Your Power to Create

iStock_000040644216MediumIntuition is widely discussed these days though few know how to use this ability. Most references to intuition relate to our ability to pick up on things, to know, to read and to trust our gut. These describe the receiving side of intuition. Few know about or understand the other side, our power to create.

Creative intuition is not a logical discussion so you will have to open to your intuition. Our thoughts create. A short and simple statement that cannot be understood by the mind. Quantum Physics has provided the science behind this long known ability to have to create, manifest and change our reality simply by placing our attention on it. Quantum physics states that the observer has a direct impact on whatever they have their attention on.

A simpler way of saying this is, “Our thoughts are creative.” As a coach and consultant, this is in my awareness all the time. I pay attention to the words my clients use, the thoughts they express, the attitude they have. Those who are successful are optimistic, positive, have a strong vision, are problem solvers and are determined. You never hear a negative word or thought come from them.

Joyce is a new client and a business owner. At first she presents a friendly, positive perspective but my sense was behind that persona is a lot of negative energies. Joyce started coaching because her eight-year business is barely breaking even. She wants success. I know that success and failure are not coincidental. I could feel intuitively how tightly she held things, anger deep inside her. Her energy did not flow. That showed up in her business by money not flowing; relationships were not flowing, and difficulty getting clients to reorder.

After a couple of pleasant coaching sessions, Joyce let down her guard showing how negative she is, seeing everything as a problem, not keeping clients, not having money, etc. My efforts to encourage her to look at things from a different perspective fell on deaf ears. She was set in her ways, so our coaching ended.

Knowing that thoughts are creative I felt awful that Joyce was creating her business failure but could not see it. She felt her struggles were due to circumstances outside herself, the competition, the Internet, and so on.

On the other hand, I have clients who understand that they create. They guard what they say. When they have a crisis, they see it as something they can fix so that they can continue to focus on their vision of success. They are kind to those around them, seeing the best in them. My successful clients have a positive outlook and setbacks are just seen as part of life and move on. They keep their vision in mind all the time and work from their passion to get there. Failure is not in their mind.

Thoughts are creative. Notice what you think. Keep your highest vision in mind and see yourself there. Stay away from negative people, stories, conversations, thoughts, statements, and experiences. Take control of your space meaning keep your energy high so that energy is moving. Take control of your thinking so that every thought you entertain is one that builds your vision of success.

Notice how things are different for you when you see yourself creating your vision of success.  Knowing that your thoughts create, what are you creating now?

Notice how things are different for you when you see yourself creating your vision of success. Knowing that your thoughts create, what are you creating now?


Success is like baseball

angels-baseballCreate a vision of success and watch it manifest. Hundreds of coaches, leaders, teachers, intuitive and others have been saying this forever. It is not a new concept so why has a vision not manifested?  We get in our way.

We are creating every day, all the time. We do it so often that we do not notice. I watched my husband do this today. Last night was the fifth game of the World Series. Madison Bumgarner was pitching and the team was playing well. It was an exciting game! At the seventh inning my husband, who was born wearing a Giant’s cap, had to leave to do some work. He figured he could watch the recording when he returned. No worries.

As it turned out the game did not record for some unexplained reason. He was devastated, stayed up late trying to piece together the last two innings from news reports. It clearly was not enough for his Giant’s heart.

At lunch today Michael said, “I just want to watch the last two innings of the game. Is that so much to ask?”   On a whim, he turned on the TV. The network was replaying the game and the the game was in the 7th inning! What are the chances? This was not a coincidence though that was Michael’s first reaction.

From an intuitive perspective, Michael was determined to see the last two innings of the game. He had a clear vision even though he had no idea how to make it happen. A miracle you say? No. Michael created a vision. He was determined and it manifested.

This happens to us all the time and we don’t notice, as it is so much the norm. We only notice when our vision IS NOT manifesting. Typically a vision does not manifest when we are in the way, thinking that it can’t happen for one reason or another. We generate energy, pictures, emotions and programming that get in the way.

If we were to take a lesson from this baseball story it would be to  see clearly what you want manifested, think positively about it, be excited to see it manifest and determined that it will even if you don’t exactly know how.

Baseball always gives us life lessons. Go Giants!

Secret Sauce for Success

couple jumping in fieldThe San Francisco Business Times Small Business Summit was held this week.  It was a refreshing look at the state of small businesses with reports from their research group and a discussion among panel of small business owners, Mike Puente, Owner, House of Bagels; Peggy Howse, President & CEO, All Seas Wholesale Inc.; Babette Pinsky, Owner, Babette; Joy Chen, CEO, Yes To Inc.

