Intuitively Read Your Own Business

Man in Meditaiton
Finding Perspective

As a business intuitive I am amazed when I see a business owner or professional completely miss the obvious.  Their business has stalled.  They are working really hard but nothing seems to work even if they are doing all the right things.  Business owners come to me when they have exhausted everything they know to do to turn things around.  Their brains are fried.

So often the answer is standing right in front of them so how did they miss it?  From an intuitive perspective I see that they are looking for a logical answer.  All their attention is in their mind, what they know and what they think.   They are smart, have a lot of information so what’s not working?

Logic Reigns

I don’t know when it happened that the business culture decided all answers were logical or all decisions based on measurable facts.  That is simply not the case.  We have a logical side and we have an intuitive side.  Somewhere along the way we stopped using and trusting our intuitive side.   Therein lies the problem.

Logic & Intuition

When we take the time to use both we are in a better place to create our success.  So the challenge seems to use our intuition.  We simply are not used to doing this so it may take time, practice and deliberate attempts.

I recommend this exercise to begin to understand how to use your intuition as part of creating a successful business.

Intuitive Exercise

  • Take the time to stop whatever you are doing
  • Close your eyes, relax and gather you attention
  • Get quiet and focus on yourself
  • Bring all your attention and awareness to the moment
  • Stop Thinking!  Just begin to notice things
  • Begin with yourself.  How are you doing?
  • Become quiet, aware and see.  Don’t think but do notice your impressions of things.
  • You want to open your intuition to
  • What is going on with you, your office, your staff, your clients, etc?
  • Allow yourself to open to your intuition about things
  • Don’t analyze
  • Maybe take notes of your impressions
  • You can think of questions then see the answer you know intuitively
  • You can spend as much or as little time as you like.
  • At first I suggest you take as much time as you can to do this slowly and mindfully.

With the information you gathered intuitively you could decide steps you can take to get your business moving.  You will be surprised.  You may also enjoy approaching your business in this way.  Using both your logic and your intuition makes for better business planning and decision-making.

Best wishes on your success,



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