The courage to succeed!

dreamstime_leapYesterday I was mentoring the owner of an interior design firm.  She was ready to take her business to the next level.  Issues she wanted to address were the addition of new staff, new office space, implementing a new marketing plan,  etc.  I saw intuitively that she was smart, had clear goals and understood the importance of having a clear vision.  I also saw that her business plan was ready to move forward.

What is Courage?

This is the same point where many with a strong vision get stuck.  To manifest a vision takes great courage.  From an intuitive perspective having courage means bringing the information in the first chakra (fear and survival instincts) into communication with the sixth and seventh chakras (clear vision and certainty).

Finding Your Courage

Engaging the first chakra means a willingness to allow change but also the willingness to take risk but not at all cost.  When you have a strong and clear vision and you are focused on this vision then the risk is worth taking.  Nonetheless it can be scary.

When we avoid engaging our courage then the goals that challenge us the most don’t move forward.  Try the exercise below to engage your courage.

Intuitive Exercise

Create a space of quiet.  Close your eyes and go within.  Take a deep breath and release.  Now imagine one of your goals in your minds eye.  See it clearly.  Don’t think.  See.

Now decide to have your goal.  See yourself having it and what it would take to have it.  Notice your competing thoughts or pictures.  Acknowledge any discomfort, fear or resistance to manifesting this goal.  Now take deep breath and release the fear knowing it is a natural reaction to change and does not mean you can’t. Notice the fear in the first chakra and decide to engage the fear to find your courage.   Continue until you find the resolve and experience the courage to manifest your goal.

Best wishes on achieving your goals,



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