Research report indicates that businesses have had a tough time since 2008 bu that owners feel optimistic and see a move toward increased profitability.

The three business owners identified their secrets to success and not surprisingly they agreed on the secret sauce that helped them survive. I want to share

  • Being incredibly focused on the most important strategies for your success
  • Put attention only on what matters
  • Be passionate about your product and service, its contagious
  • Convey that passion to a your clients, vendors and staff
  • Believe in yourself and your business
  • Look forward, focus forward and keep moving

Take a moment and self-assess.  Where are you now relative to these and what can you change?  It will make a difference.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Focus on a goal – Create a miracle

GoalsOn my way to give a presentation today on “Staying on Track to Achieve Goals” I created a miracle.  One of the main concepts in my talk was the importance of focusing on one goal intently even if you are not certain how to make it manifest.

I took BART and realized I did not have the dollar to pay for my parking.  I thought about paying on my way back after I got some cash then feared I would forget. I decided to use the focus concept from my presentation.  I had to focus intently on my goal to make it manifest even if I was not certain how it would happen.

I went back down to the payment machines focused on finding a dollar to pay for my parking.   As I approached the machines I saw one of them had a dollar bill hanging from it.  My goal manifested!

Try it!


Inspired Success Coach

EMyth Certified Business Coach

Do Something! Make Something! Share Something!

TEDx SJ photo

This past weekend I attended a TEDx conference and it blew me away! Have you attended a TED conference? Go now and find one in your area. You will not be disappointed.

TEDx San Jose contacted NAWBO SF Bay Area (National Association of Women Business Owners) to see if we would sponsor the upcoming TEDx for Women. Though I had not attended this event before I saw it as providing good visibility for our organization and agreed to sponsor and promote the event. Have you ever heard the saying, “Just say yes!”?

As it turned out it was a great experience personally and professionally as well as for NAWBO. During this one-day event I heard and met ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I say ordinary people because they are just like you and me. The only difference is they think big and that nothing is impossible if I can get enough people in support of your idea.

The latest meditation series I conducted for business owners and professionals just was coincidentally on “Don’t Do It Alone!” No matter how strong, determined, independent, shy or focused we are it is not possible to manifest your vision fully on your own. It is simply not how the world works.

Let me tell you about a few of the people who I met. You can read about others on my other blog Women Achieving Goals.

Let me begin with a quote I heard that day, “Say yes to something outside your comfort zone.” The more times we can do this the greater our ability to experience who we are.

I met Super Sylvia, an eight year old who learned welding at age five then learned that she could make anything using this skill. Her enthusiasm for this was boundless. She now shares her passion for makings things on her WebTV show Super Sylvia. Her last words were “Go Make Something!” This was the best advice I heard all day because when we make something it stimulates our creative energy and self-expression in a way that inspires us. She also quoted one of her mentors from Myth Busters, “Failure is always an option.”

We heard Preetha Ram who created Open Study, a free online education for anyone worldwide. Seth Shostak, Sr. Astronomer from SETI who said in the next decade we will find a partner planet, have ability to live off Earth, create new levels of artificial intelligence and, of course, find extraterrestrials. Paul Bennett, IDEO’s CCO, whose company is trying to make being healthy fun, sexy, appealing and motivational. Bryant Austin, photographer, who takes life-size photos of whales! Jonathan Trent from the NASA Omega Project which is creating biofuel without competing with the planet.

I was most impressed by these two speakers. One was Jack Andraka, a fifteen-year-old boy who was so affected by the death of a friend from pancreatic cancer that he decided to do something about it. Currently the diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer is 60 years old, costs thousands of dollars and can only detect late stage cancer. Jack created what he describes as a 3-cent test that detects pancreatic cancer with nearly 100% accuracy in its earliest stages. His journey from an ordinary 14-year kid who knew nothing to making this discovery is nothing short of miraculous.

And finally, Adam Steltzner, lead engineer on the NASA Mars Curiosity rover. Adam spoke how people working together for a common goal, giving up their egos, making mistakes, being determined, including everyone’s perspective, etc. was the only way they could have created and landed a rover of this size on Mars. Think about this. The rocket carrying the rover traveled at 10,000 miles an hour. How do you slow it down so that it lands like a feather on Mars to protect the delicate equipment inside? They all cried when it landed successfully as did we listening to this story of collaboration.

