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dreamstime_headset_19428044Join a weekly online intuitive meditation.    The curriculum for these meditations has been developed over the past 28 years working with business owners and professionals focused on success.  Experience an intuitive style of meditation designed to quiet the body, clear your thinking, then open to your ability to see clearly.

 You are welcome to take part in the meditations No experience necessary. Register.

Meditation provides the clarity we need to go within, see, know, and create the life we desire.


12 thoughts on “Online Meditation

  1. The meditation this evening began with setting a space of meditation which includes quieting the body, bringing our attention and our awareness onto ourselves then opening to our intuition as a way of finding clarity.

    The theme this week focused our attention on our vision of ourselves. What is our vision of ourself as a business owner or as a professional? How do others see this vision?


  2. Tonights meditation began with finding a quiet space of meditation. We meditated on raising our vibration to the vibration success. We set the energy and our vision for the upcoming week. Completed the meditation with a healing meditation.

    Please add your comments.


  3. The meditation tonight continued the series on your vision of yourself as a successful business owner or professional. The specific focus tonight was your vision of others supporting you, being on your side, etc. This would include colleagues, vendors, consultants, staff, advisors, friends, etc.

    We also used the meditation to release anyone who was not supporting or happens to distract us from our success.

    Your comments are welcomed.


  4. We continued our Meditation series on “Vision of Our Success”. Whatever can be imagined can be created.

    We meditated on being at ease with where we are right now. It is so easy to judge this. In this meditation we validated where we are now as a step closer to our success.

    Being at ease with where we are now is important to moving forward.


  5. The meditation tonight was about our concept of success. We know how our culture, the media and others define success so we looked intuitively to see our own concept. We also changed success from a future to a present time concept. Comments appreciated. What is your concept of success?


  6. Tonight’s meditation was on money in our vision of success. With every media form promoting the absence of money it is any wonder that anyone can imagine having money! That was the focus of our meditation – having money in our lives with no effort! We will see what comes of this meditation. I look forward to your comments.


  7. In our meditation tonight we created expansion. When our vision is BIG and our energy is contracted there is a disconnect. Getting out of routines, comfort zones, our own thinking, etc. help us expand to other possibilities.

    Your comments are appreciated.


  8. The guided meditation tonight was used to bring our attention and awareness into the moment (present time). When our goals are in the future they can’t manifest so we practiced bringing them into present time.


  9. Men and women are different in all ways possible including the way we create our businesses and careers. Both ways work. In last night’s meditation we looked at how women create a business and career and how men create in their way AND how very different they are.


  10. This comment is a reflection based on the last meditation theme on ego (09/21/09).

    I happened to watch a news snippet showing one of Michael Jackson’s last rehearsals performing Human Nature. I was attracted by the words “human nature” especially after our meditation on ego. I pulled out the song and listened to it.

    Michael Jackson’s music was a big part of my adolescent and young adult life so much that when he passed, I felt “something” inside me die with him. I remember in 2002 I was working my own therapeutic processes; I discovered that I held deep admiration for Michael Jackson. I could never explain it; it was a “felt-sense” feeling.

    Now I see why! It was his deep love for life, creativity and the innocence of “human nature” that I admired. The way I define “human nature”, in this reflection, would be the innate goodness we hold within us that so often than not becomes invalidated throughout our life experiences. Often, I lose my “human nature” when I allow “ego” to become my guiding role models. Jackson’s deep regard for “human nature” made him vulnerable and misunderstood. Yet in the midst of this adversity that plagued him each day, he managed to celebrate his creativity, his eccentricity as an individual, he achieved his highest aspirations despite “ego”. We are beginning to hear the many faucets of his philanthropic work, only after his death.

    As I relate this to my life, I am mesmerized by how “ego” has inhibited my expression of my “human nature”. Perhaps, what I allowed to “let go” along with “Jackson’s body” were the young “ego” parts of me that I’ve clung to, but no longer serve me, like inhibition, easily influenced by others, self-sabotaging, fear of expressing her full creative self. This week’s meditation allowed these realizations to come forward in my consciousness. So now, if I feel anyone questioning my creativity and eccentricity, I’ll just tell ‘em that it is “human nature”….

    ”If they say why? why? Tell ‘em that it is Human Nature…” (Michael Jackson)

    [If you’d like to listen to the song and discover what “human nature” means to you, here’s the link. Enjoy!]


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