Change Your Energy to Create

I speak with business owners, professionals, and individuals every day who want something to be different in their lives and want help to make that happen.

Few have the courage, determination, or willingness to change. Most believe the answer is some quick fix rather than something that needs to change in them.

Everything we have or experience in our life is a reflection of us, how we think, what we believe, and how we set our energy. If something is going to change, then we have to change.

I met with Tom a week ago. He has a successful business that entirely depends on him, which he wants to change. He wants time for his life and his family. Tom wondered what would happen if he was not always at his business. Tom worries about everything, which keeps him from developing the structure and systems for his company so that his people can do the work without him. He worries, and so he does not trust people. Tom admits that he does not have any complaints about his people. They do what he tells them to do and do it well. They are dependable, reliable, and loyal.

Because Tom worries, he controls everything and is “set in his ways.” We discussed that he could change how he relates to his business and people to have more time for his life. Tom admitted it was possible but was unsure if he was committed to change. At this point, Tom decided to keep doing things the way he always had. I expect he will reach out for help when the pain and cost of working this way become too great.

It may sound as if Tom could choose to change, but it is not easy for any of us. We are all “stuck in our ways.” That means our energy is set at a particular vibration familiar to us. Change begins with changing our energy level first. You may recall when you decided to make a change and brought your energy to a level of enthusiasm to support that change. Suddenly that dream felt possible.

If we don’t change our energy, we cannot change our reality. Tom lives at an energy level of worry and would need to be willing to change that.

There are other steps to manifesting something new, but that only matters once we change our energy from a lower vibration to a higher one, i.e., enthusiasm, amusement, and inspiration. If there is something you want to change in your life, start by raising your energy level and see what happens.


See It To Create It

Working hard can create success and it does not need to be that way. I work with business owners and professionals who say they are exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, or that success is coming too slow or at a cost to their health and their lives.


My question is always the same. What is your vision for your business or your career? Their answers may vary slightly, but a common one is, “I just want to make money.” Most of them are making money.

Whatever we imagine we are creating. Often, owners are creating what they see. What they did not realize was that they were not focused on or did not have a vision of what they really wanted.

We often use the term vision when discussing businesses or careers; it applies to all our lives. Vision means to see. In this context, it refers to seeing with your mind’s eye. Imagine what success looks like. Imagine what the life you desire looks like. Can you see it?

Some people do not have the ability to imagine, called aphantasia, meaning without imagination. The other side of that coin is hyperphantasia which is having vivid imagery. While scientists struggle to explain our ability to imagine, most of us have the ability to see in our mind’s eye. It is intuitive.

What we see or imagine is being created. So in the case of the frustrated business owner, he was creating what he imagined – making money. He also believed that he had to work hard to make money, so he created that.

The other day, I met a new client with a successful business, but too much of it relies on him – his choice. He believes that no one can do it how he can, so he creates his business to depend on him.

I asked him why he imagined it that way. His belief was that having employees was hard work and, in fact, more work. I asked why he imagined that to be true. He hired a GM, and it turned out to be more work, and he said, “I knew that would happen.” I suggested he imagined it happening that way and created it that way. We worked together to help him see clearly what he really wanted, to see a different outcome in his business and his life.

What we imagine is what we are creating. Most people just work hard every day. They think that everything would be different if they did more of something like marketing or worked harder. That is never the answer.

Business owners and professionals who take the time to see clearly in their mind’s eye the business, career, and life they desire begin to experience changes that lead them to that vision. This is not logical, but it is very intuitive.

So what do you imagine? Not for the future but for what you want now. Follow these steps.

  • Find a quiet place and give yourself the time to meditate or reflect.
  • Take a deep breath and calm your body.
  • Stop thinking and instead imagine what you want in your work and your life.
  • See yourself having it.

Do this often, as it may take time to get out of your unproductive thinking and align with your vision. Change can take time but begins with knowing what you see in all aspects of your life. What you imagine is being created.

Only what inspires and ignites passion

This year like last year. A familiar routine and your comfort zone. That is one choice. Another choice would be to experience another part of yourself, the braver side that wants to get out of a routine to create and have more.

Change is not easy, so some decide to keep things as they are. It may not be what they want, but at least it is familiar, and that is a choice.

This year I am focusing my clients and you on having an inspired life. This is a different choice, and it means knowing what you are passionate about and what inspires you. That sounds great, but it takes work to find.

If we go through each day in much the same way, we do not need passion or inspiration. If you want something new then your energy and focus have to change. The energy of passion is a high vibration. Does it seem beyond your reach? It’s not, but it is not what you have been focused on, so it is a stretch.

Our life is always a reflection of us, our energy level, what we think, what we believe, and how we see our life. Nothing is impossible, and the change starts within.

If you want something different this year, begin by seeing it in your mind’s eye. Only imagine what inspires you and what you are passionate about. Forget the rest. This may take several meditations to clear your thinking and come to a new place of inspiration, but it will be worth it.

Stay aware of limiting beliefs but focus on the life you desire that inspires and ignites your passion. Now that you see it change your routine, take new actions, and experience new things so your vision can manifest.

Create a happy new year.

Self-Image – Not What You Think

Self-image is a term loaded with expectations, judgment, disappointment, effort and uncertainty. I could go on listing the experiences my clients shared over the years. Most describe their self-image as what they believe other people see. From an intuitive perspective, none of this is true.


True self-image is simply the refection of who you are at your core. Core means heart. What if we stop thinking about self-image and learn who we are at our core and express that.

Self-Image or self-expression comes from within. The first step is see and know who we are at our core. Meditation is a way to quiet the body, clear our thinking, and go within. To go within means to place your attention on your core (heart). As we grow in our understanding of our core, our life becomes a reflection – our self-image.

An Inspired Life

Our theme for this year is to be inspired. That means something different to each of us, and it is important to know what that means to you.

Too often, we just go through our day and routine without a second thought. We wonder why we do not have one thing or another in our lives. Consider this – where we place our attention that is being created. If our focus is on our routine, then our routine is being created and nothing new. Do not think about this; instead, be intuitive about it.