At the end of the day I was reminded of something I tell everyone and now I am sure of it. “You are never too old and it is never too late.” I have added to this. “You are never too young and it is never too soon.” These are ordinary people with big ideas, a strong vision and the knowledge that if they could get enough people in agreement they could make it happen.

Each of these individuals had a very strong vision of what they were creating and that strong vision is manifesting in expected and unexpected ways.  Create your vision and share it.

Best wishes on your success,


Self-Expression: the Power Behind Your Success

How comfortable are you with self-expression?  Self-expression can be the engine that drives your success.   You may find yourself doing a job, working hard yet not considering even for a moment if you are expressing who you are.  If you find you are irritable, complaining or disappointed about some aspect of your life or your work, notice if you’re lacking the room for self-expression.

Often we give our energies to our job or our work.  That is very different from creating our work spaces from a place of self-expression.  Without analyzing this, I’ll describe the difference as I see it intuitively.

When you put all of your energy (life force energy, creative energy, physical energy, emotional energy, etc.) into your work, then all of your energy leaves your space.  That seems effective at first – until you just don’t feel right and you start to experience a lack of vitality.  You’re not sure exactly what’s wrong, but you know there’s some kind of problem with your work space.

On the other hand, when you see your work as a vehicle for self-expression, your energy level goes up, and you run your life force, creative, physical, and emotional energies in your space as you work.  You feel inspired, creative and enthusiastic. Your energy is moving in your space and its level is high.

These are the mechanics of the power of self-expression. But what is self-expression?  It is simply awareness of self from within, and expressing, showing, experiencing that self in your work, play, life, relationships and all the other aspects of your life

Tapping into your true self, communicating it, and showing it to others requires you to become more aware and to get out of old patterns. It may even feel scary or strange.   Our fear of how others might react to how we express ourselves often keeps us from taking this risk.  Knowing that self-expression is not about seeking approval or validation from others helps change those expectations.

Self-expression may feel risky but the benefits are well worth it.  Making self-expression the driving force in your life changes everything.

If you don’t like the way things are, change your energy!

Be the change

Not liking how you feel today?  Not feeling good about where things are going?  Change it!

Intuitively I can see the energy affecting my clients causing them to experience their life or their business in one way or another.  When things are not going so well I can see why.  When I tell them what I see it seems to break up the energy that is bringing them down, altering their perspective.

We can do this for ourselves.  When we don’t like how we are experiencing something all we have to do is change our energy, clear our thinking and focus on a different vision.  Sounds simple.  It is simple but sometimes it is not easy.

Sally called me because all of a sudden she was feeling discouraged.  The phones were silent.  The energy seemed low.  She felt out of touch with her clients.   Then she started thinking.  This is never a good idea when the energy is low.  Her fear was her business was failing.  That thought led to another and soon Sally had created an entire scenario in her mind about the failure of her business.

It is so easy to get stuck on a fear picture or thought then add our energy, emotions and more thoughts.  In this way we create a whole story of our demise or whatever.  We have another option.   I suggested to Sally that she focus her attention and energy in the opposite direction.   If the energy seemed low what can she do to raise the energy?  If the phones are not ringing then call clients and get back into communication.   We have total control even when we are sitting in the energy that we do not.

Within an hour Sally had turned the energy 180 degrees by changing the energy in her space, getting out of the thoughts that would have her give up and focus on what she wanted and not on what she feared.  She called to say it was a miracle!

Intuitively we know that wherever we place our attention is precisely what manifests so be careful that you think or believe.  That is why I suggest that we not put our attention on anything that would pull our thinking ii a way that does not support our success.   When you don’t like how things are then change your energy, have fun.  Decide what you want to have happen and place your attention on that – without effort.

BE the energy you want to experience.  BE the success you want to create.

Best wishes on your success,


Set energy to success!

Setting Energy

In this blog I look at success from an intuitive perspective.  Intuition involves a set of abilities that we all have but most rarely use or use them unconsciously.  It is my hope that we all open more to our intuition to not only “know” but also realize our ability to create.

Setting Energy

Today’s blog is about setting energy which is one of the core concepts related to intuition.  When we grasp this concept the world is in the palm of our hand.

A Form of Meditation

Setting energy is a form of meditation that can be done each day, meeting, conversation, activity, project, etc.   I can’t imagine engaging in my day without setting energy first.   I can see your minds going a mile a minute trying to wrap your thinking around this.  Well, this is not logical so it is best to stop thinking.  The only way to understand this concept is to experience it.  Meditation is a way to get out of our mind, our logic and open to our intuitive side.

