What Do You Avoid?

dreamstimefree_214026Procrastination is a term often used and not taken very seriously. Sure, we all procrastinate. If we look deeper and ask, “What am I avoiding?” that stimulates a different level of energy and avoidance.

What we avoid gets in our way.   We can work hard to be successful, experiencing little progress. We can do all the right things and still not meet our goals. The answer may lie in what we avoid.

Before you start the New Year take a moment to get quiet, go within, meditate and reflect on what you avoid?

  • What decisions do I avoid?
  • What communications am I avoiding?
  • What changes am I putting off?
  • What actions am I avoiding taking?

There may be other questions that will help you uncover what you are avoiding and resisting.   Without thinking, trust your intuition and ask why. Why am I avoiding this? Then take a deep breath and release all the energy you have generated in your space in avoidance and resistance. Continue to let go of the energy you feel in your space until the resistance is gone.


Try this simple exercise.  It can change everything.


Best wishes on your success in the New Year, Kay


Ego Is Not Leadership

????????????????????????????????????????  Leadership seems to come naturally to some and for others it takes learning but one thing is clear, it is no place for the ego.


A strong ego is not of much use to a leader and, in fact, can get in the way.  Ego is about the self.  Ego is often confused with being  strong.   From an intuitive perspective ego is a set of pictures or concepts of our perfect self.  We measure ourselves against those pictures.  When we like what we see we have a strong ego and we are proud.  When we do not feel that we measure up to our perfect self then we are invalidated.  Either extreme of the ego does not work in the world of leadership.  Leadership is not about self.


Leadership is about the ability to lead in contrast to ego, which is about self.   A leader who is ego driven may feel strong to himself/herself, likes the sound of their own voice, likes their thinking and their presence. This seems almost like a performer in a play.  Leadership is about being strong of spirit, having a sense of purpose, wanting to hear the voice of others, encourages others thinking and has affinity for the people he/she leads. These are stark contrasts.

Jim, the “Leader”

I was speaking with “a leader” in a company.  I do not know him well. I was seeking his counsel on a mutual client and colleague.  The moment I posed the question for our discussion I saw his aura change with the energy of his ego coming strongly to the forefront.  Immediately I sensed that this was not going to be a discussion, that he was going to tell me the right answer because he saw being right was his role as the leader.  As you might imagine I could not hear or follow him in the conversation because his ego was so loud and occupied the entire space.  In fact, there was no conversation.  Jim was  leading by pushing his ego into the conversation.  Needless to say it did not go well.  I let the conversation end quickly so that I could pursue a solution another way.

Hold Your Head High

Being a leader is a way of being on an energy level.  A strong leader has a strong crown.  Crown refers to an energy center or chakra on the top of the head.  This energy center sets the tone for the group.  How he/she sets their crown give others a sense of how it feels to work with this leader.

An ego focused person tries to lead from their third chakra, the power center at the base of the sternum.  It often feels like control – not leadership – to those under him/her.  To be an effective leader means knowing yourself.   I love the term, “Know where you are coming from.”  From an intuitive perspective this means knowing the energy center do you lead from.  This makes all the difference in how people experience your leadership and their willingness to follow.

Lead from Upper Chakras

An effective leader leads from the upper chakras (energy centers).  Leading from the crown makes people feel comfortable that someone is in charge and has the certainty to lead.  A strong leader also uses the sixth chakra (center of head) to have perspective and experience the ability to see clearly the truth in any situation.  The fifth chakra allows the leader to give and receive communication and encourages creativity. Finally the fourth energy center (in the heart) is the ability of the leader to feel affinity for the people he/she leads.

Control/React from Lower Chakras

Leaders who are not effective are those who lead from their lower energy centers (chakras). They lead through control, have their ego in the way, are in competition with others and engage in power struggles through the third chakra (below the sternum).  It is not effective to use the emotions of the second chakra (the gut) or to be in fear and survival when operating from the first chakra (base of the spine).

