EGO in the way!

lotus-flowerEgo was the driving force behind businesses in the last century.   That is all changing as the culture of business changes.  Success today comes from a more value based and socially conscious model, providing a good product or service to the benefit of customers and clients.

How Ego Is Created

From an intuitive perspective ego is formed when we create pictures or thoughts about ourselves based on what we think we should be, to keep up with others, to put on a good impression, etc.  These pictures sit in our aura, the energy field around us.   Others see these pictures intuitively and believe this is who we are.  Suddenly it becomes important to sustain these pictures, this ego. We begin to act as if this who we really are.  We act and react in response to this ego and these pictures.  Think of ego, as is a false sense of self that reacts when we feel our self-image is threatened.  When we live in our ego it affects our work, our personal life and our wellness. More importantly we loose our sense of self.

Effect of Ego

Our ability to do our work is affected by our ego as it clouds our awareness and creates uninformed automatic responses.   We can each make a long list of successful business owners and professionals who lost all sense of themselves when they became their ego. They also lost their perspective resulting in poor choices and decisions that harmed them, their company and often their families.  To get out of ego means to act and respond from our own clear and conscious understanding of who we are, what we value in relationship to the situation.

We all have an ego.  The control this has over us varies from one to the other.  The key is to become aware of when we are acting, reacting or making decisions from our ego and when we are operating from our authentic self.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this intuitive exercise when you feel that ego is behind your actions or reactions.

  • Take a moment to pause.
  • Be grounded.
  • Find your center – the center of your head.
  • Take a deep breath and release whatever you are holding, defending or protecting.
  • Notice what is on your mind and your reactions.
  • Imagine pulling your energy and your awareness out of the ego, the false pictures in your aura.
  • Bring your attention and awareness even more to the center of your head.
  • Be aware of yourself and how you are feeling.
  • Breathe.  Release.
  • Find a neutral perspective.
  • Now consciously change your energy and your space to fit who you are and what you value.
  • When you feel your energy is reset then you are ready to re-engage the question or issue before you.

When we can get out of our ego then we can stay connected to our authentic self to create a successful business or career.


Oops! Your aura is showing.

200469161-001As business owners we work hard to create good impressions and cannot afford a bad one. We pay attention to our branding, our marketing materials, office space, physical appearance, cars and more. Image and impressions are everything!

Our clients and customers are intuitive. This means they are forming impressions from these tangible aspects of our business but also from the intangible. Customers automatically and, for the most part, unconsciously read and respond to our energy and the energy in our space, the aura or energy field around us. This can make or break a sale or a contract.

Intuitive Story The owner of a large office in Walnut Creek walked away from signing a contract for the delivery of office supplies to all four of his locations in the Bay Area. I asked Jim why, at the last moment, he backed out. He could not give a logical explanation saying only that he felt so uncomfortable with the sales rep on that particular day that he could not proceed. He said something did not feel right. Now I was not at this meeting nor I do I know the sales rep but as a business intuitive my reading is the sales rep had something quite personal on his mind. This personal issue created energy in his space and it made Jim uncomfortable.

Impressions Far fetched? Not at all! Each of us has a story to tell about the time when something did not feel right or when we went into a meeting with an important client with something else on our mind. Nine out ten times your story ends with the sale falling through. The energy from our experiences sits in our space, our aura. Others consciously or unconsciously feel or see this vibration and react.

Your Space If you have a disagreement with someone and go into a meeting with a potential client, the energy of that disagreement most likely is still in your space. It is natural for others to unconsciously respond or react to this. With this in mind, being aware of the energy we carry in our aura is important to our success. Knowing how to clear and re-set our aura (energy) is a step in preparing for meetings and conversations with others. Try this intuitive exercise before your next meeting or call.

Intuitive Exercise Take a moment to stop. Sit down if possible. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release. Begin to quiet your body. Bring your focus and awareness onto yourself. Notice how you are doing. What is on your mind? Imagine releasing and letting go of these distractions. Bring your attention and energy off these distractions. Take a deep breath and release any energy or emotion you are holding onto. Repeat until you are feel clear of energies and emotions that may give a bad impression or that you don’t want to bring into the conversation.

Next Step The next step is re-setting your space. Watch for this in another blog. Have a great day!

Multi-tasking is in your way!

multitaskingResearchers at Stanford University published a study showing that the most persistent multi-taskers perform badly in a variety of tasks.  As an intuitive I agree with the results of this study and see this from a different perspective.  I have observed the importance of focus in achieving success and multitasking gets in the way of that because it scatters our energy and attention.

To those of us who have always been proud multi-taskers this a big blow!

Effect of Multi-Tasking

When we focus on our goals and the essential steps to get there we find success.  When our attention is divided, as in the case of multitasking, two things happen:

* Our energy is divided so no one goal has enough energy to manifest fully

* The vision of our success is diminished because we have other things in our mind’s eye as well

Importance of Focus

As a business intuitive I have also observed the effect of multitasking on the ability to create success. When we focus on our goals, our business plan, are not distracted and our attention is on this vision then our life force energy is not divided in multiple directions.  With focus we create success.

In the end we want to see our vision of success clearly, know the steps to get there then focus on our vision and take these steps.  The more focused we are the more successful we become.

Being grounded and centered in ourselves helps us to limit the urge to multi-task.  Try this intuitive exercise every time you feel the need or find yourself multitasking rather than focusing on your goals.

Intuitive Exercise

Find a place to sit.  Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release.  Repeat the breathing until you feel yourself begin to relax.  Bring your attention and awareness onto yourself.  Begin to imagine the most important goal you are trying to achieve right now.  See it or imagine it.

Imagine bringing your energy and awareness off anything and everything that is grabbing your attention.   Focus on your goal.

See the steps to achieve this goal.  Take a deep breath and release.  Decide the step you want to focus on right now.  Open your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Now focus that step.



There are specific techniques for grounding and being centered.  Contact me if you are interested in learning more about meditation.

The courage to succeed!

dreamstime_leapYesterday I was mentoring the owner of an interior design firm.  She was ready to take her business to the next level.  Issues she wanted to address were the addition of new staff, new office space, implementing a new marketing plan,  etc.  I saw intuitively that she was smart, had clear goals and understood the importance of having a clear vision.  I also saw that her business plan was ready to move forward.

What is Courage?

This is the same point where many with a strong vision get stuck.  To manifest a vision takes great courage.  From an intuitive perspective having courage means bringing the information in the first chakra (fear and survival instincts) into communication with the sixth and seventh chakras (clear vision and certainty).

Finding Your Courage

Engaging the first chakra means a willingness to allow change but also the willingness to take risk but not at all cost.  When you have a strong and clear vision and you are focused on this vision then the risk is worth taking.  Nonetheless it can be scary.

When we avoid engaging our courage then the goals that challenge us the most don’t move forward.  Try the exercise below to engage your courage.