An inspired life does not mean anything needs to be perfect. Instead, begin by thinking of inspiration in its simplest terms. For me, it can be any experience in nature, a conversation with a new person, a book, pushing myself, and my list could go on. What is your list? It matters.

Knowing what inspires us moves our attention off our routine onto something that creates a reaction in body, mind, and spirit. It can be simple and subtle but don’t let it be fleeting. What if we are always looking for inspiration in our lives?

We do not necessarily have to change our routine or what we do in our lives. We can change our experience of it by seeing inspiration or being inspired by what we do. We can also get out of our routine, have new experiences, and feel inspired by them.

When we care about being inspired, we change our lives in remarkable ways. How will your day and life be different when you focus on being inspired in simple and not so simple ways?

Story of Consultation: Determination

A client created the most amazing miracle, and he was not the first to do so. This is a story about not letting perceived limits get in the way.

This client, Fred, has been in the film/commercial industry in one capacity then another for some time. In December, Fred attended a vendor meeting in NYC at one of the largest ad agencies. The Creative Director told the vendors about a goal for their upcoming ad campaigns. Fred listened and took notes. The Creative Director’s idea had never been done, and everyone knew it was a challenge.

In January, Fred called the Creative Director and found that no production company yet was willing to take on the challenge. Fred declared that he was ready to bid on the project. Fred was not concerned that he had no experience in this modality. Fred knew he could create a team of the best in the field to work with him on the project. The challenge was to convince this agency that he could do it and do it well.

Everyone in the industry told him it was not possible. He did not have experience, and no one had done this work before. The technology to pull it off had never been used in this way. They piled more and more energy and limits into Fred’s space. I could see the effect others’ thoughts, programming, and energy had on him. I worked with Fred to clear his space to see his vision, stay focused, and not be affected by others’ perceived limits.

With determination, Fred submitted the bid and went through many negotiations. He worried as he found others had submitted proposals as well. We worked to keep his vision, to clear the pictures and concepts that created doubt in his space.

Fred was awarded the project and created an outstanding team of experts who dared to work with someone new in this arena. In the end, their work made advertising history and opened doors to other opportunities. It was a miracle!

As an intuitive business consultant, I often see our thinking, fears, and others talk us out of achieving our goals. I see business owners decide not to take a risk even when an opportunity presents itself! The pathway to success means taking time to clear our thinking, release the fear, stay focused and determined.

When a boulder falls on the path you are walking, don’t stop! Find a way around it or climb over it, then continue toward your goal.

Forget Goals & Experience Something New

Once again, it’s that time when we look at the upcoming year. Cycles are part of life, and this is our annual cycle. Traditionally, it’s a time to set goals that we may or may not remember or achieve. For most of us, responsibilities determine where our attention goes and how we focus. Routine is another goal buster, and we are set in our routine whether we enjoy it or not. Sounds like the same old, same old.

What if you decided to raise your vibration this year to try and do new things? Notice that I did not mention goals. We are so programmed to focus on goals that they make us unconscious as we go through our routine. What if this year we focus on experiencing ourselves in a new way? What if we decided to experience a new aspect of our lives?

So, forget about goals and focus on yourself. What inspires you? Do that. What would you like to try that is new to you? Try it. Is there something in you that you want to experience? Experience it. Is there a challenge you want to take on? Take it on.

To do this means getting out of our routines, putting our responsibilities in their proper perspective, noticing what takes up our time, and make new decisions.

You will find that experiencing yourself will lead you to the life you desire just by enjoying and inspiring yourself every day. Decide to lead your life rather than your life leading you.

Giving Thanks Before You Have It

Giving thanks for what we have validates all that we have.  

Try taking it a step further, be intuitive, give thanks, and have gratitude for what you have not yet received.  This may not be logical, but it is very intuitive.

Having gratitude for what you have not yet received declares that it is already manifesting in your life and will soon be complete.   This creates abundance.

See your goals and the life you desire manifesting around you, making space and setting the energy for those creations.  Be grateful now for what is being created.

Warm regards and Happy Thanksgiving.

Don’t Start Your Day

What if I said, “Don’t start your day.” Most of us have our day already in our minds before it even starts. As a result, we are ahead of ourselves, falling into our thoughts, the beliefs we hold, and taking things as they come. Most of this is done unconsciously. One client described it as feeling she is on the back end of everything.

Man in Meditaiton
Finding Perspective

Try a different approach. What if you started with yourself? Before you start your day, place your attention on yourself. Notice how you are doing. Notice your frame of mind and more. Now take a deep breath, relax, and let go of all of that.

Before you start your day:

  1. Take the time to focus on yourself.
  2. Relax, release, and breathe.
  3. Be present. In the moment.
  4. Clear your thinking.
  5. Know how you want to be today. 
  6. Imagine how you want to experience yourself. 

Be mindful, thoughtful, and intentional.

Once you have imagined how you want to experience yourself, now you are ready to change how you will approach and experience your day.

We Get What We Believe

There are no coincidences, and we should not be surprised about how others respond to us. They are simply giving us what we expect. Do not think of this logically. Let’s be intuitive about this.

We are always holding a picture or energy in our space based on our thinking.
People are intuitive whether they realize it or not. They see the picture or the energy in our space and give us that. For example, if you are afraid that people will ignore you in an important meeting. Your energy is set in resistance or acceptance of this happening. Holding a picture of being ignored tells people to ignore you.

On the other, you may decide to reconcile with old friends and create a new positive relationship. You hold this positive reconciliation picture and energy in your space. When they see you, if inclined, they will match your positive energy and picture to reconcile

There are other considerations. We all have free will. In the first example, someone in the meeting may have a different and stronger picture. Their picture may be to meet you and find out more. Now it is up to you to be open to that possibility.

In the second example, it is also possible that someone holds a different picture. They are not interested in a positive relationship. That is ok because that person does not match your picture and a new relationship is not possible. Someone else who is attracted to your vision and energy will show up.

My final example is a common one. You want to have more money than you need. More for what you want. The stronger picture in your space and the energy you hold is that you cannot have the money you need or want. The universe is always giving us what we declare. In this case, the universe will let you want money but not have it.

