spine and the center of the planet.  Take a deep breath, release, relax and feel that connection.  Be grounded.   Repeat until you feel connected and grounded.
  • Now be centered by bringing your attention into the center of your head.  Right now your attention is probably out there somewhere so come into the center of your head.  Notice how that feels and how it changes your perspective.  Keep breath and release.
  • Now get your space back.  By space I am referring to the energy field around you (your aura).  Your energy is probably scattered far and wide from you so imagine calling your energy in around you within arms reach. I know this is not logical.  Just try it.  Imagine that energy field is all around you like a bubble.  Keep calling your aura in until you get a sense of having your energy in around you.  Now to make it real imagine a color on the edge of your space.  A color you enjoy.
  • Now be present in the moment.  Bring all of your attention and awareness into this moment.   Keep doing this until you feel that you are present.  You can imagine releasing down your grounding anyone or anything that comes to mind as you do this.
  • The goal is to be quiet in the body, not thinking and just being aware of yourself in present time.
  • Now meditate on how you want to be in this moment.  You have the ability to change your space and be however you want.  I suggest a high vibration (enthusiasm, inspired, amusement, joy, excitement, etc.)  When you feel like you are yourself and how you want to be then take a deep breath, stretch and come out of meditation

You are ready for your day.  Once you get the hang of it meditation can go easily and quickly until then it make take some time to become comfortable with it.  It is well worth the time.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

If you have any difficulty with this please feel free to contact me to discuss what is in the way of you having your space.

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Don’t Start Work Until

dreamstime_5775817We get up.  We go to work.  We work hard and don’t always meet our goals and more importantly our vision of success.  Getting things done.  Completing our To Do List is not important.  Are you surprised?  One of my clients told me that she has a To Do List that for her is everything.  If she does not get that list completed every day then she does not feel that she has accomplished anything.  On the other hand when she does complete her to do list she is no closer to being successful.

So what does this all mean?  It means we are not focused in the correct way.  Sure there are things to do but they are not your purpose, vision or intention of why we do what we do.  So often we become doers and lose sight of where we are going.  The rest of the title of this blog is “Don’t Start Work Until You See and are Focused on Your Vision of Success”.

Don’t Leave This Blog

As an intuitive Business Coach I recommend all my clients to begin their day with meditation.  I know half of you just left this blog because I mentioned meditation  but there is no other sure way to promote your success.  You won’t understand this until you experience it for yourself.  Meditation is simply a way to quiet the body and clear your thinking so that you can regain perspective.

Busy But Not Successful

If you run off and start doing whatever you think you should do, the body will be energized and your mind buzzing on whatever is at hand  and it may not be the best choice to achieve your vision.  On the other hand if you start with meditation (quieting the body and clearing your thinking) how might things be different than starting our day from thoughts left in our head from the day before that have nothing to do with achieving success or an emotional reaction to something we experienced which also has nothing to do with our success.

Reacting & Stuck Thinking

So often we are reacting to what is on our mind or in our space instead of being clear about the actions can we take to move us further in our success.  Don’t just be busy.  Don’t be reactive.  Don’t get lost in your thinking which can take you way off target.  Stop.  Clear your thinking.  Let go of all the energy in your space then see clearly what is the next step and what can you do today to further your success.  Ask that question when you are clear and quiet.  That is the most important question you can ask and from the space of clarity.

Try This Meditation 

Find a comfortable and quiet place.  Allow yourself the time to do this well so don’t rush.  That is not to say it will take a long time.  It will take the time that it takes depending on how easily you are able to get grounded and quiet in present time.

  • Sit in a chair in a comfortable and quiet place.
  • Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and as you exhale relax and release tension (energy). Repeat as needed until you feel relaxed in your chair.
  • Be grounded.  Feel and see yourself connected deeply into the ground.
  • Be centered.  Bring your attention behind your eyes into the center of your head. Notice what that feels like.
  • Stop thinking.  Be aware of being centered.
  • Have your space.  Imagine all of your energy in around you – within arms reach.
  • Don’t be scattered or distracted.
  • Be present in the moment.  Notice yourself breathing.
  • Don’t let your mind wander.  Be present.

(Repeat until you are grounded, centered, have your space and are present in the moment)

  • Now meditate (imagine) your vision of success (personally and professionally).
    • See it clearly in your mind’s eye.

(If you cannot see your vision of success then do this often until you can because the things that manifest are those that you can see clearly.  Think of them as the blueprint.)

  • Once you can see your vision of success begin to notice any thoughts you have that argue with your success.  Clear and let go of these thoughts.  They are just your thinking. They are not true unless you decide they are.
  • Now in your mind’s eye see the steps you can take today to move you further along.  Don’t think.  Use your intuition.  Meditate and know your next step.
    • It may be an uncomfortable step, one that you are avoiding, something you resist, etc.  Decide to take it!
    • Take a deep breath.  Stretch.  Come out of meditation.

Do this everyday.  Each day you will become clearer.  Each day you will see the benefit of taking this time to be clear.  Also observe how each day goes when you begin this way.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Please share your experiences with meditation and success.


Change Never Begins Outside of Us

dreamstime_xs_19899077When I begin a coaching session I always ask my client how they are doing.  If they are great  we move on.  If they whine or show their energy is low for one reason or another then I wonder, “Why are they sitting in that energy when they have the ability to change it?”  There is little value in a coaching  someone in apathy, boredom, worry, etc. so we start with changing the space (energy) they are in.  They are always very grateful and relieved.

The energy level we are being determines the outcomes and experiences we have.  Lower vibrations create failure, actions not producing results, problems with communication, etc.  Higher vibrations produce changes, creativity, success, new ideas, new opportunities, etc.

Most often people accept their space as it is for better or for worse.  If they are not feeling great they attribute it to the fight they had with their friend, how they felt after looking at their bank account or after a client called in a complaint.  They accept it and live that day in this energy.  Why?  We can stay in our reaction to things or we can change our space (vibration, energy level).  There is no value in staying at a lower vibration unless we like to suffer or we don’t realize that we can change this.

So let’s state here and now.  We can change our space and how we feel.  We don’t have to solve the problem at hand first.  When we change our energy then the problem at hand goes away or is much easier to solve.   If your energy is typically at a lower vibration then it will take determination to change that habit.  For most of us our energy is great one day and we can conquer the world or low another and we want to skip out on everything.

Why stay at a lower vibration when you have the choice and the ability to be at a higher vibration (energy level, feeling)?  We have free will.  We get to choose.  My sister sent me a plaque that reads “Choose Happy”.  I like that.

We have the ability to decide how we want to be and to change where we are on an energy level to a vibration we want to be.  In this way we are in charge of our creations and our life.  This may not be logical and your logic may be arguing with me but give this a try and see.

  • Start your day with a short (or long) meditation but at the very least do this.
  • Sit upright in a comfortable quiet place (if possible but on the subway if necessary).
  • Take deep breath and relax. Grab your attention from everywhere else and place your attention on yourself.
  • Notice how you are feeling.  Why you are feeling that way does not matter so much
  • Stop thinking.
  • Notice how you are being.  You can feel an energy driving your space already, i.e. enthusiasm, anger, creativity, depression, amusement, worry. etc.
  • Decide if this is how you want to be in this day. If it is them really feel it and enjoy it. If not then change your space!
  • Begin by taking a deep breaths and as you exhale let go of and release the energy that is making you feel that way, i.e. anger, worry, depression.  Don’t think about it or analyze it just imagine letting it do.
  • Once you feel that you have begun to let go of where you are start to imagine how you would like to be.
  • How would you like your day to go?
  • How do you want to feel in your day?
  • Take as much time as you need to do these steps with certainty.
  • Now really feel that way.

When you have reset your space to the vibration you want to be this day then really be that all day.  If you find your energy slipping then stop.  Take a moment and come back to feeling (energy level) you want to be.  You will learn a great deal about your automatic responses to things and ways in which you get in your own way but letting your energy drop.  Success (personally and professionally)  only happens at higher vibrations.

The magic comes when we begin to realize we have the control of our space OR we can choose to just be the effect of what is in our space.  You chose.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Learn basic meditation or join an online meditation (no experience needed). Meditation,

Be At Ease

Allow Change
Allow Change

Most of us associate work with stress or effort.  This is so familiar that we become tense automatically at the thought of work without noticing.  Consider being at ease at work.  Does that even seem possible?  Being in effort is most often an automatic response.  Being at ease at work is a choice we can make.   It means being conscious and aware of how we want to be in the moment, choosing to be at ease.

When we are in stress, resistance, tension or other energies that create effort we will notice that our life and our work mirrors this.  This is not a coincidence. Being at ease is a way to turn things around, cause things to flow and for our goals to manifest more easily.