Leadership – A Journey in Self-Awareness

Upper chakra leadership allows the leader to have neutrality and a clear perspective.  Operating from the lower chakras causes a leader to be reactive to whatever he/she encounters with little awareness of what is really going on.  None of this is logical but it is very intuitive.  Notice the energy center from which you or the leader in your business leads.  Being aware allows you to grow in your understanding of leadership.  Are you a leader?  Would you like to be a leader?  Begin by noticing what energy center you lead from.  Shift your energy to your upper chakras and experience a whole new way of being as a leader and others will allow you to lead.

Best wishes on your success,


React or Respond: Success or Failure

dreamstime_5775817So answer honestly, do you find that you react or respond in most situations?  Perhaps you have not put your attention on the difference.  As a leader in your business, profession or life, it makes all the difference.

We all have energy in our space. What I mean by that is literally, we all have energy in our space.  This is the “charge” we hold from experiences whether positive or negative.  If I have an argument with someone it creates pictures and emotions – a charge in my space.  When I carry that energy with me and communicate to others I am most likely to react in a way I may not intend.


My client, Carol, told me the story of having a disagreement with her teenage daughter first thing in the morning. She left the issue unresolved and it bothered her as she drove to work.  Her first appointment was with a potential client and she worried about being late.  When she got to her office her secretary looked at her then seemed angry.  Carol thought that was odd because her secretary was level-headed and Carol was actually on-time – barely.  That surprisingly irritated her.  Carol stopped before stepping into the meeting, took a deep breath to make sure she was putting on a good front with smiles and enthusiasm.   The meeting started awkwardly and soon Carol sensed she was not connecting with this potential client.  There seemed to be tension between them so she stopped.  Carol acknowledged the tension and apologized for being distracted by an earlier argument with her daughter.  The client laughed and said, “So that is why I am angry at you and I don’t even know you yet!”.  Her new client intuitively picked up on the anger in Carol’s space and felt angry as well.  Hmmm.   Once the air was clear they started over at the energy level they both wanted in their communication.  He became her client but that is not always the case.

As an intuitive business coach, I asked Carol what happened that made her angry even before her argument with her daughter.  She dug deeper though for another layer to the story.

Reacting vs. Responding

This happens all the time.  We carry energy in our space and it impacts our conversations, relationship, decision-making, health, state of mind, etc.   When we react we are communicating through the energy in our space, the thoughts on our mind, the emotions that are stimulated, etc.  That is why I suggest we take the time to stop, clear our space, release and let go of whatever is on our mind or in our space so that we are responding from a space of clarity to reality in present time.  What is happening now and not how do I perceive what is happening now through the filter of the energy in my space?


Responding is important for leadership.  Being clear, without energy and baggage of other experiences clouding our thinking, makes us a better leader in our work and in our life.  So take the time to clear your mind and let go of energy you are holding in your space then step into your life and your work in present time.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Learn how to use meditation as a way to clear your mind and energy from your space.

The World You Desire

Abstract with heart Welcome to the new year.  Every change in cycles is an opportunity to create.  In our culture we tend to say the new year is a time to fix something, make resolutions we won’t keep, to change ourselves in someway, etc. Another perspective might be to simply be more of who we are, to focus more on what is important to us and what we value.  It could be a time to create something new, to see everything as an opportunity and to take back our world.   It is a matter of perspective.  How do you tend to see things?  Do you see opportunities or do you become discouraged by what is?   This is free will and we all have it.  Your Choice.
Your Choice
What do you choose for the new year?  How do you choose to be in this moment and each moment?  It is so clear to me that it is time for a change in every level of our culture and our country.  Things have gotten off track, out of sync, etc.  We are watching people being discouraged by lack of shared values. From an intuitive perspective it is the ending of a cycle.
The Old and a New Cycle
A new cycle is beginning. The old cycle that controlled, based on competition, self-serving, me first, money at all cost, logic only, success above all else, hierarchy,war, etc.is ending which is why we are seeing turmoil in old structures (political and corporate).  It is not because they were bad it is simply a change in cycles.  The new cycle is about collaboration, cooperation, support, values, self-awareness, intuition,circles, peace, success, greater good, green, social responsibility, etc.
Where Are You
The ending of the old cycle and the start of the new begins with each of us acting in each moment from what is important to us and what we value, being conscious and aware of how we are being.  This influences our family which influences our community and so on.   As we build a new group agreement based on values we have always had within us then everything will change.  If we stay in the old accepted point of view we will be out of sync with the new cycle that has already begun.  Where are you?  In the old or in the new?   If you don’t embrace where you want to be you will be pushed by the energy around you.
Ending Violence
I have been very affected by the energy of conflict which has been part of the old cycle.  We can not simply accept a broken political system, countries at war, violence in our streets, being in conflict with each other.  It is a time for new perspective personally and professionally.   Voices of the old cycle cannot continue to control our world.    Voices of the new cycle do not control either.  They are simply authentic and clear.
Forget Resolutions – Make Changes
Rather than make new years resolutions try coming into present time with the new cycle.  Mediate and imagine in your mind’s eye  the world you desire.  Be aware of what is important to you and what you value then be that in every action you take, every communication you have and decision you make.  In this way you become part of a new year and a new age – personally and professionally.  Happy New Year.
Best wishes on your success in the new year,  Kay

