Business Feels Like It Is Dying – At least it feels that way today

      At times our business feels dead.  It fees this way  when the energy has stopped moving or the energy is too low.  There are many causes of this.  Analyzing that is far less important than getting the energy moving.

How do motivate yourself or your staff is a question that has been asked and answered a thousand times.   Motivation is a common term that means, “How do I get the energy moving or raise the energy of my business?” I want to jump into the conversation with an intuitive perspective on this old question because it is so important to us.

An a intuitive business consultant I am always looking at the energy level of the people, products, websites, marketing, etc. because the energy of each of these can make or break a business and its success.  In the same way I look at the energy level that inspires us as we work.  The answer is simple.  When the energy level is high we are inspired, creative, enthusiastic and things are happening.  When our energy level is low we are in boredom, apathy and not creative.  This slowing of energy affects success personally, professionally and in our business.

So the challenge becomes how to raise the energy level for ourselves, our staff and our business.  It is important to stop and change the energy .  Here are some of the ways to raise the energy level:

  • Get physical = Some like to use exercise to get energy moving in the body and raise the energy level in their space.  Companies that have work out spaces on site can attest to the benefits they see when staff take the time to get energy moving in their bodies.
  • Be Creative – When you or your staff are engaged in something they find creative it turns on creative energy in the body and great things happen.
  • Focus on a goal – When you or your staff are working to achieve a challenge or a goal, this effort turns on the energy in the body, raises their vibration and great things happen.
  • Be Inspired – Identify something that inspires you and ask your staff what inspires them and put sometime in creating this.
  • Create a change – Get out of routine, rearrange the furniture, change the surroundings, mix things up in any way you can to change old patterns and the energy they create
  • Have fun –  Create opportunities to have fun especially when the energy is dead (too low).  Create a celebration.  Get yourself and everyone out of the dead energy.

Working harder and pushing more when the energy is low does not create success.  It only creates effort.  So when the energy is low or not moving, try the above or other ways you know of to change the energy and raise the vibration.  Success happens from enthusiasm.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

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Hurry Up & Find Your Perspective

I have written about having perspective a couple of times and I am doing this again because it is so critical to our success.  As business owners, every action we take, decision we make and communication we have impacts the success of our business.  Having clear perspective is important to each of these well.  In reality we all lose our perspective several times during the week.  How much we lose it and how fast we can regain our perspective varies.  It would be great if we could find a way NEVER to lose our space but that is not real so the goal is know when you have lost it, to be able to stop and regain our perspective really fast!

What does it mean to have perspective?

For me having perspective means seeing things clearly.  As an intuitive that means not only having a clear understanding in which we use our logic but also being able to read any situation and clearly assess what is going on and knowing the correct action or decision. Having perspective involves being neutral enough in a situation so that you can respond and not react.

Why does this matter?

You can answer this as well as I can.  When we lose perspective it impacts our staff, clients and our business.

  • Can’t think clearly to make a good decision or asses a situation
  • React to someone, to everyone, about something or everything
  •  Communication is off.
  • We make mistakes.
  • Loose sight of the goal or our vision
  • Are not ourselves.
  • Make decisions that are completely off the mark

How long we are in the space of loosing our perspective can be brief or quite long.  During this time we are on shaky ground.

What causes us to lose our perspective?

This can be caused by something personal or business related. It is simply something causes us to lose our space and our awareness.  We feel distracted or fixated on the one thing that is on our mind or in our space. The term space for me refers to being conscious and aware in the moment.

So what makes us loose our space and perspective?  It could be a thousand things.

  • We hear something that unsettles us.
  • We are overwhelmed.
  • Stress.
  • We interact with someone who makes us uncomfortable.
  • An emotion or memory gets re-stimulated
  •  An unexpected event knocks us off our center. 
  •  Someone jumps in our space with a demand.  They climb right into the center of our head so that we are no longer clear-headed.
  • When our ego gets in the way
  • Certain situations, people or projects cause us to lose our perspective

We each have a sensitive space and for each of us it is different.  Basically we lose our ability to be centered.  When we are not grounded and centered then our attention and awareness is off somewhere.  We are not able to see clearly in the moment.  I am working with one of my clients, Carol, who loses her space (perspective) when one of her staff disagrees with her.  Everyone recognizes when she has lost her perspective but for a long time she did not.  Carol still looses her space but now is aware of when this happens and has the ability to regain her perspective.