So the message here is, be careful what you hold in your space. The experiences you have are a reflection of the pictures and the energy you hold in your space. Change your pictures and energy to change your reality. Start today. Decide how to think and feel about something you do want.

There are no coincidences. We are constantly getting what we believe. None of this is logical. It is intuitive.

What’s My Purpose?

“What is my purpose?” is the question asked most often.  The question that follows is What should I be doing?

I am a firm believer in the notion that there is nothing we “should” do.  When I hear, “I should,” I know the person is not speaking about anything true to them.

What if our purpose is nothing more than to be ourselves. That may sound so incomplete unless we know what it means.  Being ourselves begins with knowing who we are at our core (heart).   When we know who we are at our core, then we know ourselves as spirit.

Our purpose then is to experience and express who we are as a spirit in the world.  That is our purpose.  When we know who we are at our core then expressing in what we do comes naturally.  We are drawn to experiences that help us be ourselves.

This sounds simple, but it is not easy.  We encounter demands and expectations that push on us and distract us from who we are.  The challenge is to stay true to being ourselves.

The only way I know to experience our purpose and what we “should” do is to go within.  Meditation is a space where we quiet the body and clear our thinking.  We need to calm our space to go within, to see, hear and know who we are at our core.

Finally, allowing our life be a reflection of who we are at our core. In this way, we know our purpose is to be our true self.

It’s Not About Goals

Helping people to achieve their goals is my life’s work. I’ve studied people and watched my clients achieve those goals. I’ve learned that achieving goals is not the goal.

I heard from my clients over the years that they achieved the goals we set. They thought that would make them happy. What’s missing? I decided to use the same approach we used to achieve goals but instead, I had them focus on the life they want and not on a goal to achieve.

This approach changed everything. It focuses on the right thing – the life we desire. Most people find they do not know the answer to that question at first. Maybe you don’t know it either. To know the life you desire, find time to get quiet, to close your eyes, to go within,  go to  your core (your heart). Reflect (meditate) on the life they desire. 

When you know what that is and can see it clearly in your mind’s eye, it is manifesting. Seeing it clearly in your mind’s eye is the key. Meditate regularly to stay focused on what matters.

Thinking about it is not nearly as effective as SEEING it – imaging yourself living that life. As you focus on the life you desire, live that way starting now. Your actions and decisions change. How you see yourself every day begins to align with the vision of the life you desire. 

Gradually, your reality begins to change. The life you desire reveals itself and manifests. This may not be logical, but it is a very intuitive way to create.

We Can’t Go Back

As an intuitive, I am watching the pandemic and see it as a spiritual happening. Everything was out of whack and no longer aligned in a way that supported us in body, mind, and spirit.

The universe is always giving us what we want. There was a significant group agreement worldwide to have a better life. For that to happen, something had to change. Let’s be clear, we did not want a pandemic, but a pandemic was the only thing that would get us to STOP how we were as human beings and get back on our path.

On a spiritual level, shelter in place was a command to stop and take care of ourselves. To take time to heal ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. 

Social distancing was a command for everyone to get out of each other’s space and for each of us to be more aware of our space.

Masks are a reminder that we do not have to go back to the way things were. We can choose to take care of ourselves and decide with whom and how we want to interact in the world.

All the changes helped us get out of where we were, regain perspective, remember what we value and what is important to us. It is no wonder that so many people are resigning from their jobs. That does not mean you have to resign or change everything. It may mean that you change how you relate to everything and everyone. Make new choices.  

Our entire culture is changing. We cannot go back to how we were. What do you want now? What is the life you desire?

To find that answer, do not think and think and think. The answer is not there. Instead, create times to be quiet, to go within, and explore what is important to you at your core. Stay out of your analyzer. Listen to your heart. Re-engage in a new way that aligns with who you are at your core. The change we desire starts within each of us. Let’s create a new agreement for how we want to be in the world. you at your core. Stay out of your analyzer. Listen to your heart. Reengage in a new way that aligns with who you are at your core.

Allow Change in You

When we decide we want something and set a goal, we have decided to change something in ourselves and our life! The only problem with that is that we often don’t realize the full extent of those changes. 

Our lives are already filled with what we are experiencing right now. Deciding that we want something new (a goal) means that our life needs to change to make room for this. There is an intuitive way to say this. Your energy is set in a particular way (pattern) based on your life as it is now, your routine, and your habits. To create something new means changing this pattern of energy. It sounds simple, except that we are comfortable in our routines. We don’t imagine changing something in our life or ourselves when we achieve a goal.

Goals will not manifest if we are “set in our ways” or our energy is set in a particular and inflexible way. That is why people who are willing to take risks are more successful. They are willing to go through a period of being uncomfortable. They are willing to get out of their comfort zone. They are willing to allow their energy to change in unexpected ways. They are willing to have a new experience of themselves.

Clients may set a goal then decide the changes needed to achieve that goal are more uncomfortable than they expected. They give up the goal. Free will. When we are willing to allow change in ourselves and be uncomfortable at first, we are ready for greater success.

Try this intuitive exercise. Find the time and place to be quiet. Close your eyes and go within. Begin to imagine one of your goals. Allow yourself to be aware of how your life, routines, and habits will need to change to make room for this goal. Don’t think! Imagine. Be intuitive. This is not a logical exercise. Allow your inner self to be heard. Notice what part of your goal makes you uncomfortable. Notice your resistance to change. Release that resistance. Get comfortable with changes within you.

Come out of this meditation and write your goal. Note how things might change as you manifest this goal. Decide if you are ready for these changes. If you are, your goal is manifesting.

Begin today. Your next step is to notice your habits, routines, or patterns and change something. Get out of at least one routine. Notice how easy it is for you to allow change. This is a measure of your ability to succeed.

Best wishes on your success.

Don’t Solve Problems

What if I suggested that you stop trying to solve problems? You would think I was absurd. What if I mean to stop solving problems? 

From an intuitive perspective, we create experiences through our thoughts, beliefs, and memories. Our lives reflect everything that is in us. In my work with business owners, professionals, and individuals, I note differences in how everyone views their circumstances. Some always seem to have problems to solve while others do not. Some spend their time and energy trying to solve problems while others spend their time and energy creating what they want in life. Their perspective creates everything they experience. 

