Hurry Up & Find Your Perspective

I have written about having perspective a couple of times and I am doing this again because it is so critical to our success.  As business owners, every action we take, decision we make and communication we have impacts the success of our business.  Having clear perspective is important to each of these well.  In reality we all lose our perspective several times during the week.  How much we lose it and how fast we can regain our perspective varies.  It would be great if we could find a way NEVER to lose our space but that is not real so the goal is know when you have lost it, to be able to stop and regain our perspective really fast!

What does it mean to have perspective?

For me having perspective means seeing things clearly.  As an intuitive that means not only having a clear understanding in which we use our logic but also being able to read any situation and clearly assess what is going on and knowing the correct action or decision. Having perspective involves being neutral enough in a situation so that you can respond and not react.

Why does this matter?

You can answer this as well as I can.  When we lose perspective it impacts our staff, clients and our business.

  • Can’t think clearly to make a good decision or asses a situation
  • React to someone, to everyone, about something or everything
  •  Communication is off.
  • We make mistakes.
  • Loose sight of the goal or our vision
  • Are not ourselves.
  • Make decisions that are completely off the mark

How long we are in the space of loosing our perspective can be brief or quite long.  During this time we are on shaky ground.

What causes us to lose our perspective?

This can be caused by something personal or business related. It is simply something causes us to lose our space and our awareness.  We feel distracted or fixated on the one thing that is on our mind or in our space. The term space for me refers to being conscious and aware in the moment.

So what makes us loose our space and perspective?  It could be a thousand things.

  • We hear something that unsettles us.
  • We are overwhelmed.
  • Stress.
  • We interact with someone who makes us uncomfortable.
  • An emotion or memory gets re-stimulated
  •  An unexpected event knocks us off our center. 
  •  Someone jumps in our space with a demand.  They climb right into the center of our head so that we are no longer clear-headed.
  • When our ego gets in the way
  • Certain situations, people or projects cause us to lose our perspective

We each have a sensitive space and for each of us it is different.  Basically we lose our ability to be centered.  When we are not grounded and centered then our attention and awareness is off somewhere.  We are not able to see clearly in the moment.  I am working with one of my clients, Carol, who loses her space (perspective) when one of her staff disagrees with her.  Everyone recognizes when she has lost her perspective but for a long time she did not.  Carol still looses her space but now is aware of when this happens and has the ability to regain her perspective.

The goal is not to be perfect but more importantly to know when we have lost our perspective and take the time to get it back in that moment!  Recognizing when you have lost your space then having the ability to stop, step away and regain your perspective is the goal.

Knowing what triggers’ loosing your perspective helps you to be prepared, to be aware of not reacting, etc.  Awareness changes everything.  It is all about awareness

How do you know when you have lost your space?

It is so clear to me when one of my clients has lost their space.  Suddenly they are fixated on one situation, person or incident.  Everything is seen through that.

  • You can probably feel it before you realize it logically. You feel different.  You are not yourself.
  • Can’t think clearly
  • Can’t see straight
  • Can’t decide or are uncertain about deciding
  • Feel communication is off
  • Make mistakes
  • Resist someone or something
  • Are not ourselves

How do you regain your perspective? 

Having perspective means being aware in the moment.  There are many ways to regain our perspective.  I am going to offer an intuitive way.  Take the time to meditate every day or at the very least at the moment you realize you have lost perspective.

  • When you loose your perspective immediately step away.
  • Take the time to meditate.
    • Find a quiet place to close your eyes & bring your attention on yourself.
    • Be present.  Bring your attention completely into the moment.
    • Notice how you are doing.  What’s on your mind?  What energy is in your space?  Who is in your space?
    • Clear your thinking
      • Meditate on caused you to go outside yourself (loose perspective)
      • Open to your intuition.  Don’t think.  Just be aware.
      • Imagine releasing the energy, emotions, ideas, thoughts, etc., that are in the way of having perspective.
      • Imagine (envision) how you want to be with yourself, in your work and with others.
      • Meditate on what it means for you to have perspective and be there.
      • Continue to clear & release until you feel that you have your space back and have regained your perspective.

I recommend using meditation each day as a way of having a clear perspective and creating success.

Learn more about meditation as a business tool.
Best wishes on your success,  Kay


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