Another Way to Solve a Problem


Don’t we wish there was a simple way to solve a problem? As you might imagine, we all approach solving problems in our unique way, not all are effective. There are those who attack a problem head on and solve it though not always in the best way. Their goal is to solve the problem and not the quality of the solution or the long-term impact. Others avoid the problem altogether, hiding from it for as long as they can. That is not effective. The problem has not gone away; they are just avoiding it.  Others analyze the problem endlessly without finding a solution.  Some problems are not even ours to solve.  They are someone else’s problem.  There are other drivers for how we solves problems.

How we think and how we feel about a problem determines how we react then act on a problem. We don’t necessarily solve it. We act on problems to get them out of our way. We might look back and regret our action or realize we could have made a different choice.

Reacting to a problem is different from finding a solution that gets us back on track with our vision of our lives and ourselves. In fact, few look at problems in that context, when that is all that matters.

Our thinking, emotions, past time memories, other’s reactions and our fears get in the way and make problems harder to solve. From an intuitive perspective, we are the creator of all of this. I know that is not logical nor can I make it logical but you could see for yourself.

Here is an intuitive approach problems. Try this meditation and see what you experience.

  • Find a comfortable and quiet place.
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax.
  • Bring your attention to yourself in present time, to this moment.
  • Relax and quiet your body.
  • Take a few minutes to clear your thinking, release tension and relax in present time.
  • Pay your attention to yourself. Notice how you are doing, right now, in this moment.
  • Take a deep breath and as you exhale release and let go of the energy (tension) you are holding in your space. Relax.
  • Imagine, in your mind’s eye, a red rose. This is a way to open your intuition.
  • The rose represents a problem you want to solve. See and know the problem but don’t dwell on it.
  • Consider that you are creating this problem with your thoughts.  This is not logical but see it that way.
  • Know the thoughts you hold about it.
  • Imagine bringing your attention out of the problem. Begin to separate from it.
  • Clear your thinking. Let go of your thinking about the problem.
  • Consider that you are also creating this problem with your energies, fears, reactions and emotions. What are they?
  • Imagine taking your emotions, fears, and energy out of the problem.
  • Separate from the problem. Have no energy in the problem.
  • When you can see the problem without reacting to it or getting lost in thought, the problem is going away. This is not logical so let go of logic.
  • Now meditate on the outcome you want, one that aligns with who you are at your core. Focus on that.
  • Repeat this meditation often.

The more we can control our thinking and our energy, the more we have control of our reality then clear or solve a problem.

Best wishes, Kay


How To Decide?

????????????????????????????????????????Many people call when they have a decision to make and are not sure how to decide or what to decide so I tell them, “Don’t decide.” That may surprise you, but I mean it. Every day we are making decisions. Most of them we do not notice regardless of whether they are big decisions or small, personal or professional, important or unimportant. We don’t notice because the choice is obvious. We know what we want, and we decide.

On the other hand, there are decisions that we simply cannot make. From an intuitive perspective, there are many reasons for this. The first and most obvious is there is no need to make a decision. Often others give us their problem to solve, ask that we make a decision, perhaps even demand that we decide. If it is not your problem, then you do not have to decide.

In other situations, we are simply uncertain. This uncertainty comes from the energy in our space and the thoughts stimulated by the question. If you are unsure, then do not decide until you are certain. Thoughts and energy in your space get in the way of seeing clearly. Stopping, stepping back, getting out of the energy of the decision gives us the space to know.

When you cannot decide, take the time to meditate to release the energy in creating pressure in your space, the thoughts that are competing with each other to find a space of neutrality, to see more clearly. Once you feel calm and clear, ask a simple question, “What are the goals I am trying to achieve? Does this decision move me forward in achieving those goals?” The answer to these questions may not always be logical. Most often at this point it is intuitive.

When you get to the point when you cannot decide, you have considered the logical aspects and the answers are not there. Research has found that the more we think about something, the less clear we become. When you cannot find the answer logically, it is time to trust your intuition.

Start by noticing the energy level you are being when you consider the decision. Does the decision create a high vibration of enthusiasm, possibilities, creativity or any other high vibration? A high vibration is a good space to consider making a decision. If, however, you feel down, negative, pressured or any of the lower vibrations then consider not making a decision from this space. Take the time to raise your vibration; by doing something that you enjoy, something that inspires you and that will bring your energy up. Get into a space of enthusiasm before you decide and always consider the option of not deciding.

Giving ourselves permission not to decide at this time, gives us the space to become clear. To call to us better options and more choices that are aligned to who we are and our vision for ourselves.

Making a decision when the answer is not clear begins within and being in present time and reconnecting with who we are at our core.

Intuitive Steps to Decision Making

  • Find your space. Find a quiet, comfortable space to sit, close your eyes. Quiet the body and clear your thinking.
  • Take a deep breath and release, letting go of all the energy in your space.
  • Be grounded. Be centered. Have your space.
  • Hold your head high. Straighten your spine and hold your head high.
  • Quiet your body and clear your mind. Place your attention on yourself. How are you doing? What is on your mind or in your space?
  • You want to make decisions that come from a space of clarity so clear the question from your mind. Take a deep breath and release.
  • Stop thinking. You have already done that, and it did not give your answer. Clear your thinking. Open to your intuition.
  • Be present. Have your attention on yourself in present time. Notice yourself breathing.
  • Imagine a symbol of a rose.
  • Meditate on a rose for your vision for your life, personally and professionally. See it clearly in your mind’s eye.
  • When you can see and feel your goals clearly, ask the question and listen – intuitively.

When you are clear you will decide without effort and with certainly. Anything less is not your truth.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

What Do You Avoid?

dreamstimefree_214026Procrastination is a term often used and not taken very seriously. Sure, we all procrastinate. If we look deeper and ask, “What am I avoiding?” that stimulates a different level of energy and avoidance.

What we avoid gets in our way.   We can work hard to be successful, experiencing little progress. We can do all the right things and still not meet our goals. The answer may lie in what we avoid.

Before you start the New Year take a moment to get quiet, go within, meditate and reflect on what you avoid?

  • What decisions do I avoid?
  • What communications am I avoiding?
  • What changes am I putting off?
  • What actions am I avoiding taking?

There may be other questions that will help you uncover what you are avoiding and resisting.   Without thinking, trust your intuition and ask why. Why am I avoiding this? Then take a deep breath and release all the energy you have generated in your space in avoidance and resistance. Continue to let go of the energy you feel in your space until the resistance is gone.


Try this simple exercise.  It can change everything.


Best wishes on your success in the New Year, Kay

Back Off and Back Up

hWhen we push too long and too hard, we can get off track. It is so easy to lose perspective and move forward in ways that do not serve us. That is not logical, and many of you know it is true.

From an intuitive perspective, we are influenced and affected by the energies we encounter every day. Some of them we slough off easily and others stick with us and we feel ourselves react. These energies most often come from others, their opinions, thinking and reactions to the success we are trying to create. As we experience the energy of each person, it moves us in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. We don’t even notice or don’t pay attention how it alters our thinking and changes our energy. Now we are moving forward in a slightly different way. We are starting to get off track slowly over time. We become more controlling and our work starts to feel more difficult.

Meditation is a way to stop before we get too far off track. I see companies and individuals go from a great place of creating success to feeling like nothing is going right, or it is becoming too hard. This is not a coincidence. When things do not feel right that is the time to stop, back up and back off what we are doing to regain our perspective, but more than that to set our energy and vision right again.

Taking the time to meditate each day is a way to stay on track, maintain perspective,  to reset your space and energy. During meditation, you can clear, release and let go of whatever stuck with you from the day before otherwise it stays with us and begins to affect your decisions and actions. We get slowly off course.

Make time each day to back off of what you are doing, to stop and meditate. It will make all the difference. In this way, you do not have to control or be in effort. Your vision can continue to manifest and in surprising ways.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


Never From NEED!

0032PhotonicaOne of the biggest mistakes a business owner makes is when they have a desperate need then makes decisions from that energy.

