So What Do You Want to Do, Be & Have?

   So what do you want to be, do and have?  This statement sounds so obvious but the answer is not.  Our heads are full of what we should do or should want that we really don’t know.  The media bombards us with advertising and programming to guide our thinking.  The pressures from others to have more, do more or be more distorts our understanding of ourselves.  Expectations from others and what they want for us or from us only adds to the confusion.  These and other external energies get into our space and cloud our ability to see clearly.

So how do you know what is truth for you?  Put simply, it feels right.  To get to this space you may have to clear all the energies that are affecting your ability to see clearly.  There are many ways to do this.  The simplest from my perspective is meditation.  Meditation is a way to open to your awareness, your intuition and clear your space.  If that is not your thing then simply sit quietly.

Knowing what you want to create is the first step.  This could be something personal or professional.  It could include your health, relationships, work, business, finances, etc.  Take the time to be clear about what you want.  Take the time to clear your space and your thinking of all the energies I mentioned above so that you are creating what is true for you versus your response to all the energies in your space.

Once you know what you want then you can decide whether you want to create it.  It has been my experience that it is important to know what you want whether you decide to create it or not.  There is great power in deciding whether you want to create or not.

My client, Sara, is a great communicator.  Her heart’s desire has been to have a TV show in which she highlights people big and small who make a difference in some way.  Sara took many steps to explore this as a possibility.  In the end she decided that she did not want to expend the amount of energy it would take to make it happen.  In making this decision she freed herself to use those same skills in a professional way.  She works for an agency that impacts public policy.  Her skills in communication make her ideally suited for this work.  Sara became successful when she decided what she wanted to do, be and have.

Another client, Fred, was in his fifties when he decided to take a huge step and expand his business in a new way.  He was a graphics designer who expanded his work to include web design but now he wanted more.  Fred decided to transition his company in a big way by adding staff and shifting his work from small businesses to large corporate clients.  There was nothing logical about this.  No one believed he could make a transition with this big a leap but Fred did.  He was clear, focused, determined and did not listen to those who could not imagine it happening.  In less than a year his new business has started and work is coming.  There is no logic to this just a strong vision, courage and determination.  It is so clear to me that this new aspect of his business suits him so perfectly.

Achieving goals takes great courage as these examples show.  It all begins with knowing what you want to do, be and have.

What do you want to create?  Write and rewrite it until it feels right.  Use meditation to clear your space and your thinking so that you can know for certain.  Then take steps to make it happen.

Remember you are never too old and it is never too late.

Best wishes on your success,


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