Success with Grace

     I would not be surprised if you are not drawn to this theme or even relate to it.  Success as we know it and have seen is not graceful.  It is hard work . At times it is brutal .  So many tie their energy in knots as a way of creating success.  This is not the only way to create success but it is the way we have been taught and programmed and so our automatic response can create effort, stress, problems, conflicts, etc.

There is another way.  What is Success with Grace?   Well, we all know what success means to us and for each of us this will be different.  Grace is the energy level we are being as we create our success.  As an intuitive I see the energy of grace as energy moving in body, mind and spirit.   Now some of you have changed to another link but for those of you who are still reading there may be an answer here for you.

Maybe the idea of body, mind and spirit does not fit with the concept of business or success then again maybe it does.  The challenge is to take the time to find the vibration of grace for yourself.  It may take quiet time (meditation) to become aware.   As a starting point grace is the state of being at ease and in neutrality.   Being at the vibration of grace makes it easy to have perspective, make the right decision, and see your vision clearly.

Approaching your work from the vibration of grace does not make your work life perfect but it does change how you react and handle demands, expectations,  communication, problems, etc.

How do you know when you are working from the vibration of grace?  You are clear-headed, have a level of neutrality to what is going on in your work or business, have the ability to focus on your vision and are non-reactive.


Carol is one of my clients who has a clear vision of her success as an investment broker, is very smart and knows her industry well.  She is struggling to succeed.  When I look intuitively I see her energy “tied in knots”.  Carol finds it hard to be neutral in body, mind and spirit all at once.  She is most neutral spirituality. Her body and her mind are reactive.  For example, you could say that she flies off the handle (body and mind).


Fred, a successful pastry chef, is looking to reduce the stress in his work life.  He is what I refer to as a healer.  Fred feels the need to respond to everyone’s displeasure, which causes him to be reactive.  When I look intuitively, I see that Fred has grace (ease and neutrality) in the mind and spirit parts of him.   His body is not neutral to those around him.   He is looking to find the vibration of grace in his body.


Now back to you.  Take a moment without thinking.  Notice with your eyes closed what happens for you in your work?  Are you aware of how you approach your work?

  • Do you feel like you see clearly and have perspective (spirit – your intuitive side)?
  • Are you able to clear your thinking and have perspective (mind – getting out of old thoughts in your head)?
  • Are you calm with emotions in check (body – no tension)?


Finding the vibration of grace takes your attention, as most of us were not taught how to be there.  Try this meditation.  This could take five minutes or an hour.  Take time for each step.

  • Sit in a quiet and comfortable place
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths to release the tension in your body
  • Be grounded and centered – behind eyes in center of head
  • Begin to quiet the body and clear your mind –deep breaths and releasing
  • Place your attention on yourself and notice how you are doing.
    • Try not to think rather notice and be aware
    • Meditate on the vibration of grace for you
      • Imagine ease in your mind – release your thoughts
      • Imagine ease in your body – release the tension and emotions
      • Imagine ease in your spirit – hear  your inner voice
      • Take deep breaths and release until you experience the vibration of grace as you know it at this moment (ease, neutrality, tension free)

The next step is to bring this awareness into your life.  When you are at work take a moment to notice if you are at the vibration of grace or something else.  The more you do this the more you will grow in your understanding of your vibration of grace.

Notice how this changes how you experience yourself (body, mind and spirit) and your work.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

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