A decision that does not matter!

B0319623Success comes from knowing our vision (goal) and keeping that vision in our minds eye.  As a business intuitive, my clients often ask about one decision or another I refer them back to their vision (goal) and whether this decision will help achieve those goals.  Often we think one decision or the other is critically important loosing site of our vision.

We focus on the next decision when our vision makes us feel as if the changes to get there are too great.  We feel overwhelmed by our vision. It is the magnitude of change it represents that causes us to be distracted.  This is the point where we have to decide whether to stay committed to our vision or create a new one.  Once we decide to commit to our vision then determination and focus are needed to push through the energy to get there.

Achieving goals is not for the faint of heart.  If you have a vision, see it clearly in your mind’s eye.  Don’t think about it.  See it intuitively then focus your time, attention and commitment to achieving that vision. Breathe deeply.  Allow fear.  Allow change.  Achieve your vision.


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