Do Something! Make Something! Share Something!

TEDx SJ photo

This past weekend I attended a TEDx conference and it blew me away! Have you attended a TED conference? Go now and find one in your area. You will not be disappointed.

TEDx San Jose contacted NAWBO SF Bay Area (National Association of Women Business Owners) to see if we would sponsor the upcoming TEDx for Women. Though I had not attended this event before I saw it as providing good visibility for our organization and agreed to sponsor and promote the event. Have you ever heard the saying, “Just say yes!”?

As it turned out it was a great experience personally and professionally as well as for NAWBO. During this one-day event I heard and met ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I say ordinary people because they are just like you and me. The only difference is they think big and that nothing is impossible if I can get enough people in support of your idea.

The latest meditation series I conducted for business owners and professionals just was coincidentally on “Don’t Do It Alone!” No matter how strong, determined, independent, shy or focused we are it is not possible to manifest your vision fully on your own. It is simply not how the world works.

Let me tell you about a few of the people who I met. You can read about others on my other blog Women Achieving Goals.

Let me begin with a quote I heard that day, “Say yes to something outside your comfort zone.” The more times we can do this the greater our ability to experience who we are.

I met Super Sylvia, an eight year old who learned welding at age five then learned that she could make anything using this skill. Her enthusiasm for this was boundless. She now shares her passion for makings things on her WebTV show Super Sylvia. Her last words were “Go Make Something!” This was the best advice I heard all day because when we make something it stimulates our creative energy and self-expression in a way that inspires us. She also quoted one of her mentors from Myth Busters, “Failure is always an option.”

We heard Preetha Ram who created Open Study, a free online education for anyone worldwide. Seth Shostak, Sr. Astronomer from SETI who said in the next decade we will find a partner planet, have ability to live off Earth, create new levels of artificial intelligence and, of course, find extraterrestrials. Paul Bennett, IDEO’s CCO, whose company is trying to make being healthy fun, sexy, appealing and motivational. Bryant Austin, photographer, who takes life-size photos of whales! Jonathan Trent from the NASA Omega Project which is creating biofuel without competing with the planet.

I was most impressed by these two speakers. One was Jack Andraka, a fifteen-year-old boy who was so affected by the death of a friend from pancreatic cancer that he decided to do something about it. Currently the diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer is 60 years old, costs thousands of dollars and can only detect late stage cancer. Jack created what he describes as a 3-cent test that detects pancreatic cancer with nearly 100% accuracy in its earliest stages. His journey from an ordinary 14-year kid who knew nothing to making this discovery is nothing short of miraculous.

And finally, Adam Steltzner, lead engineer on the NASA Mars Curiosity rover. Adam spoke how people working together for a common goal, giving up their egos, making mistakes, being determined, including everyone’s perspective, etc. was the only way they could have created and landed a rover of this size on Mars. Think about this. The rocket carrying the rover traveled at 10,000 miles an hour. How do you slow it down so that it lands like a feather on Mars to protect the delicate equipment inside? They all cried when it landed successfully as did we listening to this story of collaboration.

