Visualizing not working – Align your vision


Most of us have a vision of what we want.  When that vision does not manifest we are confused and frustrated.   Everything we have heard says create a vision, visualize, know your intention, etc. and your vision will manifest.  That is true if you vision is true.   What does “true” mean?  It means being true to you.  As a business intuitive I look for this when a client says their vision is not manifesting as they had imagined.  They are doing all the right things so what is wrong.

False Vision

When are operating from a false vision it will not manifest.  One of my clients, Joan, changed careers from a graphic designer to a financial planner. She was unhappy professionally and wanted a change.  Joan was certain this was a fast and easy way to financial freedom.

The financial training program and a good friend in this field both convinced her that there was money to be made.  Joan sunk her money, time and effort into creating this transition and to position herself for success.    It did not work.  She was out of money and her vision was not manifesting.

Intuitively I saw that Joan’s passion was in the arts.  She is an artist.  I saw that she was creating a financial career simply because two people had told her she should.  Because she was ready for a change she followed their ideas. This vision was not aligned to her passions or her values.

Align Your Vision

This has happened to most of us one time or another.  We get distracted from our vision.  This is a good time to step back and take a second look.

Is our vision aligned to who we are?   Is it aligned with what we value?

Our vision may have changed to incorporate others ideas of what we should be OR we may have altered our vision to accommodate our fears or our ego.

Take the time periodically to re-align your vision and get back on track.

You can best do this by creating a place of quiet so that you can meditate.  In this way you can get out of your analyzer and your logical side and open to your intuitive side.  Try this intuitive exercise.

Intuitive Exercise

Find a quiet place where you can meditate.

Sit with your eyes closed.

Bring your attention and awareness to the center of your head.

Bring your aura or energy field in around you.

Try not to think but to be aware.

Begin to imagine, in your mind’s eye, your vision of success (personally, professionally, spiritually, etc.)

Intuitively notice what is controlling your vision.  Whose ideas are helping to create this vision?

Now shift your vision is align to your passions, who you are and what you value.

See you vision from your center, the center of your head.

Allow your vision to stay the same and allow it to change.

Commit to this vision.  Now enjoy your success!

Tell  your stories or offer your  thoughts about visualizing and how it works for you.


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