The goal is not to be perfect but more importantly to know when we have lost our perspective and take the time to get it back in that moment!  Recognizing when you have lost your space then having the ability to stop, step away and regain your perspective is the goal.

Knowing what triggers’ loosing your perspective helps you to be prepared, to be aware of not reacting, etc.  Awareness changes everything.  It is all about awareness

How do you know when you have lost your space?

It is so clear to me when one of my clients has lost their space.  Suddenly they are fixated on one situation, person or incident.  Everything is seen through that.

  • You can probably feel it before you realize it logically. You feel different.  You are not yourself.
  • Can’t think clearly
  • Can’t see straight
  • Can’t decide or are uncertain about deciding
  • Feel communication is off
  • Make mistakes
  • Resist someone or something
  • Are not ourselves

How do you regain your perspective? 

Having perspective means being aware in the moment.  There are many ways to regain our perspective.  I am going to offer an intuitive way.  Take the time to meditate every day or at the very least at the moment you realize you have lost perspective.

  • When you loose your perspective immediately step away.
  • Take the time to meditate.
    • Find a quiet place to close your eyes & bring your attention on yourself.
    • Be present.  Bring your attention completely into the moment.
    • Notice how you are doing.  What’s on your mind?  What energy is in your space?  Who is in your space?
    • Clear your thinking
      • Meditate on caused you to go outside yourself (loose perspective)
      • Open to your intuition.  Don’t think.  Just be aware.
      • Imagine releasing the energy, emotions, ideas, thoughts, etc., that are in the way of having perspective.
      • Imagine (envision) how you want to be with yourself, in your work and with others.
      • Meditate on what it means for you to have perspective and be there.
      • Continue to clear & release until you feel that you have your space back and have regained your perspective.

I recommend using meditation each day as a way of having a clear perspective and creating success.

Learn more about meditation as a business tool.
Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Success without Limitations – Get Out of Your Mind





Let me challenge your thinking.

  • Success is always possible unless you believe that it is not.
  • There is never a reason outside of you for why success won’t happen.

These statements come from my intuitive reading of hundreds of business owners and professionals for 30 years.  We quite simply get in our own way.   Not intentionally, definitely NOT intentionally but simply because we are not aware that our own thinking is wrong.

You are probably wondering how that is true.   Eckhart Tolle, author of several books,  states that our brains have a mind of their own.   That is so true.  Given the chance our mind will create its own story about why something is absolutely true and we believe it without a doubt!  In this way we sabotage our own success.

Destroying Potential Clients

For example, my client Matt called a potential client, Ed, who he had created communication with.  He left a message for Ed telling him about an innovative product and if he wanted more information to call back.  Ed did not call back.  He left another message.  A week passed then two and three.  Matt decided in his own mind that Ed was not interested or he would have called back.  Matt went on to decide a whole list of thoughts that destroyed his interest in continuing to nurture this client.  He scratched Ed off his list.  As it turned out Ed was off on vacation and came back sick so was off for longer than expected.  Matt thoughts and reality were not the same.

Now you are probably thinking that Matt overreacted and you would be right.  It is easy to see this in others and not so easy to see this in ourselves.   When mentoring business owners and professionals to meet goals, create change or make important decisions, I look intuitively to see the thoughts, concepts, pictures and energies they created that are in the way of their success.  Most often we cannot see these on our own.  We tend to believe whatever we think.

Creating What We Resist

Another example has to do with memory.  We have a negative experience, create a whole list of assumptions based on that experience then apply all of them to the future.   Kathy was under contract with a client for a big project.  She did the work.  The client did not pay on the agreed schedule creating a troublesome cash flow problem.   She found with each new contract she expected the same thing to happen.  Not coincidentally it happened over and over again.

Get Out of Your Mind

There are no coincidences.  Whatever we believe is precisely what we manifest.  What are the thoughts, concepts, beliefs that you have created in your mind that limit your success?

Take the time to meditate.    For this to work for you try not to think because that’s where the lies are.

  • Quiet the body and clear your mind.
  • Open to your intuition.
  • As you become aware of what is in your and in your way you can imagine letting go of and separating from these thoughts.
  • Clear your thinking then imagine your successful self!

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Set energy to success!