At the end of the day I was reminded of something I tell everyone and now I am sure of it. “You are never too old and it is never too late.” I have added to this. “You are never too young and it is never too soon.” These are ordinary people with big ideas, a strong vision and the knowledge that if they could get enough people in agreement they could make it happen.

Each of these individuals had a very strong vision of what they were creating and that strong vision is manifesting in expected and unexpected ways.  Create your vision and share it.

Best wishes on your success,


Setting the Energy for Success

During October we focused on setting the energy for success. What does it mean to set energy? Quantum physics demonstrates  what we have known for a long time that we have an effect on everything by where we place our attention.  But it is more than placing our attention.  We can create change through our attention.  In doing so we can make things better or worse so being conscious and aware of where we place our attention is an important ability to develop.

Whatever thought we dwell on becomes our reality.  Scary thought if we are not paying attention.  For example, it is not a coincidence that something happens to you right after spending some time dwelling on it.  Dwelling on it is the same as focusing on it.  We have a thought and we begin to imagine what it would be like, adding our energy to the thought.  Poof!  It manifests.   I was working with a client and she worried that she would be laid off.  There was no evidence to that effect but she got stuck on that thought, worried about it (adding energy), imagined what she would do if she was laid off (expanded the picture in her mind) then became anxious (adding more energy).   As imagined she was laid off and to this day I know her supervisor is wondering why they laid off someone so capable.

My efforts to have her take her attention off her fear of being laid off fell on deaf ears.  She could have just as easily dwelled on and imagined being successful in her job, being enthusiastic about that (adding energy to that concept) then that thought would have manifested.  We have free will to create whatever we choose so be careful what you dwell on.

Setting energy is a way to consciously focus your attention and your energy on precisely what you would like to see happen and experience.  Being intentional is a far better practice than dwelling on what we fear or resist.

During this month we focused on some specific areas we can set energy.  You can do this as well. Try understanding your ability to set energy in the following areas.

  • Your Space & Your Success: How do you want to be?  How are you being in your work? Everyone is intuitive so how do others experience you? How would you like them to experience you?  Set your space in a way that supports your success.
  • Your Office or Workspace: How do you feel when you are in your office or workspace?  Are you inspired or do you feel irritated?  Identify what irritates you.  It could be someone, something, the energy level, etc.  Make changes to raise the energy level of your workspace so that you feel inspired.  Clear the clutter, rearrange the space, fix what is broken, move away from someone negative, etc.
  • Communication: Communication is more than words.  It is an intuitive experience.  Take the time to notice how you want to be when in communication with someone.  Remember that everyone is intuitive so what are they picking up from you? What is the goal of your communication?  What is on your mind?  Clear your thinking. What energy is in your space?  You can’t hide it so change it to the vibration you want others to experience from you.
  • Achieve A Goal: Setting energy to meet a particular goal.  You have a goal.   Can  you see it in your mind’s eye?  Notice how you react to your goal.  What are your thoughts about it?  How do you feel (your energy level) when you put your attention on this goal?  Now clear your thinking and change your energy so that your goal can manifest in the way you desire.

There are recorded meditations on each of these areas if interested in learning more about how to set energy for success.  Series is “Setting Energy for Success” To  buy.

Best wishes on your success,


Mistakes Can Support Success

Cathy was really angry with her office manager, Sara, who had made a mistake.  Cathy vented to me how upsetting it is for her when any of her staff made a mistake.  It makes her want to fire them because she cannot afford to have people make mistakes. I offered Cathy another perspective.

Cathy decided to grow her company by 30% this year.  We have been working on her strategy to do this. We have met with her staff and created a strong vision that everyone supports.  I meet with Cathy weekly and one or more of her staff every other week to keep everyone moving forward to meet this goal. Things are changing.  There is heavy new client recruitment and at the same time nurturing and servicing existing clients.  Big steps are being made to bring everything inline to support this growth, new messaging, updating their marketing, changing their internal systems, etc.

Mistakes –  An Opportunity to Learn

Knowing that with all these moving parts and changes mistakes are inevitable. I suggested to Cathy that she recognize the mistakes as adjustments to change.  Staff making mistakes is an opportunity to look more closely at some aspect of the company, train staff to be better at their job and allow staff to expand their skills into unknown or evolving skill areas.  Consider mistakes as a way to let your company grown and improve That is not to say that it is ok for an employee  to continually make mistakes without concern or attempts to improve.  That is another situation entirely.  On the other hand employees who are not afraid to make mistakes knowing that they will learn and will receive help or training along the way is a very valuable employee.

