Success without Limitations – Get Out of Your Mind





Let me challenge your thinking.

  • Success is always possible unless you believe that it is not.
  • There is never a reason outside of you for why success won’t happen.

These statements come from my intuitive reading of hundreds of business owners and professionals for 30 years.  We quite simply get in our own way.   Not intentionally, definitely NOT intentionally but simply because we are not aware that our own thinking is wrong.

You are probably wondering how that is true.   Eckhart Tolle, author of several books,  states that our brains have a mind of their own.   That is so true.  Given the chance our mind will create its own story about why something is absolutely true and we believe it without a doubt!  In this way we sabotage our own success.

Destroying Potential Clients

For example, my client Matt called a potential client, Ed, who he had created communication with.  He left a message for Ed telling him about an innovative product and if he wanted more information to call back.  Ed did not call back.  He left another message.  A week passed then two and three.  Matt decided in his own mind that Ed was not interested or he would have called back.  Matt went on to decide a whole list of thoughts that destroyed his interest in continuing to nurture this client.  He scratched Ed off his list.  As it turned out Ed was off on vacation and came back sick so was off for longer than expected.  Matt thoughts and reality were not the same.

Now you are probably thinking that Matt overreacted and you would be right.  It is easy to see this in others and not so easy to see this in ourselves.   When mentoring business owners and professionals to meet goals, create change or make important decisions, I look intuitively to see the thoughts, concepts, pictures and energies they created that are in the way of their success.  Most often we cannot see these on our own.  We tend to believe whatever we think.

Creating What We Resist

Another example has to do with memory.  We have a negative experience, create a whole list of assumptions based on that experience then apply all of them to the future.   Kathy was under contract with a client for a big project.  She did the work.  The client did not pay on the agreed schedule creating a troublesome cash flow problem.   She found with each new contract she expected the same thing to happen.  Not coincidentally it happened over and over again.

Get Out of Your Mind

There are no coincidences.  Whatever we believe is precisely what we manifest.  What are the thoughts, concepts, beliefs that you have created in your mind that limit your success?

Take the time to meditate.    For this to work for you try not to think because that’s where the lies are.

  • Quiet the body and clear your mind.
  • Open to your intuition.
  • As you become aware of what is in your and in your way you can imagine letting go of and separating from these thoughts.
  • Clear your thinking then imagine your successful self!

Best wishes on your success,  Kay


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