Setting Energy

In this blog I look at success from an intuitive perspective.  Intuition involves a set of abilities that we all have but most rarely use or use them unconsciously.  It is my hope that we all open more to our intuition to not only “know” but also realize our ability to create.

Setting Energy

Today’s blog is about setting energy which is one of the core concepts related to intuition.  When we grasp this concept the world is in the palm of our hand.

A Form of Meditation

Setting energy is a form of meditation that can be done each day, meeting, conversation, activity, project, etc.   I can’t imagine engaging in my day without setting energy first.   I can see your minds going a mile a minute trying to wrap your thinking around this.  Well, this is not logical so it is best to stop thinking.  The only way to understand this concept is to experience it.  Meditation is a way to get out of our mind, our logic and open to our intuitive side.

Intuitive Business Consulting

As an intuitive business consultant my time  with all of my clients includes learning this important intuitive technique.  Once you get the knack for it you will see that it changes everything.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this exercise Experience is the only way to grasp this concept.  First choose a conversation you have planned for this week.  You will learn to set the energy for this conversation.

Sit quietly with your feet on the ground.  Be comfortable, close your eyes and begin to allow your body to quiet and begin to clear your mind.

I suggest using the following basic intuitive techniques.  (If you aren’t familiar with them and would like to learn them contact me.) Once you learn these techniques, it takes only minutes to create this space of meditation.

Find Meditation Space

  • Be grounded – energy connection to the planet
  • Be centered – attention and awareness in the center of your head
  • Have your space – aura in around you
  • Be in present time – have all of your energy and awareness in the moment
  • Breathe and release – technique for clearing and healing
  • Hold your head high – positioning the top of your head (crown chakra)

Open Intuition – Set Energy

  • Imagine in your mind’s eye a simple red rose – see it clearly
  • Decide that this rose represents the conversation you selected for this exercise.
  • Meditate on this conversation.   How would you like to experience this conversation?  How do you imagine others will experiencing the conversation?  How would you like to experience the energy : clear, uplifting, cooperative, validating, etc.?
  • Keep clearing your thinking, letting go of memories and emotions, etc. until you can imagine the conversation precisely as you would like it to go.
  • Put your attention back on the rose.  Let the rose change to a color that represents your vision of this conversation.  Now let it go.
  • Take deep breath.  Stretch.

You probably noticed that you had to clear your thinking, remove your fears and decide more clearly what you wanted from the conversation.

You may want to repeat this exercise again before the conversation.

When you have the real conversation notice how to goes.  How similar or different was it from your vision.  Awareness is the key to intuition as not everything is logical.  We are at our best when we use both sides of our brain.

Let me know how this exercise works for you.  I want to hear your story.

Finding Perspective!

We lose our perspective often during the course of a week.  When we have a perspective we are able to think clearly, make good decisions and take actions that meet our goals.  On the other hand when we lose our perspective we begin to react.  We make choices that are not in our best interest.

Awareness Is The Key

The key is to recognize when we have lost our perspective or as I see it – lost our space. As an intuitive I can see and, you can probably feel, when you have lost your perspective.  This happens when an experience changes your energy, something knocks you out of your space or someone’s energy is so firmly in your space that you “can’t see straight”!

Impact on Decision-Making

It is so clear to me when my clients have lost perspective; suddenly their decisions focus on one incident or one person.  They do not have their attention on the impact this decision will have on their business or their work.

Others Perspective

It is not uncommon for those around you to have lost perspective as well.  This is a recipe for disaster.  Communication is off the mark.  Trust is compromised.  Everything feels ungrounded and unclear.


Making decisions when we don’t have a clear perspective are reactions to the energy in our space and don’t necessarily make decisions that will help us meet our goals.  When we begin reacting our ego takes over causing us to make decisions from an entirely different set of concepts.

Regain Perspective

To regain your perspective make time to meditate.   Quiet the body and clear your mind.   Notice what’s on your mind.  Notice whose expectations or energy is in your space.  Take a deep breath.  Begin to release or let go of whatever is on your mind or in your space.   When you feel clear and relaxed you will  find that you have also regained your perspective.

Best wishes on your success

Intuition in Sales – It’s all about you!

Taking Time to Meditate

A successful sale depends heavily on what’s going on with you!

Clients Are Intuitive

Your customers or clients are intuitive.  This means they are reading you, consciously or unconsciously.  What they pick-up from you determines whether they want to do business with you or not.  What do you want your customer or client to pick up from you?