 The way we focus our attention and energy creates how we see the world. A problem in our lives simply reflects something within us, our energy, or a belief.

In sessions with clients, I hear myself asking them, “Why do you believe that is true?” They insist that it is true as if it was true for everyone. When I say that it is not true for me, that is just what they believe to be true. They are stunned. The goal is to become aware that our life is a reflection of us. We each have a different point of view, and we can change it to have more of the life we want. 

When we experience a problem that we cannot seem to solve, we become analytical, create thoughts, and add energy to the problem. An old saying comes to mind, “Making a mountain out of a molehill.”  That is not meant to minimize more serious problems, but you get the idea.

Problems are a reflection of something in us. Rather than analyze the problem, stop thinking about it for a moment, take your attention off the problem and focus on yourself. 

Problems are not a coincidence. They are opportunities to reveal something. What if we took a different point of view? What if this problem is showing us something about ourselves? What if the problem is showing us what we need to change or stop doing to achieve a goal? That may not be logical, but it is very intuitive.

Rather than solving a problem, try another approach. Quiet your mind, go within, and ask yourself at your core (heart), “What is this problem showing me?  Is there something I need to change?”  Then listen. Don’t think.  This is an intuitive exercise of listening to ourselves and finding our answers within. 

Focusing on solving a problem puts our attention outside ourselves. That problem will reappear until we change something in us. When we focus on ourselves, we can create a change that gives us more of what we are looking for. Ask yourself, “What goal am I trying to achieve?” Listen to your heart and experience your ability to create the life you desire.

COVID and New Opportunities

COVID has taught us many things about ourselves and our lives, what is important to us and what is not. 

Take Care. Align with Values.

During the past year, we were asked to shelter in place, stay at home, restrict our movement, wear masks, and social distance. Many things we used to do were closed.

COVID also brought us opportunities. Your perspective may be different, and that is the idea. How we thinkabout our lives is how our life manifests. From an intuitive perspective, I saw shelter in place as a clear message for us to stop and take care of ourselves. This was an urgent message to the entire world. We cannot ignore dramatic messages. Clearly, taking care of our wellness in body, mind, and spirit is important to have the life we desire.

Take Care

We stopped. We separated from our routine and focused on taking care of ourselves, our well-being, and staying safe. It was a message that told us to come back to and heal ourselves.

When we are busy, we are not conscious of what is happening to us and our lives. COVID made us stop. We became more aware and began to wonder why we were doing one thing or another. We started to consider new choices “when things go back to normal.” Of course, things cannot go back.

Changing Our Relationships

We were asked to stay at home. This helped us realize who and what we value. It also revealed relationships and activities that did not support us. We will not go back to those places or those relationships.

We were told to wear masks and social distance. From an intuitive perspective, the message is clear. Protect our space, become aware of who and what impacts our personal space in positive and not so positive ways. At some point, we will no longer be asked to wear masks and social distancing. We hope tohave gained a greater awareness of our personal space. That awareness will help us make choices that protect and support us and others.

Make New Choices

A lot has been closed to us, or access limited. We began to realize things we did out of habit or routine versus what we want in our lives. This is a great time to meditate or reflect on what is important and what we value. We do not want to go back to the way things were because, in hindsight, we did not want it all. We were stuck in routines and habits without realizing whether it served our life.

If we take the time to decide what we want, then we can begin to imagine a future aligned with the life we desire. Everything is possible. If you can imagine it, it is manifesting. Imagine the life you want as we emerge from a loud and clear message to change. What choices will we make that better align with who we are at our core? This is an opportunity not to go back to the way things used to be. We have free will and the opportunity to make new choices.

An article about how some business owners changed after they contracted COVID. Read more.

See Life As A Whole

Working with business owners and professionals over the years, I learned an essential concept. To be happy meant to see life as a whole rather than just achieving goals. When we fixate on one aspect of our life, the rest of our life suffers. Frank focused all his attention on his business leaving little time for his young family. Tim was so fixated on his relationship that his career suffered. The examples go on. It does not have to be that way. At times, one aspect of our life requires more of our attention. That need does not have to steal energy from our life as a whole. 

Recognizing how often this happened, I changed my approach years ago from not focusing on goals but on life. I found that my clients achieved their goals but were not as happy as they imagined they would be. Achieving goals in and of themselves is not the answer. Having the life we desire is.

Our lives have many aspects. We have to be clear about each one of them individually and as part of a whole. We experience a different aspect of who we are in every part of our life.

When you look at your goals and your life, what do you see? What if I said forget about goals? How does that land with you? What if I asked, what is the life you desire? Would you know the answer right away?

Having a clear vision of the life we desire is the key to having every aspect of our life in sync and having it all.

We cannot think of our work or business as separate from our life. We cannot think about relationships and see them in competition with our need to be alone. We cannot think about our health as separate from our work.

We cannot see one aspect of our life getting in the way of another part of our life. Our life manifests through the thoughts or pictures we believe to be true. If we change our perspective and how we think, our reality changes.

Begin with meditation—quiet your body. Clear your thinking. In your mind’s eye, go within and imagine the life you desire. Imagine each aspect of your life fitting together. 

Release and let go of any thoughts that come to mind that argue with your vision. Please do not get lost in figuring out how to make it happen. Imagine the life you desire and include all aspects of your life, whether you have them now or not. See it all and see it as if it existed right now. Do not imagine it happening in the future. Experience enthusiasm for letting your life unfold in this way.

Once you have a clear vision, write it down, and commit to having it. Meditate on your vision often so that you always imagine yourself having this life – all of it.

Notice I did not tell you to create goals or plans. You can, but regardless, what you imagine is manifesting in your life. Allow your life to change. This may not be logical, but it is very intuitive.

Unproductive Beliefs

We all have it, that one belief we are stuck on and gets in the way of having all we desire. You know what I mean by that one thing that always comes up for you and distracts you from creating something.

We hold within us pictures, memories, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and energy. Some support us in creating our goals, achieving our success, and others get in our way of the very things that we want. When we are tired of this old pattern of being, we can change it.

