Palin, Clinton & Female Leadership

Let me make it clear from the beginning this is not a blog in support of anyone. I am simply reading intuitively what I see. Sarah Palin has a clear vision. She knows how to read energy and read others. She responds to what she sees intuitively. This ability comes so naturally to women. It is a huge asset for her side. Not all women use this natural intuitive ability. If a woman tries to think and be like the men, she works with then she will move away from her intuition and rely more on logic. This does not work as well for her. A woman is most successful and most effective when she combines her natural women’s intuition with her strong logical side. A woman like this is unstoppable. Sarah Palin has this ability. It is confusing to folks because she is so grounded in her these female aspects and yet she has the power and a strength that most do not expect. When given the opportunity this is exactly what women are like. We use these abilities to be a grounding, the strength and the power in our families and communities. Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton and others are bringing those abilities to the national level.

That is not to say that men are not intuitive because they certainly are. Intuition is not as readily accessible to men because our culture expects them to be logical and operate from strength and power not realizing there is great power in intuition.

Hilary Clinton has the same ability. Hilary’s inability to use her natural intuition early in her campaign came from the notion that she had to compete with the men in the presidential race. She operated from a male perspective, and it did not work. Finally, when she cast off that notion and engaged her natural female wisdom, intuition and logic it was too late. Had she operated off her female information at the onset she would be in a different place right now. We all learn from our life experiences. There are no mistakes. Sometimes what appears as a mistake is the only way we can create a change for ourselves.

Businesses are learning to harness the enormous power of women who combine their intuition, wisdom, logic, passion and creativity. This brings huge success!

Best wishes on your success, Kay