Havingness Now!

As business owners and professionals we all know what we want.  Some even have a vision of their success. Finally a few show Havingness for their vision.

What is

Havingness is an intuitive concept that describes an energy level.   Let me give you an example.   I want to create a successful business.  Notice the term “I want”.  Wanting does not create anything.  In fact, it is a flat out statement that you do NOT HAVE.  Thus you are “wanting”.     There are others who have a clear vision of their success.   They know and see intuitively creating success.  This is an important step but it is not enough.  To actually manifest your vision you need HAVINGNESS, the energy level of enthusiasm and certainty about your ability to manifest your vision!

Havingness and Non-Havingness

“I want to create a successful business.”   It won’t happen.   “I see my business success.  I see exactly how it will be created.”  This is a really essential step toward success!   “But I don’t believe it can happen.” This is non-havingness and it just replaced your vision of success.   Let’s replace that last statement with, “I don’t have all the answers but I am certain of my vision of a successful business.”  That is HAVINGNESS.

An Energy Level

Havingness is an energy level you create when you know what you want, have a strong vision of it and are enthusiastic about the possibility.   Havingness is a high energy level.  Non-havingness is a low vibration.    High energy levels are creative.  Low energy levels are not.

Your Energy Level?

We have the ability to set our energy level and our business to the vibration of havingness.  Simply go into meditation and open to your awareness.  Notice where you are now.   Are you in the vibration of havingness or non-havingness?  You will recognize it.  Havingness is the vibration of all things possible!

Take the time to clear your thinking, to release concepts or emotions that are in the way of your success.

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Best wishes for your success!