Intuitive Exercise

Create a space of quiet.  Close your eyes and go within.  Take a deep breath and release.  Now imagine one of your goals in your minds eye.  See it clearly.  Don’t think.  See.

Now decide to have your goal.  See yourself having it and what it would take to have it.  Notice your competing thoughts or pictures.  Acknowledge any discomfort, fear or resistance to manifesting this goal.  Now take deep breath and release the fear knowing it is a natural reaction to change and does not mean you can’t. Notice the fear in the first chakra and decide to engage the fear to find your courage.   Continue until you find the resolve and experience the courage to manifest your goal.

Best wishes on achieving your goals,


Stay the Course!

dreamstimefree_roadI just have to tell you Susan’s story because it is so familiar and I see it so often.  Susan is an amazingly capable professional working for a large national organization.  In recent years she began to feel dissatisfied with her work not because there was anything wrong with it but more that she was ready for new challenges and to move closer to her next dream job.

No Idea!

With that in mind Susan contacted me to assist her with this transition.  She had no idea where or what that dream job was.   I guided through intuitive meditation to begin to imagine this dream job.  All the thinking and logic in the world was not working for her so an intuitive approach seemed right to her.

Her Vision

Susan did not know the exact job that she wanted but she was very clear about components of the job, the talents she wanted to use and new areas of growth and challenge.  With that awareness I guided her in meditation regularly as a way of manifesting this vision.

Creating A Plan

A week or so after she created her vision she decided a move to Denver was part of her vision.  She reached out to some contacts in that area telling them of her interested in finding a new job in the Denver area and could they help.  In a very short time, maybe a week or two, she received a call for an interview for a position that far exceeded her expectations.  Suddenly she was very uncertain.  Was this too big a step?  Was it the right step?

Don’t Question

This next part is important and a critical intuitive principle.  Don’t answer these questions!  Susan would just make herself crazy logically arguing one side or another.  I advised Susan to go back into meditation and focus on her original vision.  Seeing this vision in her minds eye is calming and brings her goals into perspective.  In this way the answers are obvious.  There are no competing options.


Susan is in Denver interviewing as one step has led to another without any effort on her part.  Susan described this morning, “It is as if my vision is simply unfolding in front of my very eyes.  It is scary and wonderful at the same time.”

Intuitive Exercise

The intuitive technique I worked with Susan is simple.  Go into meditation so that you can become quiet, stop thinking and open to your inner voice and intuition.  Visualize a goal you would like to manifest.  Don’t think.  See the goal in your minds eye.   Take a deep breath.  Now let that goal manifest.  Clear seeing is the key.

Best wishes on your success.


When you cannot decide!

swirl blue purple orange croppedOne of the best times to use your intuition is when you cannot decide, the answers you are looking for are not obvious or your find yourself successfully defending both sides of your own argument!  You have been thinking, discussing it with others and still you cannot tell the right way to go or which decision to make.  This is the time to stop thinking!  Sometimes logic cannot provide our answers either because we are not neutral to the issue, our own thoughts and emotions cloud our thinking.  Sometimes we cannot decide because of the pressures from other people or competing interests.

I was on the way back from a salon at the home of a Silicon Valley executive and his wife.  My friend had run into one of her clients at the salon last month and again this day.  She was very confused how she should interact with this very high profile client in this informal and somewhat personal event.  I listened as she explained all the options she could think of.  It was clearly a professional challenge that could have huge financial impact.  She was confused, conflicted and worried.  What if she approaches him the wrong way?  What if she reads his communication incorrectly?  What if….  She was wearing herself out.

A client of mine was in a similar state of confusion.  She is transitioning in her career, sees a number of choices, can argue each of them convincingly only to confuse herself more.  She thought, argued, discussed all to no avail.  She could not decide and could not find a logical solution.  This was creating great stress.

These scenarios are very common.  The specifics may be different but each of us has been in a situation where all the logic in the world was not going to give us the answer.  For me, as a business intuitive, answers to these situations are easily found by opening to our intuition.   Using intuition is a way of gaining perspective and finding enough separation to see more clearly.

Here is a simple intuitive exercise you can use when you are confused or cannot decide.

  • Find a time and place to sit and quiet yourself.
  • Close your eyes, breathe deeply and begin to release all the effort you are experiencing.  Relax and release.
  • Bring your attention and your awareness inward, behind your eyes.  Breathe deeply and release.
  • Begin to clear your mind.  Try to stop thinking so that you can open to your intuition.
  • Simply open your awareness.  Begin to notice, see, listen and know intuitively.
  • Once you are quiet, imagine seeing a symbol out in front of you.  See it or imagine it with your minds eye .  I suggest a rose but any symbol will work.
  • Now imagine placing your question in that symbol.  This keeps your from thinking.
  • Without thinking open to what you see, hear and know.

If you are able to follow these steps you will get your answer and you will know.

To learn more about the use of meditation to open your intuition simply go to


Why is this happening to me?

B0319623Do you find your time taken with responding to one thing after another?  Do you feel that stuff keeps happening to you and you wonder what is next? Who is creating all of this?  Successful business owners and professionals know this well.

As a business intuitive I offer an intuitive perspective.  We each create our own reality and can create whatever we want.   When we don’t create then things will keep happening.  It is our choice to create our reality or just experience what’s out there.

I know this is hard to wrap your head around because our whole lives we have been taught to see life from an atheist perspective.  From this perspective everything that exists is, for the most part, beyond our control.  To be successful a change in thinking and perspective is required.  Success happens when we embrace being the creator of our reality.

When we turn our heads around and change our thinking we can change everything.  You can begin by imaging how you would create your life if you understood yourself to be the creator.  A creator, what did you have in mind?   I don’t mean the fantasies we all have.  The real question is what would you like to be, do and have.

Try the following intuitive exercise to experience yourself as a creator.  If this works for you then use it for other aspects of your life.

Intuitive Exercise: Find a quiet place and take the time to go within.  Meditation is a great way to do this. A quiet space of contemplation will do.

Close your eyes and be aware of gathering your attention and your awareness onto yourself. Breathe and relax.

Now be aware of one issue in your life that is not working for you.  Stop thinking about it and instead imagine your preferred solution or vision of this issue.  Imagine it in your minds-eye.  Imagine seeing the outcome in a new way?

Do not think of solutions.  Just imagine a different scenario.  See it intuitively.   Keep imagining until you can clearly see your preferred vision of the situation.

In this process you will notice thoughts, concepts and emotions you have and can let go of in order for your preferred vision to take hold.  Breathe and release.

Keep looking, breathing and imaging until you see it clearly.  When you can see the situation in the way you would like it play out then your meditation is done!  Your problem has been solved.  Watch for the evidence of this with great enthusiasm.

If you were unable to see or imagine you preferred outcome there is energy in you about the issue.  Let me know if you would like further insight into this.

Its Not A Miracle!


