Loosing It! Then Finding Perspective

Losing It!

Loosing It!  Then Gaining Perspective

It happens.  We lose IT.  What is the IT that we lose?  We loose our perspective.  We are reacting to everything.  We are probably even overreacting to everything.   We cannot think clearly.

As an intuitive I would describe this as loosing your space.  When I look at someone who has “lost IT”  intuitively I see that they our also “out of IT” meaning you are out of the center of your head.  You are somewhere outside yourself and have lost connection to your own thinking and awareness.

Spaced Out

You know this feeling.  It is the same place you go when you daydream or “space out”.   These are all good terms to describe how you leave your center and are operating outside  yourself.  You could say this sounds nuts except that we have all experienced this.  It is not logical but it is very intuitive.

Set You Off

When we leave our center/ourselves we also lose our perspective. An incident or experience probably “set you off” and things are escalating from there.  When this happens we react to old thoughts, memories and emotions that are not true at the moment.   This is not a good time to make decisions or trust your thinking because it is all reaction and not a thoughtful response.

Unintended Results

So how do you get your space back?  How do you regain perspective?  From an intuitive perspective getting your space back is easy.  The hard part is being aware that you have lost it and that you need to get your space back before your reactions create unintended results.


First, decide to be aware when you Lose It.  Decide to find your space before you say or do one more thing!  Maybe that means stopping a meeting, leaving the room, not answering the phone, etc. until you regain perspective – meaning that you come back to your center.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this meditation.  Know that the goal it to be present in the moment in your center with your body calm and your mind clear.

  • If possible, find a quiet place to sit down.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath releasing all the energy in your space.
  • Let the body relax and clear your mind.  Stop thinking.
  • Place all your attention on your body relaxing.  Don’t think.
  • Have our attention in the moment.  On yourself.  Clear your mind.
  • Bring your attention into the center of your head, behind your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath and release.
  • Imagine bringing all your attention and awareness back from whatever set you off.

When you feel calm and clear you have regained perspective.

  • Now with your mind clear decide how you want to be at that moment.
  • Imagine in your mind’s eye how you want to experience the rest of your day.  Reset your space.

What Next?

Loosing our perspective happens.  If you find that it happens a lot then consider adding meditation as a part of your business practice because you are very sensitive to the energy around you.  Meditation will help you gain and keep perspective.

Share Your Thoughts

If you have any stories, questions or ideas to offer please respond to this blog.  Let’s talk about it!

Best wishes on your success,



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