If you had a fight with your secretary before meeting with or speaking with a client, the client may pick-up on this energy and suddenly feel like fighting with you and they are not sure why.

Perhaps you have the concept in your space or a thought on your mind that this client never buys from you so when they meet with you intuitively they pick-up the idea that they never buy from you.  That cannot help your sale!

Successful Sales

How might things be different if you prepared your space before you met with a client?  What could happen if you came into the conversation clear without any unrelated pictures or energy in your space that your client may pick-up on?

How might things be different if you were completely present, focused on this meeting and created a strong vision of the meeting going well?  I suspect the potential client will pick up on your clarity and feel confidence in you.   I suspect the client may also pick-up your vision of a successful sale and respond in kind.

Clear Your Space

Before you meet with a client or speak with them by phone take the time to meditate. Quiet the body and clear the mind. Notice your space.  How are you doing?  What is going on with you? Bring all of your energy and attention into the moment.  Don’t be distracted.  Release and clear anything unrelated to this meeting that is on your mind or in your space.

See Your Success

Now imagine the conversation you are about to have with a client or customer.  See it in your mind’s eye. Clear your thinking and release any limits or fears that may be in the way of you seeing the conversation going precisely as you would like.

Once you can imagine or visualize the meeting being successful then you are ready.

Watch for Part II of Intuition in Sales – Using Your Intuition during the Conversation.  This will be posted in one week.

Best wishes on your success.

Success Now!

dreamstimefree_successMost see success as something that will happen in the future.  “I will be successful.” Or we believe that when this or that happens then “I will be successful!”  We create in our mind ideas that limit our success. We get in our own way.  Whatever we believe or imagine is exactly what happens thus success is always in the future or our success depends on one thing or another happening first.

Our Thoughts About Success

As a business intuitive I see that success is an energy vibration in your space.  Either you are vibrating at success or you are not.   I can see when a business owner or professional has created the idea  (thought or picture) of success happening later.  None of these ideas are, in fact, true.  They are simply our ideas of how success works.   If we change our ideas, thoughts or pictures we change our reality.  We can be at the energy level of success at anytime so why not now!

Your Vision of Success

We create success whenever we decide to do so.  We can decide to create success NOW!  It begins by having a clear vision of what we see (imagine) our success to be.  For each of us this will be different.  I suggest including all aspects of your life in this vision.   Meditate and see your vision in your mind’s eye.  Do not think about it or try to be logical.  Simply imagine success. There is time for logic but not at first.

Once you see clearly what success is to you then decide to begin and be successful starting now.  Begin by setting your work in a successful way and set the vibration of your business as a success.

Be Successful Now

The most important aspect is to do this now!  Be successful now!   See your success happening today.  Everything that you do, every step you take big or small do it successfully.  A profession or business builds rapidly from being successful now, in present time.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this intuitive exercise.   Before you begin each day take time to meditate even if for only a few minutes.

Stop and quiet yourself.  Close your eyes and decide to set your space to the vibration of success that day.  Notice what you have planned.  Rethink your plan if it is not focused on your success.  Eliminate anything that distracts you from your vision of success. Now decide to be successful today in whatever you have do.

Notice how each and every day builds a stronger vibration of success.

Oops! Your aura is showing.

200469161-001As business owners we work hard to create good impressions and cannot afford a bad one. We pay attention to our branding, our marketing materials, office space, physical appearance, cars and more. Image and impressions are everything!

Our clients and customers are intuitive. This means they are forming impressions from these tangible aspects of our business but also from the intangible. Customers automatically and, for the most part, unconsciously read and respond to our energy and the energy in our space, the aura or energy field around us. This can make or break a sale or a contract.

Intuitive Story The owner of a large office in Walnut Creek walked away from signing a contract for the delivery of office supplies to all four of his locations in the Bay Area. I asked Jim why, at the last moment, he backed out. He could not give a logical explanation saying only that he felt so uncomfortable with the sales rep on that particular day that he could not proceed. He said something did not feel right. Now I was not at this meeting nor I do I know the sales rep but as a business intuitive my reading is the sales rep had something quite personal on his mind. This personal issue created energy in his space and it made Jim uncomfortable.

Impressions Far fetched? Not at all! Each of us has a story to tell about the time when something did not feel right or when we went into a meeting with an important client with something else on our mind. Nine out ten times your story ends with the sale falling through. The energy from our experiences sits in our space, our aura. Others consciously or unconsciously feel or see this vibration and react.