When I was growing up, I loved the idea of a miracle. My favorite saying was, “It’s a miracle!” I sought out opportunities to find a miracle big or small. Now I don’t subscribe to the idea very much. So what happened between then and now? I learned that those so-called miracles were actually created by us. A miracle used to be a magical idea because I believed that something outside of all of us created it – something God like. Well, I have no argument with God but I am fully aware that we have the free will to create or not create at our choosing.

When we have a strong vision, a sense of determination and the belief that it can happen it does. We call something a miracle when we don’t recognize our part in creating it. How can we become more capable creators when we don’t recognize our creations?

It is easy to take credit for creations that take sweat and tears, effort and exhaustion. We are less willing to recognize our creative role when we something manifests out of sheer vision and will without all the physical effort. That is a very limited perspective on our ability to create and our awareness of ourselves.

One of my clients called this morning to tell me how incredibly overjoyed she was at her success in creating exactly what she wanted professionally. She was fully aware that she was the creator of the miracle. It was a miracle to her because a few short months ago she could not imagine creating a career step from a well-paying high level corporate job that she hated to being a professor at the university of her choosing and in demand as a speaker that included her passion for travel. A few months ago she had more reasons for why it could not happen.

This woman decided to try the techniques I teach in this blog all the time. She created a vision of her success; decided it was happening now (not in the future) and took one step at a time toward her vision. It’s a miracle! Not that it happened but that she changed her thinking to realize she was the creator of her reality. When she decided that she changed her reality from creating out of fear to creating the reality, she truly wanted.

Here is the Intuitive Exercise she used: Find quiet time each day. Write your vision of your success. Notice your limits and fears but disregard them. Pay attention and focus on your vision every day. Every day let go of whatever competing concepts that you have. Be determined. Take steps.

Meditation is a good technique for visualizing your success. I invite you to join an online meditation each Monday.

For more information.

Shooting yourself in the foot!

Are you ready to make that phone call?
Are you ready to make that call?

Are you ready to make that phone call? Are you ready to make that call? As a business intuitive, I learn a great deal from my clients and sometimes I sigh when I see the mistakes business owners make. It is not because they don’t know better. These mistakes happen when they are not aware of what is going on within them at the time. All of us, business owners or not, become the effect of the energy of our life experiences. This then affects our work. We all have thoughts or mental image pictures that are re-stimulated and cause us to react in automatic and unconscious ways that may not serve us well. These are the times when we shoot ourselves in the foot.

Yesterday I was sitting in the office of one of my clients as he was making an important phone call to a potential client. My role was to be intuitive and observe this communication. My client, Fred (not his real name), was talking to a potential client by phone, discussing the scope of work, his fees, the needs of the project, etc. His client was a production company new at producing a web-based video and working with minors as talent. I saw intuitively that my client was not in the space to have this conversation. He had energy in this space that set the tone before he even made a phone call. His energy was set to educate. This was an entirely different space from developing a contract to provide talent for a production, which was the goal of a phone call.

I watched as Fred, clearly frustrated with this new producer, slowly but surely created an energy divide between himself and his potential client. This was not what he intended to do. The conversation ended with my client thinking, and conveying unconsciously that the production company did not know what they were doing. In this space, Fred did not convey how he could help them complete their project. He did not hear the producer’s concerns about the cost of his services, etc. The communication between the two was not accomplishing the goals for either side. In the end, the production company promised to get back to Fred at the end the day and they never did.

As an intuitive, I see this happen all the time. Quite simply Fred responded through his thoughts and feelings and not being focused on the goal for this conversation. This is more common than you would think. I know all of you are thinking that you would never do that or let that happen when, in fact, it happens all the time simply because we are not aware.

In working with business owners and professionals, I recommend a simple, intuitive exercise that raises your awareness. This exercise is designed for you to clear your thinking and the energy in your space before you make a call. I suggest this so that you don’t automatically and unconsciously talk through pictures, thoughts or energy in your space. We have all done this then thought, “I didn’t mean to say that.”

The second part of this intuitive exercise is taking the time to focus on your plan for the call. In this way, you create a clear mental image picture that guides your conversation to the outcome you are looking for.

Intuitive Exercise Before making that phone call close your door. Sit down. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Bring all your attention and awareness onto yourself. Notice how you are doing. Let go of whatever is on your mind. Decide how you want to be in the meeting. How do you want your potential client to experience you? What do you want to happen in this call? Begin to imagine the conversation in your mind’s eye. See it intuitively out in front of you. Don’t think! See it! Imagine it! When you can see or imagine this conversation exactly as you would like then you are ready. This could take five minutes, or an hour depending on how much energy you have about the call. How clear you are about the purpose of the call, how much energy you have in your space to clear and what other things are on your mind?

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.  It is worth the time to set the energy and your focus before you make that sales call.

Note: Regular meditation makes this easier helping you get into a routine of clearing your space and setting your goals.  Online Meditation each Monday

The trinity and business ownership

dreamstimefree_2565706 It may seem like a strange concept but trust me it works.   Successful business owners have a balance between their body, mind and spirit.  It works something like this.   One aspect of a business owner is as a visionary with a creative idea and the undeniable urge to see this vision manifested.   This brings out the the organizer side of the business owner.  The organizer side takes this vision, adds color, texture, and  has a passion to make it a reality.  The organizer grounds our business in a physical reality.  The organizer, or our analytical side, creates the structure for our vision.  Finally, there is the do-er side of us.  This is the side of the business owner that knows how to provide the product or service of our business.

These three aspects of a business owner are familiar to each of us.  When we are able to move easily between these three aspects of ourselves then our business has the chance to thrive.   When we are stuck in one or the other aspects then we are out of balance and, not surprising, so is our business.  From an intuitive perspective our business is a physical manifestation of who we are.  The more we know about ourselves the more we know about our business.  Notice for yourself.  Can you move easily between each of these three parts?  Are you more comfortable as the visionary and neglect the doer side?  Perhaps you are comfortable but have lost the passion of the visionary.  Try the intuitive exercise below to get your business back in balance and moving toward greater success.

Intuitive Exercise:  Find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes and quiet your body.  Take a deep breath.  Bring your attention and awareness within you.  Imagine (or see in your minds eye) three roses about 6 inches in front of you.  Each rose represents one of the three aspects described above.  Look intuitively at each rose.  What do you notice about these three roses?  Is one bigger than the others?  Is the vibration of each rose the same or different?  Don’t think or analyze.  This is an intuitive exercise. Notice more.  Now imagine each rose as vibrant and energized.  When you can see this balance your meditation is complete.

Running a business is scary!