Hiding Mistakes

I have seen employees who are afraid to make mistakes and hide the mistakes they do make both of which hurt your company.  Employees who are afraid to make mistakes will not grow in their positions and will not help you grow your business.  Employees who hide their mistakes are an even greater detriment to your company as those mistakes are usually discovered after they have had a negative impact in some fashion.

Mistakes that Support Your Success

  • Creating a culture where everyone is knows and actively supports the vision of success is the first step.  Staffs who know you vision of success are an entirely different part of your team than staff who simply has a job to do.  Encourage staff to move outside their comfort zone to learn new skills.
  • Empower your staff to take initiative in their job in ways necessary to support the vision of success.  Ask them to offer creative ways to do their job.  They know things about their job that others don’t so encourage them to offer ways their role in the company can support its success.
  • Encourage staff not to be afraid to make mistakes and ask for support or training.
  • Allow staff to work together to find solutions. Staffs that buy into the vision of success are greatly inspired by working with others in the company to solve problems and find solutions.  That means trying something new and making a mistake along the way.  It may mean making a mistake from lack of experience but they are ready to learn.
  • Create a culture of support so that staff work in communication and collaboration and not judgment and competition of each other.  Set the energy of your company so that support, encouragement and cooperation are valued.
  • Notice your reactions to staff making mistakes.  How does your staff experience your reactions?  Take the time to meditate on this as a way to clear and let go of past patterns and thoughts but more importantly imagining a new way of being in reaction to mistakes.  How do you want to be?
  • Clear your thinking.  Notice your thoughts and reactions to mistakes.  Some of this may feel automatic and beyond your control.  Become conscious and aware of those concepts and the energy that comes with them.  Decide how you want to be.
  • Finally, do you allow yourself to make mistakes, take risks and get out of your comfort zone?  Do you hide your mistakes even when they are in plain sight?  They are always in plain sight.

Take a look at where you are now and how you want things to change so that your company can grow in its vision of success.  The team you have around you is the key to your success.  Meditate on how you want to set the energy of your company for everyone involved.

Best wishes on your success,

Kay Robinson

Business Consultant

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Take Control. Change the energy!

David had four bids out for great projects.  His company had finished another project and was waiting for the final approval from his client.  The phone was not ringing.  His email and phone calls were not being returned.  Most of all he was not hearing from his best client.  This was a scary place to be so he called me to ask what was going on.

This may not be logical but it is very intuitive.  I saw that David had a lot of energy in his space and in the space of his company causing the energy of his company to stop.  David was taking it all personally.  What was he doing wrong?  What was wrong with his company?  How could it be that NO ONE was returning his calls? This is not a coincidence.  My suggestion was to stop thinking about it, stop trying to solve it.  Those approaches had not worked so far.  I suggested meditation to change the energy in his space and in the space of his company.

When David could get out of his thinking and look intuitively he saw the energy of competition between all the vendors on his current project.  It was competition against someone or something.  This is a dangerous energy because destroys. This is different from competition to be better within yourself or in your business.  This is a different energy level, is normal and helps us take steps.

More than anything David wanted to get back into communication with his best client so we focused on this.  I saw that his client was also the effect of the “competition against” within his own company.  This was interfering with his communication with everyone involved is the project and involved his largest client.  The stakes were high.  David and I used meditation to clear energy between himself and his client.  This is not logical.  It is something that you have to do and experience to understand.  At the end of this meditation, I suggested that David take an hour or two away from his office and do something that he enjoys.  This was a way for him to bring his energy to a higher level so that he could create again.

The next morning his client called him!   This is not a coincidence.  They spoke for over a half hour about the energy of the project, how it  affected each of them then reaffirmed their agreement to work together on future projects.  If David had not taken control the energy would have continued destroying his communication with his best client.  He used meditation to know and clear the energy for himself.  This made it easy for him to speak with his client in a clear and grounded way.