Your Space If you have a disagreement with someone and go into a meeting with a potential client, the energy of that disagreement most likely is still in your space. It is natural for others to unconsciously respond or react to this. With this in mind, being aware of the energy we carry in our aura is important to our success. Knowing how to clear and re-set our aura (energy) is a step in preparing for meetings and conversations with others. Try this intuitive exercise before your next meeting or call.

Intuitive Exercise Take a moment to stop. Sit down if possible. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release. Begin to quiet your body. Bring your focus and awareness onto yourself. Notice how you are doing. What is on your mind? Imagine releasing and letting go of these distractions. Bring your attention and energy off these distractions. Take a deep breath and release any energy or emotion you are holding onto. Repeat until you are feel clear of energies and emotions that may give a bad impression or that you don’t want to bring into the conversation.

Next Step The next step is re-setting your space. Watch for this in another blog. Have a great day!

Multi-tasking is in your way!

multitaskingResearchers at Stanford University published a study showing that the most persistent multi-taskers perform badly in a variety of tasks.  As an intuitive I agree with the results of this study and see this from a different perspective.  I have observed the importance of focus in achieving success and multitasking gets in the way of that because it scatters our energy and attention.

To those of us who have always been proud multi-taskers this a big blow!

Effect of Multi-Tasking

When we focus on our goals and the essential steps to get there we find success.  When our attention is divided, as in the case of multitasking, two things happen:

* Our energy is divided so no one goal has enough energy to manifest fully

* The vision of our success is diminished because we have other things in our mind’s eye as well

Importance of Focus

As a business intuitive I have also observed the effect of multitasking on the ability to create success. When we focus on our goals, our business plan, are not distracted and our attention is on this vision then our life force energy is not divided in multiple directions.  With focus we create success.

In the end we want to see our vision of success clearly, know the steps to get there then focus on our vision and take these steps.  The more focused we are the more successful we become.

Being grounded and centered in ourselves helps us to limit the urge to multi-task.  Try this intuitive exercise every time you feel the need or find yourself multitasking rather than focusing on your goals.

Intuitive Exercise

Find a place to sit.  Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release.  Repeat the breathing until you feel yourself begin to relax.  Bring your attention and awareness onto yourself.  Begin to imagine the most important goal you are trying to achieve right now.  See it or imagine it.

Imagine bringing your energy and awareness off anything and everything that is grabbing your attention.   Focus on your goal.

See the steps to achieve this goal.  Take a deep breath and release.  Decide the step you want to focus on right now.  Open your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Now focus that step.



There are specific techniques for grounding and being centered.  Contact me if you are interested in learning more about meditation.

When you cannot decide!

swirl blue purple orange croppedOne of the best times to use your intuition is when you cannot decide, the answers you are looking for are not obvious or your find yourself successfully defending both sides of your own argument!  You have been thinking, discussing it with others and still you cannot tell the right way to go or which decision to make.  This is the time to stop thinking!  Sometimes logic cannot provide our answers either because we are not neutral to the issue, our own thoughts and emotions cloud our thinking.  Sometimes we cannot decide because of the pressures from other people or competing interests.

I was on the way back from a salon at the home of a Silicon Valley executive and his wife.  My friend had run into one of her clients at the salon last month and again this day.  She was very confused how she should interact with this very high profile client in this informal and somewhat personal event.  I listened as she explained all the options she could think of.  It was clearly a professional challenge that could have huge financial impact.  She was confused, conflicted and worried.  What if she approaches him the wrong way?  What if she reads his communication incorrectly?  What if….  She was wearing herself out.

A client of mine was in a similar state of confusion.  She is transitioning in her career, sees a number of choices, can argue each of them convincingly only to confuse herself more.  She thought, argued, discussed all to no avail.  She could not decide and could not find a logical solution.  This was creating great stress.

These scenarios are very common.  The specifics may be different but each of us has been in a situation where all the logic in the world was not going to give us the answer.  For me, as a business intuitive, answers to these situations are easily found by opening to our intuition.   Using intuition is a way of gaining perspective and finding enough separation to see more clearly.

Here is a simple intuitive exercise you can use when you are confused or cannot decide.

