Wall Street – Don’t jump on this bandwagon!

https://i0.wp.com/www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/20081007/wall-street/images/74a7c681-8ffd-4e34-b5e0-b090c0a43139.jpg As an intuitive, I am completely amazed by how many add their energy and agreement to something they absolutely DON’T want to happen!

Consider this. Whatever you put your attention on you are helping to create. I’ve told my clients not to add their agreement to the “sky is falling” (the financial sky) because whatever we believe manifests. So why are you helping to manifest financial ruin? The media is grabbing your attention and telling you what to believe.

This is one of the most basic energy, spiritual and intuitive concepts on the planet. Whatever you believe WILL manifest. So you can believe what you are told by the media, your industry, your family or anyone else who wants to scream doom and gloom. The alternative is not to add your energy to this picture. In fact pull your energy out of this agreement. Be like Warren Buffett, think opportunity.

Intuitive Exercise: Take a moment to stop. Sit down. Close your eyes. Quiet your space. Go within. Notice how much you have your attention on the financial problems. Pull your attention and awareness off this picture.

Now start to image what you want for your business. How do you imagine or see your next step? Keeping seeing this in your mind’s eye. Release the energy you feel until you can see your vision of success.

Keep your attention on your business and its success. Take your attention off anyone who is promoting a concept that you do not want to see manifest in your business.

Remember whatever can be imagined is being created.

Best wishes on your success,