The energy of need comes deep within us in fear.  When we are in fear, all our energy leaves our upper chakras and our rational mind. Instead, our energy goes directly to the first chakra where we manage survival and fear. In some ways, this is helpful because it creates energies and physiological responses that can set us into strong action – fight or flight.
One area that commonly we may not have a clear perspective is the people we need to help us. When we hire from the energy of need, we forgo our intuition, hiring someone who can do the job without considering if they are a good fit for the company. Making decisions this way is always a disaster because we look from only one perspective – can they do the job. As we know, we need more than skill sets from our staff. The energy of need in the first chakra causes us to lose this perspective.  “I need someone who can do the job and I need them NOW!”  When we hear ourselves feeling this way we need to stop.  We are in fear.

Operating from the energy of need happens also when we have a staff person who is negative, bored, unhappy with their job, not performing well, causing disruption, etc. but we NEED them. When we are in the energy of need, we believe that we need them to do the job as if there was no one else in the world who could.  This is not true but when we are in need and fear we believe it.  Our life depends on it.   It is always true that letting go of an unhappy or unpleasant employee will improve your company no matter how much you believe you need them.

Hiring and supporting staff that support you and your vision are critical to your success. The common phrase, hire slow and fire fast, is one of the best pieces of advice I have heard. To hire slow gives you the opportunity to decide not only the skills the applicant has, but also how he/she feels to you and what your intuition tells you about how they will represent your brand and fit into the culture of your business. That same intuition tells you that someone on your staff is disrupting the energy of your business as well as the culture and brand you have worked hard to create.

When we are in the energy of NEED, it disrupts our decision-making and distorts our perspective. This blog talks mostly about staff though the energy of NEED can affect any decision that we make. When making a decision take the time to notice the energy you are making it from. If you feel that urgency in your body or the energy of NEED, take some time to step back, calm down, clear your thinking, come out of fear (lower chakras) to find a more neutral perspective (upper chakras).  It will change your perspective and you will make better decisions.

Best wishes on your success, Kay



Decision Making Is Overrated

beautiful thoughtsWe do not always have to make a decision.  We can make a really good decision or be completely off the mark.  While there is no science to decision-making there are ways to make them better.  We make decisions all the time.  Mostly we do not pay attention because the decision is obvious though not always easy.  We make most decisions without a second thought throughout the day in our personal lives and in our work.

Whose Problem Are You Solving?

It is always important to know when we do not need to make a decision.  Others may place their problem in our space demanding that we decide to solve a problem they have.  Knowing what is our problem and what belongs to someone else helps us in many ways.  That is the topic of another blog.  For this context knowing when we need to make a decision and when we do not is critical.  Knowing our goal comes first then knowing if making this decision is moving us toward that goal or distracting us.

Does It Feel Right?

Decisions based on facts, data, information, advice, etc. that make sense are made easily.  We have no doubt and decide.  Other times the facts, data, information, tell us one way to decide while our gut feeling says there is another.  While I never recommend that we make a decision based on gut feeling (second chakra) gut feelings are an important red flag to stop, step back and reflect because something is not right.  In general if it does not feel right then something is off.

Trust Your Intuition

Step back, check the information and take the time to separate your energy from the question so that you can gain perspective to determine why it does not feel right.  There is always a reason for this feeling.  If you know how to meditate us this to clear your thinking.  When we step back, calm the body, clear our thinking, clear everyone else’s energy and thinking out of our space then we can see more clearly. Listening to our intuition is an important to making good decisions.  How many times have we said, “I knew that would happen!” or “I wish I had trusted my intuition on that.”  This is hard with others are pushing you in a different direction.  Being in touch with your clear perspective and in touch with your intuition about the decision guides us in making good decisions.

Don’t Decide

Sometimes the best decision is not to decide.  I know that is not logical but you know what I mean because we have all had that experience.  When making a decision at that time does not feel right then simply not deciding is the best decision.  It is amazing how many things are solved this way.

Be Certain

The best decisions are those made when we are certain.  If we learn to step back, clear our thinking, release the energy in the body and the emotions, ours and others, then we can see more clearly.  Meditation is a good way to find perspective. Gaining clarity and certainty are the prerequisites to making a good decision then trusting your intuition.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay



Be Careful What You Choose

Cloud SmileysI just have to ask, “What do you choose?”   Every day I watch business owners and professionals make really great choices and others make the worst choice possible but they do not see it.  Of course, they do not see it.  Who would deliberately make a really bad choice yet it happens all the time.  So today I ask you to look deeper at what is behind choice for you.

Making choices is the most powerful creative act we perform each day.  The choices we make create our reality (spiritually and physically)and yet we often do this with so little regard.  What do you choose to have in your life?  The energy behind our choices is important in understanding the experiences we are creating.  Do we make choices from fear, resistance, anger, etc.?  Wow!  It will manifest from there.  On the other hand do we make choices from enthusiasm, compassion, love, excitement, validation?  If so, it will manifest in that way.

We make choices all day long.   Some are automatic responses made without a second thought.  We might also chose based on the collective consciousness – go with the flow.  Finally, you could choose from your inner awareness of the choices before you and make your highest choice which is not always the easy one.

Making choices to control something never turns out well because we know we do not have control – ever.   We can make choices that set forth how we want to be in relation to someone or somethingbut controlling it is never a reality.

I work with business owners and professionals every day.  Some take responsibility for their choices, understand what is behind them and learn about the impact of the choices they make.  Others do not want to know, to be conscious of themselves or take responsibility for the result of the choices they make everyday.  They just decide and move on.  How well someone understands themselves and what drives their choices is reflected in their personal and professional success.  No one to blame.

There is much to be learned by understanding ourselves and what is driving one choice or another, hopefully before we make it.   The choice itself does not matter nearly as much as the thoughts, pictures, concepts, emotions and energy that is behind it.  Why do you want to make that choice?  What is behind it emotionally, conceptually, etc.?  You have heard, “Be careful what you pray for” or “Be careful what you believe”.  I would say even before that “Be careful what you choose”.

Your first choice here is whether to be aware of what is behind your choices.  This is an important choice.  What is behind this particular choice for you? To know yourself or not to know yourself.  The greatest step we can take to achieve our vision is to stop acting and reacting to everyone and everything but to choose how to be.  This is a choice to be conscious and aware of what we choose in each moment.  This means to be present, conscious and aware of self.

If something is not as you would like it to be – do not judge it.  Take a moment and remember the choice you made that brought you here.  If you do not have something perhaps it is because you have not yet chosen to have itor  you  inadvertently chose not to have it.   For example,  saying that you want something then thinking that it cannot happen is a choice not to have it.

Let’s assume you are someone who understands that the choices you make create  you experiences.  Let’s assume that you are willing to see and know what is behind your choices (fear, grief, anger, envy, control, love, enthusiasm, creativity, etc.).  Once you know thatanswer then make the highest and grandest choice even if it is at first uncomfortable.

All the choices we make come from the body, mind and spirit.  The best choices use all three.  From who you are as a spirit come your highest choices, your grandest vision of who you are and chose to be.  What is more common is for the body to want one thing, the mind to think another way and for you to know intuitively your highest choice.   What do you choose?  When we are aligned in body, mind and spirit our choices create results that will amaze.

Take time to stop and be aware of what is behind the choice you are making in each moment.  Make your highest and grandest choice then see what happens.

Best wishes on your success,


Meditation in Business

dreamstime_5775817Meditation in business is not a new idea but it is not widely practiced. That’s not because meditation and the benefits of meditation are not valued.  It is because we cannot imagine stopping just to meditate.  This is true in our personal lives just as it is in our professional space.

Taking the time to stop is probably the single most important action we can take in our day.   A telling sign of success is our ability to stop.  The more we keep working, thinking, doing, the more we collect energy and pictures in our space the sooner we will lose our perspective.    Suddenly our minds are no longer clear.  We cannot think straight.  We begin to react and not respond.  Our perspective is impaired by past time experiences and thoughts that are restimulated.  Our decision-making ability is diminished.  Wow!

Meditation is a time to stop, quiet the body and clear our thinking so that we can regain our perspective and refocus.   I could make a laundry list of what goes out of whack when we lose our space and our perspective but I am sure you have your own list.  What happens for you

So many business owners and professionals have told me stories of bad decisions, wasted time, over reactions and lost opportunities because they were not clear thinking.  When we lose our space, awareness and clarity it not only affects the decisions we make, it affects how we communicate with everyone including staff, colleagues, family, friends, vendors and our clients.