A time to go within
A time to go within

OK so you own a business. Have you noticed that this is a journey in self-awareness? As a business intuitive one of my main roles is to work with business owners when they hit the wall! Every successful business owner experiences this periodically. From my intuitive perspective this is one of the best times for a business to take a step towards more success if the owner is willing to realize that their own personal limits are affecting their business. This may not always be logical but it is very spiritual and intuitive. From my experience in working with business owners I can tell those who will be successful. Half the clients I work with as a business intuitive call me when they are scared about their business succeeding or frustrated that it is not growing. I look at intuitively are the concepts they have about themselves and their business. I also look at the emotional charge on these concepts. If we acknowledge that our business is a physical manifestation of who we are then it is an easy transition from “My business is stuck” to “I am stuck”. What is not always apparent is what we are stuck on. Often the concepts and energies that are affecting us are very old or are buried deep in our space. To get the energy moving in our business often means getting the energy moving in our personal space. The owner of hedge fund found his fear of loosing his business related to his fear of being alone. Real estate investor hit the wall when she realized she could not let people be on her side and related this to hiding others from an alcoholic parent. A business consultant hit the wall when the grief of a 10-year-old divorce was re-stimulated. A high fashion model hit the wall because her parents feared loosing her. The list goes on. It is surprising how easy it is to recognize and move out of these fears but it does take the courage of self-awareness, determination and amusement. Yes, amusement. That is the top of another blog. Businesses that succeed include those where we are willing to have a personal journey to discover what limits our success. We may be aware of some of these concepts and some are unconscious and have an emotional charge. Taking the time to realize these concepts and clear the energy charge on these pictures will result in the energy moving in our business. When you hit the wall try this exercise. If all else fails don’t be afraid to get an intuitive consultation to see what’s within you that is affecting your success. Intuitive Exercise (meditation) Find a time when you can sit quietly for a while. Close our eyes. Breathe deeply and often. Let go of tension when you exhale. Imagine bringing all your attention and awareness in around you. Bring your attention off of your business, your family, and your life and focus your attention within. Breathe! Continue until you feel like you are centered in present time. Most importantly do not think! In this exercise you are going to open to your intuition so relax and image in your minds eye, visualize a symbol for your business. See it out in front of you. We do this so that you don’t think and open to your intuition. If you cannot see a symbol for your business pretend to. The next step is important. You will want to pay attention to the very first thing that comes to mind. Do not require or expect that it is logical. Logic will alter the response. Your intuition is the first response. The next immediate thought is analytical and not true. Relax. Focus within. See the symbol of your business or goal in front of you. Now ask silently the question you have. Notice your first fleeting impression. There is your answer. Enjoy your personal journey and your business success.

Meditate for Success!

Have a clear vision!

Blog – Focus and Clarity of Vision

There is a direct correlation between the clarity of vision and the success of a business.  What more can I say?   How can I convince you?  As a Business Intuitive I can tell within one minute of talking to a business owner how successful they are and will be.  Successful business owners and professionals have a VERY clear vision without doubt or uncertainty.  They hold that vision in their minds eye.

I can see that vision intuitively.  Others also see it perhaps unconsciously and react to what they perceive exactly as the owner sees it.  If the business vision is unclear or uncertain then others sense that and react accordingly.  When a business has a strong and clear vision that is also sensed and we react to their product or service with great expectation.

It begins with you, the professional or business owner.  As a business intuitive in practice for over 28 years I have one simple though not easy recommendation.  Meditate!  Meditate to find that clear vision and focus.   I know the technique below is simple.  I also know it is not easy because most business owners don’t do it which explains the success rate of businesses.

People most often say, “I am too busy to meditate.”  My response is, “If you take the time to meditate on your vision you won’t have to work so hard.”   You can create in two ways.  You can work really really hard and you may or may not be successful or you can take the time to have a clear vision (and work hard if you enjoy this) to create your success.

Try this Intuitive Exercise and Meditation and see what happens.

The clearer your vision the more successful you become.   Meditate first thing before you begin your day.  Take the time that you need for each these steps.  It will make all the difference.
•    Have a comfortable quiet place to sit down
•    Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and release.
•    Bring your attention and awareness into present time by focusing on yourself,
•    Take a deep breath and release and let go of the thoughts and energy you are holding from yesterday or the day before.
•    Bring into focus a clear vision of your day, your week, etc.  Use your imagination not your logic.
•    Let go of the demand energy or to do list.
•    Set your energy and your space to the vibration you want to be for the day.

This takes 10 minutes to an hour.  It varies on how clear your space is and how focused you are.  Let me know your questions or comments about this modified meditation.

This is not only good for your body and soul it is good for your business and professional success.

Are you sabotaging your sales?

Be mindful in sales!

Just the other day I had an interesting experience with someone selling me advertising time. I want to begin by saying that I WANTED to buy what he was selling but he wouldn’t let me.  Let me tell you this very common story.

Fred called just when I was running out the door to an appointment.  He wanted my company to buy radio-advertising time.  It was an interesting campaign that married my company to one of my favorite charities.  I was sold!  The price was right.  The cause was right and my company could show support for something I value.  Win. Win. Win.  Only one problem –Fred.

Let me describe what I saw as a business intuitive when I interacted with Fred.  Everyone is intuitive including our potential customers so I am sure everyone he called that morning had the same experienced though they may not have been conscious of it.

When Fred called it was clear that I was the one hundredth person he had called in the last 10 minutes.  He spoke fast. He was not communicating with me. I was just there to listen to his pitch.  Because I wanted what he was selling I tried to engage him in a real communication.  He was in the energy of giving his pitch, waiting for a yes or no and moving on.  I felt that.  I saw that.  Most people would have been turned off by this and never really “heard” about his offer.

But let’s take it further because I did want to buy what he was selling. I was on the way out the door so I asked Fred to email me the information, contract, schedule for ads, etc.   His energy immediately changed to “She is not going to buy this ad time.”   He was done with me.  Politely he took my email address and hung up.  In the end he did not email me the information. He lost a sale and I lost a good advertising option.

In this situation, Fred was putting out the energy and the pictures of failure.  He was going through the motions but his thoughts (“pictures” in his aura) were like neon signs to anyone he called, “I don’t expect you to buy what I am selling.”  The potential client “sees” these pictures intuitively but maybe not consciously.  Fred’s energy and his pictures create an unconscious and automatic reaction in the space (aura) of the person he is talking to, “I’m not buying what you are selling.”  This happens all the time!  We sabotage our own sales!

Let me give you an intuitive exercise you can use so that you increase your sales rather than sabotage your sales.  After you do this exercise look intuitively at the people who do sales for you.  Notice the pictures they have in their aura that supports or interferes with their sales.

Intuitive Exercise:  To be done before you make a call, meet with a potential customer, etc.

Take the time to stop.  Sit down in a quiet place if possible.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Begin to quiet your space.   Imagine calling back all your energy, attention and awareness from everywhere – last week, this morning’s meeting, tomorrow’s trip, etc.   Bring your attention into present time, the present moment.

When you feel quiet and present bring your attention into the center of your head and behind your eyes.  Notice yourself.  How are you doing?  What will the person you talk to experience from you?  The rush of your day?  Your resistance to making this contact?  The disappointment of your last contact?   Begin to change your space.  Be conscious and aware of how you want your customer to experience you intuitively.  If you had a fight with someone, clear that and any other energy that is “hanging” in your space (aura). You know what you are going to say but what are they going to experience intuitively from you.