If you have energy in your communication with one of your clients you might try this for yourself.  We never have to wait and worry.  We can take charge, change the energy and move forward to meet our goals.

Now David wants to meet and work the energy on those four bids to see if he can get them happening as well

Best wishes on your success,


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Cycles: success & failure, success & failure

Cycles are a favorite topic because they are a regular part of our lives and we pay so little attention to them.  This blog is for business owners and professionals so I will focus on your success though cycles are part of all aspects of our lives.

We experience times when everything seems to be going well and we have the magic touch.  Then there are times when nothing we do seems to make a difference and all we experience is failure.  This too shall pass.  It is a cycle.

Study of Cycles

Scientists and mathematicians know that cycles are statistical and predictive.  Intuitives and astrologers know this as well.  After the great depression Edgar R. Dewey was appointed to investigate the causes of the crash so we could prevent it from happening again.   After extensive study and statistical analysis Dewey reported that the great depression was a naturally occurring cycle and it would happen again.

Evidence of cycles is everywhere.  Night and day. Four seasons. Women’s cycles.   Lunar cycles.   There are many fascinating books on the subject of cycles.

Cycles of Success

As a business owner and professional being aware that cycles exist and affect our success helps us to know how to work during the down cycles.  Managing our success during up cycles does not need my attention here.   It is however important that we know how to maximize the upswing so they help stabilize our business or work for a down swing.

Down Swings

The length of any cycle can change dramatically so knowing how to support your business or work during these times is the key to your success.  When we start to recognize a down swing as nothing more than that then we can use this time to carry out tasks in your business that don’t fit during an up cycle.

Ways to Manage Down Cycles

  1. Recognize cycles.   When we do not recognize cycles as a natural part of life then we may decide that we have failed and quit when all we really need to do it ride the down swing.
  2. Take Charge.   It is easy to get discouraged because the energy is lower and slower during a down cycle.  It is easy to match this by lowering our energy, feeling less motivated or defeated.  On the contrary change your energy to take charge of your work and your business to carry out those tasks best suited for this phase of a cycle.
  3. Keep energy moving.   Resisting the down swing of a cycle can make it last longer, cause you to make incorrect decisions and loose perspective.  Instead take steps in your business that will support your business in the long run.
  4. Plan and Create.   A down cycle is a great time to reflect, evaluate, plan and develop.  The phones are not ringing.  Clients are not beating down your door right now so this the perfect time to look at your business with open eyes.
    1. Evaluate your products, services, business model, staffing, etc.
    2. Spend time on services or product development.
    3. Develop your client list.  Communicate with clients and potential clients without a great deal of expectation.  Keep lines of communication open.
    4. Create time to train staff or find ways to grow their ability to support the success of the company.  A good time for staff development
    5. Feng Shui your office, warehouse, etc.  Improve the physical space.
    6. Have a party.  This raises the vibration which is important so that staff do not become the effect of the down cycle.
    7. Other activities that you or your staff don’t have the time to do during an upswing.

Begin to recognize cycles.  Learn to use both sides of this dichotomy to your best advantage.  In this way your business and your work as not good times and bad times but rather times of providing products and services (making money) and times to develop and reground your work or business.

Best wishes on your success.  Kay

What does your audience receive?

As business owners and professionals we are often in the position of giving a presentation.  This might be to pitch our company to a prospective client, a presentation to a group on our area of expertise, etc.   Regardless of the presentation or the purpose it could make us or break us.  It is hard to erase others memory of their experience so let’s get it right in the first place.

There are many resources giving advice and tips on preparing the visuals the content then giving the presentation.  Here is one article I found interesting.  FastCompany.

There is another very important aspect that is often overlooked.  How and what you present is one consideration but more importantly what does your audience receive and perceive?   How is your space?  What do others see intuitively when they watch you speak?  What do they “pick up” about you?   Everyone is intuitive whether they are conscious of it or not and so they react to you, your energy and whatever is going on in your space when you give a presentation.

I have attended presentations with my clients to observe and give feedback.   In one case, I observed my client completely alienate his potential clients because of the energy in his space when he pitched his company.   Conversely I have observed another client completely sell a potential client on giving him a chance  to show his ability to produce.