  • Find a time and place to sit and quiet yourself.
  • Close your eyes, breathe deeply and begin to release all the effort you are experiencing.  Relax and release.
  • Bring your attention and your awareness inward, behind your eyes.  Breathe deeply and release.
  • Begin to clear your mind.  Try to stop thinking so that you can open to your intuition.
  • Simply open your awareness.  Begin to notice, see, listen and know intuitively.
  • Once you are quiet, imagine seeing a symbol out in front of you.  See it or imagine it with your minds eye .  I suggest a rose but any symbol will work.
  • Now imagine placing your question in that symbol.  This keeps your from thinking.
  • Without thinking open to what you see, hear and know.

If you are able to follow these steps you will get your answer and you will know.

To learn more about the use of meditation to open your intuition simply go to


Why don’t things go as planned?

Meditation - part of a business plan
Meditation - part of a business plan

We all want to be successful. We think through and create a very grounded professional or business plan then work that plan everyday.  So why don’t things do as planned?  When we assume that it is all beyond our control we are dead wrong!   Opening to our intuition allows to see beyond what is obvious and visible to find these answers.  There are no coincidences.

For example, everyday our experiences create responses and reactions whether they are good or bad.   These experiences create thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc. that may or may not support our plan.  Things hang with us. We hold onto things.  Things stick with us.  These are all familiar terms that describe the effect of our daily experiences.

When we carry anything from one day to the next it becomes part of us and the fabric of our life.  This is true for energies that we enjoy as well as those that we don’t.   A bad meeting, conversation or phone call can stick with us, influence our thinking and set us off course.  Often this is all happening our awareness of the effect the energy is having on our success.

One of my clients had a very difficult conversation with one of his clients this week.  I saw that if he held the energy of this conversation in his space it would destroy the contract.  On the other hand if he cleared the concepts and energies this experience stimulated for him then he had the opportunity to re-set his communication and agreement with his client.

These kinds of experiences are part of doing business which is why, as a business intuitive, I encourage all my clients to make meditation part of their daily business plan.  In meditation you find a place of quiet to review yesterday and today.  You become aware of the energy and pictures you are holding onto and will get in the way of your goals and your plan for your business.  Once you are aware you can decide to release anything that does not serve you.  Finally, you can  reset and recreate your vision for today, the week and your success.

Try this for yourself.  If you are not sure how to meditate join me for an online meditation any Monday.

The trinity and business ownership

dreamstimefree_2565706 It may seem like a strange concept but trust me it works.   Successful business owners have a balance between their body, mind and spirit.  It works something like this.   One aspect of a business owner is as a visionary with a creative idea and the undeniable urge to see this vision manifested.   This brings out the the organizer side of the business owner.  The organizer side takes this vision, adds color, texture, and  has a passion to make it a reality.  The organizer grounds our business in a physical reality.  The organizer, or our analytical side, creates the structure for our vision.  Finally, there is the do-er side of us.  This is the side of the business owner that knows how to provide the product or service of our business.

These three aspects of a business owner are familiar to each of us.  When we are able to move easily between these three aspects of ourselves then our business has the chance to thrive.   When we are stuck in one or the other aspects then we are out of balance and, not surprising, so is our business.  From an intuitive perspective our business is a physical manifestation of who we are.  The more we know about ourselves the more we know about our business.  Notice for yourself.  Can you move easily between each of these three parts?  Are you more comfortable as the visionary and neglect the doer side?  Perhaps you are comfortable but have lost the passion of the visionary.  Try the intuitive exercise below to get your business back in balance and moving toward greater success.

Intuitive Exercise:  Find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes and quiet your body.  Take a deep breath.  Bring your attention and awareness within you.  Imagine (or see in your minds eye) three roses about 6 inches in front of you.  Each rose represents one of the three aspects described above.  Look intuitively at each rose.  What do you notice about these three roses?  Is one bigger than the others?  Is the vibration of each rose the same or different?  Don’t think or analyze.  This is an intuitive exercise. Notice more.  Now imagine each rose as vibrant and energized.  When you can see this balance your meditation is complete.

Running a business is scary!

