Pain Body or Success? Your Choice!

I work with business owners and professionals as a business intuitive. My goal includes drawing them out of pain so they can create success. I don’t actually say that in sessions but it is exactly what happens.

Out of Pain

It is easy to know when you are in your “pain body”. You notice problems, feel disappointment, are frustrated and only see obstacles. When I work with someone I communicate to their creative space (spiritual body) to bring them out of their “pain body”. Those who can change their space to creativity are able to manifest their vision of success.

Into Creativity

Most of my clients enthusiastically move out of pain to the vibration of ALL THINGS POSSIBLE. Some want to solve, heal or fix their pain not realizing that pain is natural part of being human. How much time we sit in pain versus creativity is a simple matter of free will.  The pain-creativity dichotomy is one in which we can decide which side we want to be. For example, two of my clients are simply more comfortable in pain than they are in creativity. This is their choice though it may not be a conscious one. We are all different. Everyone is getting his or her goal, which may not be success.

Freedom to Create

We all slip into our pain body now and again when an experience or memory re-stimulates it. Actually reading this blog may stimulate your pain body!  Oops!  There are many answers here. It is not a problem to move into our pain body. The key is our ability to slip into our pain body then to be able to move back out at will.

If your choice is to create then you can change your space and your energy to ALL THINGS POSSIBLE, a higher vibration than pain. Success manifests from creativity. Hard work, no work, unsatisfying work, etc. manifest from pain.

Below is an intuitive exercise you can use to move from your pain body to creativity (spiritual body).

Intuitive Exercise

Take the time to meditate. Quiet your body. Quiet your mind.

Notice where you are. Are you in your “pain body” or success? Wherever you are determines what you will experience in your business, profession and life in general. If you find you are in your pain body don’t think or analyze this. Simply ask yourself intuitively, “Why am I in my pain body?” Open to your intuition to hear the answer.

Now move out of pain and into enthusiasm, amusement and creativity. When you feel the energy of possibilities you are in creativity. If you feel unclear, uncertain, frustrated, you are still in pain so keep moving your energy to amusement, enthusiasm, etc. Repeat often.  Anytime you find that your creations have stopped take the time to meditate and move from pain to success!

Best wishes on your success,



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