The key is for you to know what is going on in your space before you give a presentation and change your space as needed to present not only the material but yourself, your space and your energy in a way that helps you meet your goal.

Intuitive Exercise

  1. Take time to meditate well ahead of your presentation and just before your presentation.  Do this as often as needed to clear your space.
  2. Sit quietly with your eyes closed.   If you know how, be grounded, centered and in present time.
  3. Imagine a symbol of a rose in your mind’s eye.  This helps you to stop thinking. This rose will represent the presentation.
  4. Now meditate on the presentation.  Notice how you feel about it, your thoughts, emotions, fears, etc.  Be self-aware.  Your audience picks up on these same things so know where you are.
  5. Begin to release or let go of any thoughts, emotions, concepts, etc. that invalidate or get in the way of your goal for your presentation.
  6. Know your goal for the presentation.  What outcome do you want?
  7. Now imagine how you want to be during the presentation, imagine how it will go, how you will present yourself, how you will feel, etc.  What do you want others to see, feel, react, etc.  Keep imagining until you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye.  You may have to do this several times before your presentation.
  8. When you can see it in your mind’s eye then you are ready.
  9. Be sure to do this just prior to your presentation.  Shaking off other unrelated distractions or energy so that you and your energy are completely set and focused as you imagine it.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Increase your revenue & your success – Laugh

           This is not news.  Laughter helps.  Loma Linda University found those that viewed humorous movies or TV shows 30 minutes per day improved their good cholesterol levels and reduced levels of inflammatory compounds. A recent study conducted at Canadian financial institutions found that managers who facilitated the highest level of employee performance used humor the most often. Science is catching up with what we have known intuitively, when you raise the vibration, energy begins to move and when energy is moving it is creative.   Physics tells us this as well so what does this have to do with your revenue?

When the energy level of your company is high, energy is moving, everyone feele better, more inspired resulting in positive actions.  On the contrary when the energy is low, people are grumpy, less motivated and unfocused.   They do not care as much.   This is not new information.  Behavioral psychologists, organizational psychologists and others have observed this. You have observed this!

What is the energy level of your business, your staff, your work place, etc.?  Step back and take a look.  Use your intuition.  The energy is low for many reasons. We can explore those in a future post but for now let’s focus on how to change energy.  When energy is low everything seems to come to a grinding halt.  Phones stop ringing.  Contracts are not awarded.  Absenteeism is high. No one is having fun. Staff are not focused or motivated.  All of this hurts your revenue.

As an intuitive I see low energy as dark and it feels thick.  You can change the energy in a number of  ways.

First take a look at your concept of success.  Does it include being serious and working hard seriously?  Can you imagine having fun, laughing, working hard and being successful all at the same time?  Be aware of your own thoughts about the right energy level for work and success.  Clear your thinking.  If you are the business owner, you are setting the tone (energy level) of your business.  Are you setting it to brown or bright blue?

Next take the time to notice what is going on with you.  What is your energy level?  How can you change your space (vibration), to raise your vibration to having fun?  It could all start with you.  Change your energy first. Fun (a higher vibration) is contagious.

Next change the energy level of your office, staff, company, etc.

  • Change routines.  Have staff change what they are doing for a day.
  • Create a party.  Make it fun and validating.  Include some level of staff recognition.
  • Rearrange the office, furniture, etc.
  • Create a contest or game within the office to raise everyone’s spirits.
  • Get everyone into communication.    Notice where folks are not in communication and change that.
  • Notice where the energy is low and start a conversation with those staff on a lighter note to change the energy.
  • Let go of a staff member who brings everyone down – all the time.

The key is to change the energy.  Get out of old patterns or routines. Do something different.  Do something fun.  This raises the vibration which in turn results in creativity, better communication and inspiration.

Take time each day to notice your energy level then notice the energy level of your staff, office, business, etc.  Don’t waste a day loosing revenue because the energy level is too low.  It is so easy to change energy and enjoy creating success.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Talking Off the Top of Your Head

Communication is so critical to our success and we often don’t give it very much attention.  More often than not we talk off the top of our heads.  This is the most dangerous form of communication.  To talk off the top of your head is an expression referring to channeling of thoughts, energies or emotions that are in our space at the moment without being conscious or aware of the impact of that communication.

