What does your audience receive?

As business owners and professionals we are often in the position of giving a presentation.  This might be to pitch our company to a prospective client, a presentation to a group on our area of expertise, etc.   Regardless of the presentation or the purpose it could make us or break us.  It is hard to erase others memory of their experience so let’s get it right in the first place.

There are many resources giving advice and tips on preparing the visuals the content then giving the presentation.  Here is one article I found interesting.  FastCompany.

There is another very important aspect that is often overlooked.  How and what you present is one consideration but more importantly what does your audience receive and perceive?   How is your space?  What do others see intuitively when they watch you speak?  What do they “pick up” about you?   Everyone is intuitive whether they are conscious of it or not and so they react to you, your energy and whatever is going on in your space when you give a presentation.

I have attended presentations with my clients to observe and give feedback.   In one case, I observed my client completely alienate his potential clients because of the energy in his space when he pitched his company.   Conversely I have observed another client completely sell a potential client on giving him a chance  to show his ability to produce.

The key is for you to know what is going on in your space before you give a presentation and change your space as needed to present not only the material but yourself, your space and your energy in a way that helps you meet your goal.

Intuitive Exercise

  1. Take time to meditate well ahead of your presentation and just before your presentation.  Do this as often as needed to clear your space.
  2. Sit quietly with your eyes closed.   If you know how, be grounded, centered and in present time.
  3. Imagine a symbol of a rose in your mind’s eye.  This helps you to stop thinking. This rose will represent the presentation.
  4. Now meditate on the presentation.  Notice how you feel about it, your thoughts, emotions, fears, etc.  Be self-aware.  Your audience picks up on these same things so know where you are.
  5. Begin to release or let go of any thoughts, emotions, concepts, etc. that invalidate or get in the way of your goal for your presentation.
  6. Know your goal for the presentation.  What outcome do you want?
  7. Now imagine how you want to be during the presentation, imagine how it will go, how you will present yourself, how you will feel, etc.  What do you want others to see, feel, react, etc.  Keep imagining until you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye.  You may have to do this several times before your presentation.
  8. When you can see it in your mind’s eye then you are ready.
  9. Be sure to do this just prior to your presentation.  Shaking off other unrelated distractions or energy so that you and your energy are completely set and focused as you imagine it.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay


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