When I work with someone for a while, I come to know the one thing they are stuck on. During a session, it is the one belief they repeat and say as if it were true. They are looking at their lives through that one unproductive belief, so they create their reality this way.

As an intuitive, I know we have to get out of these unproductive pictures, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions to create some aspect of our life that we feel we cannot have. There are no coincidences. Our life is a reflection of us, what we think, what we believe, and how we view things. We create a way of thinking that supports all of this, yet none of this is true. It is merely our experience recalled or a belief we hold. To have more of what we desire, we have to change something in us.

Logic will not create this change. Discipline will not change it. The unproductive concept is there because it makes us uncomfortable. That is not logical, but it is very intuitive. We hold onto pictures, ideas, and thoughts from experiences or others. It would be wonderful to let go of beliefs just as easily as we take them into us. These unproductive ideas stay with us because they are attached to an uncomfortable emotion, and energy builds on them over time, making them more entrenched. Every time we repeat a belief, the energy builds on it, making it more real.

When we focus on something we cannot have, i.e., a loving relationship, financial security, the idea of it stimulates an unproductive belief, energy, and an emotion that goes with it. This makes us go unconscious (space out, leave the body), and any focus on the goal is gone. It’s not that we cannot create a loving relationship or financial security. We are stuck on an unproductive belief that grabs our attention and begins the series of reactions that tell us all the reasons we cannot have it. It makes us feel incapable of changing this circumstance. It becomes a pattern that persists in our life.

So how do we change this? Change comes from within. It starts with realizing there is no logical solution, or you would have solved this by now. Begin by focusing on yourself to become aware of the patterns in your thinking. Recognize when you have the same feeling and reaction every time you are in a particular situation. You want to notice that familiar feeling and become curious. Rather than going into the unproductive way of being, step back, pull your energy and attention out of it, and wonder why you always feel this way. Be curious and have enthusiasm for finding out something about how you are being.

I hear from my clients something like, “Every time I ………” or “No matter what I try, it always……..” These are red flags that show that we are stuck in an unproductive belief. The goal is to recognize when we are doing this. To stop, step back, and ask, “Why do I think this way?” “Why do I believe this to be true?” Nothing that we think is true. It is just what we think and believe. We can change our perspective, which results in a change in our lives.

Most often, asking yourself these questions does not provide clarity because we look for a logical answer and do not dig deep enough to find the answer. Try meditation. In meditation, you quiet the body, clear your thinking, and go within to your core to ask the same question, “Why do I believe this to be true?” then quietly listen for the answer in you. This answer will be your truth. You will never find the truth in your mind, so come out of your mind, go within. When we become aware of how we are being, we can come out of the belief we are stuck on, create a new picture of what we truly want, and that changes our reality. That is not logical, but it is very intuitive.

Embrace Change

Do you believe that there are no mistakes nor coincidences? I do.
The message right now is clear. Stop. Reflect. Come back to yourself. Reset priorities. Reimagine the life you desire. Take a deep breath and let go of how things have been.

Turmoil seems to be coming from every direction (COVID, the economy, destructive politics, escalating natural disasters, more hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, rising sea levels, increasing temperatures, floods, etc.). The message is so clear. As a people, we were headed in the wrong direction. Everything had gotten out of hand.

Our world history is full of stories of disastrous times that helped us stop and rebuild in a better way.

It feels like now is the time to push the big reset button. Consider that there is a message in every experience, good and bad. Shelter in place, social distancing, and wearing a mask tells us that it is time to step back, get out of the rat race, stop what we have been doing long enough to gain perspective. Pull back from everyone. Get out of each other’s space. Take time to reconnect with yourself. Heal yourself. Reflect on who you are, your purpose, and how you want to experience yourself in the world.

We were forced to step away from others. In my view, this is a gift. This is all a gift. By stepping back, we can gain the separation to see more clearly those who support who we are and those who do not. Slowly we will reengage with people but not everyone. This is an opportunity to break ties with those who distract us from who we are at our core. We can stay away from negative people and negative energy. We can decide to embrace people who inspire us and are inspired by who we are. How do you want to experience yourself in a relationship with each person?

Is your job or work still available to you? Do you need to find a new area of work? Regardless, the degree to which we are truly connected to who we are at our core, the better the opportunities we will see and the better our decision. Focus within. What’s right for you in your heart? Maybe you will go back to the same job or work, but there will be changes. Reflect on how you want to be in your work. How do you want to experience yourself? It is a new day, an opportunity to be yourself in the world, not what you should be.

Nothing will be the same. It is not meant to be. All of this is intended to create change. Watch. Wonder. Embrace change because we are always getting our goals when we are clear about what we want.

Fate and Destiny

man_on_mountainThese are trying times. We are sheltered in place as the coronavirus makes its presence known worldwide. Our economy is in crisis. These are trying times.

How we react or respond makes this the opportunity of a lifetime. I do not believe in coincidences, so there is something in this situation that gives each of us an answer to our most burning question.

A lot of us have been at home for the past two weeks. Being at home will continue, and more of you may join us. How we deal with this depends on our point of view. One of my teachers would advise to “enjoy not enjoying.” He meant that if you have to do something, you might just as well enjoy doing it. I have used and taught this mantra to gain perspective and enjoy more.

How are you viewing this time out of your routine?  I spend a lot of my time telling people who want to achieve something more, to get out of their routine. Shelter in place is the gift of getting out of your routine. Why does this matter? When we are in a routine, we become unconscious. Our routine becomes a habit that is hard to break. If our habit is hard to break, then there is no space for something new, even something you desperately want.

So does that mean we now have the opportunity to have something we desperately want? Perhaps. You are out of your routine. You choose how to use your time, focus your attention, and imagine your life. Hopefully, you are not creating new mind-numbing routines.

Are you at home waiting to go back to your routine, for things to go back to normal – as they were? Is that really what you want?

Take this time away from your routine. Rather than fill your mind. Empty your thinking, so there is space for a new perspective. Rather than stay busy, allow quiet, and heal yourself. Do things that support you and your wellness. Exercise. Eat better. Get more rest. Drink more water. Have fun. Meditate. Reflect. Express yourself – let who you are at your core be expressed in some way – singing, writing, playing music, through art, gardening, and any other form of self-expression. All of these steps bring you back to yourself and what is important to you.