Begin to imagine and see in your minds eye  (your eyes closed) the sales call or meeting you are about to conduct.  Notice your thoughts about this.   Begin to release or let go of any competing thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc.  Let go of any past time experiences that interfere with you imagining or seeing successful contacts.

Do not make a call or meet with potential clients until YOU can see clearly the possibility of making the sale.  Your clients or customers are intuitive.  They will pick up on any doubt or thoughts that you have.  Make sure they are picking up on thoughts that support a sale versus thoughts that would sabotage your sale.

When you have set your space (aura) the way you want your customer to experience you and you can see a successful sale in your minds eye exactly as you would like it to happen then you are ready to meet with your potential customer.

There are more intuitive steps but this is a good start.  Have a great day and let me know how your sales go!


Selling? Develop long term customers…

j0289893 There are many ways to create a sale.  Some people rev-up their energy and run an intense sales pitch through your space.  In the onslaught of the energy many may, in fact, buy what is being sold.   Once the client gets out of the energy of the sale they will do one or both of these.  They will return or cancel the contract because they felt pushed into something or they will simply never use the produce or service again for the same reason.  Customers are very sensitive to energy.  Salespersons or business owners who are aware set the energy of their contacts with an intuitive eye to the customer.   Knowing your customer and what they are in need of then will develop long-term relationships with their clients/customers.

To create this long-term relationship in which customers come back again and again we must be intuitive.  There are several levels to a sale.

1. Telling your potential customer about the product.
2. Knowing what their needs are.

This is as far as most business folks go but there is a third and absolutely essential piece.  Your customer has thoughts or pictures that affect their ability to hear what you tell them and to see the value of your product or service.  They may be aware of these thoughts or pictures or is may be entirely unconscious to then.  Either way this is what will determine whether they buy from you or not.  This is where intuition comes in.

There is a current rage that says’ “Find their pain.  Address their pain.”  Well, that is the answer for some customers and will certainly help with that group but there are other energies that affect them.

Telling the customer more and more about your product or service, thinking the more they know the more likely they will be to purchase, is a limited perspective.  Sure knowing the product is important but it does not matter if the person is preoccupied by a competing thought.  Maybe the couple just had an argument before meeting you.  You have no chance. Their attention is elsewhere.  Maybe your client is put off by something in the environment where you are meeting and can’t get beyond that.  There are so many possibilities it is impossible to know ahead of time so we rely on our intuition.

Telling a customer why they need the product or service will have the same result if they are distracted by a competing thought.  It is well know that businesses make most of their money from repeat customers.  Selling is not about getting this sale.  Selling is about creating a customer.  Someone who you will keep over time.   This means getting to know your customer and what their needs are.  It also means knowing the unconscious or semi-conscious thoughts or pictures that have an impact on their decisions.  This is where your intuition comes in.

Let me offer an intuitive exercise that you may find useful.

1. Before you meet with your potential customer take the time to stop and ground yourself.
2. Perhaps close your eyes and bring all your attention and awareness into present time.
3. Gather your energy from your day and be present.
4. Imagine your appointment with your customer.
5. Decide how you would like to be in this meeting.
6. Open intuitively to your customer.
7. Intuitively, what do you see about them?  What is on their mind?  Just imagine.

These are some of the steps you can take to open intuitively before you meet with your client.

When you meet with your client use your own style of presentation then sit back.  Make some separation from your potential client if you are completely in their space.  By doing this you gain some perspective.  Stop thinking and start noticing.  Open your intuition. What do you notice about this person intuitively?  Stop talking and start listening.  Find out about them.  Let them talk to you about what they are looking for.  Don’t think.  Notice intuitively more than listening to their words.  What do you notice separately from what they are saying?  Don’t respond just keep listening until you “see” that you have a clear picture of who they are and what’s on their mind.  If your product is not the right fit, say so and let them go.  I could give you a thousand reasons why this is a good idea but that is another blog.

If your product is the right fit then keep opening intuitively to find the picture or thought in their space that is in the way.  Talk about what you intuit.  Keep reading them and talk about their “fears”.  You don’t have to sell your product at this point.  You are simply getting your customer on the same page with you by finding out why they are not.

As they feel that you hear them they will begin to engage in knowing who you are or how your product or service might work for them.

Don’t even get out of bed….

We get up.  We get going.  We have a list of things to do.  At the end of this busy day we may or may not have taken steps toward our goals.

Consider this.   We all have thoughts, concepts and ideas in our awareness.  To an intuitive this looks like pictures in your aura.  Our lives are created through these pictures whether we like them or not.    When we get up in the morning how we experience our day and decisions we make are in direct response to these thoughts, concepts and ideas and not necessarily our goals.  This is a serious distraction to our business success.

For example, your goal may have been to develop a proposal for a potential client.  Instead your attention and awareness are occupied by the energy your staff may have put into your space.   They had a problem and they wanted you to solve it.  With these thoughts and the energy of this communication in your space you could not focus on the proposal.  A proposal that was important to achieving one of your goals.

This is one of an endless list of stories from my clients in which they began their day with their attention and awareness on any number of issues that did not help them achieve their goals.  Working hard and not accomplishing any of our goals.  It can be so frustrating but it is no mystery.  Once we realize that we are the affect of other’s thoughts and energy then we can take steps to resolve.

As an intuitive I offer a simple exercise that produces dramatic results.  Wake up and stay in bed until you are focused and aware of creating a day to achieve your goals.  Try this.  Make a point of waking up in enough time to “meditate” in bed.  You could also go this after you get up.  The key is to do this exercise before you begin your day.

Intuitive Exercise:  Relax.  Take a deep breath.   Begin to be aware of your space.  Don’t think.  Be intuitive.  How do you feel?  What is on your mind?  Who is on your mind (or in your space)?  Take deep breaths and let go of whoever and whatever is occupying your space.  Release any energy or tension you may feel in your space.   Be aware of clearing others, their thoughts and their energy from your space otherwise you will spend your day achieving their goals for you!

Begin to focus on your goals and your vision of yourself and your business.  Focus on the goals you want to accomplish this day, this week, etc.   Now begin to imagine what you can do to achieve those goals.  Let go of everything and anything else.  These distractions keep you busy but do not help achieve your goals.

This exercise may take five minutes or an hour depending on how clear your space is.  If you do this exercise each day it will become easier to clear your space and reset your attention and energy to achieve your goals.

While I started by saying this exercise was simple it may not be easy to clear your space if you are not familiar with this technique.  Begin simply.  Do this everyday even if only for 5 – 10 minutes.   It will become easier and the results will become more and more apparent.

If you do not create your day then you are experiencing your day through the ideas and energy of others in your space.

Be successful everyday.

Increase your business – Go within


Happy New Year everyone!  This is a really good time to stop and take a look at our business.   What worked?  What failed?  List our successes.  Acknowledge ideas that just did not create the benefit we wanted.  This reflection is standard business practice. I whole heartedly support this reflection and suggest that we write it all down!