Ask staff in any business and they can readily tell if their boss has his or her space at any point.  When we lose our space it is clear to everyone even if we are not aware.  We are not kidding anyone even if we try.  People, all people, are intuitive meaning they can read us.

I talk about using meditation to clear our space and regain perspective though meditation has other value.  Meditation is a way to heal. Many use it to visualize what they intend.  I was watching a major league baseball game recently and the announcers were talking about a young pitcher who meditates before each outing.  The announcer who was a former pitcher validated how important meditation is for a pitcher to be focused, clear-headed and to visualize pitching.  Absolutely.

Start today.  Decide to meditate not because you should but because it is a time for you to stop and get things right.  You will notice the benefits immediately.

Best wishes on your success,


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React or Respond: Success or Failure

dreamstime_5775817So answer honestly, do you find that you react or respond in most situations?  Perhaps you have not put your attention on the difference.  As a leader in your business, profession or life, it makes all the difference.

We all have energy in our space. What I mean by that is literally, we all have energy in our space.  This is the “charge” we hold from experiences whether positive or negative.  If I have an argument with someone it creates pictures and emotions – a charge in my space.  When I carry that energy with me and communicate to others I am most likely to react in a way I may not intend.


My client, Carol, told me the story of having a disagreement with her teenage daughter first thing in the morning. She left the issue unresolved and it bothered her as she drove to work.  Her first appointment was with a potential client and she worried about being late.  When she got to her office her secretary looked at her then seemed angry.  Carol thought that was odd because her secretary was level-headed and Carol was actually on-time – barely.  That surprisingly irritated her.  Carol stopped before stepping into the meeting, took a deep breath to make sure she was putting on a good front with smiles and enthusiasm.   The meeting started awkwardly and soon Carol sensed she was not connecting with this potential client.  There seemed to be tension between them so she stopped.  Carol acknowledged the tension and apologized for being distracted by an earlier argument with her daughter.  The client laughed and said, “So that is why I am angry at you and I don’t even know you yet!”.  Her new client intuitively picked up on the anger in Carol’s space and felt angry as well.  Hmmm.   Once the air was clear they started over at the energy level they both wanted in their communication.  He became her client but that is not always the case.

As an intuitive business coach, I asked Carol what happened that made her angry even before her argument with her daughter.  She dug deeper though for another layer to the story.

Reacting vs. Responding

This happens all the time.  We carry energy in our space and it impacts our conversations, relationship, decision-making, health, state of mind, etc.   When we react we are communicating through the energy in our space, the thoughts on our mind, the emotions that are stimulated, etc.  That is why I suggest we take the time to stop, clear our space, release and let go of whatever is on our mind or in our space so that we are responding from a space of clarity to reality in present time.  What is happening now and not how do I perceive what is happening now through the filter of the energy in my space?


Responding is important for leadership.  Being clear, without energy and baggage of other experiences clouding our thinking, makes us a better leader in our work and in our life.  So take the time to clear your mind and let go of energy you are holding in your space then step into your life and your work in present time.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Learn how to use meditation as a way to clear your mind and energy from your space.

The Right People in the Right Positions

org charg I met with a new client yesterday. Kathy is the President and CEO of a very successful family owned business with two of her sisters working for her.  Kathy finds she is doing a lot of the work and wants to hire but does not know how because she has never done this before.

Set in Their Ways

As we spoke it became clear the problem is more complex than simply hiring.  Because this is a family business that has been around for over 30 years many of the staff have been on board for 20+ years.  Loyalty is a great asset but it only works when the long-term staff is willing to develop new skills, allow change and grow professionally.   Kathy feels her staff are “stuck in their ways”, not interested in learning new technologies, changing systems or changing their roles.  They have gotten into routines and habits that keep the company from growing. Kathy cannot fire them because they are loyal employees.  They are LIKE family. Then there are her two sisters who are not about to have Kathy tell them what to do.  She can’t fire them.  They ARE family.

New Vision of Success

Kathy wants to take the business to a new level.  She is creative and has a new vision for their success. She is the CEO but finds no one else wants to change.  She even finds herself doing a lot of the day-to-day work assigned to staff and her sisters that somehow bounces back to her.

New Organizational Design

I took an intuitive perspective on this with Kathy.  Her father made all of agreements with staff when he ran the business.  They are not her agreements (spiritual or other wise).  It was time for Kathy to develop her own vision for the staffing of her business.  For Kathy it begins with letting go of the energy and pictures that say there is no hope, that she is saddled with her dad’s agreements and sisters who don’t share her vision to grow the business.

As an intuitive I know the power of a clear vision so Kathy’s first step is to meditate on the kind of staffing she knows she needs to manifest her vision.  This is not about specific people but rather the ideal structure, positions and  functions – an org chart.

When Kathy is clear in her mind’s eye of how she sees staffing the business to achieve her vision then we agreed that she would it down – not to be shared.  This is just for her work as the visionary/CEO of the company.  She would also write down her vision of the business in three years.  This she would share with her sisters first seeking their input then the staff inviting everyone to work toward this vision.

Who Fits In?

Once she has a clear vision of the business and the staffing then she must take her attention off and stop resisting her current staffing and her frustrations with everyone.  It is my experience that when an owner begins in this way everything starts to change.   Kathy will start to assign work to her current staff in a way that fits her vision, slowing creating change.  As she does this she will see a change in the staff.

Don’t Resist What Is

By creating a vision of what she wants it begins to manifest.  This is different than resisting what is.  (Resistance perpetuates what you don’t want.)  Intuitively staff will feel the change. Staff who is in agreement with her vision will begin to fit into one of the positions on her org chart.  Staff who are not in agreement will suddenly find a new job, decide to retire or force themselves to be fired.  This is not a coincidence. That is just how a vision manifests.

Steps To Create Change

This is a story about a family owned business but the intuitive principles apply to every business.  If you are a business owner take the time to meditate on your business.   First see clearly the vision you have for the next three years.  Write it down. Be clear in present time.  Now meditate on the ideal staffing to get you there.  Write this down.  Finally begin to act in ways that support your vision.  Read and meditate on this everyday then watch this vision manifest.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

The World You Desire

Abstract with heart Welcome to the new year.  Every change in cycles is an opportunity to create.  In our culture we tend to say the new year is a time to fix something, make resolutions we won’t keep, to change ourselves in someway, etc. Another perspective might be to simply be more of who we are, to focus more on what is important to us and what we value.  It could be a time to create something new, to see everything as an opportunity and to take back our world.   It is a matter of perspective.  How do you tend to see things?  Do you see opportunities or do you become discouraged by what is?   This is free will and we all have it.  Your Choice.
Your Choice
What do you choose for the new year?  How do you choose to be in this moment and each moment?  It is so clear to me that it is time for a change in every level of our culture and our country.  Things have gotten off track, out of sync, etc.  We are watching people being discouraged by lack of shared values. From an intuitive perspective it is the ending of a cycle.
The Old and a New Cycle
A new cycle is beginning. The old cycle that controlled, based on competition, self-serving, me first, money at all cost, logic only, success above all else, hierarchy,war, ending which is why we are seeing turmoil in old structures (political and corporate).  It is not because they were bad it is simply a change in cycles.  The new cycle is about collaboration, cooperation, support, values, self-awareness, intuition,circles, peace, success, greater good, green, social responsibility, etc.
Where Are You
The ending of the old cycle and the start of the new begins with each of us acting in each moment from what is important to us and what we value, being conscious and aware of how we are being.  This influences our family which influences our community and so on.   As we build a new group agreement based on values we have always had within us then everything will change.  If we stay in the old accepted point of view we will be out of sync with the new cycle that has already begun.  Where are you?  In the old or in the new?   If you don’t embrace where you want to be you will be pushed by the energy around you.
Ending Violence
I have been very affected by the energy of conflict which has been part of the old cycle.  We can not simply accept a broken political system, countries at war, violence in our streets, being in conflict with each other.  It is a time for new perspective personally and professionally.   Voices of the old cycle cannot continue to control our world.    Voices of the new cycle do not control either.  They are simply authentic and clear.
Forget Resolutions – Make Changes
Rather than make new years resolutions try coming into present time with the new cycle.  Mediate and imagine in your mind’s eye  the world you desire.  Be aware of what is important to you and what you value then be that in every action you take, every communication you have and decision you make.  In this way you become part of a new year and a new age – personally and professionally.  Happy New Year.
Best wishes on your success in the new year,  Kay

Write It Down and Change Your World

h  A good way to start the new year is with a clear perspective. The first step is to know what is important to you and what you value.  Take some time with this.  You probably have your top three right off the top of your head but there is more to it.

