Stop Wanting. Have!

Recognize Your Success

Havingness refers to your capacity to allow what you want in each aspect of your life – to have what you want. Havingness begins with a clear vision followed by clear thinking.  I work with clients everyday to make sure these first two steps are in place otherwise we find ourselves working hard and not achieving our goals.


Sarah contacted me because she wanted to add a new interior designer to her firm.  She met a woman and wanted my intuitive read on this potential hire.  I saw Sarah making a mistake many business owners make when hiring.  They assess potential hires before they have a clear and strong vision of what they want for the position.  I worked with Sarah to clarify her vision of the position.  As we defined her vision I noticed Sarah’s concepts or thoughts that were in the way of knowing precisely what she wanted.


For example, her description of the skill set she wanted was followed by statements about why she thought she would not be able to find a person like this or why they would not be available or would not want to work for her.  It was an amazing stream of thoughts that completely invalidated her vision and they were her thoughts!  We cleared her thinking so that her vision was true to what she wanted.  This came up again as she described her vision further regarding  salary & benefits, personality traits, work ethics, etc.  Each time she described what she wanted  followed with thoughts about why it was not possible.   By the end of our session she began to realize how her thinking about things affects her havingness.


In the end, she came up with a strong and clear vision for the position.  Once that completed she was ready to look at the potential applicants and whether they fit her vision logically and intuitively.   She changed from the energy of need which causes us to compromise our vision to a vibration of havingness – the certainty to have what she wanted in this position.


These concepts apply to any situation.  Have a clear vision.   Clear your thinking. Decide you can have what you want.

Please share your thoughts, experiences, etc.

Best wishes on your success.



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