The Circle of Your Success!




You know your vision of success.  Have you shared this?  Who else knows? How many people are in agreement with you?  As an intuitive I see what happens to the energy of your success when you:

  • Keep your vision to yourself
  • Share your vision others
  • Ask others to support your vision of success

Keeping it to yourself

When you keep your vision to yourself it stays within you and, therefore, never fully manifests.  You are holding it back.   When you are the only one who knows your vision the vibration may not be strong enough to manifest.

Your vision is a precious creation that carries with it the energy of who you are emotionally, professionally and spiritually.  This is the reason so many keep it to themselves. We do this to protect our vision from invalidation, competition, judgment, etc. This is understandable but it creates limits. It takes great courage and certainty to tell others your creative idea.

Sharing your vision

When you share your vision it moves from within you to a place in the world.  Others add their agreement.  Now your vision is stronger, strengthened by the energy of those who are in agreement and support you.  I am not speaking logically rather from what I can see intuitively – clairvoyantly.

There are considerations.  It is important to share you vision but not with just anyone. Choose wisely.  Choose those who you see intuitively will respect and validate your idea.  This may include a family member, a friend, another business owner or professional, a supportive group, etc.

Asking for support

The next level of support is the very important circle of support. Your circle may include selected family, friends, staff, consultants (accountant, banker, webmaster, coach, etc.) and other professionals whose wisdom, knowledge and support you respect. Invite those who have expertise that could support you and your business.  Consider these individuals your Circle of Support, a formal or informal group of advisors that you can call upon.

On the other side if you have others in your business or associated with your business that do not support your success their energy has the opposite effect.  It diminishes the vibration of your success.  Create change so all those around you are in agreement with your success.


The vibration of your success is much greater with the support and agreement of others.  Notice how comfortable you are with sharing your vision and asking for help or clear council from others.  On an energy level success comes when we can receive.  Success is the vibration of energy bringing to us what we desire.  Asking for support is the same energy. It is the act of receiving.

Take a step today.  Share your vision of success and create a circle of support.