Communication Can Support or Destroy Success


Communication is our most important ability and yet we take so little care of it.

In business communication forms the foundation of our success.  Communication with our clients and customers, our staff, vendors, colleagues, etc. is critical.  We take communication for granted and give it little attention.   As a business intuitive I have seen communication support and destroy a business.

Our communication benefits from attention and care.  We collect energy, concepts, thoughts, pictures and attitudes in our communication space and it affects everything.  Here is an example.  Fred, a banker,  made his first phone call of the day to an important customer.   During their conversation this customer became angry with him for no clear reason.    He called me concerned that he was about to lose his biggest client.  I saw intuitively that Fred had a great deal of anger in his space.  I could see it and I could feel it.  I saw that he brought anger to work with him.  He explained that had a fight with his wife before he left for work. He felt badly about it and was still angry.    Everyone is intuitive so his customer unconsciously picked up on the anger, began to feel it and became angry.   I would suspect that his client is probably  wondering why he got angry at Fred and will let it go or will justify why he got angry which will destroy their relationship.   If the customer holds the anger he picked up from Fred then he will stay angry and pass it along to his next contact!

Each of us have had this experience.  We are speaking with someone and are having a strong reaction to them for no clear reason.  This happens all the time because we don’t take care of our communication space.  Clear communication changes everything.   Take care of your communication and see the difference.

Try these intuitive exercises.

After A Conversation

After you complete a conversation clear your space.   Take a minute or two to meditate. Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Notice what is left in your space from that conversation.  What energy are you aware of intuitively? What thoughts are you stuck on?  Be aware of letting go of the energy you picked up from the conversation.  Let go of any thoughts or concepts that are still on your mind.  Clear the energy and concepts from your space.  Finally, meditate on how you want to be the rest of the day.  Reset your space.  How do you want to be in communication?  Reset your communication space. Be conscious and aware of doing this.  When you are clear then you are ready to come out of meditation and back to being yourself.

Before an Important Conversation

Before you communicate with someone clear your space.  Take a minute or two to meditate.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Put your attention on yourself.  Be aware.  How are you doing?  What is on your mind?  What energy is in your space?   Clear your mind.  Let go of energy.  Now meditate on the conversation your are about to have.  What is your goal?  How do you imagine the conversation going?  What is in the way?  Clear and let go until you can imagine the conversation the way you would like it to go.

Taking the time to care for our communication space can change everything.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay


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