Stay the Course!

dreamstimefree_roadI just have to tell you Susan’s story because it is so familiar and I see it so often.  Susan is an amazingly capable professional working for a large national organization.  In recent years she began to feel dissatisfied with her work not because there was anything wrong with it but more that she was ready for new challenges and to move closer to her next dream job.

No Idea!

With that in mind Susan contacted me to assist her with this transition.  She had no idea where or what that dream job was.   I guided through intuitive meditation to begin to imagine this dream job.  All the thinking and logic in the world was not working for her so an intuitive approach seemed right to her.

Her Vision

Susan did not know the exact job that she wanted but she was very clear about components of the job, the talents she wanted to use and new areas of growth and challenge.  With that awareness I guided her in meditation regularly as a way of manifesting this vision.

Creating A Plan

A week or so after she created her vision she decided a move to Denver was part of her vision.  She reached out to some contacts in that area telling them of her interested in finding a new job in the Denver area and could they help.  In a very short time, maybe a week or two, she received a call for an interview for a position that far exceeded her expectations.  Suddenly she was very uncertain.  Was this too big a step?  Was it the right step?

Don’t Question

This next part is important and a critical intuitive principle.  Don’t answer these questions!  Susan would just make herself crazy logically arguing one side or another.  I advised Susan to go back into meditation and focus on her original vision.  Seeing this vision in her minds eye is calming and brings her goals into perspective.  In this way the answers are obvious.  There are no competing options.


Susan is in Denver interviewing as one step has led to another without any effort on her part.  Susan described this morning, “It is as if my vision is simply unfolding in front of my very eyes.  It is scary and wonderful at the same time.”

Intuitive Exercise

The intuitive technique I worked with Susan is simple.  Go into meditation so that you can become quiet, stop thinking and open to your inner voice and intuition.  Visualize a goal you would like to manifest.  Don’t think.  See the goal in your minds eye.   Take a deep breath.  Now let that goal manifest.  Clear seeing is the key.

Best wishes on your success.



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