Finding Perspective!

We lose our perspective often during the course of a week.  When we have a perspective we are able to think clearly, make good decisions and take actions that meet our goals.  On the other hand when we lose our perspective we begin to react.  We make choices that are not in our best interest.

Awareness Is The Key

The key is to recognize when we have lost our perspective or as I see it – lost our space. As an intuitive I can see and, you can probably feel, when you have lost your perspective.  This happens when an experience changes your energy, something knocks you out of your space or someone’s energy is so firmly in your space that you “can’t see straight”!

Impact on Decision-Making

It is so clear to me when my clients have lost perspective; suddenly their decisions focus on one incident or one person.  They do not have their attention on the impact this decision will have on their business or their work.

Others Perspective

It is not uncommon for those around you to have lost perspective as well.  This is a recipe for disaster.  Communication is off the mark.  Trust is compromised.  Everything feels ungrounded and unclear.


Making decisions when we don’t have a clear perspective are reactions to the energy in our space and don’t necessarily make decisions that will help us meet our goals.  When we begin reacting our ego takes over causing us to make decisions from an entirely different set of concepts.

Regain Perspective

To regain your perspective make time to meditate.   Quiet the body and clear your mind.   Notice what’s on your mind.  Notice whose expectations or energy is in your space.  Take a deep breath.  Begin to release or let go of whatever is on your mind or in your space.   When you feel clear and relaxed you will  find that you have also regained your perspective.

Best wishes on your success


EGO in the way!

lotus-flowerEgo was the driving force behind businesses in the last century.   That is all changing as the culture of business changes.  Success today comes from a more value based and socially conscious model, providing a good product or service to the benefit of customers and clients.

How Ego Is Created

From an intuitive perspective ego is formed when we create pictures or thoughts about ourselves based on what we think we should be, to keep up with others, to put on a good impression, etc.  These pictures sit in our aura, the energy field around us.   Others see these pictures intuitively and believe this is who we are.  Suddenly it becomes important to sustain these pictures, this ego. We begin to act as if this who we really are.  We act and react in response to this ego and these pictures.  Think of ego, as is a false sense of self that reacts when we feel our self-image is threatened.  When we live in our ego it affects our work, our personal life and our wellness. More importantly we loose our sense of self.

Effect of Ego

Our ability to do our work is affected by our ego as it clouds our awareness and creates uninformed automatic responses.   We can each make a long list of successful business owners and professionals who lost all sense of themselves when they became their ego. They also lost their perspective resulting in poor choices and decisions that harmed them, their company and often their families.  To get out of ego means to act and respond from our own clear and conscious understanding of who we are, what we value in relationship to the situation.

We all have an ego.  The control this has over us varies from one to the other.  The key is to become aware of when we are acting, reacting or making decisions from our ego and when we are operating from our authentic self.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this intuitive exercise when you feel that ego is behind your actions or reactions.

  • Take a moment to pause.
  • Be grounded.
  • Find your center – the center of your head.
  • Take a deep breath and release whatever you are holding, defending or protecting.
  • Notice what is on your mind and your reactions.
  • Imagine pulling your energy and your awareness out of the ego, the false pictures in your aura.
  • Bring your attention and awareness even more to the center of your head.
  • Be aware of yourself and how you are feeling.
  • Breathe.  Release.
  • Find a neutral perspective.
  • Now consciously change your energy and your space to fit who you are and what you value.
  • When you feel your energy is reset then you are ready to re-engage the question or issue before you.

When we can get out of our ego then we can stay connected to our authentic self to create a successful business or career.