A time to go within
A time to go within

OK so you own a business. Have you noticed that this is a journey in self-awareness? As a business intuitive one of my main roles is to work with business owners when they hit the wall! Every successful business owner experiences this periodically. From my intuitive perspective this is one of the best times for a business to take a step towards more success if the owner is willing to realize that their own personal limits are affecting their business. This may not always be logical but it is very spiritual and intuitive. From my experience in working with business owners I can tell those who will be successful. Half the clients I work with as a business intuitive call me when they are scared about their business succeeding or frustrated that it is not growing. I look at intuitively are the concepts they have about themselves and their business. I also look at the emotional charge on these concepts. If we acknowledge that our business is a physical manifestation of who we are then it is an easy transition from “My business is stuck” to “I am stuck”. What is not always apparent is what we are stuck on. Often the concepts and energies that are affecting us are very old or are buried deep in our space. To get the energy moving in our business often means getting the energy moving in our personal space. The owner of hedge fund found his fear of loosing his business related to his fear of being alone. Real estate investor hit the wall when she realized she could not let people be on her side and related this to hiding others from an alcoholic parent. A business consultant hit the wall when the grief of a 10-year-old divorce was re-stimulated. A high fashion model hit the wall because her parents feared loosing her. The list goes on. It is surprising how easy it is to recognize and move out of these fears but it does take the courage of self-awareness, determination and amusement. Yes, amusement. That is the top of another blog. Businesses that succeed include those where we are willing to have a personal journey to discover what limits our success. We may be aware of some of these concepts and some are unconscious and have an emotional charge. Taking the time to realize these concepts and clear the energy charge on these pictures will result in the energy moving in our business. When you hit the wall try this exercise. If all else fails don’t be afraid to get an intuitive consultation to see what’s within you that is affecting your success. Intuitive Exercise (meditation) Find a time when you can sit quietly for a while. Close our eyes. Breathe deeply and often. Let go of tension when you exhale. Imagine bringing all your attention and awareness in around you. Bring your attention off of your business, your family, and your life and focus your attention within. Breathe! Continue until you feel like you are centered in present time. Most importantly do not think! In this exercise you are going to open to your intuition so relax and image in your minds eye, visualize a symbol for your business. See it out in front of you. We do this so that you don’t think and open to your intuition. If you cannot see a symbol for your business pretend to. The next step is important. You will want to pay attention to the very first thing that comes to mind. Do not require or expect that it is logical. Logic will alter the response. Your intuition is the first response. The next immediate thought is analytical and not true. Relax. Focus within. See the symbol of your business or goal in front of you. Now ask silently the question you have. Notice your first fleeting impression. There is your answer. Enjoy your personal journey and your business success.

Your Clients Are Intuitive Too!

I spend my life talking to business owners and professionals on how to use intuition to create a successful business. It is always surprising to them when I point out that their clients are intuitive as well!

Knowing this means that we have to know what our clients perceive intuitively when they see, meet or speak with us. Now your clients are probably not conscious and aware that they are “reading” you. The question becomes “What do you want them to see, feel or know about you?”

One of my favorite stories on this topic is the woman who was to have surgery. The morning of the surgery she insisted on seeing the surgeon in person before her surgery. She insisted! Finally, everyone realized she meant it, so the surgeon came to her room. She looked him over and asked him how he was doing that morning. She asked him silly and not so silly questions. She told me she wanted to know what kind of space he was in before he cut on her. She said if he looked angry or upset she would have refused the surgery. In the end, he was in a good space. He laughed and joked with her a bit then went to prepare for the surgery. She felt good about him that morning and so the surgery went as planned and was successful.

Decisions people make about using our products or services has as much to do with what they pick up about us as it does with our business. So what does this mean to you as a business owner? Let me offer you an intuitive technique for being ready to meet with a client or potential client. It is all about taking the time to set the energy in your space in the best possible way for each situation. What do you want your potential clients to pick up (intuitively) from you?

Intuitive techniques: Take time before you make that call or go into a meeting. Find a quiet place. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes if you are in a place that you can do that. Notice yourself. Where is your attention? Be present. Let go of all thoughts and focus on this client and this moment. Let go of the energy that you are holding onto that has nothing to do with this meeting or conversation. There is nothing more irritating to a potential client then to see or feel that your energy and attention is somewhere else or vibrating in a way that does not fit their concerns.

Notice, what your energy is like? Is this the space you want your client to perceive you? Change your space. Relax. Take a deep breath and release all the energy you are holding in your space. Start to be aware of the client and how you want to your communication to be with them. Don’t think. Be intuitive.

Intuitive techniques take practice. Give this a try and let me know your comments.

Best wishes on your success, Kay