Meditation in Business

dreamstime_5775817Meditation in business is not a new idea but it is not widely practiced. That’s not because meditation and the benefits of meditation are not valued.  It is because we cannot imagine stopping just to meditate.  This is true in our personal lives just as it is in our professional space.

Taking the time to stop is probably the single most important action we can take in our day.   A telling sign of success is our ability to stop.  The more we keep working, thinking, doing, the more we collect energy and pictures in our space the sooner we will lose our perspective.    Suddenly our minds are no longer clear.  We cannot think straight.  We begin to react and not respond.  Our perspective is impaired by past time experiences and thoughts that are restimulated.  Our decision-making ability is diminished.  Wow!

Meditation is a time to stop, quiet the body and clear our thinking so that we can regain our perspective and refocus.   I could make a laundry list of what goes out of whack when we lose our space and our perspective but I am sure you have your own list.  What happens for you

So many business owners and professionals have told me stories of bad decisions, wasted time, over reactions and lost opportunities because they were not clear thinking.  When we lose our space, awareness and clarity it not only affects the decisions we make, it affects how we communicate with everyone including staff, colleagues, family, friends, vendors and our clients.

Ask staff in any business and they can readily tell if their boss has his or her space at any point.  When we lose our space it is clear to everyone even if we are not aware.  We are not kidding anyone even if we try.  People, all people, are intuitive meaning they can read us.

I talk about using meditation to clear our space and regain perspective though meditation has other value.  Meditation is a way to heal. Many use it to visualize what they intend.  I was watching a major league baseball game recently and the announcers were talking about a young pitcher who meditates before each outing.  The announcer who was a former pitcher validated how important meditation is for a pitcher to be focused, clear-headed and to visualize pitching.  Absolutely.

Start today.  Decide to meditate not because you should but because it is a time for you to stop and get things right.  You will notice the benefits immediately.

Best wishes on your success,


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