Visualize Success!

 Your vision of success is more powerful than all the hard work that you do. When we take the time to stop, get out of the energy of working our business then we can see more clearly. We spend so much time on physically creating that we lose sight of our vision.

As an intuitive I am keenly aware of the power of vision, your vision. When we are doing all the right things and our business is moving slowly towards our goal we have to stop and ask. “Why all this effort?”

Effort is the alternative to a clear vision. Seeing, in our mind’s eye, exactly what we want to create, where we want our business to be is the fastest road to success. When we can not see our target clearly in our mind’s eye then, we are not ready. It may be something we want, but we “can’t imagine it”.

When we can’t imagine something happening then it won’t. We can want it to happen but until we can imagine it intuitively, we will be just “wanting” and working and wanting and working.

Intuitive exercise: Take the time to stop. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can close your eyes and go within. Breathe deeply letting go as your exhale. Repeat until you find yourself letting go of all the energy you are holding in your space. Stop thinking. Thinking is not intuitive. It is logical. It has its place, but this exercise is about being intuitive.

When you feel relaxed and centered with your eyes closed, start to imagine your business as a success. What would that be? How would that look? Open your imagination until you can see the big picture, not the details and not what you have to do to get there. Just imagine and see the target. Where is your business going? What would it look like when it is successful?

Continue and repeat this exercise until you can see it clearly. If you feel like you are unable to see clearly then contact me for a neutral perspective on what is in your way.

Best wishes on your success,