Hey! Where Am I?

0032PhotonicaFor the most part we have our attention in the future, our plans for today, this week, this year, our vision of success and more.   Having a clear vision is a very important aspect of creating.  We cannot manifest without this.

Be in the Moment

The other aspect of creating is the ability to be in the moment.  When we have a vision we tend to put our attention and awareness in the future.   This tendency to be IN the future actually keeps our goals beyond our reach because we imagine them there and have our energy there.   In this way a goal will be forever in the future.

Achieve Goals Now!

To achieve our goals means to have a clear vision then be sure that our attention, awareness and energy are completely in the moment.  Our attention and energy in the future whether that means in the next moment or the next year makes us feel scattered or out of it!  This is a clear sign that we are not in the moment.

Intuitive Consult

As a business intuitive this is one of the most common areas of focus.  Intuitively I can see the effect being in the future has on my clients’ business success.  When they are not in the moment then their success is always in the future.  Jeff was a new client.  He was doing all the right things.  He had a great business plan, a sound product and good business sense yet his company was not taking off like he had imagined.  When I looked at Jeff’s energy intuitively I saw that 80% of his energy was in the future, in his vision and out of present time.

Using meditation I taught Jeff to be in present time.  This was quite difficult for him at first because he was so used to being out in front of himself.  He said it even felt uncomfortable to bring his attention into the center of his head.  After about a week of practicing being in present time his business started to take off exactly how he imagined it would.  Is this a coincidence?

Intuitive Exercise

I recommend taking time throughout the day to simply stop.  Take a deep breath.  Close your eyes.  Imagine bringing all your attention and your awareness into the center of your head.  In this way you become centered in present time.

Notice how this feels.  Notice how far out of it you are, meaning out of the center of your head and out of the moment.  Spend the time it takes to be centered completely in present time.  Use your intuition to become aware of where you are.   Repeat this exercise several times a day until you know that you are in the moment.

Best wishes on your success!


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