Heal the Past to Create in the Present!

Creating success is something that we are doing NOW, today, at this moment.  It is not something in the future.   We tend to see our vision of success in the future when we have the energy of disappointment, invalidation or uncertainty somewhere in the past.  This is not logical but it is very intuitive.

Why the Future?

It is easy to reveal if this is the case.  Simply go into meditation.  Quiet the mind.  Stop thinking and imagine your vision of success.  Now be really aware of any thoughts, emotions or reactions you have to your own vision.  Perhaps you know what you want but have doubts, believe one thing or another has to happen first, worry that it won’t happen or can only see it happening in the future.

These are all indications of energy stuck in your space around an issue, experience or memory in the past. We leave our energy in a past experience when we have not completely healed or let go of the effect that experience had on us personally, professionally or spiritually.

Sara’ Story

One of my clients, Sara, is incredibly smart, talented, creative and ready to start a new business.  Her vision and planning are impeccable.  Sara is ready to create the success of this company.  Week after week I see her do things that keep her business from moving forward.  Why would such a capable businesswoman do this?  Sara asked for my insight on what was holding her back.   I saw intuitively the energy of another business she started with great success years ago.  That business crashed.  She lost everything.  Since that time she has re-established her financial health and is in a place to create again.

The effect that experience had on her personally, professionally and spiritually sat in her space as energy of complete fear.   She did not know what caused the failure and feared it would happen again.   As an intuitive my question is not why did that happen but rather why did she create that to happen?

I guided Sara through a meditation to let go of her fear, bring her energy out of the past so that she could create in present time.  We looked at why she created the failure of the last company.  It was a very labor-intensive product that consumed more of her time than she had originally imagined.  She was not happy.  Sara could not quit because of  her investors so the only way out was for the business to fail.  She did not consciously make it fail but when we have a vision it begins to manifest.  Her wish to get out of a business but she could not so her vision manifested the only way it could.  Her business failed.  Remember the adage, “Be careful what you pray for.”

Heal the Past

Creating in present time requires enough, if not all, of your life force.  Calling your energy back from the past makes it easier to create now.

Take time to meditate.  Imagine calling back your energy from the past. Simply imaging letting go, bringing your energy and attention into the present.  Repeat as often as necessary.   Now, see your goals and success manifesting in present time.

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