As an intuitive I am also aware that everything we create manifests from within us.  Our businesses do not manifest as a result of something separate from ourselves.  If this sounds a bit obscure it’s because we are not used to thinking or being aware in this way.

Add an intuitive look to your review of your business.   When we create change within it will reflect on our business.   At a deep level our reality is a reflection of our inner selves so let’s start there to grow our business.

With this in mind our successes and our failures are really no mystery.  You can see this for yourself using the following exercise. 

Intuitive Exercise: Take the time to sit quietly.  Write down your successes and failures for 2008.  Write down the things you are proud or grateful for and those that were disappointments.

Quiet yourself.  Maybe close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and go within.  Stop thinking.  Open to your intuition.  Allow yourself to imagine or see in your minds eye.

Now ask yourself for an intuitive answer to any of the items that you wrote down.  Do not think.  Listen intuitively.  See in your minds eye.  Notice your very first thought and only your first thought.  What you hear, see or know does not have to make sense.  It is important that you not think but allow yourself to be open to your intuition.

Once you get an answer reflect on this.  Notice how it created or caused the outcome you experienced.  Do not think, analyze or explain it.  Just know it.

You may find thoughts that do not help you get your goals.  For example, you wanted to increase your sales by 10% for 2008 and they stayed flat.  When you looked intuitively you felt all the demands on your space, family, friends, outside commitments, etc.  So now you know that despite great plans to increase sales they did not increase because of other demands on your space that grabbed your attention and I suspect – your energy.

Another example, you just cannot get over the fact that you did not get the big contract you worked so hard for.  Intuitively you saw the energy of your assistant.  Without being logical you can see that she was not in agreement with this new contract because it would change a routine that she was comfortable in.  Yes others energy does affect our business.

This can be a fun and enlightening exercise.  Take some time to do this and you will be in a whole new space for 2009 and so will your business.


Few business owners are creating their success… are you one of them!


I am amazed at how many business owners and professionals give little regard to creating their success. Yes indeed. We think we are working to create our success but is that the case? When we get up and get busy we may get a lot done or not. Being busy, having a lot to do has little to do with the success. Being busy is simply being busy.

Our success is created each day by the vision we have of our success and having that clearly in our minds eye before we begin each day. In this way we can see how to spend our day and to move toward this vision. Doing this for each activity planned for the day moves us toward our goals. What is my vision of success and how can I set this meeting, phone call, project to accomplish my goals? This is a way of being conscious and aware of our ability to create our reality rather than just go through whatever reality we are in.

I attended a Board Meeting last night. Fortunately I had time before the meeting to take the time to meditate on the meeting, what was my goal or vision for participating in this meeting, how can attending this meeting help me in my business and what was my goalas a Board Member supporting this business organization. I was ready. When I got to the meeting I noticed intuitively that a couple other board members had also taken the time to focus their energy and create their vision and goals for this meeting. They were ready. That felt good to me as a participant. Several others had not. They were distracted, unfocused and not on the same page. I noticed that the meeting went well for me because my goal did not depend on others. It was my vision and it manifested.

An Aboriginal tribe believes in song lines. They believe that the world does not exist and that we create it with our song. So before they get up each morning they sing their song to create their day. They believe that if you get up, do not sing your song and the world still exists then you are in someone else’s song.

The power of a clear vision is unmistakable. Clear vision is not thinking. It is seeing intuitively, in your minds eye in the same way you imagine something. Take the time today or right now to try the following exercise.

Intuitive Exercise: Take a few minutes to sit quietly. Perhaps close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax. Collect up your attention and your awareness so that you are present. Bring into your awareness your vision of your company, your day, the next meeting or whatever you would like to visualize. Start to image or see in your minds eye the activity exactly as you would like to image it happening. See it out in front of you. Don’t think. See. Imagine. Keep seeing until you can imagine it happening exactly as you would like. You may have to let go of competing thoughts or energies. Deep breathe. Release. If you cannot see it then it can not manifest. Repeat this exercise as often as necessary until you have a clear vision.

Do this each day. Do this before an important meeting, phone call, etc.
Share your stories about the outcomes of visualizing.

Wall Street – Don’t jump on this bandwagon! As an intuitive, I am completely amazed by how many add their energy and agreement to something they absolutely DON’T want to happen!

Consider this. Whatever you put your attention on you are helping to create. I’ve told my clients not to add their agreement to the “sky is falling” (the financial sky) because whatever we believe manifests. So why are you helping to manifest financial ruin? The media is grabbing your attention and telling you what to believe.

This is one of the most basic energy, spiritual and intuitive concepts on the planet. Whatever you believe WILL manifest. So you can believe what you are told by the media, your industry, your family or anyone else who wants to scream doom and gloom. The alternative is not to add your energy to this picture. In fact pull your energy out of this agreement. Be like Warren Buffett, think opportunity.

Intuitive Exercise: Take a moment to stop. Sit down. Close your eyes. Quiet your space. Go within. Notice how much you have your attention on the financial problems. Pull your attention and awareness off this picture.

Now start to image what you want for your business. How do you imagine or see your next step? Keeping seeing this in your mind’s eye. Release the energy you feel until you can see your vision of success.

Keep your attention on your business and its success. Take your attention off anyone who is promoting a concept that you do not want to see manifest in your business.

Remember whatever can be imagined is being created.

Best wishes on your success,


Decision making is overrated!


Making a decision can be the wrong thing to do. Probably the most common reason that folks contact me is because they have to make a decision. They want to make sure they are making the right decision. Often I see intuitively that making a decision is not the right thing to do at the time. The first question I ask my client is “What are your goals?” Not what is the goal for this decision, but rather what are YOUR goals personally, professionally, financially, etc. If they know the answer to this question for certain, they are ready to make decisions. Most often we are not clear about our goals. When we know our goals clearly, meaning that we can see them clearly in our mind’s eye, and they fit logical then decisions follow easily. What are my goals (in all aspects of my life)? Will making this decision help me get my goals?

I am amazed how often we get caught up and use all of our life force energy and our intellectual stamina to make a decision that has nothing to do with what we want in our business, profession or our lives. One of my clients is a high fashion model in New York. She has some major decisions to make about where she will live, her relationship, her work and her career. It seemed quite overwhelming to her. As I questioned her about her goals, her options became more evident. I saw intuitively the energies that were affecting her choices and as I told her what I saw things became even clearer. By the end of the consultation, she was not asking about decisions. She was talking about her plans to achieve her goals.

Another of my clients owns a successful hedge fund. He was stressed with the decisions he felt he had to make. When I looked at him intuitively, I saw the energy behind his decisions had nothing to do with his business, so I asked, “What are your goals – on all levels?” He was clear on his goals personally and professionally but did not see how his personal goal of having a family was core to all the decisions he needed to make at that time.