Coaching with my clients begins with them writing down what is important to them and what they value.  The reaction is the same from everyone.  Taking the time to do this is very grounding and helps them focus.  I suggest they write their first thoughts then come back and look at it again preferably in a quiet place where they can clear their thinking, quiet their body and listen within.


This process creates many ahas!   One woman, Carmen, thought her family was most important to her but when she really looked at it money was most important because of financial uncertainty.  In terms of her values her family was first but money was most important at this point in time.  There is nothing to judge here and there are no right answers.  What is important is that we know and acknowledge what is important to us and what we value.  Some of  this is based on circumstances and so it changes.  Some of it reflects who we are at our core and that does not change.

Once we know this then every action we take and decision we make needs to support this otherwise we get off track.  This happens all the time.   Part of my role is to help you stay aligned to who you are, what is important to you and what you value.


This week I was meeting with a business owner excited to expand his company, an expansion that would make his role more global.  I asked Rick to go back and read what he wrote about what was important to him and what he valued.  In both, family and spending time with family was first.   He sat back and reflected on how he could still grow his company globally and not take him away from his family.   His solution was to let go of control, to trust his top executive team and to hire a VP of Global Sales.  This sounds easy but it was hard for Rick because he is a hands on person.  His impulse is to get involved but his first value was his family and still is.  So for him sticking with his values is important but in this case not easy.


A professional woman stated that the most important thing to her was to have a loving and supportive relationship with her sons and her husband.  These holidays challenged those values.  Kathy was frustrated because she wanted to attend a number of holiday parties.  Her husband and sons did not.  They wanted to stay home and have a family holiday. Kathy was angry, feeling like she cannot get what she wants, etc.  Her resentment and  judgment of her husband and sons were foremost in her mind.  When she reread what was important to her and what she valued she was taken back.  Things were not very loving and supportive at this moment. Kathy decided she had to engage her family in an agreement to attend one or more of the parties in a loving and supportive way or she had to let the parties go.  This was not easy because she was feeling as though she was not getting what she wanted.  I suggested that  after the holidays she go back to what she wrote about  what was important to her and what she valued to make sure the list is complete and that it reflects who she is at her core.  Professional and social pressures often cause us to loose our perspective.

Write It Down & Change Your World

There were many more stories from this week about where we move away from what is important to us and what we value.   If you do not have this written down for yourself I suggest you take the time.  It will change everything and  will set the course for the new year.  If you have written what is important to you and what you value, read it over.  It does change so make sure it is true for you in present time.   Keep this in your view.  Read it often.   When you have a tough decision to make or things seem out of sorts so back and read your list before you make a decision or take an action.  It will help you stay on track and will support your vision of success.

Best wishes on your success,


If it does not feel right…

One of my client’s is making a serious effort to double her revenue.  Claire was inspired by how easily she increased her revenue by 30% this year.  (She did use the word easy in hindsight.)  With this new goal in mind Claire developed a marketing strategy that takes advantage of all the new ways of marketing.  Most of this plan is out of her comfort zone so she looked for experts in a variety of areas to carry out her plan.

Claire is clear about her new marketing strategy.  She has done her homework.  Her task is to find the right people.  At first she was drawn to professionals she has used in the past and who are loyal to her and her company.  She thinks they could do some of it including her sister who is a professional writer.  Recently a PR expert at a networking event approached Claire.  She agreed to hear what she had to offer.   Finally she received recommendations from myself and other trusted advisors of professionals she may want to interview.

Before she began the process of finding a team she took the time to meditate on her vision of success, which for this upcoming year meant doubling her revenue.  She felt if she could not see this clearly then how could she navigate a team toward this goal.  Claire meditated until she cleared her thinking and could see clearly doubling her revenue.  She then meditated and imagined a team of experts who would help bring in new clients with specific demographics, a team that would work together, enthusiastically and collaborate to achieve her vision of success.

My task was to watch intuitively to see what was driving Claire’s choices so that loyalty did not trump skill and strong salesmanship did not talk her into something that was not a good fit.

As Claire sorted through her options, she used both a logical and intuitive approach.  She checked credentials, looked at samples of everyone’s work, interviewed writers, social media experts, PR professionals, graphic designers, etc.  Her most difficult decision came when her intuition told her not to use the writer and marketing person she used in the past.   This was not a logical decision.  She just felt intuitively that they were not the right fit for the level of growth she envisioned.   Claire did stay with her graphics team who are young, inspired and push her to think in new ways.  They stayed on the team!

The PR person had a strong presence and was very interested in helping Claire increase the visibility of her business but in the end something just did not feel right.  Claire found herself finding fault with the proposal, their communication, etc. then she realized that she did not need to find fault.   The PR company just did not feel right.  It was not logical. She stopped trying to find fault (logic) and simply decided not pursue this strategy at this time. It was intuitive.

Finally, she needed a social media expert.  This is a new and growing field in which an expert is not well-defined.  She decided in the end to interview three of the five people on her list of possible experts.   Her choice of the three was intuitive and she was correct.  In those interviews she found someone who described an approach that fit for Claire and how she saw her brand.

Coincidentally, immediately after Claire and I met to finalize her marketing plan and the team she would be hiring, her phones were ringing off the hook.  Three new-targeted clients called and scheduled appointments.  Claire felt that was a miracle!   From my perspective is was Claire’s vision of success beginning to manifest.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Let me know if you would like an review of your marketing strategy from an intuitive perspective.

Get Out of Comfort Zone, Push Your Envelope & Own Your Value

Getting out of comfort zone

How to create inspired success is not rocket science.  In all that I have read, experienced and observed there is a short list of must do steps.   Everything you read and hear from me is about these steps and how we can get in our own way.  Kathy took the step to get out of her own way and created success.


This week I again observed how these steps work. Kathy has a bookkeeping business and her goal for the year is to increase her sales by 20% and net income by 30%.  Each week she finds herself having to make decisions that will either keep her comfortable or push her outside her comfort zone.   She struggles to decide knowing that she wants to reach her goal for the year.

Kathy’s team participated in an audit for one of her clients and the outcome was in her client’s favor.  It took a lot of work by her team to get his out of date books in order.  When it came time to bill for services Kathy was uncomfortable because the bill was so high.  Should she lower her bill and charge what she was comfortable asking or bill the full amount and own the value of their work?  She could not decide.

When Kathy and I discussed this I saw three intuitive principles at work.
•    Havingness: Was she going to let the energy of her company stay where it is familiar or push through to take it a step up?
•    Non-resistance: The second principle was for her to allow both possibilities. Ask for the full amount and allow the client to pay less.  This is not logical but it is a very important principle. She had to get out of resistance.
•    Clear vision:  We can visualize what we want but if our thoughts and emotions conflict with that vision then it will not manifest.

Kathy decided to invoice the full amount, to call the client and follow-up.  She wanted to be fully paid but for this new client she would be willing to negotiate if necessary.  Finally her vision was that the client would pay her in full without batting an eye.  In meditation she cleared any thoughts she had about him not wanting to pay, her guilt about invoicing such a large amount and the fear of pushing her company to a new level.

In the end the client was so grateful the audit came out well that he did not even bat an eye at the invoice and paid it upon receipt.

It is our own thinking that gets in our way.   Kathy laughed and immediately unconsciously created another situation with another new client who wanted her to create books for his company.  It took longer than they both expected and she was afraid to bill such a large amount to a new client.  The steps and the outcome were the same at the story so I will not repeat them here.  Kathy struggled.  She billed the full amount.  The client paid.  Amen.  Kathy is learning to get out of her own way so her business grows.

Best wishes on your success,


Check out the next Inspired Success Webinar series beginning September 5 in which we will discuss the core principles of Inspired Success.

So What Do You Want to Do, Be & Have?