We are not merely waiting to back to our routine because things will not be the same. Take this time to reconnect to yourself and what you desire in your life. Even if you go back to your job and friends, do you want to go back with the same habits, perspective, and routine?

What is your most pressing question? What have you been hoping and praying for? What do you truly want? Imagine yourself having it. We can unconsciously go through our days, or we can see and create each day to experience more of who we are at our core. Now is the time and the opportunity.

What does all of this have to do with fate and destiny?  Fate – you just go along.  Destiny – you decide where and how you are going.


A Crucial Time

There are no coincidences.  We are always achieving our goals, moving along our spiritual path, and discovering ourselves. From that perspective, it is clear that…

Now is a time to:

Get out of each other’s space.

Take care of and heal ourselves.

Reimagine our life.

Connect to our values.

Focus on what is important, and what matters.

Now is a time to:

Stay out of each other’s space.

Take care of one another.

Change our relationship with each other in real ways.

Come together in new ways.

Now is the time to:

Break down barriers.

See that we are one world.

Take care of everyone.

Take care of the planet.

Now is the time to:

See that we are all in this together.

Not be divided by religion.

Not be divided by status or race.

Not be divided by politics.

Not be divided by economics.

We are evolving and achieving our goals by:

Knowing and being ourselves.

Seeing that we are all in this together.

Waking up to a new reality.

Embracing the new world.


Kay Robinson on the new millennium, the millennium of the feminine.

Which do you choose, routine or life?

No one wants their life to be nothing more than a routine. Many do just that, going day to day with no plan or a vague plan to live the life they desire. Without a plan, things may be ok, but something is missing. In a routine life, we take each day as it comes, reacting to what is presented to us. We find our lives busy with one thing or another. Where is the joy?

It does not need to be this way. Routines become unconscious. We become unconscious and lose touch with ourselves and the vision of the life we desire. What was the life you desired? Do you remember?

We can decide when it is time to get out of our routine, to reconnect with ourselves and remember or reimagine the life we want. It is never too soon or too late. The challenge is that it is often easier to continue as we are than to change.

Change can begin quietly in meditation. It does not need to be hard nor dramatic, but it can be if you see it that way. Change can also happen as a natural transition from where you are to the life you desire. This change begins in meditation, a quiet place of seeing clearly.

To get where we truly want to be, go within, quiet the body, clear your thinking and say hello to who you are at your core. Meditation is a way to connect with ourselves and begin to imagine the life we desire, seeing it clearly in our mind’s eye, feeling it in the body and changing our thinking.

Meditating each day strengths our vision, helps the body get out of routines, and clears our thinking so that the life we desire begins to manifest right now and continues to manifest more clearly each day.

In this process, we may experience a sense of grief or loss. We get through that by finding ourselves. It can be this sense of grief or loss that keeps us unconsciously in our routine. If we do not feel it, that does not mean it is not there.

As your certainty grows, you can begin to write a plan to live your life more intentionally and move toward the life you desire. This is a necessary step to bring your vision into your world so that it moves from a dream to your reality. Write down steps you can take though change may happen more quickly than you planned. Enjoy!

Stay in our routine, day to day, or create the life we desire starting now. We have free will.

Create the world you desire

0094GettyrevMy passion knowing how to create miracles and the life we desire. While we focus on our lives personally and professionally, we are also building the world in which we live. Our atheist side thinks the world just exists and we live in it.  The world is always expressing the strongest group agreement so we are very much part of its creation.

Much of what we hear in the world is disturbing. You may feel as though there is nothing that you can do. From an intuitive perspective, we can make a difference. While the agreement of the group creates a change in the world, that change begins within each person first.

We can make a difference by creating positive experiences and outcomes right where we are. Positive experiences create positive energy in you and the people around you, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. Those people bring that same positive experience to others in their worlds and so it goes, a building of positive energy and perspectives.

The negative aspects of the world are created because too many of us focus our energy on those who promote negativity, whether we agree with them or not. Where ever we place our attention, we are adding our energy to it. By focusing on the negative, we are giving it our power, so it persists.

Criticizing, complaining or resisting what we do not want adds our energy to their vision of the world. On the other hand, if we put our attention and energy on how we see the world, our thoughts about the world we want to be part of, we attract others who match our vision. The more people who share our vision of the world, the sooner we begin to experience the change we are looking for.

We have free will. We can choose where to place our focus and our energy so let’s take our attention off what we do not want in our world and not add our energy to it. Instead, let us create a stronger group agreement for a positive change.

Be the change you desire. Begin the energy shift in yourself first then your family, neighborhood, community, work and everywhere you are. Gather around you, people who share your vision of the world. Watch and see a remarkable change in and around you.

Today Creates Tomorrow

If not now, when?
Today Creates Tomorrow

Too often we get up and go about our routine without a second thought. One day leads to another that is the same. We wonder about success and being happy as something that will happen in the future. This way of seeing success and happiness in the future keeps then from manifesting until we decide to have it now.

How we create this day – today – creates tomorrow and so on. With that notion in mind, what do you want tomorrow to be like for you? Now decide how you want to be today so that you experience that tomorrow.

If you are a procrastinator, tomorrow will be the same and so on.

If you do not understand or know your power to create, then you are likely to stay in a routine and wait for the future as if it is beyond your control.

If it is easier for you to go through your routine, then nothing changes, and your routine continues.

If, however, you are inclined to take ownership of the life you are living then it starts today.

First, you see in your mind’s eye the significant aspects of the life you desire. That can include how you want to feel in your life, the kinds of relationships you want to engage, how you want to experience yourself in your work or creative endeavors, your vision of abundance and health. The list can go on.

Once we know, see in our mind’s eye and feel it in our body the life we desire then we can begin creating it today. What energy level do you want in your life? Start your day at that energy level. What attitude do you want to have? See your day through that lens. What actions can you take that align with your vision for health, abundance, relationships, success, etc.? Every step you make today can lead you to that end.

Consider that each day builds a better tomorrow moving closer to the life you desire.

