Do You Believe in Miracles? I Count on Them!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”
– Albert Einstein

Do you believe in miracles?  I count on them!  A miracle is typically considered something that comes out of the blue and beyond our control.  From an intuitive perspective that is inaccurate.

As an intuitive I see a miracle as something we have envisioned, did not know how to manifest at the precise time and place of our choosing and then it manifested!  This does not come “out of the blue”.  It comes from our vision.

We call it a miracle only because we are not aware that we created it.  Our ability to create is the energy of a miracle we all have.  We can use it to manifest consciously and on purpose.

To Succeed

  • Know what we want
  • See it clearly in your mind’s eye
  • Create a plan to get there
  • Allow a miracle, the unexpected and something to “come out of the blue”

When we have a strong vision, a sense of determination and the belief that it can happen it does.  Our vision is always manifesting (until we decide that it is not.)

We call something a miracle when we don’t recognize our part in creating it.  How can we become more capable creators when we don’t recognize our creations?  It is easy to take credit for creations that take sweat and tears, effort and exhaustion.  We are less willing to recognize our creative role when something manifests out of sheer vision and will without all the physical effort.  That is a very limited perspective on our ability to create.


One of my clients, Sally, called this morning to tell me how incredibly overjoyed she was at her success in creating exactly what she wanted professionally.   She was fully aware that she was the creator of the miracle.  It was a miracle to her because a few short months ago she could not imagine creating a career step from a well-paying high level corporate job that she hated to being a professor at the university of her choosing and in demand as a speaker that included her passion for travel.  A few months ago she had more reasons for why it could not happen.


Sally recognized that she was creating a miracle.  So many others I know are not able to recognize or allow a miracle to happen.  They in fact try to destroy it.   One of my clients, Jeff, received a call from a new big client who asked them to work with him to connect with another company.  He had a big project in mind and heard about them.  I saw a miracle happening.  Jeff’s client could have called the other company directly.  Jeff did not see the miracle manifesting.  Instead his own fears about competition took over.  He almost destroyed a tremendous opportunity.  In the end his client wanted to contract with Jeff to subcontract the other company and oversee the project.

Miracles require that we clear our thinking so that we don’t get in the way.

Intuitive Exercise

Find quiet time each day.  Write your vision of your success.  Notice your limits and fears but disregard them. Pay attention and focus on your vision everyday.  Everyday let go of whatever competing concepts that you have.  Be determined. Take steps.

To keep it simple, it works like this.  Once you decide you want a goal, believe that you can have it (with no reason or feeling that you can’t) then your universe will automatically manifest around that goal and it will happen.  Sometimes this goes unnoticed or we take it for granted.  Others are more dramatic, bring us great validation when they happen and others we experience as sheer miracles.

Best wishes on your success,



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