   So what do you want to be, do and have?  This statement sounds so obvious but the answer is not.  Our heads are full of what we should do or should want that we really don’t know.  The media bombards us with advertising and programming to guide our thinking.  The pressures from others to have more, do more or be more distorts our understanding of ourselves.  Expectations from others and what they want for us or from us only adds to the confusion.  These and other external energies get into our space and cloud our ability to see clearly.

So how do you know what is truth for you?  Put simply, it feels right.  To get to this space you may have to clear all the energies that are affecting your ability to see clearly.  There are many ways to do this.  The simplest from my perspective is meditation.  Meditation is a way to open to your awareness, your intuition and clear your space.  If that is not your thing then simply sit quietly.

Knowing what you want to create is the first step.  This could be something personal or professional.  It could include your health, relationships, work, business, finances, etc.  Take the time to be clear about what you want.  Take the time to clear your space and your thinking of all the energies I mentioned above so that you are creating what is true for you versus your response to all the energies in your space.

Once you know what you want then you can decide whether you want to create it.  It has been my experience that it is important to know what you want whether you decide to create it or not.  There is great power in deciding whether you want to create or not.

My client, Sara, is a great communicator.  Her heart’s desire has been to have a TV show in which she highlights people big and small who make a difference in some way.  Sara took many steps to explore this as a possibility.  In the end she decided that she did not want to expend the amount of energy it would take to make it happen.  In making this decision she freed herself to use those same skills in a professional way.  She works for an agency that impacts public policy.  Her skills in communication make her ideally suited for this work.  Sara became successful when she decided what she wanted to do, be and have.

Another client, Fred, was in his fifties when he decided to take a huge step and expand his business in a new way.  He was a graphics designer who expanded his work to include web design but now he wanted more.  Fred decided to transition his company in a big way by adding staff and shifting his work from small businesses to large corporate clients.  There was nothing logical about this.  No one believed he could make a transition with this big a leap but Fred did.  He was clear, focused, determined and did not listen to those who could not imagine it happening.  In less than a year his new business has started and work is coming.  There is no logic to this just a strong vision, courage and determination.  It is so clear to me that this new aspect of his business suits him so perfectly.

Achieving goals takes great courage as these examples show.  It all begins with knowing what you want to do, be and have.

What do you want to create?  Write and rewrite it until it feels right.  Use meditation to clear your space and your thinking so that you can know for certain.  Then take steps to make it happen.

Remember you are never too old and it is never too late.

Best wishes on your success,


Mentoring for professionals.

Stop Wanting. Have!

Recognize Your Success

Havingness refers to your capacity to allow what you want in each aspect of your life – to have what you want. Havingness begins with a clear vision followed by clear thinking.  I work with clients everyday to make sure these first two steps are in place otherwise we find ourselves working hard and not achieving our goals.


Sarah contacted me because she wanted to add a new interior designer to her firm.  She met a woman and wanted my intuitive read on this potential hire.  I saw Sarah making a mistake many business owners make when hiring.  They assess potential hires before they have a clear and strong vision of what they want for the position.  I worked with Sarah to clarify her vision of the position.  As we defined her vision I noticed Sarah’s concepts or thoughts that were in the way of knowing precisely what she wanted.


For example, her description of the skill set she wanted was followed by statements about why she thought she would not be able to find a person like this or why they would not be available or would not want to work for her.  It was an amazing stream of thoughts that completely invalidated her vision and they were her thoughts!  We cleared her thinking so that her vision was true to what she wanted.  This came up again as she described her vision further regarding  salary & benefits, personality traits, work ethics, etc.  Each time she described what she wanted  followed with thoughts about why it was not possible.   By the end of our session she began to realize how her thinking about things affects her havingness.


In the end, she came up with a strong and clear vision for the position.  Once that completed she was ready to look at the potential applicants and whether they fit her vision logically and intuitively.   She changed from the energy of need which causes us to compromise our vision to a vibration of havingness – the certainty to have what she wanted in this position.


These concepts apply to any situation.  Have a clear vision.   Clear your thinking. Decide you can have what you want.

Please share your thoughts, experiences, etc.

Best wishes on your success.


Getting decisions right

The most common reason people call for a consultation is they have a decision to make and they want to get it right.  We all want to be certain about the decisions we make but is not always what happens.   Neurologist Robert Burton believes our brains often manufacture a sense of certainty that we are right whether that is the case or not.  This happens because the brain has the ability to create a feeling of being right even when we are drastically wrong.  That is scary and we have all had this happen to us.  How often have your said or heard, “What was I thinking?”  I often tease that the brain has a mind of its own and makes up incredible stories that simply are not true.

From an intuitive perspective it is easy to be a better decision maker. When people call about making a decision they say:

  • I feel one-way one day and the opposite the other.
  • I can’t decide.
  • I have three thoroughly logical decisions and I can argue each of them equally.
  • I want to feel absolutely certainty about this decision.
  • I can’t find a good decision. I don’t like any of my options.
  • I have made a decision but it doesn’t feel right.
  • All the facts say I should decide this way but my intuition tells me otherwise.

Is this a decision you need to make?

Would it surprise you if I said, “Most times there is no decision to be made”? Or that decision making is overrated. Knowing when not to make a decision is just as important as making the right decision. For example, Should I quit my job?  Should I move?  Should I hire or fire Suzie?  When I hear a question like this I know the person is not ready to make a decision OR they are asking the wrong question.

When someone has a decision they are struggling with my question is always the same.  What is your goal or the vision you have for your company?  That is always the starting point.  If you don’t answer that question first then you are building a Winchester Mystery House of decisions and not a successful business.

Decision making from an intuitive perspective

When we have a clear vision of our success and a plan to get there we barely realize the decisions that we are making all day long.  We gather the facts and information and if it supports our goal then we make a decision without a second thought.  You don’t call me.  Everything is moving, as it should.

When decision-making is difficult

When we get out of sync with our vision, lose our perspective or someone places a demand, their energy or a problem in our space  suddenly we feel like we have a difficult decision to make.  When you hear yourself say, “Should I…..? you know you have lost your perspective so it is time to stop and not make a decision from that space.

What gets in the way of having perspective?

When we are overwhelmed by energy in our space, cannot see straight or think clearly we are not in the space to make a decision.  So what can  affect our ability to see or think clearly?

  • Other’s energy or concepts in our space.
    • What others want you to decide
    • Others reactions to what you decide
    • People who have investment (or energy) in your decisions
  • Ego: Our ego can easily get in the way of making a decision that helps meet our goals
  • Past experiences, memories, energy or thoughts clouding our perspective
  • Our fears or emotions
  • Resistance to change
  • Wanting to stay in our comfort zone
  • Wanting to please someone or everyone.

Knowing what affects your decision-making ability makes you a better decision maker. If does not feel right then step back, get more information, find other choices or realize its not a decision you need to make. Having perspective means seeing clearing and being able to step back and look from a neutral place. Making good decisions means being aware of your vision and what is affecting you in the moment.

Recognizing when you have lost your space (perspective)?

You have lost your space and your perspective when:

  • When you feel pushed to make a decision.
  • When you feel yourself reacting to someone or something or everyone and everything.
  • When you hear yourself say, “I should…” This is always a red flag that we have lost our perspective.
  • Can’t decide. Arguing one-side then the other. Or keep changing your mind.

How to Make Good Decisions

Here is an intuitive approach to making better decisions. Make sure you have a clear and neutral perspective when making a decision.  If it seem difficult even after having all the information that you need then stop thinking.

Stop Thinking: If the decision was logical based on available information then you would have already made the decision without effort.  So the answer cannot be found in logically. Robert Burton, a neurologist, shows studies that indicate our thinking can be dead wrong. Another study showed the more we think about something the more inaccurate we can become.

Find your space/Regain your perspective: Take the time to meditate.  Everyone whines about this but this is the best way to regain your perspective. How are you doing? What is on your mind? Who’s in your space? Are you clear thinking and in a space of neutrality?

Take the time to be clear about your goals or vision of success. Ask, “Will this decision  help me meet my goals?” If the answer is “No” then whose question is it or whose problem are you solving?