Intuitive Business Consulting

As an intuitive business consultant my time  with all of my clients includes learning this important intuitive technique.  Once you get the knack for it you will see that it changes everything.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this exercise Experience is the only way to grasp this concept.  First choose a conversation you have planned for this week.  You will learn to set the energy for this conversation.

Sit quietly with your feet on the ground.  Be comfortable, close your eyes and begin to allow your body to quiet and begin to clear your mind.

I suggest using the following basic intuitive techniques.  (If you aren’t familiar with them and would like to learn them contact me.) Once you learn these techniques, it takes only minutes to create this space of meditation.

Find Meditation Space

  • Be grounded – energy connection to the planet
  • Be centered – attention and awareness in the center of your head
  • Have your space – aura in around you
  • Be in present time – have all of your energy and awareness in the moment
  • Breathe and release – technique for clearing and healing
  • Hold your head high – positioning the top of your head (crown chakra)

Open Intuition – Set Energy

  • Imagine in your mind’s eye a simple red rose – see it clearly
  • Decide that this rose represents the conversation you selected for this exercise.
  • Meditate on this conversation.   How would you like to experience this conversation?  How do you imagine others will experiencing the conversation?  How would you like to experience the energy : clear, uplifting, cooperative, validating, etc.?
  • Keep clearing your thinking, letting go of memories and emotions, etc. until you can imagine the conversation precisely as you would like it to go.
  • Put your attention back on the rose.  Let the rose change to a color that represents your vision of this conversation.  Now let it go.
  • Take deep breath.  Stretch.

You probably noticed that you had to clear your thinking, remove your fears and decide more clearly what you wanted from the conversation.

You may want to repeat this exercise again before the conversation.

When you have the real conversation notice how to goes.  How similar or different was it from your vision.  Awareness is the key to intuition as not everything is logical.  We are at our best when we use both sides of our brain.

Let me know how this exercise works for you.  I want to hear your story.

Firewalking, success and focus!

Recently several of my clients attended a workshop on fire walking.  FIREWALKING!   They were amazed at what they were able to do.   It was beyond belief and beyond what they ever imagined was possible.  Several said they used the intuitive tools to achieve their goal to fire walk including being centered, focused and having a clear vision of their goal.

As the story goes they went to try fire walking.  Why would they do this?  All of them were at a point in their professional career where they wanted to take a big step forward.   They were ready for anything that would inspire the power and strength within to take that step.

They decided go to the workshop.  Check it out.  Promising themselves that they may or may not fire walk.  They wanted to make sure they gave themselves a way out.

In the end they not only walked on hot coals, they also broke arrows pointed in their throat and even bent rebar in the same way.   To accomplish these feats they were reminded to focus on the goal (break the arrow, bend the rebar and get to the other side of the coals).  When they faltered the instructor reminded them not to focus on their fears but on their goals.

I could not have said it better.  Nothing is impossible.  Whatever can be imagined can be created.

So don’t try this at home but if you would like to try fire walking my clients recommend

Intuition in Business, A Blog


This blog was created to start a conversation about your ability to create precisely what you want. We will look at what gets in the way. This discussion will be from both analytical and intuitive perspectives. Some might say a spiritual perspective. That depends on you.

To begin. I know from working with men and women on success that we can create whatever we want – until we decide that we cannot. Precisely! For example, a client said yesterday, “I am a jazz singer at heart and I really really want to do that as part of my life but – I know it will never happen.” And so it shall be! She will be forever “wanting” to be a jazz singer and “it will never happen.” Our thoughts and beliefs manifest exactly as we say they will and believe them to be true.

Another woman is a high fashion model in New York. She is talented and can be successful. She knows there is underneath, deep down, an intense doubt that seems to bury her certainty. Terri’s question is, “How do I find the thought, emotion, fear that is deep inside and get it out?” Through intuitive meditation, Terri learned to release the energy that was in her way and to see clearly her vision of her success.

Another woman lightheartedly confessed during a goals retreat that her heart’s desire was to work for a year in Paris. She laughed saying she had no idea how that would happen, but she would love it. A week after the retreat her consulting firm sent her to Paris to install a new software program. She was there for two years.

Manifesting what we want comes most easily when our energy level is high, and we are lighthearted. When we are serious, the energy level drops too low, and manifesting reality is slowed down or stops. It is physics.

Watch for posts as I share what I see intuitively about our ability to create success. Add your questions or comments.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

One recommended read on becoming aware  is The Power of Now

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