Decision making is overrated!


Making a decision can be the wrong thing to do. Probably the most common reason that folks contact me is because they have to make a decision. They want to make sure they are making the right decision. Often I see intuitively that making a decision is not the right thing to do at the time. The first question I ask my client is “What are your goals?” Not what is the goal for this decision, but rather what are YOUR goals personally, professionally, financially, etc. If they know the answer to this question for certain, they are ready to make decisions. Most often we are not clear about our goals. When we know our goals clearly, meaning that we can see them clearly in our mind’s eye, and they fit logical then decisions follow easily. What are my goals (in all aspects of my life)? Will making this decision help me get my goals?

I am amazed how often we get caught up and use all of our life force energy and our intellectual stamina to make a decision that has nothing to do with what we want in our business, profession or our lives. One of my clients is a high fashion model in New York. She has some major decisions to make about where she will live, her relationship, her work and her career. It seemed quite overwhelming to her. As I questioned her about her goals, her options became more evident. I saw intuitively the energies that were affecting her choices and as I told her what I saw things became even clearer. By the end of the consultation, she was not asking about decisions. She was talking about her plans to achieve her goals.

Another of my clients owns a successful hedge fund. He was stressed with the decisions he felt he had to make. When I looked at him intuitively, I saw the energy behind his decisions had nothing to do with his business, so I asked, “What are your goals – on all levels?” He was clear on his goals personally and professionally but did not see how his personal goal of having a family was core to all the decisions he needed to make at that time.

Next Step: Take the time to know your goals: personal, professional, business, emotional, health, wealth and spiritual. Know them. See them clearly in your mind’s eye. Write them down. Look at them often. Whenever you have to make a decision look at your goals first and see if it will help you to manifest your goals. If not, then it is not your question or maybe even a decision you do not need to make. Whose question or decision is it?

You are constantly making decisions without a second thought. When you cannot decide then do not decide. Step back and focus on your vision. That will guide you clearly.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


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