Intuitive Exercise

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to close your eyes
  • Take a deep breath and begin to bring all of your attention on yourself
  • Calm your body and clear your mind
  • Be grounded and centered
  • Imagine (do not think) the decision you are about to make
  • Meditate on one decision versus another.  Use your intuition to begin to clear your thinking
  • Let go of others’ energy in your space about this decision
  • Take deep breaths and release
  • Once you are calm and quiet and you feel clear then ask yourself what is the right decision (even if it makes you uncomfortable in some way)
  • Listen to your first thought because the thoughts after that will be the mind arguing with you

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Hurry Up & Find Your Perspective

I have written about having perspective a couple of times and I am doing this again because it is so critical to our success.  As business owners, every action we take, decision we make and communication we have impacts the success of our business.  Having clear perspective is important to each of these well.  In reality we all lose our perspective several times during the week.  How much we lose it and how fast we can regain our perspective varies.  It would be great if we could find a way NEVER to lose our space but that is not real so the goal is know when you have lost it, to be able to stop and regain our perspective really fast!

What does it mean to have perspective?

For me having perspective means seeing things clearly.  As an intuitive that means not only having a clear understanding in which we use our logic but also being able to read any situation and clearly assess what is going on and knowing the correct action or decision. Having perspective involves being neutral enough in a situation so that you can respond and not react.

Why does this matter?

You can answer this as well as I can.  When we lose perspective it impacts our staff, clients and our business.

  • Can’t think clearly to make a good decision or asses a situation
  • React to someone, to everyone, about something or everything
  •  Communication is off.
  • We make mistakes.
  • Loose sight of the goal or our vision
  • Are not ourselves.
  • Make decisions that are completely off the mark

How long we are in the space of loosing our perspective can be brief or quite long.  During this time we are on shaky ground.

What causes us to lose our perspective?

This can be caused by something personal or business related. It is simply something causes us to lose our space and our awareness.  We feel distracted or fixated on the one thing that is on our mind or in our space. The term space for me refers to being conscious and aware in the moment.

So what makes us loose our space and perspective?  It could be a thousand things.

  • We hear something that unsettles us.
  • We are overwhelmed.
  • Stress.
  • We interact with someone who makes us uncomfortable.
  • An emotion or memory gets re-stimulated
  •  An unexpected event knocks us off our center. 
  •  Someone jumps in our space with a demand.  They climb right into the center of our head so that we are no longer clear-headed.
  • When our ego gets in the way
  • Certain situations, people or projects cause us to lose our perspective

We each have a sensitive space and for each of us it is different.  Basically we lose our ability to be centered.  When we are not grounded and centered then our attention and awareness is off somewhere.  We are not able to see clearly in the moment.  I am working with one of my clients, Carol, who loses her space (perspective) when one of her staff disagrees with her.  Everyone recognizes when she has lost her perspective but for a long time she did not.  Carol still looses her space but now is aware of when this happens and has the ability to regain her perspective.

The goal is not to be perfect but more importantly to know when we have lost our perspective and take the time to get it back in that moment!  Recognizing when you have lost your space then having the ability to stop, step away and regain your perspective is the goal.

Knowing what triggers’ loosing your perspective helps you to be prepared, to be aware of not reacting, etc.  Awareness changes everything.  It is all about awareness

How do you know when you have lost your space?

It is so clear to me when one of my clients has lost their space.  Suddenly they are fixated on one situation, person or incident.  Everything is seen through that.

  • You can probably feel it before you realize it logically. You feel different.  You are not yourself.
  • Can’t think clearly
  • Can’t see straight
  • Can’t decide or are uncertain about deciding
  • Feel communication is off
  • Make mistakes
  • Resist someone or something
  • Are not ourselves

How do you regain your perspective? 

Having perspective means being aware in the moment.  There are many ways to regain our perspective.  I am going to offer an intuitive way.  Take the time to meditate every day or at the very least at the moment you realize you have lost perspective.

  • When you loose your perspective immediately step away.
  • Take the time to meditate.
    • Find a quiet place to close your eyes & bring your attention on yourself.
    • Be present.  Bring your attention completely into the moment.
    • Notice how you are doing.  What’s on your mind?  What energy is in your space?  Who is in your space?
    • Clear your thinking
      • Meditate on caused you to go outside yourself (loose perspective)
      • Open to your intuition.  Don’t think.  Just be aware.
      • Imagine releasing the energy, emotions, ideas, thoughts, etc., that are in the way of having perspective.
      • Imagine (envision) how you want to be with yourself, in your work and with others.
      • Meditate on what it means for you to have perspective and be there.
      • Continue to clear & release until you feel that you have your space back and have regained your perspective.

I recommend using meditation each day as a way of having a clear perspective and creating success.

Learn more about meditation as a business tool.
Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Be Smarter! Be Intuitive!

When we are looking for an answer or solving a problem some of us use our logic.  Others step back and use their intuition.  Who will come up with the creative and open-minded solution?

Working with my clients I can see a difference in the quality of their decision-making and problem solving when they use their logic and when they use their intuition.   One filled with conflicting thoughts, information and emotions.  The other offers a clear perspective that results in decision that includes a sense of certainty.

When we rely on our logic we are looking for information (thoughts, concepts, information, etc.) that we have already stored in our minds including what we have learned, memories, logic we have used before and as always our own thinking about things which may not be correct.

When we are open to our intuition we engage a different way of gathering information that is beyond what we already know. We use intuitive abilities such as clear seeing, knowingness, clear hearing and others.  From this perspective we are not limited to what we already know and believe to be true and are open to a new level of awareness.

Next time you have a problem to solve try this exercise.

  • Sit in a quiet place.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.
  • Feel grounded and centered.
  • Bring your attention into the center of your head and your attention on yourself.  Stop thinking.
  • When you feel quiet and you are not thinking have your attention on yourself.
  • Be aware in the moment.
  • Now imagine the symbol of a rose.  Open your intuition by imagining what a rose looks like.
  • Decide that the rose represents your question or problem.
  • Without thinking meditate on the rose.  Imagine solutions.

Quiet the body and clear the mind to open to your intuitive ability.  Look for solutions from this perspective.

Let me know what you experience or your comments.

Best wishes on your success,


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Meditation & the Workplace

I ask all of my clients to make meditation part of their day.  The first response I  hear is, “I can’t afford to take the time to meditate!”   My reaction is “You can’t afford not to take the time!”

I see business owners and professionals make poor decisions, react rather than respond in stressful situations and not think straight.  All of these happen when we lose our perspective.  We lose our perspective when we have too much energy in our space, too many demands placed on us and too many people with their energy and ideas in our head.

Things tend to spiral as energy builds in our space.  Meditation is a way to stop, to clear our space and regain perspective.

Successful business owners and professionals know the value of being clear-headed.  Here are a few basic steps for meditation.

  • Close the door.  Sit down.  Take a deep breath and close your eyes.
  • Take another deep breath and release all the tension.  Repeat.
  • Bring your attention on yourself.  Notice how you are doing, what’s on your mind or who is in your space.
  • Take more deep breaths and imagine releasing whatever is in your space, on your mind or in your head.
  • Keep releasing until you feel calm, centered and focused on yourself rather than something or someone else.
  • Now decide how you want to be the rest of the day.  Set your space that way now.

Do this exercise when you feel that you are losing perspective but before you have really lost it!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on meditation in the workplace.

Best wishes on your success,


Loosing It! Then Finding Perspective

Losing It!

Loosing It!  Then Gaining Perspective

It happens.  We lose IT.  What is the IT that we lose?  We loose our perspective.  We are reacting to everything.  We are probably even overreacting to everything.   We cannot think clearly.

As an intuitive I would describe this as loosing your space.  When I look at someone who has “lost IT”  intuitively I see that they our also “out of IT” meaning you are out of the center of your head.  You are somewhere outside yourself and have lost connection to your own thinking and awareness.

Spaced Out

You know this feeling.  It is the same place you go when you daydream or “space out”.   These are all good terms to describe how you leave your center and are operating outside  yourself.  You could say this sounds nuts except that we have all experienced this.  It is not logical but it is very intuitive.

Set You Off

When we leave our center/ourselves we also lose our perspective. An incident or experience probably “set you off” and things are escalating from there.  When this happens we react to old thoughts, memories and emotions that are not true at the moment.   This is not a good time to make decisions or trust your thinking because it is all reaction and not a thoughtful response.