Next Step: Take the time to know your goals: personal, professional, business, emotional, health, wealth and spiritual. Know them. See them clearly in your mind’s eye. Write them down. Look at them often. Whenever you have to make a decision look at your goals first and see if it will help you to manifest your goals. If not, then it is not your question or maybe even a decision you do not need to make. Whose question or decision is it?

You are constantly making decisions without a second thought. When you cannot decide then do not decide. Step back and focus on your vision. That will guide you clearly.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Do What Is Important for Success. Avoid Distractions.

  Are you so busy working hard that you find yourself distracted from your goal? This may sound inconsistent, but it is not. If we are working hard doesn’t that mean we are getting our goal? Not necessarily. We work hard 80 hours a week and never achieve our goal when we are just working and don’t have our vision of where we are going.

Having a clear vision in our mind’s eye is the secret to success except that it is not a secret. We are taught to work hard even though it often does not achieve anything other than working hard. Being busy does not achieve goals. I watch people plan their day, have it full and not move one step closer toward to success.

When I began working with Tom he would get up each morning decide what he needed to do, create a plan to do those things and made sure he did them. When asked what his goal was for a particular day he showed me his list. Then I asked him what his goal was for his business, and he told me that. Comparing the two showed his to do list was not created in support of his vision for his company. His list included all the things that he felt had to get done. He was distracted from his vision.

We are not the only ones who create our distractions. Notice how many times in a day someone or something else grabs or demands your attention. Suddenly you are not creating the success of your business. Your attention is now redirected and focused on something else, someone else’s goal. What is the value of this distraction?

From an intuitive perspective, a clear vision of your successful business is vastly more important than any work you do on your business. Try this.

Intuitive exercise. Do this more than once. Do it daily.
Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release whatever tension you are holding. Now imagine, in your mind’s eye, your business as a success. What would that be? How would it look? Do not think! See! Imagine! Use your mind’s eye. Imagine your success in detail. Keep imagining until you can see this clearly. Let go of any uncertainty or confusion.

Whatever you can imagine is exactly what will be created and is being created – unless you have a thought that it won’t. Clear your thinking so you can see your success, and all your thoughts believe what you see. When you are finished open your eyes, take a deep breath and stretch. Repeat this exercise often to keep your vision clear. When things get off track do this exercise again.

Now with a clear vision of your company and its success re-write your plan for the upcoming week. Do not put on your list things that you “should do” unless it helps you achieve your vision of your company. Put first those things that support and are directed at your success. Put last “other” things”. Notice if this makes a difference.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Limited Thinking Gets In Our Way

Can you imagine winning?
Can you imagine winning?

In my work with business owners and professionals I learned that the single most common reason for not getting a goal is not seeing it happening, or only see it happening one way. To be successful, we have to know what we want, see it clearly on our mind’s eye, create a plan to get there AND allow a miracle. A miracle is the unexpected and something that “comes out of the blue.”

One of my clients was a successful Creative Director for an innovative Silicon Valley company. He recently decided to move on and create his own company. As with any new company development takes a planning, courage and a strong vision. He has all of that, AND he is in his own way.

Phil has a clear vision of his company. He has a great plan on how to start his vision. His downfall is his thinking about what has to happen to get clients, working capital and good staff. When I gave him an intuitive consultation recently, I saw business coming to him from four different directions that he might consider unexpected and out of the blue, opportunities he could not imagine happening. He was convinced there was only one way. He was unmovable. He was stuck. In his mind, it is going to take a lot of time to get his business going. I could see clearly, intuitively that was not the case. Phil will create his business exactly as he can imagine, pushing away other possibilities that are literally standing at his door. He can’t see them. His thinking is making him not only blind but also turning away from opportunities. Ah, free will …..

Another client is a filmmaker. She is filming an exciting project. In the midst of filming she decided that the project was not working. Sue was going to abandon the film before it was completed. Sue called knowing that she was reacting to something that she could not put her finger on. She felt she had lost her vision and the reason she was making this film in the first place. Sounds profound but it is a simple matter from an intuitive perspective. I saw intuitively bringing together her passion for travel, speaking other languages and filmmaking. I saw a worldwide interest in her film from thousands of people involved in the subject of the film. I saw support from hundreds of organizations willing to give time and resources to the project. Ultimately it depends on what Sue can imagine as possible. It does not matter if there are thousands of people and hundreds of organizations willing to support her; if she can’t imagine it then she is not aware that they are there. She does not see them.

So often we are limited by what we can imagine for ourselves. We create our own limits when we “can’t imagine it”. What limits do you imagine? It is important to know because your thinking and what you imagine creates what you experience.

Intuitive exercise: Take time and find a quiet place. Relax. Close your eyes. Notice a project or goal you want to manifest. See it clearly in your mind’s eye. Do not think. Begin to see or imagine in your mind’s eye. Imagine how it will manifest, how it is possible. Now open your awareness to other possibilities. What is “beyond your imagination?” Open your intuition. Allow other possibilities.

Thinking brings us one set of possibilities. Seeing intuitively offers other possibilities that are not logical. To be successful allow both.

Best wishes on your success!


Getting Back on Track

Man sitting, pondering, worryingThere are days, and weeks…. when all your hopes are shattered, something goes terribly wrong………….. You know what I mean. We have all had that happen once or twice. Over the years, I have observed the ways that we respond to these disappointments.

First it affects our energy. We are hit by the sudden realization or feeling that something or everything is not working. Our energy drops, and we stop breathing! We are confused as our focus is suddenly being directed another way. Most of us lose our awareness, perspective and space out when something like this happens. This is not a good time to make any decisions.

From an intuitive perspective, the first thing to do is ground, get centered in present time, gather up all your attention and awareness and focus within because a shift in our awareness is happening. This is the complete opposite of our first and automatic reaction. It is essential to find our space and to become clear to learn and grow from this energy shift.

The next intuitive step is to reset your energy back to where you feel in charge of your experiences. Someone or some energy affected your space and changed your energy completely. It is very uncomfortable to have our energy changed in this way. If we take the time to look intuitively we can see clearly what happened and what energy affected us so directly. It is never a mystery if you look intuitively.

Finally, you can decide to become the effect of the energy and let it bring you down, or you can decide to reset your energy a step or two above this destroy energy. When you reset your energy and take back you seniority, you can re-own your goals. You can decide to change the energy back to success. Being hit by energy can have a long or short-term effect. It is up to us.

Let me know if you would like to learn more about the intuitive tools or techniques mentioned in this posting. Try them and let me know how it worked for you.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Visualize Success!

 Your vision of success is more powerful than all the hard work that you do. When we take the time to stop, get out of the energy of working our business then we can see more clearly. We spend so much time on physically creating that we lose sight of our vision.

As an intuitive I am keenly aware of the power of vision, your vision. When we are doing all the right things and our business is moving slowly towards our goal we have to stop and ask. “Why all this effort?”

