Gut Reactions Misunderstood!

beautiful thoughtsWhat are gut feelings?

There are different intuitive abilities. Each of these abilities has their place in our work and our business. The most misunderstood of the seven intuitive abilities is the infamous “gut feelings.”

We all have experienced gut feelings but may be unsure how to use this information. First be aware that I am referring to feelings in the gut. This is not the same as feelings in the heart, the first chakra (fear) or other intuitive feelings.

How to use gut feelings?

Gut feelings are automatic responses to unknown (or unconscious) information or
energy. As a rule, if it feels right, in your gut, then you may feel comfortable in proceeding. If something does not feel right then, it’s NOT. Consider this a red flag! When something does not feel right in your gut, stop, step back, gather more information, ask more questions and gain a better perspective. To gain perspective means to separate from the energy of the situation so that you can think (logically) and see clearly, intuitively.

What creates gut feelings?

At times we feel pressured, or someone is running his or her energy through our space to convince us to do or not do something, to make a decision, and move in a particular direction. When this happens, there is so much of his or her energy in our space that we lose our awareness and our perspective. Stepping back and making separation from this energy is a way of seeing more clearly.

Story of a Business Consultation

One of my clients was about to sign the sale of her business, but something did not feel right. There was pressure from everyone for her to sign and sign now. It took courage for her to stop, step back and review the sale agreement once again. Kathy called with her concern. She felt in her gut that something was not right. I looked at her contract intuitively and saw energy in the last paragraph. With this, she went back to her lawyer to review the agreement again. They found a phrase they did not notice before that was not in her favor. They proposed a change and signed the contract.

Gut feelings are not for decision making

Gut feelings are not for decision making, but they are a red flag to stop and gain perspective.

Once you regain your space and clear your thinking, you can make a more grounded decision. Make a decision based on information rather than responding to energy, pressure or demands.

In general, one should not make decisions based on gut feelings. Gut feelings are intuitive reactions to energy, not fact or information. Gut feelings are one of the intuitive abilities we have for evaluating a situation. Pay attention to your gut feelings. Notice how it feels when you enter a room, in a meeting, making a decision, listening to someone, etc. If it does not feel right, then something is off.

How do you experience or use gut feelings in your work or life?



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