Your day may also include deciding things you need to stop doing or start doing. It can mean staying away from people and things that bring you down and spending more time with positive people and inspiring experiences.

We create our future, and it begins today, improves tomorrow and each day that follows. Start now. Decide and write down the life you desire. Read it each day then start your day with all the ways you can align to that vision. Observe and experience the life you desire manifesting in each day. Be conscious as you go through your day. Be intentional.

Create a new story of the life you desire

open book of family story
The story of the life you desire

The theme for the annual retreat was The Story for the Next Cycle of your life.

In my work with business owners and professionals, my focus is on raising awareness that we create our reality.  The concept of stories is a good analogy.  We are always living a story we created.  Sometimes it is a story of what we have already experienced.   This story tells us where we have been but does not need to be carried into our current or future story.  We create our stories, and they manifest in our world.  Is this hard to hear?  Imagine that what you believe, the story you tell about your life and that you are living that story.

When we change our thinking (story), we change our reality.  Most often we just go from day to day, living the life and the story we hold in our mind and our mind’s eye.  We are unconscious to most of it.  We take things as they are.  It does not need to be that way.

In this year’s retreat, the attendees spent time coming out of the current story of their life.  They took their energy out of what is.  From here they began to imagine and write the story of the life they desired.  There were parts of their life they have now they enjoy and want to continue to have, be or do.  Then there are the parts of their life (story) they want to change, i.e., something they want to stop doing, someone no longer wanted in their story, something to add, or someone to bring in.  At first, it seemed fictional.    I had to remind them to imagine it all happening now and write it that way.  In a few days the more they wrote and talked about the story for the next cycle of their life, the more real it felt and the more possible it seemed.

We have a story now.  It is creating some of what we want and some of what we do not want.  We can change our story and experience changes in our reality.  Writing our story is not enough.  We must take new actions that support the next chapter in our life story and stop doing whatever is in the way.

If you are ready to change your life in some way, sit down and write the next chapter of your life as you want it.  Do not get lost in deciding if or how to accomplish it.  Just write it first.  Imagine it happening now. Meditate on it regularly even daily until you feel yourself bringing it into your reality.

What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

open book of family storyWe are always creating a story in our mind about our lives. Some of the stories validate what we love about our lives. Some of our stories describe what we are not enjoying in our life. Regardless, both sides of our story are manifesting. Thoughts are creative. We create our thoughts. Our thoughts declare how our reality manifests.

With this awareness, it is worth our time to stop and reflect on the story we are telling ourselves. This story is only true because we say it is and live our life fulfilling it. If we change our story, we change our reality.

We tell ourselves a story that creates wonderful aspects of our life. We could do more of this if we chose. Often we get stuck in negative thinking and create stories that do not support what we desire. When we fear something, we tell ourselves a story that manifests that fear or that keeps us from building something that we want.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Thoughts are creative. When we are not paying attention, we may be telling ourselves stories that create things that we do not want in our lives. Awareness is essential. Notice the stories you are telling yourself. Are your stories creating what you do want or what you do not want?

Spend time writing the story of the life you desire. Change the narrative so that you are describing what you do want and not want you do not want.

Meditate to clear your thinking. Meditate to come out of stories that do not support who you are. Set your space and tell yourself the story that makes you feel aligned with the life you desire.

A Bumpy Way to Success


We are always getting our goals. This I know.  Some goals simply manifest. Other goals manifest through a rough and tumble change of circumstances. Both are ways to achieve our goals, and both are of our doing. If you have gone through a rough time and experienced loss, you probably think that I am wrong. Why would you create such chaos?

I agree that you did not create the chaos, but that disruption may be the only way for a goal that you set for yourself to manifest. Let me explain how the universe works and many of you already know this, but may have forgotten.

Whatever we imagine is being created the moment we imagine it. Sometimes, we imagine what we want, and so our universe begins to change to manifest that vision. Other times, we dwell on what we do not want, and so the universe manifests that. The warning here is to be careful what you imagine or dwell on.

It is natural to dwell on what is not working, but that is a dangerous place to focus our attention. When you find this happening, changing your attention to what you do want, produces better results in your life.  Focus on what you do want and not give a moments attention to what you do not want in your life.

When some aspect of our life is being destroyed, that can be the result of focusing on what we do not want OR focusing on what we do want. The former is obvious but how does focusing on what we do want, create so much disruption?

My question would be, is it creating what you don’t want? Or is it creating the change needed so that you can create what you do want? Change is uncomfortable. That does not mean it is a bad change. In fact, if you step back from the discomfort, you will most likely see the change forced on you, actually made space for you to create something new, something better.

Meditating or imaging the life we desire is essential to creating that life. If we do not know what we want or don’t want, then we are like a willow in the wind, being swayed one way or another by external forces. On the other hand, seeing clearly in our mind’s eye the life we desire, is the way that life is created intentionally.

Once we imagine our life, our universe begins to change from where we are to where we want to be. This is not logical, but it is very intuitive. Change begins and if we are proactive, then change flows, making decisions that lead the change.

When we are stuck in some way, resistant to change or afraid of change it is more difficult for the universe to manifest the vision of the life we desire. We are fighting change. As I mentioned at the beginning, we are always getting our goals, so something dramatic or less graceful needs to happen to get us unstuck. This is when we lose a job we have wanted out of but were afraid to change, a relationship ends that does not support us, etc.

When these changes “happen to us,” we can step back and see that it was a change that needed to happen. A change that we resisted. Because we resisted making the change on our own, it will be especially uncomfortable. This is a good time to meditate or reflect on the life we desire and reconnect with what we want for ourselves. By taking the time, to be clear we can begin to take charge of where we go from here.

Having a vision is essential but, of itself, does not create the life we desire. We must focus and take specific actions to bring that vision into our reality. Discomfort is a normal reaction to change. Resisting change intensifies this discomfort, and we are unable to move forward. Accept being uncomfortable and moving forward in a focused and determined way, moves us out of the pain and closer to the life we desire.

Remember, we are always achieving our goals, gracefully or in uncomfortable ways. We have free will. We can choose. We are always creating our reality. Hold your head high and focus on the life you desire. It is within reach.