Effort is the alternative to a clear vision. Seeing, in our mind’s eye, exactly what we want to create, where we want our business to be is the fastest road to success. When we can not see our target clearly in our mind’s eye then, we are not ready. It may be something we want, but we “can’t imagine it”.

When we can’t imagine something happening then it won’t. We can want it to happen but until we can imagine it intuitively, we will be just “wanting” and working and wanting and working.

Intuitive exercise: Take the time to stop. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can close your eyes and go within. Breathe deeply letting go as your exhale. Repeat until you find yourself letting go of all the energy you are holding in your space. Stop thinking. Thinking is not intuitive. It is logical. It has its place, but this exercise is about being intuitive.

When you feel relaxed and centered with your eyes closed, start to imagine your business as a success. What would that be? How would that look? Open your imagination until you can see the big picture, not the details and not what you have to do to get there. Just imagine and see the target. Where is your business going? What would it look like when it is successful?

Continue and repeat this exercise until you can see it clearly. If you feel like you are unable to see clearly then contact me for a neutral perspective on what is in your way.

Best wishes on your success,

Are your habits and routines killing your success?

Out of your comfort zone?
Out of your comfort zone?

When we decide we want something and set a goal we have decided to change! The only problem with that is we often don’t have the full extent of the change in our mind. Our lives are already filled with what we are experiencing right now. Deciding that we want something new (a goal) means that our life needs to change in some way to make room for this new goal. There is an intuitive way to say this. Your energy is set in a particular way (pattern) based on your life as it is now, your routine and your habits. To create something new means changing this pattern of energy. Sounds simple except that we are comfortable in our routines, and we don’t imagine changing these when we create a goal.

Goals will not manifest if we are “set in our ways” or our energy is set in a particular and inflexible way. That is why people who are willing to take risks are more successful. They are willing to go through a period of being uncomfortable. They are willing to get out of their comfort zone. They are willing to allow the energy change to an unknown or unexpected. When we are willing to allow change and a period of being uncomfortable with our energy changing then we are ready for greater success.

Try this intuitive exercise. Find a time and place to be quiet. Close your eyes and go within. Begin to imagine one of your goals. Allow yourself to be aware of how your life, routines and habits will need to change to make room for this goal. Don’t think! Imagine. Be intuitive. This is not logical. Allow your inner self to be heard. Notice what part of your goal makes you uncomfortable. Notice any our resistance to change.

Come out of this meditation and write your goal. Now write how things might change as you manifest this goal. Decide if you are ready for these changes and your goal to happen

Begin today. Your next step is to notice your habits, routines or patterns and change something. Get out of at least one routine. Notice how easy it is for you to allow change. This is a measure of your ability to succeed.

Best wishes on your success,


Manifest NOW! Why the future?

Now or in the future. Your choice!

Now or in the future? Your choice!
It is a mystery to my why so many of us imagine our goals happening in the future. From an intuitive perspective, the world manifests exactly as we imagine it. We decide on our goals then consciously or unconsciously we decide it will happen at some point in the future. And so it shall be.

When we decide that we want something now, we are creating a very different experience. Immediately our brain kicks in to analyze whether something is possible. This possibility is based on what we know and what seems logical. Achieving a goal is so much more than logic and logic can get in our way. We imagine something in the future when we do not have the brain power or emotional strength to have it now. Our choice.

So what is this pattern or programming to write goals and plan for them to happen in the future unless, of course, we don’t want it now.

I have observed many of my clients write goals and decide it will happen in the future not because they want it then but because they simply can’t imagine it happening now. Deciding to have it in the future is their response to not being able to imagine the goal happening now.

Deciding to have what we want now takes courage. We have to take a deep breath, commit and allow all the fear and uncertainty to be there while we focus our mind’s eye on seeing clearly what we want and how we imagine the experience.

The idea of goals brings me back to our ability to visualize and see clearly in our mind’s eye. If you want to have one of your goals NOW and not in the future, then try this exercise.

Find a comfortable and quiet place. Take a deep breath and relax. Stop thinking. Close your eyes and begin to imagine and see in your mind’s eye exactly what you want. Don’t think about it or how to create it. Just imagine experiencing it. See it. Visualize until you can see the experience clearly. In the process, you may have to release and let go of thoughts, concepts and emotions that get in the way of you seeing yourself having what you want and having it now!

Repeat this exercise as often as needed for your vision to be clear. Notice and be aware of subtle changes that begin to occur that are steps to having your goal.

As you approach the coming year, it is fair to create goals for different times in the year but don’t simply imagine a goal in the future out of habit when you really want it now.

To stretch your awareness about the concept of creating now read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Best wishes on your success,


Tiger & Phelps used the same technique to succeed – Visualize

j01490291I love watching athletes and others who know the power of having a strong, clear vision of their “target.” They know how to create success. We think it is because of their hard work. I would say it is because they know how to visualize. This truly is “The Secret” except it has never been a secret. It is an intuitive ability to see clearly in your mind’s eye. How many times and how many ways can this truth be stated? The power of visualization has been known and stated since the writings of the ancient philosophers then restated by theologians, educators, intuitives, physicians, business experts and others. If you can see clearly strongly in your mind’s eye whatever it is that you want to experience it will manifest – unless you decide that it won’t.

I mentioned this strange truth in yesterday’s posting. Your thoughts are literally translated into your reality. Don’t think about this just take a moment to notice and you will see this in your own life.

After you read this post do the following exercise then notice the outcome. Take time today to stop everything that you are doing. Find a quiet comfortable place where you can close your eyes and go within. Closing the eyes helps you from engaging your analyzer. In this exercise you will try not to think. In this exercise you want to engage your imagination.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Start to put your attention on something you would like to have happen or experience this week OR bring to mind something you have going on this week and begin to imagine how you would like it to go and how you would like to experience it.

Continue to imagine. See it in your mind’s eye. Keep changing what you can imagine until you get to the vision of this experience that is exactly as you would like it to be. Sounds simple but it may not be depending on the thoughts, emotions and experiences you have about this experience.

For example, if you want to make a sale, but you called 50 companies last week and they all hung up on you it is hard to imagine a different outcome when you imagine making calls again tomorrow. This is where you learn about your ability to change energy. All the energy in your space says that this weeks calls will go no better than last weeks calls. Thinking about it will change nothing but if you can use this exercise to imagine in your mind’s eye a different outcome then it will. To imagine a different outcome you will have to let go of and release the energy generated by the last 50 calls. You have to bring your attention, awareness and your energy into present time. Right here. Right now. What do you want to experience now? Change it from what you experienced before. Change the energy and your perspective.

There are many intuitive techniques that help us clear our thoughts, emotions and ideas so that we are in a new place creating in present time rather than recreating on the energies of the past.

The extent to which we can imagine or see clearly in our mind’s eye determines our ability to create or not create this thought in reality.

Practice this. Notice. Be aware. It’s like having the magical answer! Now it is up to you. Have a great day!

Best wishes on your success, Kay