An Inspired Life

Our theme for this year is to be inspired. That means something different to each of us, and it is important to know what that means to you.

Too often, we just go through our day and routine without a second thought. We wonder why we do not have one thing or another in our lives. Consider this – where we place our attention that is being created. If our focus is on our routine, then our routine is being created and nothing new. Do not think about this; instead, be intuitive about it.

An inspired life does not mean anything needs to be perfect. Instead, begin by thinking of inspiration in its simplest terms. For me, it can be any experience in nature, a conversation with a new person, a book, pushing myself, and my list could go on. What is your list? It matters.

Knowing what inspires us moves our attention off our routine onto something that creates a reaction in body, mind, and spirit. It can be simple and subtle but don’t let it be fleeting. What if we are always looking for inspiration in our lives?

We do not necessarily have to change our routine or what we do in our lives. We can change our experience of it by seeing inspiration or being inspired by what we do. We can also get out of our routine, have new experiences, and feel inspired by them.

When we care about being inspired, we change our lives in remarkable ways. How will your day and life be different when you focus on being inspired in simple and not so simple ways?


Inspiration Is Not Out There

iStock_000039816438SmallWe never realize how important inspiration is until we have lost it. Inspiration gives us a sense of purpose in the moment, from within and in what we do in the world. When our inspiration is lost, we are lost or so it seems. Losing inspiration happens to professionals, business owners and in our personal lives. There is nothing or no one to blame and no decisions need to be made.

We can get our inspiration back! Too often, we look outside ourselves to find a solution. Those changes might work initially, but it is temporary. True, lasting, renewable inspiration comes from within. It is not logical, but it is very intuitive.

Inspiration does not come from what we do. It comes from who we are at our core, which directs what we do. Inspiration means knowing who we are at our core and finding a way to express that in what we do.

I am a sports fan and love the Warriors. This year was hard to watch David Lee lose his starting place on the team. I read an article today about David and what inspires him the most. He is a caring guy who always looks after his fellow teammates but more than that he cares about kids who have serious medical issues. He is a donor and frequent visitor to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Time spent with these kids reminds him who he is at his core. He is a champion and champions everyone else. When his work stifles his inspiration, he finds it at his core. He finds it within then expresses this in time spent inspiring these kids.

When I lose my inspiration, which happens when energy gets in my space, I don’t try to figure it out or find a way to inspire myself. I simply get quiet, stop thinking and go within. I find that reconnecting with myself, quietly remembering who I am at my core, changes my energy and stimulates my essence. From this kind of meditation I once again feel inspired to act in ways that feel right for me. Some of my most successful work has resulted from spending time quietly meditating on who I am at my core.

Give it a try. When you feel uninspired, find a space of quiet and reconnect with who you are at your core then feel inspired by yourself.