Sometimes our energy is light meaning it is moving at a high vibration, light in color, and other terms that describe ease.  What does it mean to be at ease?  From an intuitive perspective it means energy moving without resistance and vibrating at a high energy level, being at ease in body, mind and spirit.

Being at ease begins when we are grounded in present time.  This helps the body relax.  Being at ease means not thinking  – just being present and aware in the moment as you observe what is going on with you and around you. Being at ease means being aware of yourself, what you are being and how you are reacting in the moment. Being at ease means being in communication with yourself.

Notice if you can be at ease.  Notice where you are not at ease. Release, let go, stop resisting, be neutral – which means not reacting.  Just observe. Notice yourself being at ease.  If you have never truly ever been at ease you may not know yet what that is or how to get there.

Intuitive exercise: with your eyes closed imagine a gauge in front of you from 0 – 100.  Without thinking have the gauge show you how close you are to being at ease – 5% 10% 50%.   Are you surprised?

I was working with a client this morning and she was NOT at ease.  She was stressing but was not aware of it because she is in a constant state of stress about one thing or another.   So for her the goal is to stop and be at ease before she goes to work, makes a decision or interacts with her staff.

Are you able to be at ease at work? What are your thoughts about being at ease at work?  Is it the idea that it is WORK so by its very nature it should be stressful?  What is your programming?  Meditate on the aspects of your work that allow you to be at ease and the aspects that don’t. Change your reaction.  Decide to be at ease at work.  Can you imagine that? If you are at ease at work how might your work be different?

The client I was working with this morning had many reasons why she was not at ease with other people and why they were the cause of her lack of ease.  I smiled then she smiled.  The cause is never outside of us.  We have the ability to act and react in any way we choose.  So what do you choose? There is no logic here.  You simply get to choose.  Free will.  You can choose to be or not to be at ease.  What do you choose?  If being in stress is a habit and being at ease is not familiar then it will take focus and attention to break that routine and create a new way of being.

How might your work be different if you were at ease with it?  Try being at ease then notice what changes.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Setting the Energy for Success

During October we focused on setting the energy for success. What does it mean to set energy? Quantum physics demonstrates  what we have known for a long time that we have an effect on everything by where we place our attention.  But it is more than placing our attention.  We can create change through our attention.  In doing so we can make things better or worse so being conscious and aware of where we place our attention is an important ability to develop.

Whatever thought we dwell on becomes our reality.  Scary thought if we are not paying attention.  For example, it is not a coincidence that something happens to you right after spending some time dwelling on it.  Dwelling on it is the same as focusing on it.  We have a thought and we begin to imagine what it would be like, adding our energy to the thought.  Poof!  It manifests.   I was working with a client and she worried that she would be laid off.  There was no evidence to that effect but she got stuck on that thought, worried about it (adding energy), imagined what she would do if she was laid off (expanded the picture in her mind) then became anxious (adding more energy).   As imagined she was laid off and to this day I know her supervisor is wondering why they laid off someone so capable.

My efforts to have her take her attention off her fear of being laid off fell on deaf ears.  She could have just as easily dwelled on and imagined being successful in her job, being enthusiastic about that (adding energy to that concept) then that thought would have manifested.  We have free will to create whatever we choose so be careful what you dwell on.

Setting energy is a way to consciously focus your attention and your energy on precisely what you would like to see happen and experience.  Being intentional is a far better practice than dwelling on what we fear or resist.

During this month we focused on some specific areas we can set energy.  You can do this as well. Try understanding your ability to set energy in the following areas.

  • Your Space & Your Success: How do you want to be?  How are you being in your work? Everyone is intuitive so how do others experience you? How would you like them to experience you?  Set your space in a way that supports your success.
  • Your Office or Workspace: How do you feel when you are in your office or workspace?  Are you inspired or do you feel irritated?  Identify what irritates you.  It could be someone, something, the energy level, etc.  Make changes to raise the energy level of your workspace so that you feel inspired.  Clear the clutter, rearrange the space, fix what is broken, move away from someone negative, etc.
  • Communication: Communication is more than words.  It is an intuitive experience.  Take the time to notice how you want to be when in communication with someone.  Remember that everyone is intuitive so what are they picking up from you? What is the goal of your communication?  What is on your mind?  Clear your thinking. What energy is in your space?  You can’t hide it so change it to the vibration you want others to experience from you.
  • Achieve A Goal: Setting energy to meet a particular goal.  You have a goal.   Can  you see it in your mind’s eye?  Notice how you react to your goal.  What are your thoughts about it?  How do you feel (your energy level) when you put your attention on this goal?  Now clear your thinking and change your energy so that your goal can manifest in the way you desire.

There are recorded meditations on each of these areas if interested in learning more about how to set energy for success.  Series is “Setting Energy for Success” To  buy.

Best wishes on your success,


How do you, your staff, and your customers experience the energy of your business?

How you, your staff and customers/clients experience your business impacts your success. Yet we are don’t pay attention to this factor and just keep working hard.

We can make it so much easier on ourselves and our staff, not to mention attracting customers/clients/patients, simply by tuning into the feel (you might think of it as the vibe, or the tone) of the business. It begins with your awareness in the moment as you walk into your office, speak to your staff and react to the physical surroundings.  If anything feels off, it’s time to change the energy.

Read Your Business

Read your company, your staff and your physical office.  Doing this is simple.  Start with just noticing, How does this feel?  How do you find yourself reacting to individuals, the office, clients, your work?  Any aspect that brings your energy down, causes you to react in a negative way or creates tension needs attention.  Something has to change.

Create a Change

That change might mean changing staff, changing the physical office in some way or changing factors involving  the staff, office, or yourself. The best way to do this is in meditation which is a way to clear your thinking so that you have perspective.  Create the time and opportunity to meditate anytime something does not feel right.  This will help you and your company.


Here is an idea of the kind of meditation you can do.  It begins with creating time to stop, close your door, turn off your phones and ask not to be disturbed for 15 minutes at least.

  1. Have a seat, close your eyes and relax into a chair.
  2. Your goal is to quiet your body and clear your thinking.
  3. Bring your attention to yourself. Take a deep breath and release.
  4. Continue to breath, release, relax until you feel quiet.
  5. Clear your thinking by letting go of whatever is on your mind.
  6. If you know how, be grounded, centered and have your space.
  7. (Let’s focus on your physical office as an example.  You will want to do a separate meditation for each aspect of your business.)
  8. See an image of your office in your mind’s eye. Imagine the entire space.  Notice how you react.
  9. Notice places that are ungrounded and a bit chaotic. Imagine those spaces as being more grounded.
  10. Notice places you avoid. They may hold energy because they are unused, cluttered, in past time or an employee has set them at a very low vibration.
  11. Notice what you can do to change the energy in this space by shifting its use, rearranging it, clearing it out or moving the employee.
  12. Notice the parts of your office that have the highest energy.  If you don’t have places of high creative energy, you will want to create them.
  13. Finally, imagine how you would like your office to feel to you, your staff and customers/clients.  See this clearly in your mind’s eye. Know the experience you want yourself and others to have.
  14. When you can see all of this clearly in your mind’s eye, you are ready to create change to support your success.

Your goal is to raise the energy level of your office so that it feels successful, creative, supportive, innovative, healing or whatever quality fits your industry.   Your second goal is to make sure the energy is moving.  Always notice where the energy is low or not moving and do something about it right away.   If you don’t address it right away, it’s easy to get used to it – and then this stagnant atmosphere becomes the norm for your business, affecting its success.

In short, when energy is not moving or high enough in your office, guess what? –  you will notice the same conditions in the success of your business.  Change the energy of your office, and see a corresponding change in your business.

If you want more information, please contact me to do an energy assessment of your office, create a plan to change the energy and get it moving. Together we can design a specific meditation for your company that you can use regularly to jumpstart more success.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Fear of Loss – It’s Just a Story

Most of what I know about success I learned from my clients, those that succeeded and those that have not.  This story is about how thoughts are creative especially when they stimulate our fears.  We have control – when we pay attention and clear our thinking.

Kathy is a consultant.  She has one very big contract that keeps her busy most of the time though she has other clients as well.   Every now and then she goes into fear that if she looses this primary client it will devastate her.  As with any business we know not to rely on one or two contracts though many successful businesses have done just that for years.  The intuitive point in this story is Kathy has a fear (picture) in her mind (space) that is at her core.  She has expressed several times that she wants to get of  fear of not having the money she needs and wants.

As an intuitive I have observed that we are always getting our goals.  Kathy has declared that one of her goals is to get out of fear.  Once we have a goal our world changes in ways that help us achieve that goal.  Often that means experiencing what we fear so that we can get out of it.   Watching Kathy intuitively I saw her creating ways to re-stimulate her fear of losing a client not because she wanted this to happen but so that she could use the opportunity to get out of fear.