What Seems Impossible?​


What seems impossible to us, may not necessarily be true.   Something that seems impossible may feel that way simply because to achieve it, makes us uncomfortable.  Moving out of our comfort zone may be the real issue we are dealing with, not the desire itself.

Our feeling that something is impossible is often a deeply ingrained belief that we created and reinforced over time making it difficult to think another way.  What if what you thought was impossible is not true?  What if you made that up at some point and stuck with it?

We can change our thinking about things even though it may not be easy.  To begin, decide that everything you believe is not true.  That everything you believe is just a thought you created.  That is, in fact, what happened.

To create something that we believe to be impossible requires our willingness to change. Are you ready to allow change and to change your thinking? Whatever you are experiencing in your world is there because you believed it.  Anything you desire that is not in your world is because you believe it is impossible. Energy builds around our thoughts and beliefs, creating layer after layer of energy reinforcing that idea.

I see this every day working with people who firmly believe that something is impossible and I see that it is not.  I experience this for myself when I worry about something that others do not. We can reflect for each other the limits that we hold. I listen to what someone says and wonder, am I seeing a limit they have created or are they showing me a limit that I have?  Usually, it is both ways.  On our own, we just sit in our thoughts, believing our own stuff!

Take a moment and image coming out of the thoughts and concepts you created about what is possible in your world.  When I say, “Nothing is impossible” what do you see, think, or feel?

Make a list of everything you believe is impossible.  Make a long list and get these thoughts out of you.

As you make this list, notice if you put energy into these beliefs, reinforce them in your mind or are beginning to separate from them.  Don’t dwell on any one idea, just make a list. Are you in the place that everything feels impossible or are you feeling as though you can change some of the ideas on this list?  Can you bring your energy out of each thought as you write it?  Begin to change your view to see things as possible.

Review your list.  Some of what you wrote, does not matter to you.  Other things that you listed, you wish you could have, be or do.  Those are the desires that matter.  Find someone to listen to you as your read your list.  Tell them you want to change your thinking about each item, that you want to see them as possible.  Your partner does not have to do anything, just listen.  As you do this, you will begin to change your perspective.  Do this often until you create enough space to take actions to allow the impossible to manifest.  Change your thinking and change what is possible.


Stop Making Goals

Intuitive - Clear seeingStop creating goals. That may surprise you, but I mean it. Working with those focused on success, I have learned a great deal about what creates success and what does not. One thing that is very clear to me is goals can distract us from success.

We can set goals, achieve goals and be no better off in our life than before if we lack a clear vision of the life we desire. Goals are like pieces of something though do not create anything. When we focus on achieving goals, we are thinking small no matter how big the goal.

On the other hand, when we have a clear vision for the life we desire that is big. It may sound too simple but ask yourself. If you closed your eyes and imagined the life you desire, would be able to imagine it? Give it a try. Notice the thoughts and reactions you have as you imagine in your mind’s eye. Doing this exercise regularly until you can see your vision clearly and can imagine it happening is important for your life to manifest.

Without a clear vision, we are experiencing whatever comes our way day to day without leading our vision. The first step is spending time meditating on or envisioning the life you desire. Do this often. Get good at it then simply take actions every day toward that vision. Make new choices. Get out of old routines. Realize how you and your life need to change for this vision to manifest and begin to make and allow those changes. It’s that simple except it is not easy to imagine the life we desire, to imagine it happening then changing our focus and actions every day to step into and create the life imagined.

Give it a try. Stop creating goals. Take actions toward your vision and experience a miracle.

Best wishes, Kay

Don’t Seek Comfort To Achieve

200469160-001When people are in discomfort or pain, it is my inclination to want to bring them out of it.  I want to raise their energy high enough to feel better, so I feel better.  Not a good way to be.  It gets in the way of success and achieving our vision.

We create discomfort to stop, reflect and see where we want to be versus where we are. The problem is our tendency to seek comfort.  Seeking comfort can prevent us from achieving our vision.  It is in our nature to get out of discomfort quickly as possible.  Everyone does this a different way, i.e. getting an endorphin/physical rush, healing or massage, drinking, drugs, sex, and anything else that changes the energy we are experiencing.

Growth Periods

Nothing changes except that we are out of pain for that moment. The discomfort will return because there was something we needed to change and still do. To give this experience a label, I call it a growth period, a point in time when we have the opportunity for real change.  The decision we make can change everything.  We can choose to get out of the pain, or we can decide to sit with it to find out something about ourselves and our vision.

Growth periods happen when we have a vision of something that we want in our lives.  Once we have a vision, the universe starts to manifest around that mental image picture and things start to change. How quickly things change depends on what we allow.

When the universe starts to manifest around our vision and things start to change, we experience discomfort. Our body reacts to every change with unease until we get used to and comfortable with the new energy and space the change created.  It is at this point that we can decide. We can decide to sit with the discomfort and understand the change being created so that our vision can manifest OR we can do whatever we can to get out of discomfort.  Each choice produces a different result.  Allowing and understanding the pain allows our vision to continue to manifest.  Resisting and trying to get out of it causes the change we started to stop.


When I get into a growth period, I am honestly inclined to either of these choices depending on how intense the discomfort is.   The greater the discomfort, the bigger the change you are in the process of creating.  We can stop that change or we can allow it so when in a growth period, I ask myself, “What part of my vision is creating this growth period?  Where do I need to change to allow this aspect of my vision to manifest?” With this awareness, you decide, “Do I want this change in my life?”  Honestly, you can say,  “This growth period ‘s too big, I am going to give up this aspect of my vision.”  Or you can say, “I am willing to understand this growth period so that my vision can manifest.”

Your Vision

It helps to read your vision to align yourself with it.  If you do not have a written vision, then I suggest you write one.  A written vision helps ground your plan, to understand the changes you are experiencing so that you know they are not coincidences.  Most importantly, none of this reflection or understanding is logical.  Your understanding is most clear from an intuitive perspective.  Meditate.  Imagine, visualize, see in your mind’s eye your vision.  While in meditation, ask yourself within, “What change is this growth period creating and why is it so uncomfortable?”  Try not to think rather listen to yourself at your core.  The answers you hear will enlighten you and your journey to the vision of the life you desire.