A New Cycle – Your Vision for 2010!

New Year
A New Year!

It is a new year, a new cycle and a new decade but it is not a time for making resolutions.  More importantly it is time to decide how you want to be.   A new year is an opportunity to create change, set your energy in a new way, create a new perspective, and set your sights high!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Routine!

For this to happen we have to get out of old patterns, routines and our comfort zone.  All of these keep things, as they have been whether we like them or not.

To create something new for 2010 change your energy.  Goals are met, changes made, experiences enjoyed from the vibration of enthusiasm!  It is nearly impossible to create from boredom, apathy, discouragement, etc.  These energy levels are too low for energy to move or change.

Intuitive Exercise (Meditation)

Take the time to imagine, see in your mind’s eye your vision for 2010.  Don’t think.  Quiet the mind.  Just imagine.   If you can see it intuitively then it IS manifesting.   If you cannot see or imagine what you want for 2010 then keep clearing your mind.  Stop thinking!  Quiet your space and go within.  Open to your own voice, listen then see, visualize or imagine what you wish to create.


Notice your thoughts, emotions, concepts that get in the way of your vision.  Notice anything that gives you a reason not to have your vision.  Imagine clearing or letting these go. They are ideas and energies that you can release.

Repeat this meditation often, daily, weekly and watch your vision of 2010 manifest.


If you would like help with visioning please contact me.

Best wishes for the New Year,



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