The Three Most Important Steps

Cherry flowers and dollarLike most of us you probably get up in the morning, follow your routine and head off to work. You get there and take on whatever is on your desk or demanding your attention. This is the recipe for working hard. It is the same routine every day. This is not a recipe for success.

Don’t feel bad most people work this way. Successful people work another way. They have a clear vision of the success they want. They have a clear vision and they have a plan to get there. Each day successful people find the most important steps they can take that day to achieve that vision. Success people are not distracted by other demands and don’t waste time on work that does not move them forward in achieving their vision. They are focused.

Anyone can do this but old habits are hard to break, so it takes a plan. With those I coach I suggest meditation. Begin each day with a few quiet moments in which you stop, close your eyes, stop thinking, get quiet and visualize.

When we start our day with a vision of success in mind, everything changes. We become clear and focused. Rather than decide what you have to do today, visualize (imagine) the success you desire. Have this in mind to start. See it clearly. If you cannot then spend more time each day until you are clear. Without that vision, you have nothing to achieve. You are just working hard.

Next notice where you are now and the distance between where you are and where you want to be. Meditate and know the steps you can take to move closer to your vision of success. Finally in meditation become aware of three high-value tasks you can do this day to move you forward.

If three steps are taken each day toward your vision, it begins to manifest. It is surprising and exciting. It is important that the three steps are high-value steps. High-value steps make a difference. They are not the easy to do steps that you would do anyway but rather ones that take you out of your routine, are a bit uncomfortable and will make a significant difference.

When we approach our work in this way, our perspective and our energy change significantly. We feel different and see differently. We are focused on success, and it is manifesting.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


Business Paradigms Gone!

This week I spoke on a panel at the Microsoft Office 365: Your Office, Your Terms Event Series.  The panel was there to support women business owners. The topic was challenges faced in this economy, how to start or grow their business and technology enables entrepreneurs.  Sounds kinda heady though the information offered was critical for young and experienced business owners.  Though the event was for women, the audience was both men and women of all ages.

As an intuitive business consultant I work with my clients to learn to use intuition and sound business practices together.  This post is mostly about the later.

Key points made by the panel. Note: Challenges for solopreneurs are different from for high growth companies and in some ways they are the same.

  • The business environment is constantly and rapidly changing so don’t think old school.  Be aware in present time, be conscious of all the changes happening due to globalization, technology and the enormous business creativity that is constantly changes the business landscape.
  • There is no current paradigm so we need to look at business differently.
  • Think Darwin – the species that evolves survives. Be flexible.
  • Create a balance in life and work or you will get lost in your business then regret it.
  • Create a financial plan for your whole life not just your business.
  • Be willing to change your business model and to learn new skills.
  • Consider how your business will address the trend toward social, mobile and global.
  • Plan to create strong networks. Networks that include both men and women who have access and are decision makers.
  • Get certified as a women owned or minority owned business if you are interested in corporate contracts through Supplier diversity programs.
  • Find the talent and ability you need to grow your businesses quickly. Don’t compromise on this.
  • Use technologies relevant to your industry.
  • Secure capital. Learn to use someone else’s money responsibly to scale your business.
  • Be willing to ask. Ask for money. Ask for mentoring. Ask for partnership. Ask.
  • Have a mindset that supports success: Play to win. Thinking big enough. Be a strong negotiator.
  • Know how to present your capabilities, your value and your company’s value.
  • Be willing to take risks.
  • Recognize economic issues facing a new business then charge forward planning and adjusting to these realities focusing on what you can control.
  • Find new markets for your products and services.
  • Develop innovative products and services.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” The words of Eleanor Roosevelt

Best wishes on your success!


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