Unintended Results

So how do you get your space back?  How do you regain perspective?  From an intuitive perspective getting your space back is easy.  The hard part is being aware that you have lost it and that you need to get your space back before your reactions create unintended results.


First, decide to be aware when you Lose It.  Decide to find your space before you say or do one more thing!  Maybe that means stopping a meeting, leaving the room, not answering the phone, etc. until you regain perspective – meaning that you come back to your center.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this meditation.  Know that the goal it to be present in the moment in your center with your body calm and your mind clear.

  • If possible, find a quiet place to sit down.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath releasing all the energy in your space.
  • Let the body relax and clear your mind.  Stop thinking.
  • Place all your attention on your body relaxing.  Don’t think.
  • Have our attention in the moment.  On yourself.  Clear your mind.
  • Bring your attention into the center of your head, behind your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath and release.
  • Imagine bringing all your attention and awareness back from whatever set you off.

When you feel calm and clear you have regained perspective.

  • Now with your mind clear decide how you want to be at that moment.
  • Imagine in your mind’s eye how you want to experience the rest of your day.  Reset your space.

What Next?

Loosing our perspective happens.  If you find that it happens a lot then consider adding meditation as a part of your business practice because you are very sensitive to the energy around you.  Meditation will help you gain and keep perspective.

Share Your Thoughts

If you have any stories, questions or ideas to offer please respond to this blog.  Let’s talk about it!

Best wishes on your success,


Finding Perspective!

We lose our perspective often during the course of a week.  When we have a perspective we are able to think clearly, make good decisions and take actions that meet our goals.  On the other hand when we lose our perspective we begin to react.  We make choices that are not in our best interest.

Awareness Is The Key

The key is to recognize when we have lost our perspective or as I see it – lost our space. As an intuitive I can see and, you can probably feel, when you have lost your perspective.  This happens when an experience changes your energy, something knocks you out of your space or someone’s energy is so firmly in your space that you “can’t see straight”!

Impact on Decision-Making

It is so clear to me when my clients have lost perspective; suddenly their decisions focus on one incident or one person.  They do not have their attention on the impact this decision will have on their business or their work.

Others Perspective

It is not uncommon for those around you to have lost perspective as well.  This is a recipe for disaster.  Communication is off the mark.  Trust is compromised.  Everything feels ungrounded and unclear.


Making decisions when we don’t have a clear perspective are reactions to the energy in our space and don’t necessarily make decisions that will help us meet our goals.  When we begin reacting our ego takes over causing us to make decisions from an entirely different set of concepts.

Regain Perspective

To regain your perspective make time to meditate.   Quiet the body and clear your mind.   Notice what’s on your mind.  Notice whose expectations or energy is in your space.  Take a deep breath.  Begin to release or let go of whatever is on your mind or in your space.   When you feel clear and relaxed you will  find that you have also regained your perspective.

Best wishes on your success

Decison Making & Gut Feelings – Right or Wrong?

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Decision Making

“You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

Steve Jobs (1955 – ) Source: Commencement address by Steve Jobs at Stanford:

Everyone has intuitive experiences but few know how to use intuition effectively because we tend to talk about intuition as a single ability where, in fact, there are several levels of intuitive abilities.  They are not the same and not useful in the same ways.  For example, the most common intuitive experience is the common “gut feeling”.  A gut feeling is an intuitive reaction to something either positively or negatively.  When we experience a gut feeling it is an indicator that we are on the right track or that something is wrong.

Can You Trust Your Gut?

I suggest that we listen to our gut feeling and use it as an indicator but not a decision maker!  So many times I hear from my clients, “It didn’t feel right. I don’t know why I didn’t listen to myself!”   When something does not feel right it means it is time to step back and take a look at what we are not aware.  What am I not seeing?  What piece of information do I need to find?


When I experience a negative gut feeling I don’t decide for or against anything.  For me it is a time to find the missing information.  First I look at the facts and the results to make sure I am not missing something.    Next I meditate. I do this so that I can gain perspective, clear my mind, find neutrality and open my intuition to “see” in my mind’s eye what is really going on.

Levels of Intuition

Intuition occurs on several levels: consciousness, subconscious an unconscious and supra-conscious levels of awareness.  Gut Feeling is the most basic level of conscious intuition.   Most use this conscious level of intuition.  It takes more experience to access the levels that offer more insightful levels of understanding.  It is my experience that those who only access the conscious levels can make incorrect decisions by not sorting intuition from logical or emotional reactions.

Intuitive processes happen very quickly and automatically so it is important to be conscious and aware of the level of intuition you are using so that you do not misinterpret your perception.

Making It Work

Effective use of intuition takes development and understanding of this ability so that emotions, logic, fear, desire don’t interfere.  Any reaction, i.e. anxiety, anger, love, etc. can interfere with clear access to your intuition.  It is interesting to note that these same emotions interfere with rational thought as well.

Meditate for Clear Seeing

For those who want to grow in their understanding of intuition and to use it to grow your success I recommend learning to meditate as a way to quiet the body and clear the mind. In particular I recommend an intuitive meditation designed specifically to open your clear seeing and clear knowing abilities.

Blogs in Intuitive Decision Making

The next three weekly blogs will be on using intuition in decision-making.

Best wishes on your success.

EGO in the way!

lotus-flowerEgo was the driving force behind businesses in the last century.   That is all changing as the culture of business changes.  Success today comes from a more value based and socially conscious model, providing a good product or service to the benefit of customers and clients.

How Ego Is Created

From an intuitive perspective ego is formed when we create pictures or thoughts about ourselves based on what we think we should be, to keep up with others, to put on a good impression, etc.  These pictures sit in our aura, the energy field around us.   Others see these pictures intuitively and believe this is who we are.  Suddenly it becomes important to sustain these pictures, this ego. We begin to act as if this who we really are.  We act and react in response to this ego and these pictures.  Think of ego, as is a false sense of self that reacts when we feel our self-image is threatened.  When we live in our ego it affects our work, our personal life and our wellness. More importantly we loose our sense of self.

Effect of Ego

Our ability to do our work is affected by our ego as it clouds our awareness and creates uninformed automatic responses.   We can each make a long list of successful business owners and professionals who lost all sense of themselves when they became their ego. They also lost their perspective resulting in poor choices and decisions that harmed them, their company and often their families.  To get out of ego means to act and respond from our own clear and conscious understanding of who we are, what we value in relationship to the situation.

We all have an ego.  The control this has over us varies from one to the other.  The key is to become aware of when we are acting, reacting or making decisions from our ego and when we are operating from our authentic self.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this intuitive exercise when you feel that ego is behind your actions or reactions.

  • Take a moment to pause.
  • Be grounded.
  • Find your center – the center of your head.
  • Take a deep breath and release whatever you are holding, defending or protecting.
  • Notice what is on your mind and your reactions.
  • Imagine pulling your energy and your awareness out of the ego, the false pictures in your aura.
  • Bring your attention and awareness even more to the center of your head.
  • Be aware of yourself and how you are feeling.
  • Breathe.  Release.
  • Find a neutral perspective.
  • Now consciously change your energy and your space to fit who you are and what you value.
  • When you feel your energy is reset then you are ready to re-engage the question or issue before you.

When we can get out of our ego then we can stay connected to our authentic self to create a successful business or career.

Gut Reactions Misunderstood!

beautiful thoughtsWhat are gut feelings?

There are different intuitive abilities. Each of these abilities has their place in our work and our business. The most misunderstood of the seven intuitive abilities is the infamous “gut feelings.”

We all have experienced gut feelings but may be unsure how to use this information. First be aware that I am referring to feelings in the gut. This is not the same as feelings in the heart, the first chakra (fear) or other intuitive feelings.

How to use gut feelings?

Gut feelings are automatic responses to unknown (or unconscious) information or
energy. As a rule, if it feels right, in your gut, then you may feel comfortable in proceeding. If something does not feel right then, it’s NOT. Consider this a red flag! When something does not feel right in your gut, stop, step back, gather more information, ask more questions and gain a better perspective. To gain perspective means to separate from the energy of the situation so that you can think (logically) and see clearly, intuitively.

What creates gut feelings?