Intuitively I watched this fear picture move to the surface (of her space) and experiences begin to happen.  The first was Mandy, who taught her and mentored her for years to become a consultant, called to say that she lost her biggest client and now was in serious financial straits.  This was big for Kathy.  If it could happen to Mandy then it could happen to her.  The person who was the expert just created what Kathy feared the most.  I cautioned Kathy to pay close attention to her reaction and not to go into sympathy because in doing do she brings her mentors problem into her space where is could easily manifest for her as well.  I suggested that she consider Mandy as  her teacher in a new way.   Learn by looking intuitively and seeing what caused Mandy to create this and see if Kathy has a similar concept so that she could clear this thought.

The next experience was with one of executives who works for her largest client.  He told her the new CFO wanted to cut Kathy’s contract in half.  Panic!  She immediately believed it was true. I warned Kathy not to place her attention on that thought knowing that whatever thought you place your attention on will manifest.  It does not matter whether it is something that you want or something that you fear.  Kathy did not have to take that communication as her reality.

Finally, her best friend called to say that her husband’s pay was cut 60% and they were doomed.  When Kathy told me these  three  scenarios one after another I began to laugh and asked Kathy if she could see that there was no coincidence here.  She has a choice.  She could match the pictures and see all of this happening to her – her greatest fear – and it would or she could use this opportunity to get her goal to get out of fear by clearing her thinking.  Again I cautioned against dwelling on these stories or going into sympathy.

At the end of her session Kathy spent time meditating on seeing clearly her vision of success, releasing her fear and clearing her thinking.  Kathy knows that her vision of success does not depend on this client.  That it can manifest in a number of ways.  However, Kathy did not want to lose her client so we meditated on her having a conversation with the new CFO and visualized how she would like that conversation to go.

Kathy reported back that despite all her fears the conversation with the CFO went very well.  She continues to check herself when she goes into fear before her thinking  distorts her reality.

Be aware of your thinking.  It’s just your story.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

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Staying on Track with Your Goals for the Year

  It paid off to trust my intuition yesterday when I gave a presentation to a group of women business owners.  The topic of the presentation was “Staying on Track with Your Goals for the Year”.  It was the end of the first quarter, an important marker for businesses to evaluate how they are doing in achieving the goals for the year.  This is something you want to know early though many businesses neglect to take advantage of opportunity and regret it later. When you take the time now to assess where you are you can make adjustments, get unstuck and move forward to meet your goals.

Goals Not Being Met

As an intuitive business consultant I know that progress in achieving our goals is not always logical.  Some things move along nicely, one step leads to another.  Other goals languish on our strategic plan, list of targets or goals we have established.  I would guess that some of these have been on our list year after year. From my perspective, if there were a logical solution to unmet goals they would have been accomplished by now.  Sometimes what gets in the way of our goals can be determined more from an intuitive perspective than analyzing the problem.  This is where I started with this group of business owners and this is the approach I use with all of my clients.  Use your intuition.  Stop thinking and see clearly.

Vision of Success

I had them begin by revisiting their  vision of success.  The most successful people in any field are those who have the strongest vision.  I find that we are good at setting goals but goals absent a vision are just a lot of hard work.  So I had them write their vision of success.  Some knew it and felt good writing it down.  Others had never looked at their business in this way.  They had a business plan and a business model that guided their decisions but not a vision.

Now Determine if the Goals Fit the Vision

Once you have a clear vision of success then everything else falls into place. This is not logical but it is very intuitive.  With a clear vision, look at your goals to see if they now fit to carry out your vision.  If not then change them now before you get to far into the year.

A vision is different from a thought or a plan.  Vision is something you see in your mind’s eye.  You know and see what success is for you.  It is an intuitive ability to know for certain.    The best way I know to do this is in meditation.  Meditation is simply quieting the body and clearing the mind so that you can open to more awareness and to see more clearly.

Exercise: Try this for yourself.

  • Sit in a comfortable and quiet place.
  • Begin to quiet the body.  Take a deep breath and release all the tension and energy you are holding in your body.  Relax.
  • Now clear your mind.  Stop thinking and instead just be aware of yourself.
  • Be present in the moment.  Imagine calling your energy and attention back from where ever it is outside you.  Have all your attention right here in this moment.  Notice yourself and your immediate surroundings.
  • With your eyes closed imagine a red rose.  This keeps you from thinking and opens your intuition using your mind’s eye.
  • Meditate on this rose as you ask what is your vision of success.  Don’t think just imagine what success is to you.  Get to know this for yourself. Imagine what it looks like, feels like, etc.  It may not be what you think it is for you. Take a deep breath and let go of others ideas of success, “you should”, ego, etc.


It often takes several meditations to get clear enough so say that is it.  That’s my vision of success.  It feels right.

My surprise was how eager the business owners embraced this exercise and the insight each person got from their meditation.  I expected them to roll their eyes and want something logical, linear and practical.  That approach works too but when it doesn’t access the other side of your brain.  Be intuitive.

Meditation is essential.  We all need time to stop clear our space and our thinking so that we regain our perspective otherwise we make the wrong decision, don’t see clearly and get off track of where we want to be.  Meditate.

Next Step: Get your staff to buy into your vision.  Watch for this on another blog.

Best wishes on your success,


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Getting decisions right

The most common reason people call for a consultation is they have a decision to make and they want to get it right.  We all want to be certain about the decisions we make but is not always what happens.   Neurologist Robert Burton believes our brains often manufacture a sense of certainty that we are right whether that is the case or not.  This happens because the brain has the ability to create a feeling of being right even when we are drastically wrong.  That is scary and we have all had this happen to us.  How often have your said or heard, “What was I thinking?”  I often tease that the brain has a mind of its own and makes up incredible stories that simply are not true.

From an intuitive perspective it is easy to be a better decision maker. When people call about making a decision they say:

  • I feel one-way one day and the opposite the other.
  • I can’t decide.
  • I have three thoroughly logical decisions and I can argue each of them equally.
  • I want to feel absolutely certainty about this decision.
  • I can’t find a good decision. I don’t like any of my options.
  • I have made a decision but it doesn’t feel right.
  • All the facts say I should decide this way but my intuition tells me otherwise.

Is this a decision you need to make?

Would it surprise you if I said, “Most times there is no decision to be made”? Or that decision making is overrated. Knowing when not to make a decision is just as important as making the right decision. For example, Should I quit my job?  Should I move?  Should I hire or fire Suzie?  When I hear a question like this I know the person is not ready to make a decision OR they are asking the wrong question.

When someone has a decision they are struggling with my question is always the same.  What is your goal or the vision you have for your company?  That is always the starting point.  If you don’t answer that question first then you are building a Winchester Mystery House of decisions and not a successful business.

Decision making from an intuitive perspective

When we have a clear vision of our success and a plan to get there we barely realize the decisions that we are making all day long.  We gather the facts and information and if it supports our goal then we make a decision without a second thought.  You don’t call me.  Everything is moving, as it should.

When decision-making is difficult

When we get out of sync with our vision, lose our perspective or someone places a demand, their energy or a problem in our space  suddenly we feel like we have a difficult decision to make.  When you hear yourself say, “Should I…..? you know you have lost your perspective so it is time to stop and not make a decision from that space.

What gets in the way of having perspective?

When we are overwhelmed by energy in our space, cannot see straight or think clearly we are not in the space to make a decision.  So what can  affect our ability to see or think clearly?

  • Other’s energy or concepts in our space.
    • What others want you to decide
    • Others reactions to what you decide
    • People who have investment (or energy) in your decisions
  • Ego: Our ego can easily get in the way of making a decision that helps meet our goals
  • Past experiences, memories, energy or thoughts clouding our perspective
  • Our fears or emotions
  • Resistance to change
  • Wanting to stay in our comfort zone
  • Wanting to please someone or everyone.

Knowing what affects your decision-making ability makes you a better decision maker. If does not feel right then step back, get more information, find other choices or realize its not a decision you need to make. Having perspective means seeing clearing and being able to step back and look from a neutral place. Making good decisions means being aware of your vision and what is affecting you in the moment.

Recognizing when you have lost your space (perspective)?

You have lost your space and your perspective when:

  • When you feel pushed to make a decision.
  • When you feel yourself reacting to someone or something or everyone and everything.
  • When you hear yourself say, “I should…” This is always a red flag that we have lost our perspective.
  • Can’t decide. Arguing one-side then the other. Or keep changing your mind.

How to Make Good Decisions

Here is an intuitive approach to making better decisions. Make sure you have a clear and neutral perspective when making a decision.  If it seem difficult even after having all the information that you need then stop thinking.

