Meditate – Everyone is Doing It!

dreamstime_5775817  Things don’t have to be this way.  They are this way because it is what we believe.  I know this is hard to hear especially if you are busy in your life and don’t have the time to stop thinking, solving and working.

From an intuitive perspective I can see how we are creating what we have and what we experience now.  It is not a mystery except to ask, “Why do I think that things are this way?”  Or “Why do I believe this (your experiences) to be true?”

All Gone Wrong

The only way to find that answer from my perspective is to stop, get quiet and meditate because the answer is not a logical one.   I was telling my daughter what a tough time I was having last week.  My staff was not showing up, my clients were cancelling, etc.  It felt all-wrong and there was not logical explanation so I stopped stressing and decided to mediate.  In meditation I can get quiet, pull my energy out of the problem, my thoughts about it, the stories I was making up in my mind, get my space back and get back to the way I truly like to be.

Now I cannot explain to you why things got so out of whack because in my mediation I was aware that it was not one thing but a series of things that I reacted to and collectively they altered my energy and, therefore, my reality.   Within an hour of that meditation (which was simply to become aware of myself in present time) everything seemed to turn around 180 degrees.  This is not logical but it is very intuitive.

Use Both Sides of Your Brain

We can work mostly from our logic, work hard, solve problems, stress about what is not as we want it to be or we can use both of our abilities – logic and intuition.  To benefit from our intuition we have to quiet the body (which is so loud and demanding) and clear our thinking (stop being logical for a moment).  It is hard to stop our thinking, our logic< and get quiet enough to meditate but that is where the miracle happens.


FastCompany magazine November 2013, “Want Success? Meditate.  The centuries old practice has its skeptics, but science confirms it: Meditation, advocated by an increasing number of successful business people, leads to a happier, more productive, and more creative life.  This deep dive exposes how the process affects our brains, from weakening our capacity for anxiety to dramatically improving our ability to fitter out distractions and retain new facts.”

Ray Dalio on Meditation

Meditation is becoming a common tool successful business owners use and are talk about more and more.  This is not surprising to me because once you create the practice you experience the change immediately but it requires taking the time to try.  Ray Dalio, Hedge Fund Genius, says meditation is secret to his success.

Find Your Style

There are many forms of meditation. I use an intuitive form of meditation because I work with people who have big visions and this style works in manifesting visions.   Any form of meditation has value so pick one that suits you and start.

This morning my week looked grim so I meditated and by noon my companies had two new contracts out of blue or I should say, “Out of my meditation.”  My recommendation – meditate every day.  It will make all the difference.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Meditation for Business Owners and Professionals.


Change Never Begins Outside of Us

dreamstime_xs_19899077When I begin a coaching session I always ask my client how they are doing.  If they are great  we move on.  If they whine or show their energy is low for one reason or another then I wonder, “Why are they sitting in that energy when they have the ability to change it?”  There is little value in a coaching  someone in apathy, boredom, worry, etc. so we start with changing the space (energy) they are in.  They are always very grateful and relieved.

The energy level we are being determines the outcomes and experiences we have.  Lower vibrations create failure, actions not producing results, problems with communication, etc.  Higher vibrations produce changes, creativity, success, new ideas, new opportunities, etc.

Most often people accept their space as it is for better or for worse.  If they are not feeling great they attribute it to the fight they had with their friend, how they felt after looking at their bank account or after a client called in a complaint.  They accept it and live that day in this energy.  Why?  We can stay in our reaction to things or we can change our space (vibration, energy level).  There is no value in staying at a lower vibration unless we like to suffer or we don’t realize that we can change this.

So let’s state here and now.  We can change our space and how we feel.  We don’t have to solve the problem at hand first.  When we change our energy then the problem at hand goes away or is much easier to solve.   If your energy is typically at a lower vibration then it will take determination to change that habit.  For most of us our energy is great one day and we can conquer the world or low another and we want to skip out on everything.

Why stay at a lower vibration when you have the choice and the ability to be at a higher vibration (energy level, feeling)?  We have free will.  We get to choose.  My sister sent me a plaque that reads “Choose Happy”.  I like that.

We have the ability to decide how we want to be and to change where we are on an energy level to a vibration we want to be.  In this way we are in charge of our creations and our life.  This may not be logical and your logic may be arguing with me but give this a try and see.

  • Start your day with a short (or long) meditation but at the very least do this.
  • Sit upright in a comfortable quiet place (if possible but on the subway if necessary).
  • Take deep breath and relax. Grab your attention from everywhere else and place your attention on yourself.
  • Notice how you are feeling.  Why you are feeling that way does not matter so much
  • Stop thinking.
  • Notice how you are being.  You can feel an energy driving your space already, i.e. enthusiasm, anger, creativity, depression, amusement, worry. etc.
  • Decide if this is how you want to be in this day. If it is them really feel it and enjoy it. If not then change your space!
  • Begin by taking a deep breaths and as you exhale let go of and release the energy that is making you feel that way, i.e. anger, worry, depression.  Don’t think about it or analyze it just imagine letting it do.
  • Once you feel that you have begun to let go of where you are start to imagine how you would like to be.
  • How would you like your day to go?
  • How do you want to feel in your day?
  • Take as much time as you need to do these steps with certainty.
  • Now really feel that way.

When you have reset your space to the vibration you want to be this day then really be that all day.  If you find your energy slipping then stop.  Take a moment and come back to feeling (energy level) you want to be.  You will learn a great deal about your automatic responses to things and ways in which you get in your own way but letting your energy drop.  Success (personally and professionally)  only happens at higher vibrations.

The magic comes when we begin to realize we have the control of our space OR we can choose to just be the effect of what is in our space.  You chose.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Learn basic meditation or join an online meditation (no experience needed). Meditation,

Focus on a goal – Create a miracle

GoalsOn my way to give a presentation today on “Staying on Track to Achieve Goals” I created a miracle.  One of the main concepts in my talk was the importance of focusing on one goal intently even if you are not certain how to make it manifest.

I took BART and realized I did not have the dollar to pay for my parking.  I thought about paying on my way back after I got some cash then feared I would forget. I decided to use the focus concept from my presentation.  I had to focus intently on my goal to make it manifest even if I was not certain how it would happen.

I went back down to the payment machines focused on finding a dollar to pay for my parking.   As I approached the machines I saw one of them had a dollar bill hanging from it.  My goal manifested!

Try it!


Inspired Success Coach

EMyth Certified Business Coach

Do Something! Make Something! Share Something!

TEDx SJ photo

This past weekend I attended a TEDx conference and it blew me away! Have you attended a TED conference? Go now and find one in your area. You will not be disappointed.

TEDx San Jose contacted NAWBO SF Bay Area (National Association of Women Business Owners) to see if we would sponsor the upcoming TEDx for Women. Though I had not attended this event before I saw it as providing good visibility for our organization and agreed to sponsor and promote the event. Have you ever heard the saying, “Just say yes!”?

As it turned out it was a great experience personally and professionally as well as for NAWBO. During this one-day event I heard and met ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I say ordinary people because they are just like you and me. The only difference is they think big and that nothing is impossible if I can get enough people in support of your idea.

The latest meditation series I conducted for business owners and professionals just was coincidentally on “Don’t Do It Alone!” No matter how strong, determined, independent, shy or focused we are it is not possible to manifest your vision fully on your own. It is simply not how the world works.

Let me tell you about a few of the people who I met. You can read about others on my other blog Women Achieving Goals.

Let me begin with a quote I heard that day, “Say yes to something outside your comfort zone.” The more times we can do this the greater our ability to experience who we are.

I met Super Sylvia, an eight year old who learned welding at age five then learned that she could make anything using this skill. Her enthusiasm for this was boundless. She now shares her passion for makings things on her WebTV show Super Sylvia. Her last words were “Go Make Something!” This was the best advice I heard all day because when we make something it stimulates our creative energy and self-expression in a way that inspires us. She also quoted one of her mentors from Myth Busters, “Failure is always an option.”

We heard Preetha Ram who created Open Study, a free online education for anyone worldwide. Seth Shostak, Sr. Astronomer from SETI who said in the next decade we will find a partner planet, have ability to live off Earth, create new levels of artificial intelligence and, of course, find extraterrestrials. Paul Bennett, IDEO’s CCO, whose company is trying to make being healthy fun, sexy, appealing and motivational. Bryant Austin, photographer, who takes life-size photos of whales! Jonathan Trent from the NASA Omega Project which is creating biofuel without competing with the planet.

I was most impressed by these two speakers. One was Jack Andraka, a fifteen-year-old boy who was so affected by the death of a friend from pancreatic cancer that he decided to do something about it. Currently the diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer is 60 years old, costs thousands of dollars and can only detect late stage cancer. Jack created what he describes as a 3-cent test that detects pancreatic cancer with nearly 100% accuracy in its earliest stages. His journey from an ordinary 14-year kid who knew nothing to making this discovery is nothing short of miraculous.

And finally, Adam Steltzner, lead engineer on the NASA Mars Curiosity rover. Adam spoke how people working together for a common goal, giving up their egos, making mistakes, being determined, including everyone’s perspective, etc. was the only way they could have created and landed a rover of this size on Mars. Think about this. The rocket carrying the rover traveled at 10,000 miles an hour. How do you slow it down so that it lands like a feather on Mars to protect the delicate equipment inside? They all cried when it landed successfully as did we listening to this story of collaboration.

At the end of the day I was reminded of something I tell everyone and now I am sure of it. “You are never too old and it is never too late.” I have added to this. “You are never too young and it is never too soon.” These are ordinary people with big ideas, a strong vision and the knowledge that if they could get enough people in agreement they could make it happen.

Each of these individuals had a very strong vision of what they were creating and that strong vision is manifesting in expected and unexpected ways.  Create your vision and share it.

Best wishes on your success,


If it does not feel right…

One of my client’s is making a serious effort to double her revenue.  Claire was inspired by how easily she increased her revenue by 30% this year.  (She did use the word easy in hindsight.)  With this new goal in mind Claire developed a marketing strategy that takes advantage of all the new ways of marketing.  Most of this plan is out of her comfort zone so she looked for experts in a variety of areas to carry out her plan.

Claire is clear about her new marketing strategy.  She has done her homework.  Her task is to find the right people.  At first she was drawn to professionals she has used in the past and who are loyal to her and her company.  She thinks they could do some of it including her sister who is a professional writer.  Recently a PR expert at a networking event approached Claire.  She agreed to hear what she had to offer.   Finally she received recommendations from myself and other trusted advisors of professionals she may want to interview.

Before she began the process of finding a team she took the time to meditate on her vision of success, which for this upcoming year meant doubling her revenue.  She felt if she could not see this clearly then how could she navigate a team toward this goal.  Claire meditated until she cleared her thinking and could see clearly doubling her revenue.  She then meditated and imagined a team of experts who would help bring in new clients with specific demographics, a team that would work together, enthusiastically and collaborate to achieve her vision of success.

My task was to watch intuitively to see what was driving Claire’s choices so that loyalty did not trump skill and strong salesmanship did not talk her into something that was not a good fit.

As Claire sorted through her options, she used both a logical and intuitive approach.  She checked credentials, looked at samples of everyone’s work, interviewed writers, social media experts, PR professionals, graphic designers, etc.  Her most difficult decision came when her intuition told her not to use the writer and marketing person she used in the past.   This was not a logical decision.  She just felt intuitively that they were not the right fit for the level of growth she envisioned.   Claire did stay with her graphics team who are young, inspired and push her to think in new ways.  They stayed on the team!

The PR person had a strong presence and was very interested in helping Claire increase the visibility of her business but in the end something just did not feel right.  Claire found herself finding fault with the proposal, their communication, etc. then she realized that she did not need to find fault.   The PR company just did not feel right.  It was not logical. She stopped trying to find fault (logic) and simply decided not pursue this strategy at this time. It was intuitive.

Finally, she needed a social media expert.  This is a new and growing field in which an expert is not well-defined.  She decided in the end to interview three of the five people on her list of possible experts.   Her choice of the three was intuitive and she was correct.  In those interviews she found someone who described an approach that fit for Claire and how she saw her brand.

Coincidentally, immediately after Claire and I met to finalize her marketing plan and the team she would be hiring, her phones were ringing off the hook.  Three new-targeted clients called and scheduled appointments.  Claire felt that was a miracle!   From my perspective is was Claire’s vision of success beginning to manifest.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Let me know if you would like an review of your marketing strategy from an intuitive perspective.

Achieving Goals Won’t Get You There

Getting your goals won’t do it.  When I began working with people some 20+ years ago I was all about goals.  I knew how to get people to meet them.  I had a strategy that worked. Over time I found that my clients were achieving goals and faster than they expected but complained that they were not satisfied nor any happier.

From an intuitive perspective I saw that they focused on achieving goals but did not have a vision for themselves.  What was the life they imagined for themselves? What was the bigger picture they wanted to create?   What did their goals have to do with that?

Since that time I  focus on making sure my clients have a clear vision of their life, work, health, wealth, etc.  I have found that once we have a clear vision then we can create goals to move in that direction.  That creates the next obstacle.  I observed that most people take their goals very seriously and perhaps you should.  I suggest that you focus on your goals but focus more on your vision.

Goals are a good way to direct our actions while not making them more important than our vision.  Let me explain.   Your vision is paramount.  Your goals are simply the actions you believe you need to take to get there.  It is your best guess at the moment.  Often our vision begins to manifest in unexpected ways and faster than we expected.   If we are so focused on our goals we can actually get in our own way and keep our vision from manifesting.

Often I see my clients get so focused on a goal that they do not see the opportunity in front of them. One of my clients, Tim,  is the Director of Health Care for a mid-west medical system.  He had a strong vision for his facility.  He created goals that included staff changes.  There was one doctor he wanted on his staff because he was convinced he would help achieve his vision.  He created a series of five goals that he felt he needed to achieve to bring on this prominent doctor and it would take a year.  Tim continued to meditate on his vision.   A week or two later another highly regarded doctor became available.  Tim could not see that this doctor would help him get his vision for the facility because he was so focused on the goals he had set.  I suggested Tim take his energy out of his goals and focus on his vision, that perhaps this new doctor is the way to meet his vision.  Tim meditated on this, cleared his thinking and realized would be the asset he needed.  He hired him.  Over the past month they have increased their patient population and brought new visibility to the facility.  Tim is well on his way to achieving his vision for the year in the first six months.

Create your vision.  Create goals too.  Notice how your vision is manifesting.  Don’t get stuck in your goals or make them more important than your vision.  Meditate.  See your vision. Constantly notice where you are and be willing to let go and be in present time.

Best wishes on your success,


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Be careful what you pray for!

     Kate works in a really great company but she is ready to move on.  She wants a leadership position that will allow her to use her creativity, her strategic thinking skills and offers a new level of visibility.  Kate says she wants out of her current job as soon as possible.  We have been working to create that vision, her goals and a plan to take that step.

It was not surprising to me that Kate’s supervisor notified her yesterday that her position was being eliminated and converted into a Director’s position!   As an intuitive this is a beautiful example of creating our reality.  Kate was not as thrilled by this as I was.  She was horrified by all of it and could not see that she had created this.  She wanted out of her job and wanted a leadership position.  So her job was eliminated and made into a leadership position.  Beautiful!  It manifested precisely as she said.  If the circumstances where different she could call this a miracle! Granted she left out some details that now are a bit unsettling to her.  Kate has to apply for this new position.  Applying for a new position was, in fact, part of the work that we did together so it fit her vision as well.

Kate and I met today to ground her vision.  Is she ok with a leadership job within her current company or does she want to be more clear that her vision is to move into a leadership position in a new company?   Kate is not ready to answer that right now.  She is a bit overwhelmed by how her vision manifested.  At this moment she feels like she has no control when in fact she is very good at creating what she wants.

Kate was surprised that her supervisor essentially fired her.  I was not.  Kate had the picture in her space and on her mind that said “I want out of my job”.  Her supervisor was simply seeing Kate’s pictures and responding to them whether she was conscious of this or not.

As an intuitive I see that she simply needs to be more clear about her vision.  Her natural reaction is to hold onto what she has but is it what she wants?    Over the next week Kate will meditate on this, clear her thinking, release the fear and find her perspective.  From this space of being clear she will find her vision.

We are always creating our vision.  Sometimes our vision is simply not clear enough.  Take the time to meditate as you are already creating what you have in your mind.

Have you created a vision and had it manifest in surprising ways? Share your story or ask a question.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

This Stuff Works!

You read stories about my clients all the time and the miracles they create.  Today’s blog is my client’s story about someone she works with.  It’s a miracle!

Sarah provides coaching to upper level managers in a large agency.  One of the managers, Keri, who is 4 months pregnant, told Sarah that she wanted to apply for a different position in the company but did not believe they would give it to her.  Surely they would hire someone else.   Sarah suggested to Keri that she visualize getting the job.  Keri thought this would be a waste of time but worked with Sarah anyway.  The next day Keri told her boss that she wanted to apply for the job.  He indicated that they were going to offer the job to another person.  Keri told Sarah who advised that she meditate again and visualize getting the job despite these odds.  A day later Keri’s boss came by and asked if she was serious about wanting the position.  Keri explained her reasons and qualifications.   Again she meditated to visualize getting the job.  As it turns out Keri was offered the position and starts next week.

Now it is easy to work really hard to explain all of this logically.  That is our tendency.  If you step back, take a deep breath and allow the possibility that Keri created her vision you begin to have a different perspective.  None of this is logical.  The only way to understand this is to do it for yourself.  Take the time to meditate and visualize something that you want.  Clear your thinking about it.

The most successful people are those who have a strong vision.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

What may be in your way? Consultation

If you don’t like the way things are, change your energy!

Be the change

Not liking how you feel today?  Not feeling good about where things are going?  Change it!

Intuitively I can see the energy affecting my clients causing them to experience their life or their business in one way or another.  When things are not going so well I can see why.  When I tell them what I see it seems to break up the energy that is bringing them down, altering their perspective.

We can do this for ourselves.  When we don’t like how we are experiencing something all we have to do is change our energy, clear our thinking and focus on a different vision.  Sounds simple.  It is simple but sometimes it is not easy.

Sally called me because all of a sudden she was feeling discouraged.  The phones were silent.  The energy seemed low.  She felt out of touch with her clients.   Then she started thinking.  This is never a good idea when the energy is low.  Her fear was her business was failing.  That thought led to another and soon Sally had created an entire scenario in her mind about the failure of her business.

It is so easy to get stuck on a fear picture or thought then add our energy, emotions and more thoughts.  In this way we create a whole story of our demise or whatever.  We have another option.   I suggested to Sally that she focus her attention and energy in the opposite direction.   If the energy seemed low what can she do to raise the energy?  If the phones are not ringing then call clients and get back into communication.   We have total control even when we are sitting in the energy that we do not.

Within an hour Sally had turned the energy 180 degrees by changing the energy in her space, getting out of the thoughts that would have her give up and focus on what she wanted and not on what she feared.  She called to say it was a miracle!

Intuitively we know that wherever we place our attention is precisely what manifests so be careful that you think or believe.  That is why I suggest that we not put our attention on anything that would pull our thinking ii a way that does not support our success.   When you don’t like how things are then change your energy, have fun.  Decide what you want to have happen and place your attention on that – without effort.

BE the energy you want to experience.  BE the success you want to create.

Best wishes on your success,


Do You Believe in Miracles? I Count on Them!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”
– Albert Einstein

Do you believe in miracles?  I count on them!  A miracle is typically considered something that comes out of the blue and beyond our control.  From an intuitive perspective that is inaccurate.

As an intuitive I see a miracle as something we have envisioned, did not know how to manifest at the precise time and place of our choosing and then it manifested!  This does not come “out of the blue”.  It comes from our vision.

We call it a miracle only because we are not aware that we created it.  Our ability to create is the energy of a miracle we all have.  We can use it to manifest consciously and on purpose.

To Succeed

  • Know what we want
  • See it clearly in your mind’s eye
  • Create a plan to get there
  • Allow a miracle, the unexpected and something to “come out of the blue”

When we have a strong vision, a sense of determination and the belief that it can happen it does.  Our vision is always manifesting (until we decide that it is not.)

We call something a miracle when we don’t recognize our part in creating it.  How can we become more capable creators when we don’t recognize our creations?  It is easy to take credit for creations that take sweat and tears, effort and exhaustion.  We are less willing to recognize our creative role when something manifests out of sheer vision and will without all the physical effort.  That is a very limited perspective on our ability to create.


One of my clients, Sally, called this morning to tell me how incredibly overjoyed she was at her success in creating exactly what she wanted professionally.   She was fully aware that she was the creator of the miracle.  It was a miracle to her because a few short months ago she could not imagine creating a career step from a well-paying high level corporate job that she hated to being a professor at the university of her choosing and in demand as a speaker that included her passion for travel.  A few months ago she had more reasons for why it could not happen.


Sally recognized that she was creating a miracle.  So many others I know are not able to recognize or allow a miracle to happen.  They in fact try to destroy it.   One of my clients, Jeff, received a call from a new big client who asked them to work with him to connect with another company.  He had a big project in mind and heard about them.  I saw a miracle happening.  Jeff’s client could have called the other company directly.  Jeff did not see the miracle manifesting.  Instead his own fears about competition took over.  He almost destroyed a tremendous opportunity.  In the end his client wanted to contract with Jeff to subcontract the other company and oversee the project.

Miracles require that we clear our thinking so that we don’t get in the way.

Intuitive Exercise

Find quiet time each day.  Write your vision of your success.  Notice your limits and fears but disregard them. Pay attention and focus on your vision everyday.  Everyday let go of whatever competing concepts that you have.  Be determined. Take steps.

To keep it simple, it works like this.  Once you decide you want a goal, believe that you can have it (with no reason or feeling that you can’t) then your universe will automatically manifest around that goal and it will happen.  Sometimes this goes unnoticed or we take it for granted.  Others are more dramatic, bring us great validation when they happen and others we experience as sheer miracles.

Best wishes on your success,


Making Real Changes!

We are ending the first month of the new year, a year of promises and commitments but how much has changed?   This is not a mystery.  It is a function of our commitment to change.

Everything we do, our routine, how we think, etc. is creating our lives, our work and our business precisely as we are experiencing it now.  If we want something new, a goal, a vision then something has to change!

Thoughts Are Creative

This change can begin with what we think or believe.   Thoughts are powerful.  I cringe when I listen to some of my clients whose thoughts are filled with what is not working or their fears about what won’t work.  They don’t realize that those thoughts are creating their reality.  They are creating what they don’t want!

On the other hand those who have a strong vision of their goals and can see it happening are directing their energy to manifest that vision.  It’s a miracle!  Not really a miracle but it is how we create reality.

Aware in the Moment

It is hard to create change when we unconsciously go through our usual routines in what we do, how we are in our work, how we react and not respond, etc.  Making real change comes from being conscious and aware in each moment.  It begins with being aware of yourself and what you are being now.    Notice if you are creating the change you want or are you in a pattern that is routine, responding to someone else’s demands, distracted and not different from before.

Be The Creator

Most believe that stuff just happens.  Few are aware of their ability to create reality.  I know this is not logical that does not mean that it is not real.  Making real change requires having a clear vision of the outcome you desire then direct your energy and attention for this to manifest.


Take the time to stop, clear your mind (get out of your mind), quiet the body (stop reacting) and go within to listen to yourself.  Where are you now and what do you want to create now?  What can you change to manifest your vision for 2011.

Meditate on your vision.  See it clearly (imagine it).  Change your energy level to determination.  See your vision manifesting.

Best wishes on your success,   Kay Robinson

Determination = Miracles!

Story of Consultations: Determination

A client of mine created the most amazing miracle but he is not the first to do so.  This is a story about not letting perceived limits get in the way of your vision and your passion for creating a successful business.

This client, we will call him Fred, has been in the film/commercial industry for some time in one capacity then another.  In December 2009 he was invited to attend a vendor meeting at one of the largest agencies though he had never done any work for them.  As an intuitive business owner he knew this was not a coincidence though he was unsure what to expect.  While attending that meeting one of the creative directors mentioned a goal that he had for his ad campaigns.  It was cutting edge stuff that had not been done before. Fred listened carefully and took notes.

In January he called to see if they had found a production company willing to take on the challenge.   When he heard that no one had he declared that he was ready to submit a bid on the project.  He was not concerned that he had no experience in this modality. He knew he could create a team of the best in the field to work with him on this.  The challenge was to convince this agency that he could do it and do it well.  He suggested a strategy and venue for the ad.

Everyone in the industry told him he could not do this.  He did not have experience.  No one had done this work before. They poured more and more energy and limits into his space.  I could see the effect of others thoughts, programming and energy.  We worked to clear his space of all of this so that he could see his vision, stay focused and not be deterred by others perceived limits.

With determination and great passion Fred submitted the bid, went through many negotiations and worried as he found others had submitted bids as well.  We worked to keep his vision, to clear the pictures and concepts that were developing in his space.  Weeks and months went by, the time frame to complete the ad in time was getting short.  Fred grew more and more concerned but also more and more determined. His vision and energy focused he worked with the potential client to work through their fears and the limits they perceived.

Very close to the due date he got the project!   He almost said no because of the short time frame.  He started to doubt his ability to pull this off in such a short time.  We worked the energy and pictures that were in this way and he decided to go for it and created an outstanding team of experts who also had the courage to work with someone new in this arena.  In the end their work made advertising history and opened doors to other opportunities.  It was a miracle!

As an intuitive business consultant I often see where our own thinking and fear, as well as, those of others can get in our way.  I see business owners talk themselves out of achieving their goals.   Taking time to clear thoughts, concepts, fears to stay focused and determined is a pathway to business success.

Like Fred, when a boulder falls on the path you are walking don’t stop!  Find a way around it or climb over it and continue toward your goal.

Its Not A Miracle!


When I was growing up, I loved the idea of a miracle. My favorite saying was, “It’s a miracle!” I sought out opportunities to find a miracle big or small. Now I don’t subscribe to the idea very much. So what happened between then and now? I learned that those so-called miracles were actually created by us. A miracle used to be a magical idea because I believed that something outside of all of us created it – something God like. Well, I have no argument with God but I am fully aware that we have the free will to create or not create at our choosing.

When we have a strong vision, a sense of determination and the belief that it can happen it does. We call something a miracle when we don’t recognize our part in creating it. How can we become more capable creators when we don’t recognize our creations?

It is easy to take credit for creations that take sweat and tears, effort and exhaustion. We are less willing to recognize our creative role when we something manifests out of sheer vision and will without all the physical effort. That is a very limited perspective on our ability to create and our awareness of ourselves.

One of my clients called this morning to tell me how incredibly overjoyed she was at her success in creating exactly what she wanted professionally. She was fully aware that she was the creator of the miracle. It was a miracle to her because a few short months ago she could not imagine creating a career step from a well-paying high level corporate job that she hated to being a professor at the university of her choosing and in demand as a speaker that included her passion for travel. A few months ago she had more reasons for why it could not happen.

This woman decided to try the techniques I teach in this blog all the time. She created a vision of her success; decided it was happening now (not in the future) and took one step at a time toward her vision. It’s a miracle! Not that it happened but that she changed her thinking to realize she was the creator of her reality. When she decided that she changed her reality from creating out of fear to creating the reality, she truly wanted.

Here is the Intuitive Exercise she used: Find quiet time each day. Write your vision of your success. Notice your limits and fears but disregard them. Pay attention and focus on your vision every day. Every day let go of whatever competing concepts that you have. Be determined. Take steps.

Meditation is a good technique for visualizing your success. I invite you to join an online meditation each Monday.

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Nothing is impossible!

Be determined!

A client called to tell me the miracle she had created.  She was sure I wanted to hear her story as it all began at one of my retreats.  Sarah (not her name) attended an intuitive goals retreat with me two years ago.  One of the concepts I teach in these retreats is an intuitive technique for visualizing what you want then the importance of getting into the energy of what this goal.  For example, if you want to add photography to your graphics arts business then you have to not only visualize how this would look you also have to get back into the energy of photography.  Go to places where those who do photography are, brush up your photographer skills with a class, go to photographer galleries, spend time with photographers, etc.  Start to match the energy of photography.

In this case Sarah wanted to be named a Fellow by her professional organization.  It was a stretch at that point so it was hard for her to imagine it.  She clearly wanted it but was having trouble seeing or visualizing it.  With the support of the retreat curriculum, the attendees and her determination she left with a clear vision and a plan to “get into the energy” of being a Fellow, an elite group of professionals recognized as being at the top of  their field.

Well, two short years later Sarah has been named a Fellow.  She was so thrilled when she called and raved on about the techniques she had learned and used.  I too was thrilled and asked what she did to get into the energy of being a Fellow.  For the past two years she has called and met with as many of the living Fellows as she could find.  She explained that she spent time with each of them getting “to know the energy of being a Fellow”.  What energy level were they?  What was the vibration of someone who is a Fellow?  Sarah began to match the energy she observed and began acting like a Fellow as she saw it to be.

Surprise!  It worked. Sarah will be named a Fellow in April at a ceremony in Texas.   I plan to be there and applaud loudly for her success!

Nothing is impossible.  Whatever can be imagined can be created.

To meet Barak!

The tagline for my business and my life is “whatever can be imagined can be created.”  Every week one of my clients reminds me why I work from this concept.  Their accomplishments are often nothing less than a miracle and yet it is not that mysterious.  In fact nothing is mysterious when you step back and take a look intuitively. From that vantage point you can see the clear path from one energy or action to the next.

Let me tell you a miracle about my client who spent time with Barak on Election night right before his acceptance speech.   We will call her Sarah.   Sarah did not know Barak.  She had never met him but has been talking about wanting to work on his campaign for months.  She had several false starts but could never ground her vision clearly enough to make it happen.

One of the key components of getting a goal is our ability to see what we want clearly in our minds eye.  If we can see it then it will manifest.  Well Sarah could never quite see it clearly so she was forever in the energy of WANTING.  Wanting has to be the worst energy vibration there is because nothing at the vibration of “wanting” ever manifests.  So back to the story.

Two weeks ago Sarah calls me to say that she has decided to take a friend of hers to meet Obama and be with him on election night.  Her friend is a old colleague of Barak but has not been in touch with him for years. Sarah was determined. She was focused.  She had no plan but she did have a clear vision of what she saw happening.  At this point she was just not sure she could pull it off and didn’t have a plan so she called me.

Her request was for me to help her clear the energy that was causing her doubt and help her set the energy so that she could make this happen.  She wanted to make the impossible happen.  We did a guided meditation on her vision for meeting with Barak on election night and then being part of his VIP group for the celebration.   Not a small goal.

A few days later Sarah calls overjoyed because the Obama campaign team had agreed to let them meet with Barak on election night.  Now she had to tell her friend and get him ready for this historical moment.  On Tuesday Saral calls me as she is driving to Chicago with her friend.  She is afraid that it is all too good to be true and that something will happen to cancel the meeting.

Thoughts manifest reality so if she believed that would happen then it would so we worked through her fears and she set off for the Hyatt to wait for the meeting.   During the course of the Tuesday, Election Day, the staffers called twice to change the meeting time with Barak from 2 PM to 5 PM and then, “We will let you know.”  She called again.  Kay!  Help! My vision is crumbling.  I am afraid it won’t happen.”   More energy work.  More clearing.  I had her decide to have fun and be certain of her vision.

Finally at 9 PM on election night she and her friend were meeting with Barak in his hotel room sharing stories of their friendship long long ago.   It was a miracle!   After their meeting there was so much activity because John McCain had just conceded that Sarah and her friend could not get out of Barak’s hotel room so they were ushered to go with this staff to the acceptance speech.  So standing next to Axelrod they heard Barak Obama speak as president-elect of the United States.  It was a magical moment for my client, Sarah, who created the impossible and she knew it.

It is my hope that this experience will stay with her as she creates the next cycle of her professional career.  Sarah has been planning a big change professionally and has been afraid that she could not do it.  After this experience she has to know that she has the ability to create the impossible!  Whatever can be imagined can be created.