At times we feel pressured, or someone is running his or her energy through our space to convince us to do or not do something, to make a decision, and move in a particular direction. When this happens, there is so much of his or her energy in our space that we lose our awareness and our perspective. Stepping back and making separation from this energy is a way of seeing more clearly.

Story of a Business Consultation

One of my clients was about to sign the sale of her business, but something did not feel right. There was pressure from everyone for her to sign and sign now. It took courage for her to stop, step back and review the sale agreement once again. Kathy called with her concern. She felt in her gut that something was not right. I looked at her contract intuitively and saw energy in the last paragraph. With this, she went back to her lawyer to review the agreement again. They found a phrase they did not notice before that was not in her favor. They proposed a change and signed the contract.

Gut feelings are not for decision making

Gut feelings are not for decision making, but they are a red flag to stop and gain perspective.

Once you regain your space and clear your thinking, you can make a more grounded decision. Make a decision based on information rather than responding to energy, pressure or demands.

In general, one should not make decisions based on gut feelings. Gut feelings are intuitive reactions to energy, not fact or information. Gut feelings are one of the intuitive abilities we have for evaluating a situation. Pay attention to your gut feelings. Notice how it feels when you enter a room, in a meeting, making a decision, listening to someone, etc. If it does not feel right, then something is off.

How do you experience or use gut feelings in your work or life?


Stay the Course!

dreamstimefree_roadI just have to tell you Susan’s story because it is so familiar and I see it so often.  Susan is an amazingly capable professional working for a large national organization.  In recent years she began to feel dissatisfied with her work not because there was anything wrong with it but more that she was ready for new challenges and to move closer to her next dream job.

No Idea!

With that in mind Susan contacted me to assist her with this transition.  She had no idea where or what that dream job was.   I guided through intuitive meditation to begin to imagine this dream job.  All the thinking and logic in the world was not working for her so an intuitive approach seemed right to her.

Her Vision

Susan did not know the exact job that she wanted but she was very clear about components of the job, the talents she wanted to use and new areas of growth and challenge.  With that awareness I guided her in meditation regularly as a way of manifesting this vision.

Creating A Plan

A week or so after she created her vision she decided a move to Denver was part of her vision.  She reached out to some contacts in that area telling them of her interested in finding a new job in the Denver area and could they help.  In a very short time, maybe a week or two, she received a call for an interview for a position that far exceeded her expectations.  Suddenly she was very uncertain.  Was this too big a step?  Was it the right step?

Don’t Question

This next part is important and a critical intuitive principle.  Don’t answer these questions!  Susan would just make herself crazy logically arguing one side or another.  I advised Susan to go back into meditation and focus on her original vision.  Seeing this vision in her minds eye is calming and brings her goals into perspective.  In this way the answers are obvious.  There are no competing options.


Susan is in Denver interviewing as one step has led to another without any effort on her part.  Susan described this morning, “It is as if my vision is simply unfolding in front of my very eyes.  It is scary and wonderful at the same time.”

Intuitive Exercise

The intuitive technique I worked with Susan is simple.  Go into meditation so that you can become quiet, stop thinking and open to your inner voice and intuition.  Visualize a goal you would like to manifest.  Don’t think.  See the goal in your minds eye.   Take a deep breath.  Now let that goal manifest.  Clear seeing is the key.

Best wishes on your success.


When you cannot decide!

swirl blue purple orange croppedOne of the best times to use your intuition is when you cannot decide, the answers you are looking for are not obvious or your find yourself successfully defending both sides of your own argument!  You have been thinking, discussing it with others and still you cannot tell the right way to go or which decision to make.  This is the time to stop thinking!  Sometimes logic cannot provide our answers either because we are not neutral to the issue, our own thoughts and emotions cloud our thinking.  Sometimes we cannot decide because of the pressures from other people or competing interests.

I was on the way back from a salon at the home of a Silicon Valley executive and his wife.  My friend had run into one of her clients at the salon last month and again this day.  She was very confused how she should interact with this very high profile client in this informal and somewhat personal event.  I listened as she explained all the options she could think of.  It was clearly a professional challenge that could have huge financial impact.  She was confused, conflicted and worried.  What if she approaches him the wrong way?  What if she reads his communication incorrectly?  What if….  She was wearing herself out.

A client of mine was in a similar state of confusion.  She is transitioning in her career, sees a number of choices, can argue each of them convincingly only to confuse herself more.  She thought, argued, discussed all to no avail.  She could not decide and could not find a logical solution.  This was creating great stress.

These scenarios are very common.  The specifics may be different but each of us has been in a situation where all the logic in the world was not going to give us the answer.  For me, as a business intuitive, answers to these situations are easily found by opening to our intuition.   Using intuition is a way of gaining perspective and finding enough separation to see more clearly.

Here is a simple intuitive exercise you can use when you are confused or cannot decide.

  • Find a time and place to sit and quiet yourself.
  • Close your eyes, breathe deeply and begin to release all the effort you are experiencing.  Relax and release.
  • Bring your attention and your awareness inward, behind your eyes.  Breathe deeply and release.
  • Begin to clear your mind.  Try to stop thinking so that you can open to your intuition.
  • Simply open your awareness.  Begin to notice, see, listen and know intuitively.
  • Once you are quiet, imagine seeing a symbol out in front of you.  See it or imagine it with your minds eye .  I suggest a rose but any symbol will work.
  • Now imagine placing your question in that symbol.  This keeps your from thinking.
  • Without thinking open to what you see, hear and know.

If you are able to follow these steps you will get your answer and you will know.

To learn more about the use of meditation to open your intuition simply go to


A decision that does not matter!

B0319623Success comes from knowing our vision (goal) and keeping that vision in our minds eye.  As a business intuitive, my clients often ask about one decision or another I refer them back to their vision (goal) and whether this decision will help achieve those goals.  Often we think one decision or the other is critically important loosing site of our vision.

We focus on the next decision when our vision makes us feel as if the changes to get there are too great.  We feel overwhelmed by our vision. It is the magnitude of change it represents that causes us to be distracted.  This is the point where we have to decide whether to stay committed to our vision or create a new one.  Once we decide to commit to our vision then determination and focus are needed to push through the energy to get there.

Achieving goals is not for the faint of heart.  If you have a vision, see it clearly in your mind’s eye.  Don’t think about it.  See it intuitively then focus your time, attention and commitment to achieving that vision. Breathe deeply.  Allow fear.  Allow change.  Achieve your vision.

Decision making is overrated!


Making a decision can be the wrong thing to do. Probably the most common reason that folks contact me is because they have to make a decision. They want to make sure they are making the right decision. Often I see intuitively that making a decision is not the right thing to do at the time. The first question I ask my client is “What are your goals?” Not what is the goal for this decision, but rather what are YOUR goals personally, professionally, financially, etc. If they know the answer to this question for certain, they are ready to make decisions. Most often we are not clear about our goals. When we know our goals clearly, meaning that we can see them clearly in our mind’s eye, and they fit logical then decisions follow easily. What are my goals (in all aspects of my life)? Will making this decision help me get my goals?

I am amazed how often we get caught up and use all of our life force energy and our intellectual stamina to make a decision that has nothing to do with what we want in our business, profession or our lives. One of my clients is a high fashion model in New York. She has some major decisions to make about where she will live, her relationship, her work and her career. It seemed quite overwhelming to her. As I questioned her about her goals, her options became more evident. I saw intuitively the energies that were affecting her choices and as I told her what I saw things became even clearer. By the end of the consultation, she was not asking about decisions. She was talking about her plans to achieve her goals.

Another of my clients owns a successful hedge fund. He was stressed with the decisions he felt he had to make. When I looked at him intuitively, I saw the energy behind his decisions had nothing to do with his business, so I asked, “What are your goals – on all levels?” He was clear on his goals personally and professionally but did not see how his personal goal of having a family was core to all the decisions he needed to make at that time.

Next Step: Take the time to know your goals: personal, professional, business, emotional, health, wealth and spiritual. Know them. See them clearly in your mind’s eye. Write them down. Look at them often. Whenever you have to make a decision look at your goals first and see if it will help you to manifest your goals. If not, then it is not your question or maybe even a decision you do not need to make. Whose question or decision is it?

You are constantly making decisions without a second thought. When you cannot decide then do not decide. Step back and focus on your vision. That will guide you clearly.

Best wishes on your success, Kay