Stop Thinking: If the decision was logical based on available information then you would have already made the decision without effort.  So the answer cannot be found in logically. Robert Burton, a neurologist, shows studies that indicate our thinking can be dead wrong. Another study showed the more we think about something the more inaccurate we can become.

Find your space/Regain your perspective: Take the time to meditate.  Everyone whines about this but this is the best way to regain your perspective. How are you doing? What is on your mind? Who’s in your space? Are you clear thinking and in a space of neutrality?

Take the time to be clear about your goals or vision of success. Ask, “Will this decision  help me meet my goals?” If the answer is “No” then whose question is it or whose problem are you solving?

Intuitive Exercise

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to close your eyes
  • Take a deep breath and begin to bring all of your attention on yourself
  • Calm your body and clear your mind
  • Be grounded and centered
  • Imagine (do not think) the decision you are about to make
  • Meditate on one decision versus another.  Use your intuition to begin to clear your thinking
  • Let go of others’ energy in your space about this decision
  • Take deep breaths and release
  • Once you are calm and quiet and you feel clear then ask yourself what is the right decision (even if it makes you uncomfortable in some way)
  • Listen to your first thought because the thoughts after that will be the mind arguing with you

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Success with Grace

     I would not be surprised if you are not drawn to this theme or even relate to it.  Success as we know it and have seen is not graceful.  It is hard work . At times it is brutal .  So many tie their energy in knots as a way of creating success.  This is not the only way to create success but it is the way we have been taught and programmed and so our automatic response can create effort, stress, problems, conflicts, etc.

There is another way.  What is Success with Grace?   Well, we all know what success means to us and for each of us this will be different.  Grace is the energy level we are being as we create our success.  As an intuitive I see the energy of grace as energy moving in body, mind and spirit.   Now some of you have changed to another link but for those of you who are still reading there may be an answer here for you.

Maybe the idea of body, mind and spirit does not fit with the concept of business or success then again maybe it does.  The challenge is to take the time to find the vibration of grace for yourself.  It may take quiet time (meditation) to become aware.   As a starting point grace is the state of being at ease and in neutrality.   Being at the vibration of grace makes it easy to have perspective, make the right decision, and see your vision clearly.

Approaching your work from the vibration of grace does not make your work life perfect but it does change how you react and handle demands, expectations,  communication, problems, etc.

How do you know when you are working from the vibration of grace?  You are clear-headed, have a level of neutrality to what is going on in your work or business, have the ability to focus on your vision and are non-reactive.


Carol is one of my clients who has a clear vision of her success as an investment broker, is very smart and knows her industry well.  She is struggling to succeed.  When I look intuitively I see her energy “tied in knots”.  Carol finds it hard to be neutral in body, mind and spirit all at once.  She is most neutral spirituality. Her body and her mind are reactive.  For example, you could say that she flies off the handle (body and mind).


Fred, a successful pastry chef, is looking to reduce the stress in his work life.  He is what I refer to as a healer.  Fred feels the need to respond to everyone’s displeasure, which causes him to be reactive.  When I look intuitively, I see that Fred has grace (ease and neutrality) in the mind and spirit parts of him.   His body is not neutral to those around him.   He is looking to find the vibration of grace in his body.


Now back to you.  Take a moment without thinking.  Notice with your eyes closed what happens for you in your work?  Are you aware of how you approach your work?

  • Do you feel like you see clearly and have perspective (spirit – your intuitive side)?
  • Are you able to clear your thinking and have perspective (mind – getting out of old thoughts in your head)?
  • Are you calm with emotions in check (body – no tension)?


Finding the vibration of grace takes your attention, as most of us were not taught how to be there.  Try this meditation.  This could take five minutes or an hour.  Take time for each step.

  • Sit in a quiet and comfortable place
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths to release the tension in your body
  • Be grounded and centered – behind eyes in center of head
  • Begin to quiet the body and clear your mind –deep breaths and releasing
  • Place your attention on yourself and notice how you are doing.
    • Try not to think rather notice and be aware
    • Meditate on the vibration of grace for you
      • Imagine ease in your mind – release your thoughts
      • Imagine ease in your body – release the tension and emotions
      • Imagine ease in your spirit – hear  your inner voice
      • Take deep breaths and release until you experience the vibration of grace as you know it at this moment (ease, neutrality, tension free)

The next step is to bring this awareness into your life.  When you are at work take a moment to notice if you are at the vibration of grace or something else.  The more you do this the more you will grow in your understanding of your vibration of grace.

Notice how this changes how you experience yourself (body, mind and spirit) and your work.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

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Business Success: How do you want to be?

One of my clients, Sarah, called me last week because she was suddenly aware of how she was being with others: staff, colleagues, clients, etc.   She became aware when a long time client dropped her company suddenly and for no clear reason.

In hindsight, she realized that she had lost sight of herself.  The stresses of her life and work were being felt by all those around her.   She was not being herself.  She was up tight and people were avoiding her.

It is possible to run a successful business without self-awareness.  Many successful business owners have all their attention on their success and are succeeding without self-awareness.   The culture of business is changing.  Men and women see creating a successful business as part of who they are and what they are creating in their lives.  They are doing what they enjoy.  Enjoy what they are doing and want to keep it that way so when things get out of whack they want to know why.

Back to Sarah.  Your clients, staff, colleagues, etc. are intuitive.  They pick up on your energy.  It affects them because you are the captain of the ship.   Knowing how they are experiencing you begins with self-awareness.  What are you being today?  What is on your mind?  What energy are others experiencing?  Is this helping get the reactions that you want and meet the goals you have set?

Intuitive Exercise

  • Take time each day to meditate (Close your eyes and pay attention to yourself.  Quiet the body and clear the mind.)
  • Notice how you are doing.
  • What is on your mind?
  • Release whatever you are holding onto: a conversation, a disappointment, etc. so that you are in the moment.
  • Decide how you would like to be in your work, your personal life, etc.
  • How do you want others to experience you?
  • Now change your space to that.  Change your energy.  Release.  Raise your vibration.
  • Imagine (see in your mind’s eye) how you to be.

When you are feeling like yourself again then you are ready.  You and others will experience the difference.

Best wishes on your success,


What does your audience receive?

As business owners and professionals we are often in the position of giving a presentation.  This might be to pitch our company to a prospective client, a presentation to a group on our area of expertise, etc.   Regardless of the presentation or the purpose it could make us or break us.  It is hard to erase others memory of their experience so let’s get it right in the first place.

There are many resources giving advice and tips on preparing the visuals the content then giving the presentation.  Here is one article I found interesting.  FastCompany.

There is another very important aspect that is often overlooked.  How and what you present is one consideration but more importantly what does your audience receive and perceive?   How is your space?  What do others see intuitively when they watch you speak?  What do they “pick up” about you?   Everyone is intuitive whether they are conscious of it or not and so they react to you, your energy and whatever is going on in your space when you give a presentation.

I have attended presentations with my clients to observe and give feedback.   In one case, I observed my client completely alienate his potential clients because of the energy in his space when he pitched his company.   Conversely I have observed another client completely sell a potential client on giving him a chance  to show his ability to produce.

The key is for you to know what is going on in your space before you give a presentation and change your space as needed to present not only the material but yourself, your space and your energy in a way that helps you meet your goal.

Intuitive Exercise

  1. Take time to meditate well ahead of your presentation and just before your presentation.  Do this as often as needed to clear your space.
  2. Sit quietly with your eyes closed.   If you know how, be grounded, centered and in present time.
  3. Imagine a symbol of a rose in your mind’s eye.  This helps you to stop thinking. This rose will represent the presentation.
  4. Now meditate on the presentation.  Notice how you feel about it, your thoughts, emotions, fears, etc.  Be self-aware.  Your audience picks up on these same things so know where you are.
  5. Begin to release or let go of any thoughts, emotions, concepts, etc. that invalidate or get in the way of your goal for your presentation.
  6. Know your goal for the presentation.  What outcome do you want?
  7. Now imagine how you want to be during the presentation, imagine how it will go, how you will present yourself, how you will feel, etc.  What do you want others to see, feel, react, etc.  Keep imagining until you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye.  You may have to do this several times before your presentation.
  8. When you can see it in your mind’s eye then you are ready.
  9. Be sure to do this just prior to your presentation.  Shaking off other unrelated distractions or energy so that you and your energy are completely set and focused as you imagine it.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Do You Believe in Miracles? I Count on Them!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”
– Albert Einstein

Do you believe in miracles?  I count on them!  A miracle is typically considered something that comes out of the blue and beyond our control.  From an intuitive perspective that is inaccurate.

As an intuitive I see a miracle as something we have envisioned, did not know how to manifest at the precise time and place of our choosing and then it manifested!  This does not come “out of the blue”.  It comes from our vision.

We call it a miracle only because we are not aware that we created it.  Our ability to create is the energy of a miracle we all have.  We can use it to manifest consciously and on purpose.

To Succeed

  • Know what we want
  • See it clearly in your mind’s eye
  • Create a plan to get there
  • Allow a miracle, the unexpected and something to “come out of the blue”

When we have a strong vision, a sense of determination and the belief that it can happen it does.  Our vision is always manifesting (until we decide that it is not.)

We call something a miracle when we don’t recognize our part in creating it.  How can we become more capable creators when we don’t recognize our creations?  It is easy to take credit for creations that take sweat and tears, effort and exhaustion.  We are less willing to recognize our creative role when something manifests out of sheer vision and will without all the physical effort.  That is a very limited perspective on our ability to create.


One of my clients, Sally, called this morning to tell me how incredibly overjoyed she was at her success in creating exactly what she wanted professionally.   She was fully aware that she was the creator of the miracle.  It was a miracle to her because a few short months ago she could not imagine creating a career step from a well-paying high level corporate job that she hated to being a professor at the university of her choosing and in demand as a speaker that included her passion for travel.  A few months ago she had more reasons for why it could not happen.


Sally recognized that she was creating a miracle.  So many others I know are not able to recognize or allow a miracle to happen.  They in fact try to destroy it.   One of my clients, Jeff, received a call from a new big client who asked them to work with him to connect with another company.  He had a big project in mind and heard about them.  I saw a miracle happening.  Jeff’s client could have called the other company directly.  Jeff did not see the miracle manifesting.  Instead his own fears about competition took over.  He almost destroyed a tremendous opportunity.  In the end his client wanted to contract with Jeff to subcontract the other company and oversee the project.

Miracles require that we clear our thinking so that we don’t get in the way.

Intuitive Exercise

Find quiet time each day.  Write your vision of your success.  Notice your limits and fears but disregard them. Pay attention and focus on your vision everyday.  Everyday let go of whatever competing concepts that you have.  Be determined. Take steps.

To keep it simple, it works like this.  Once you decide you want a goal, believe that you can have it (with no reason or feeling that you can’t) then your universe will automatically manifest around that goal and it will happen.  Sometimes this goes unnoticed or we take it for granted.  Others are more dramatic, bring us great validation when they happen and others we experience as sheer miracles.

Best wishes on your success,


Be Smarter! Be Intuitive!

When we are looking for an answer or solving a problem some of us use our logic.  Others step back and use their intuition.  Who will come up with the creative and open-minded solution?

Working with my clients I can see a difference in the quality of their decision-making and problem solving when they use their logic and when they use their intuition.   One filled with conflicting thoughts, information and emotions.  The other offers a clear perspective that results in decision that includes a sense of certainty.

When we rely on our logic we are looking for information (thoughts, concepts, information, etc.) that we have already stored in our minds including what we have learned, memories, logic we have used before and as always our own thinking about things which may not be correct.

When we are open to our intuition we engage a different way of gathering information that is beyond what we already know. We use intuitive abilities such as clear seeing, knowingness, clear hearing and others.  From this perspective we are not limited to what we already know and believe to be true and are open to a new level of awareness.

Next time you have a problem to solve try this exercise.

  • Sit in a quiet place.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.
  • Feel grounded and centered.
  • Bring your attention into the center of your head and your attention on yourself.  Stop thinking.
  • When you feel quiet and you are not thinking have your attention on yourself.
  • Be aware in the moment.
  • Now imagine the symbol of a rose.  Open your intuition by imagining what a rose looks like.
  • Decide that the rose represents your question or problem.
  • Without thinking meditate on the rose.  Imagine solutions.

Quiet the body and clear the mind to open to your intuitive ability.  Look for solutions from this perspective.

Let me know what you experience or your comments.

Best wishes on your success,


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Meditation & the Workplace

I ask all of my clients to make meditation part of their day.  The first response I  hear is, “I can’t afford to take the time to meditate!”   My reaction is “You can’t afford not to take the time!”

I see business owners and professionals make poor decisions, react rather than respond in stressful situations and not think straight.  All of these happen when we lose our perspective.  We lose our perspective when we have too much energy in our space, too many demands placed on us and too many people with their energy and ideas in our head.

Things tend to spiral as energy builds in our space.  Meditation is a way to stop, to clear our space and regain perspective.

Successful business owners and professionals know the value of being clear-headed.  Here are a few basic steps for meditation.

  • Close the door.  Sit down.  Take a deep breath and close your eyes.
  • Take another deep breath and release all the tension.  Repeat.
  • Bring your attention on yourself.  Notice how you are doing, what’s on your mind or who is in your space.
  • Take more deep breaths and imagine releasing whatever is in your space, on your mind or in your head.
  • Keep releasing until you feel calm, centered and focused on yourself rather than something or someone else.
  • Now decide how you want to be the rest of the day.  Set your space that way now.

Do this exercise when you feel that you are losing perspective but before you have really lost it!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on meditation in the workplace.

Best wishes on your success,


Loosing It! Then Finding Perspective

Losing It!

Loosing It!  Then Gaining Perspective

It happens.  We lose IT.  What is the IT that we lose?  We loose our perspective.  We are reacting to everything.  We are probably even overreacting to everything.   We cannot think clearly.

As an intuitive I would describe this as loosing your space.  When I look at someone who has “lost IT”  intuitively I see that they our also “out of IT” meaning you are out of the center of your head.  You are somewhere outside yourself and have lost connection to your own thinking and awareness.

Spaced Out

You know this feeling.  It is the same place you go when you daydream or “space out”.   These are all good terms to describe how you leave your center and are operating outside  yourself.  You could say this sounds nuts except that we have all experienced this.  It is not logical but it is very intuitive.

Set You Off

When we leave our center/ourselves we also lose our perspective. An incident or experience probably “set you off” and things are escalating from there.  When this happens we react to old thoughts, memories and emotions that are not true at the moment.   This is not a good time to make decisions or trust your thinking because it is all reaction and not a thoughtful response.

Unintended Results

So how do you get your space back?  How do you regain perspective?  From an intuitive perspective getting your space back is easy.  The hard part is being aware that you have lost it and that you need to get your space back before your reactions create unintended results.


First, decide to be aware when you Lose It.  Decide to find your space before you say or do one more thing!  Maybe that means stopping a meeting, leaving the room, not answering the phone, etc. until you regain perspective – meaning that you come back to your center.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this meditation.  Know that the goal it to be present in the moment in your center with your body calm and your mind clear.

  • If possible, find a quiet place to sit down.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath releasing all the energy in your space.
  • Let the body relax and clear your mind.  Stop thinking.
  • Place all your attention on your body relaxing.  Don’t think.
  • Have our attention in the moment.  On yourself.  Clear your mind.
  • Bring your attention into the center of your head, behind your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath and release.
  • Imagine bringing all your attention and awareness back from whatever set you off.

When you feel calm and clear you have regained perspective.

  • Now with your mind clear decide how you want to be at that moment.
  • Imagine in your mind’s eye how you want to experience the rest of your day.  Reset your space.

What Next?

Loosing our perspective happens.  If you find that it happens a lot then consider adding meditation as a part of your business practice because you are very sensitive to the energy around you.  Meditation will help you gain and keep perspective.

Share Your Thoughts

If you have any stories, questions or ideas to offer please respond to this blog.  Let’s talk about it!

Best wishes on your success,


Communication Can Support or Destroy Success


Communication is our most important ability and yet we take so little care of it.

In business communication forms the foundation of our success.  Communication with our clients and customers, our staff, vendors, colleagues, etc. is critical.  We take communication for granted and give it little attention.   As a business intuitive I have seen communication support and destroy a business.

Our communication benefits from attention and care.  We collect energy, concepts, thoughts, pictures and attitudes in our communication space and it affects everything.  Here is an example.  Fred, a banker,  made his first phone call of the day to an important customer.   During their conversation this customer became angry with him for no clear reason.    He called me concerned that he was about to lose his biggest client.  I saw intuitively that Fred had a great deal of anger in his space.  I could see it and I could feel it.  I saw that he brought anger to work with him.  He explained that had a fight with his wife before he left for work. He felt badly about it and was still angry.    Everyone is intuitive so his customer unconsciously picked up on the anger, began to feel it and became angry.   I would suspect that his client is probably  wondering why he got angry at Fred and will let it go or will justify why he got angry which will destroy their relationship.   If the customer holds the anger he picked up from Fred then he will stay angry and pass it along to his next contact!

Each of us have had this experience.  We are speaking with someone and are having a strong reaction to them for no clear reason.  This happens all the time because we don’t take care of our communication space.  Clear communication changes everything.   Take care of your communication and see the difference.

Try these intuitive exercises.

After A Conversation

After you complete a conversation clear your space.   Take a minute or two to meditate. Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Notice what is left in your space from that conversation.  What energy are you aware of intuitively? What thoughts are you stuck on?  Be aware of letting go of the energy you picked up from the conversation.  Let go of any thoughts or concepts that are still on your mind.  Clear the energy and concepts from your space.  Finally, meditate on how you want to be the rest of the day.  Reset your space.  How do you want to be in communication?  Reset your communication space. Be conscious and aware of doing this.  When you are clear then you are ready to come out of meditation and back to being yourself.

Before an Important Conversation

Before you communicate with someone clear your space.  Take a minute or two to meditate.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Put your attention on yourself.  Be aware.  How are you doing?  What is on your mind?  What energy is in your space?   Clear your mind.  Let go of energy.  Now meditate on the conversation your are about to have.  What is your goal?  How do you imagine the conversation going?  What is in the way?  Clear and let go until you can imagine the conversation the way you would like it to go.

Taking the time to care for our communication space can change everything.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Intuitively Read Your Own Business

Man in Meditaiton
Finding Perspective

As a business intuitive I am amazed when I see a business owner or professional completely miss the obvious.  Their business has stalled.  They are working really hard but nothing seems to work even if they are doing all the right things.  Business owners come to me when they have exhausted everything they know to do to turn things around.  Their brains are fried.

So often the answer is standing right in front of them so how did they miss it?  From an intuitive perspective I see that they are looking for a logical answer.  All their attention is in their mind, what they know and what they think.   They are smart, have a lot of information so what’s not working?

Logic Reigns

I don’t know when it happened that the business culture decided all answers were logical or all decisions based on measurable facts.  That is simply not the case.  We have a logical side and we have an intuitive side.  Somewhere along the way we stopped using and trusting our intuitive side.   Therein lies the problem.

Logic & Intuition

When we take the time to use both we are in a better place to create our success.  So the challenge seems to use our intuition.  We simply are not used to doing this so it may take time, practice and deliberate attempts.

I recommend this exercise to begin to understand how to use your intuition as part of creating a successful business.

Intuitive Exercise

  • Take the time to stop whatever you are doing
  • Close your eyes, relax and gather you attention
  • Get quiet and focus on yourself
  • Bring all your attention and awareness to the moment
  • Stop Thinking!  Just begin to notice things
  • Begin with yourself.  How are you doing?
  • Become quiet, aware and see.  Don’t think but do notice your impressions of things.
  • You want to open your intuition to
  • What is going on with you, your office, your staff, your clients, etc?
  • Allow yourself to open to your intuition about things
  • Don’t analyze
  • Maybe take notes of your impressions
  • You can think of questions then see the answer you know intuitively
  • You can spend as much or as little time as you like.
  • At first I suggest you take as much time as you can to do this slowly and mindfully.

With the information you gathered intuitively you could decide steps you can take to get your business moving.  You will be surprised.  You may also enjoy approaching your business in this way.  Using both your logic and your intuition makes for better business planning and decision-making.

Best wishes on your success,


Success without Limitations – Get Out of Your Mind





Let me challenge your thinking.

  • Success is always possible unless you believe that it is not.
  • There is never a reason outside of you for why success won’t happen.

These statements come from my intuitive reading of hundreds of business owners and professionals for 30 years.  We quite simply get in our own way.   Not intentionally, definitely NOT intentionally but simply because we are not aware that our own thinking is wrong.

You are probably wondering how that is true.   Eckhart Tolle, author of several books,  states that our brains have a mind of their own.   That is so true.  Given the chance our mind will create its own story about why something is absolutely true and we believe it without a doubt!  In this way we sabotage our own success.

Destroying Potential Clients

For example, my client Matt called a potential client, Ed, who he had created communication with.  He left a message for Ed telling him about an innovative product and if he wanted more information to call back.  Ed did not call back.  He left another message.  A week passed then two and three.  Matt decided in his own mind that Ed was not interested or he would have called back.  Matt went on to decide a whole list of thoughts that destroyed his interest in continuing to nurture this client.  He scratched Ed off his list.  As it turned out Ed was off on vacation and came back sick so was off for longer than expected.  Matt thoughts and reality were not the same.

Now you are probably thinking that Matt overreacted and you would be right.  It is easy to see this in others and not so easy to see this in ourselves.   When mentoring business owners and professionals to meet goals, create change or make important decisions, I look intuitively to see the thoughts, concepts, pictures and energies they created that are in the way of their success.  Most often we cannot see these on our own.  We tend to believe whatever we think.

Creating What We Resist

Another example has to do with memory.  We have a negative experience, create a whole list of assumptions based on that experience then apply all of them to the future.   Kathy was under contract with a client for a big project.  She did the work.  The client did not pay on the agreed schedule creating a troublesome cash flow problem.   She found with each new contract she expected the same thing to happen.  Not coincidentally it happened over and over again.

Get Out of Your Mind

There are no coincidences.  Whatever we believe is precisely what we manifest.  What are the thoughts, concepts, beliefs that you have created in your mind that limit your success?

Take the time to meditate.    For this to work for you try not to think because that’s where the lies are.

  • Quiet the body and clear your mind.
  • Open to your intuition.
  • As you become aware of what is in your and in your way you can imagine letting go of and separating from these thoughts.
  • Clear your thinking then imagine your successful self!

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Set energy to success!

Setting Energy

In this blog I look at success from an intuitive perspective.  Intuition involves a set of abilities that we all have but most rarely use or use them unconsciously.  It is my hope that we all open more to our intuition to not only “know” but also realize our ability to create.

Setting Energy

Today’s blog is about setting energy which is one of the core concepts related to intuition.  When we grasp this concept the world is in the palm of our hand.

A Form of Meditation

Setting energy is a form of meditation that can be done each day, meeting, conversation, activity, project, etc.   I can’t imagine engaging in my day without setting energy first.   I can see your minds going a mile a minute trying to wrap your thinking around this.  Well, this is not logical so it is best to stop thinking.  The only way to understand this concept is to experience it.  Meditation is a way to get out of our mind, our logic and open to our intuitive side.

Intuitive Business Consulting

As an intuitive business consultant my time  with all of my clients includes learning this important intuitive technique.  Once you get the knack for it you will see that it changes everything.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this exercise Experience is the only way to grasp this concept.  First choose a conversation you have planned for this week.  You will learn to set the energy for this conversation.

Sit quietly with your feet on the ground.  Be comfortable, close your eyes and begin to allow your body to quiet and begin to clear your mind.

I suggest using the following basic intuitive techniques.  (If you aren’t familiar with them and would like to learn them contact me.) Once you learn these techniques, it takes only minutes to create this space of meditation.

Find Meditation Space

  • Be grounded – energy connection to the planet
  • Be centered – attention and awareness in the center of your head
  • Have your space – aura in around you
  • Be in present time – have all of your energy and awareness in the moment
  • Breathe and release – technique for clearing and healing
  • Hold your head high – positioning the top of your head (crown chakra)

Open Intuition – Set Energy

  • Imagine in your mind’s eye a simple red rose – see it clearly
  • Decide that this rose represents the conversation you selected for this exercise.
  • Meditate on this conversation.   How would you like to experience this conversation?  How do you imagine others will experiencing the conversation?  How would you like to experience the energy : clear, uplifting, cooperative, validating, etc.?
  • Keep clearing your thinking, letting go of memories and emotions, etc. until you can imagine the conversation precisely as you would like it to go.
  • Put your attention back on the rose.  Let the rose change to a color that represents your vision of this conversation.  Now let it go.
  • Take deep breath.  Stretch.

You probably noticed that you had to clear your thinking, remove your fears and decide more clearly what you wanted from the conversation.

You may want to repeat this exercise again before the conversation.

When you have the real conversation notice how to goes.  How similar or different was it from your vision.  Awareness is the key to intuition as not everything is logical.  We are at our best when we use both sides of our brain.

Let me know how this exercise works for you.  I want to hear your story.

Don’t go into a meeting blind – See clearly!

See clearly in your mind's eye

Someone sets the tone of every meeting.  When you are meeting with a client that person should be you.  This takes time and preparation.

We have all had experiences in meetings in which it unexpectedly starts off on a bad foot or shortly into the meeting things seem to go in a different direction than we had planned.  We find ourselves experiencing a lot of effort and our potential client is not responding in a way we expected.

Set the tone

As an intuitive business consultant I would like to offer an intuitive technique that helps set the energy or tone of a meeting.  This applies to a meeting in person, by phone or online.  It begins with meditation and depending on the importance of the meeting you will want to do this several times before the actual appointment

Going to a meeting blind

I would never recommend walking into a meeting blind meaning without a clear vision.   This is different from having an idea or plan.  Try the following exercise and see if it changes your experience in meetings.

Intuitive Exercise

Take the time to meditate.  This means to quiet the body, clear the mind, to stop thinking and open to your intuition.   Sitting in a quiet place with your eyes closed helps with meditation.

Your Vision

When you feel relaxed and have cleared your thinking then begin to imagine the upcoming meeting.  See it in your mind’s eye.

  • Be aware of your goal for the meeting
    • Release any thoughts you have that may get in the way of this
  • Be aware of the person or persons you are meeting with
    • Read them intuitively
    • What do you see or imagine is on their mind?
    • What are their expectations, concerns or needs?
  • Imagine how you would like to set the tone or energy of your conversation with them.
  • See the meeting going precisely as you would like.
    • Clear your thinking that may argue against your vision.
    • Release any doubts, fears or other emotions that are in the way of your certainty.

You may find that you have to do this exercise several times to clear your thinking and have a clear vision.  That is up to you.  When your vision is clear then you are ready.

Best wishes on your success.

Calling in Your Clients/Customers

Clients, customers, patients, etc. are the core of any business or work that we do.  You already know many tried and true ways of generating new business and retaining existing customers.   In this blog I want to add to the discussion and offer an intuitive approach.  As always the intuitive perspective is not a logical one.  It is the other side of our brain.

Our own thoughts and beliefs or even fears define our success.


One of my clients, Ted, owns an event planning company.  He has been quite successful in the past; work just seemed to come his way.  Last year that was the case.  For the first time he has to generate new business and find new clients.  He was great at creating an event but in complete fear about generating new clients.


Sara called me recently. She is an interior designer who has also been quite successful.  One client referred another and her company had as many clients as they could handle.  Sara took off last year to travel and to buy furniture and artifacts for her clients.  It was, in a way, a time of renewal for her.  When she returned her clients seem to have disappeared.  For the first time she finds herself needing clients.  Sara was uncertain about how to begin.

Create A Vision of Your ideal Client

Whether you are just starting your business or profession or have been at it for years generating new business is part of the game.  As a business intuitive I begin by looking at your vision of your clients/customers.  How clear is this vision?  Ted and Sara, never really looked at that because work just came to them.  Having a clear vision (in your mind’s eye) is the first step.  If you can’t see it, it won’t happen.

Stop Thinking

When creating your vision you want to be out  of your mind!  By that I mean, don’t think.  Imagine.  Thinking is not creative.  Imagining is.  This is a basic intuitive principle and you will read this in each of my blogs.  The only way I know to get out of my mind and focus on clear seeing is through meditation, which is why I recommend it so strongly.

Take the time to meditate

Take the time to create a clear vision of your customers.  Imagine new business coming your way. Be specific. How many new clients do you imagine?   Can you imagine or see this vision in your mind’s eye?  Keep looking until you see your vision clearly.

Finally, notice your thoughts and fears about your vision manifesting.  Clear the thoughts and release the fears that invalidate your vision.  Whatever you believe creates your experience.  This is not logical yet very intuitive.  Your vision is 50 new clients this week BUT your belief is “It’s not possible!”  That is precisely what will manifest – wanting.

Do this exercise for as long or as often as necessary until you see your vision and can imagine it happening.   Be aware and notice as your vision manifests.

Best wishes on your success!


Create Success NOW – Not in the future


You have a clear vision of your success!  You have a plan to get there.   Business owners and professionals often tell me they are doing all the right things so ” WHY is my vision not manifesting as they had envisioned it?”  Our success is always manifesting precisely as we imagine it.

Expect Success NOW!

As a business intuitive I often see the thoughts a person has about their success. They may not be aware as these thoughts may be in the back of their mind. They may have feelings that are just below the surface.  I find that business owners who see their success happening NOW see their success growing.  Successful business owners fully expect to experience their success everyday!

Success Come From Within

I have seen very talented business owners and professionals with great plans and even a lot of cash not create success simply because they envision success in the future.  This is simply false thinking, programming to see success in the future or it comes from invalidation and fear.  That may be the fear of failure or not being able to succeed.  For others it is the fear of success.  There are many more possibilities.


One of my clients, Stephen, wanted to perform on Broadway.  He arranged intuitive business mentoring with me to achieve this goal.   So far this goal was just not happening. The first step was for Stephen to create a clear vision of his success on Broadway.  Soon after his vision began to manifest.  He auditioned in San Francisco for a major musical.  He did so well they asked him to audition in LA for the national touring group.  This audition also went well.  He was asked to fly to New York to audition for the Broadway show.  It was at this point that Stephen found his fears.  He was in fear of this step and all the changes it would bring in this life.


Sara grew up in a family that loved boats so when the opportunity to buy a company that sold high-end yachts presented itself she jumped at the chance.  She invested all the money she had and that she could borrow into the purchase of this business.  In addition to her love of boats, Sara was also very business savvy, disciplined, organized, etc. and yet her business was not moving forward as she imagined it.  During an intuitive consultation I saw a picture in her space that said she was too young, too new in the industry that she would have to put in her time before the money would flow.  When I told her what I saw she laughed because she knew these thoughts were in the back of her mind.  She cleared her thinking and her business immediately began to turn around.

Your Vision of Success Now!

Notice for yourself.   Do you imagine your success as “Just around the corner”?  Do you see it happening in the future?  Do you believe that you are not ready for your success?  Perhaps you believe that this or that has to happen before you can have your success?  In all these beliefs we are keeping success from happening NOW!

Intuitive Exercise

Success is not a mystery that only a few have the key to.  Success can often be a journey in self-awareness.  Knowing what you want is the first step.  Seeing it in your mind’s eye is next.  Now notice your thoughts and feeling about your vision.

Take the time to meditate.  Notice your thoughts about when you imagine your success happening. Clear your thinking and see your vision of success happening NOW!

Best wishes on your success!

A New Cycle – Your Vision for 2010!

New Year
A New Year!

It is a new year, a new cycle and a new decade but it is not a time for making resolutions.  More importantly it is time to decide how you want to be.   A new year is an opportunity to create change, set your energy in a new way, create a new perspective, and set your sights high!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Routine!

For this to happen we have to get out of old patterns, routines and our comfort zone.  All of these keep things, as they have been whether we like them or not.

To create something new for 2010 change your energy.  Goals are met, changes made, experiences enjoyed from the vibration of enthusiasm!  It is nearly impossible to create from boredom, apathy, discouragement, etc.  These energy levels are too low for energy to move or change.

Intuitive Exercise (Meditation)

Take the time to imagine, see in your mind’s eye your vision for 2010.  Don’t think.  Quiet the mind.  Just imagine.   If you can see it intuitively then it IS manifesting.   If you cannot see or imagine what you want for 2010 then keep clearing your mind.  Stop thinking!  Quiet your space and go within.  Open to your own voice, listen then see, visualize or imagine what you wish to create.


Notice your thoughts, emotions, concepts that get in the way of your vision.  Notice anything that gives you a reason not to have your vision.  Imagine clearing or letting these go. They are ideas and energies that you can release.

Repeat this meditation often, daily, weekly and watch your vision of 2010 manifest.


If you would like help with visioning please contact me.

Best wishes for the New Year,


Heal the Past to Create in the Present!

Creating success is something that we are doing NOW, today, at this moment.  It is not something in the future.   We tend to see our vision of success in the future when we have the energy of disappointment, invalidation or uncertainty somewhere in the past.  This is not logical but it is very intuitive.

Why the Future?

It is easy to reveal if this is the case.  Simply go into meditation.  Quiet the mind.  Stop thinking and imagine your vision of success.  Now be really aware of any thoughts, emotions or reactions you have to your own vision.  Perhaps you know what you want but have doubts, believe one thing or another has to happen first, worry that it won’t happen or can only see it happening in the future.

These are all indications of energy stuck in your space around an issue, experience or memory in the past. We leave our energy in a past experience when we have not completely healed or let go of the effect that experience had on us personally, professionally or spiritually.

Sara’ Story

One of my clients, Sara, is incredibly smart, talented, creative and ready to start a new business.  Her vision and planning are impeccable.  Sara is ready to create the success of this company.  Week after week I see her do things that keep her business from moving forward.  Why would such a capable businesswoman do this?  Sara asked for my insight on what was holding her back.   I saw intuitively the energy of another business she started with great success years ago.  That business crashed.  She lost everything.  Since that time she has re-established her financial health and is in a place to create again.

The effect that experience had on her personally, professionally and spiritually sat in her space as energy of complete fear.   She did not know what caused the failure and feared it would happen again.   As an intuitive my question is not why did that happen but rather why did she create that to happen?

I guided Sara through a meditation to let go of her fear, bring her energy out of the past so that she could create in present time.  We looked at why she created the failure of the last company.  It was a very labor-intensive product that consumed more of her time than she had originally imagined.  She was not happy.  Sara could not quit because of  her investors so the only way out was for the business to fail.  She did not consciously make it fail but when we have a vision it begins to manifest.  Her wish to get out of a business but she could not so her vision manifested the only way it could.  Her business failed.  Remember the adage, “Be careful what you pray for.”

Heal the Past

Creating in present time requires enough, if not all, of your life force.  Calling your energy back from the past makes it easier to create now.

Take time to meditate.  Imagine calling back your energy from the past. Simply imaging letting go, bringing your energy and attention into the present.  Repeat as often as necessary.   Now, see your goals and success manifesting in present time.

Join the online meditation, Monday, Jan. 11, 2010 on this topic.

Pain Body or Success? Your Choice!

I work with business owners and professionals as a business intuitive. My goal includes drawing them out of pain so they can create success. I don’t actually say that in sessions but it is exactly what happens.

Out of Pain

It is easy to know when you are in your “pain body”. You notice problems, feel disappointment, are frustrated and only see obstacles. When I work with someone I communicate to their creative space (spiritual body) to bring them out of their “pain body”. Those who can change their space to creativity are able to manifest their vision of success.

Into Creativity

Most of my clients enthusiastically move out of pain to the vibration of ALL THINGS POSSIBLE. Some want to solve, heal or fix their pain not realizing that pain is natural part of being human. How much time we sit in pain versus creativity is a simple matter of free will.  The pain-creativity dichotomy is one in which we can decide which side we want to be. For example, two of my clients are simply more comfortable in pain than they are in creativity. This is their choice though it may not be a conscious one. We are all different. Everyone is getting his or her goal, which may not be success.

Freedom to Create

We all slip into our pain body now and again when an experience or memory re-stimulates it. Actually reading this blog may stimulate your pain body!  Oops!  There are many answers here. It is not a problem to move into our pain body. The key is our ability to slip into our pain body then to be able to move back out at will.

If your choice is to create then you can change your space and your energy to ALL THINGS POSSIBLE, a higher vibration than pain. Success manifests from creativity. Hard work, no work, unsatisfying work, etc. manifest from pain.

Below is an intuitive exercise you can use to move from your pain body to creativity (spiritual body).

Intuitive Exercise

Take the time to meditate. Quiet your body. Quiet your mind.

Notice where you are. Are you in your “pain body” or success? Wherever you are determines what you will experience in your business, profession and life in general. If you find you are in your pain body don’t think or analyze this. Simply ask yourself intuitively, “Why am I in my pain body?” Open to your intuition to hear the answer.

Now move out of pain and into enthusiasm, amusement and creativity. When you feel the energy of possibilities you are in creativity. If you feel unclear, uncertain, frustrated, you are still in pain so keep moving your energy to amusement, enthusiasm, etc. Repeat often.  Anytime you find that your creations have stopped take the time to meditate and move from pain to success!

Best wishes on your success,


Visualizing not working – Align your vision


Most of us have a vision of what we want.  When that vision does not manifest we are confused and frustrated.   Everything we have heard says create a vision, visualize, know your intention, etc. and your vision will manifest.  That is true if you vision is true.   What does “true” mean?  It means being true to you.  As a business intuitive I look for this when a client says their vision is not manifesting as they had imagined.  They are doing all the right things so what is wrong.

False Vision

When are operating from a false vision it will not manifest.  One of my clients, Joan, changed careers from a graphic designer to a financial planner. She was unhappy professionally and wanted a change.  Joan was certain this was a fast and easy way to financial freedom.

The financial training program and a good friend in this field both convinced her that there was money to be made.  Joan sunk her money, time and effort into creating this transition and to position herself for success.    It did not work.  She was out of money and her vision was not manifesting.

Intuitively I saw that Joan’s passion was in the arts.  She is an artist.  I saw that she was creating a financial career simply because two people had told her she should.  Because she was ready for a change she followed their ideas. This vision was not aligned to her passions or her values.

Align Your Vision

This has happened to most of us one time or another.  We get distracted from our vision.  This is a good time to step back and take a second look.

Is our vision aligned to who we are?   Is it aligned with what we value?

Our vision may have changed to incorporate others ideas of what we should be OR we may have altered our vision to accommodate our fears or our ego.

Take the time periodically to re-align your vision and get back on track.

You can best do this by creating a place of quiet so that you can meditate.  In this way you can get out of your analyzer and your logical side and open to your intuitive side.  Try this intuitive exercise.

Intuitive Exercise

Find a quiet place where you can meditate.

Sit with your eyes closed.

Bring your attention and awareness to the center of your head.

Bring your aura or energy field in around you.

Try not to think but to be aware.

Begin to imagine, in your mind’s eye, your vision of success (personally, professionally, spiritually, etc.)

Intuitively notice what is controlling your vision.  Whose ideas are helping to create this vision?

Now shift your vision is align to your passions, who you are and what you value.

See you vision from your center, the center of your head.

Allow your vision to stay the same and allow it to change.

Commit to this vision.  Now enjoy your success!

Tell  your stories or offer your  thoughts about visualizing and how it works for you.

Multi-Tasking or Being Successful!

multitaskingAs an intuitive I pay attention to how we use our energy and if we are achieving our goals.  Those who are most successful are those who have the greatest ability to focus.

For many being BUSY and multi-tasking gives a great sense of satisfaction.  This does not, however, translate into success.  A study just came out of Stanford University on multi-taskers. “When they’re in situations where there are multiple sources of information coming from the external world or emerging out of memory, they’re not able to filter out what’s not relevant to their current goal,” said Wagner, an associate professor of psychology. “That failure to filter means they’re slowed down by that irrelevant information.”

To be successful our energy must be focused and directed to the specific actions designed to achieve our goals.  Knowing are vision of success and creating a plan to get there are the first two steps.  Now we have to ground our energy so that we can focus on our plan and not be distracted.

Sometimes we are just distracted by whatever grabs our attention or is on our mind.  Others may grab our attention to become involved in something of their choosing.  In any case, we are quickly off focus or multi-tasking.

When you focus 100% of your energy and attention on the vision of your success it will manifest.  On the other hand if you have a vision of success then you focus your energy not only on your vision but many other things then your vision has less energy to manifest.  Multi-tasking disperses your energy such that your efforts are scattered.   You may experience your successes being scattered.

Try this intuitive exercise to ground your energy and focus before you find yourself involved in multi-tasking or doing tasks that are not essential to achieving your goals.

At the beginning of each day take the time to meditate.

Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and ground yourself.  Bring your attention into the center of your head.

See in your mind’s eye.  Don’t think.  See your vision of success.   See the steps you can take today to manifest this vision.

Stay in meditation until you have a clear vision for the day and you feel grounded in this plan.

Notice when you start to multi-task and refocus on steps to achieve your goals.

Hey! Where Am I?

0032PhotonicaFor the most part we have our attention in the future, our plans for today, this week, this year, our vision of success and more.   Having a clear vision is a very important aspect of creating.  We cannot manifest without this.

Be in the Moment

The other aspect of creating is the ability to be in the moment.  When we have a vision we tend to put our attention and awareness in the future.   This tendency to be IN the future actually keeps our goals beyond our reach because we imagine them there and have our energy there.   In this way a goal will be forever in the future.

Achieve Goals Now!

To achieve our goals means to have a clear vision then be sure that our attention, awareness and energy are completely in the moment.  Our attention and energy in the future whether that means in the next moment or the next year makes us feel scattered or out of it!  This is a clear sign that we are not in the moment.

Intuitive Consult

As a business intuitive this is one of the most common areas of focus.  Intuitively I can see the effect being in the future has on my clients’ business success.  When they are not in the moment then their success is always in the future.  Jeff was a new client.  He was doing all the right things.  He had a great business plan, a sound product and good business sense yet his company was not taking off like he had imagined.  When I looked at Jeff’s energy intuitively I saw that 80% of his energy was in the future, in his vision and out of present time.

Using meditation I taught Jeff to be in present time.  This was quite difficult for him at first because he was so used to being out in front of himself.  He said it even felt uncomfortable to bring his attention into the center of his head.  After about a week of practicing being in present time his business started to take off exactly how he imagined it would.  Is this a coincidence?

Intuitive Exercise

I recommend taking time throughout the day to simply stop.  Take a deep breath.  Close your eyes.  Imagine bringing all your attention and your awareness into the center of your head.  In this way you become centered in present time.

Notice how this feels.  Notice how far out of it you are, meaning out of the center of your head and out of the moment.  Spend the time it takes to be centered completely in present time.  Use your intuition to become aware of where you are.   Repeat this exercise several times a day until you know that you are in the moment.

Best wishes on your success!