This happens more often than we would like.  One of my clients was upset with a client and wanted to call to set things straight.  Fred’s perspective were correct.  He was in the right though I saw intuitively that communicating from these thoughts would not have achieved the outcome he wanted.  I advised Fred to take the time to meditate.  To clear his thinking and release the energy in his space then imagine, in his mind’s eye, the outcome he wanted from communication with his client.  He saw intuitively that he had to let go of his ego to meet his goal.  After doing so he had a clear picture of the outcome he would like to achieve and the communication that would get him there.  It worked.  His client extended the contract.

Another client was working with her client and two contractors to develop a project.  Kathy had a lot on her mind, juggling many perspectives, competing interests, etc.    I saw how easy it would have been for Kathy to talk off the top of her head and unintentionally share information that would complicate the project.   I advised Kathy  to take the time to meditate before each conversations, to clear her thinking, to be grounded and know precisely the communication needed to move the project forward.  She found this was critical to winning both the bid and the cooperation of her contractors.   She learned to sort out information each party needed (or did not need) to create a success.

When we are not conscious and aware we tend to talk off the top of our head or say whatever is on our mind which may not meet our goals.  When you have an important communication with a client, colleague, staff person, etc., take the time to meditate.  Calm your body.  Clear your mind.  Know the outcome that you want.  Let go of your ego.  Release energy or emotions.  Imagine in your mind’s eye, using your intuition,  the best way to communicate to achieve your desired outcome.

Calming the body and clearing our thinking is an important step to clear communication.

Let me know your comments and stories about communication.

Best wishes on your success,


Communication Can Support or Destroy Success


Communication is our most important ability and yet we take so little care of it.

In business communication forms the foundation of our success.  Communication with our clients and customers, our staff, vendors, colleagues, etc. is critical.  We take communication for granted and give it little attention.   As a business intuitive I have seen communication support and destroy a business.

Our communication benefits from attention and care.  We collect energy, concepts, thoughts, pictures and attitudes in our communication space and it affects everything.  Here is an example.  Fred, a banker,  made his first phone call of the day to an important customer.   During their conversation this customer became angry with him for no clear reason.    He called me concerned that he was about to lose his biggest client.  I saw intuitively that Fred had a great deal of anger in his space.  I could see it and I could feel it.  I saw that he brought anger to work with him.  He explained that had a fight with his wife before he left for work. He felt badly about it and was still angry.    Everyone is intuitive so his customer unconsciously picked up on the anger, began to feel it and became angry.   I would suspect that his client is probably  wondering why he got angry at Fred and will let it go or will justify why he got angry which will destroy their relationship.   If the customer holds the anger he picked up from Fred then he will stay angry and pass it along to his next contact!

Each of us have had this experience.  We are speaking with someone and are having a strong reaction to them for no clear reason.  This happens all the time because we don’t take care of our communication space.  Clear communication changes everything.   Take care of your communication and see the difference.

Try these intuitive exercises.

After A Conversation

After you complete a conversation clear your space.   Take a minute or two to meditate. Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Notice what is left in your space from that conversation.  What energy are you aware of intuitively? What thoughts are you stuck on?  Be aware of letting go of the energy you picked up from the conversation.  Let go of any thoughts or concepts that are still on your mind.  Clear the energy and concepts from your space.  Finally, meditate on how you want to be the rest of the day.  Reset your space.  How do you want to be in communication?  Reset your communication space. Be conscious and aware of doing this.  When you are clear then you are ready to come out of meditation and back to being yourself.

Before an Important Conversation

Before you communicate with someone clear your space.  Take a minute or two to meditate.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Put your attention on yourself.  Be aware.  How are you doing?  What is on your mind?  What energy is in your space?   Clear your mind.  Let go of energy.  Now meditate on the conversation your are about to have.  What is your goal?  How do you imagine the conversation going?  What is in the way?  Clear and let go until you can imagine the conversation the way you would like it to go.

Taking the time to care for our communication space can change everything.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay