Palin. Be Intuitive. Read between the lines.

I am certainly enjoying hearing everyone speculate about Sarah Palin, who she really is and what impact she intends to have. To know the answer to these questions we have to get out of our analyzer and move into an intuitive space. Listening to her words or anyone’s words never gives the full picture.

As business owners, it is always a goal to be able to “read” our clients and potential clients, to know the best way to serve them and see how our products or services will fit their needs. The trick is always to find out what they are looking for because clients are not always good at articulating or stating this. We have to be intuitive.

Successful business owners have the ability to stop thinking, move into an intuitive space and “read” their clients, the market and timing. One of my clients owns a very successful hedge fund. He is successful because he knows how to “read” intuitively. His decisions often defy logic, but they are always intuitive.

When you are struggling to find the right way to approach a particular client, or you want to close a big deal try this intuitive technique.

Intuitive Technique: Take a deep breath and “step back”. Find separation from the client and the issue. Imagine pulling your energy and your attention off the client, issue or problem. Bring all your attention onto yourself. Preferable bring your attention into the center of your head. Imagine your client, their issue, etc. Take another deep breath. Now open to your intuition. Stop thinking, and allow your thoughts to flow. Notice what you become aware of. Don’t think. Just notice. You can create a question for yourself such as, “What is in the way of Amtrak closing the deal with us?” Don’t think of the answer. Just notice what comes to mind. Notice the first thought that comes to mind. Don’t analyze it. Maybe ask, “What is the best way to help them see the value of our product/service?” Don’t think. Notice your very first thought.

Let me know how this goes. If you would like personal mentoring on using this technique just let me know.

Best wishes on your success, Kay