Do What Is Important for Success. Avoid Distractions.

  Are you so busy working hard that you find yourself distracted from your goal? This may sound inconsistent, but it is not. If we are working hard doesn’t that mean we are getting our goal? Not necessarily. We work hard 80 hours a week and never achieve our goal when we are just working and don’t have our vision of where we are going.

Having a clear vision in our mind’s eye is the secret to success except that it is not a secret. We are taught to work hard even though it often does not achieve anything other than working hard. Being busy does not achieve goals. I watch people plan their day, have it full and not move one step closer toward to success.

When I began working with Tom he would get up each morning decide what he needed to do, create a plan to do those things and made sure he did them. When asked what his goal was for a particular day he showed me his list. Then I asked him what his goal was for his business, and he told me that. Comparing the two showed his to do list was not created in support of his vision for his company. His list included all the things that he felt had to get done. He was distracted from his vision.

We are not the only ones who create our distractions. Notice how many times in a day someone or something else grabs or demands your attention. Suddenly you are not creating the success of your business. Your attention is now redirected and focused on something else, someone else’s goal. What is the value of this distraction?

From an intuitive perspective, a clear vision of your successful business is vastly more important than any work you do on your business. Try this.

Intuitive exercise. Do this more than once. Do it daily.
Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release whatever tension you are holding. Now imagine, in your mind’s eye, your business as a success. What would that be? How would it look? Do not think! See! Imagine! Use your mind’s eye. Imagine your success in detail. Keep imagining until you can see this clearly. Let go of any uncertainty or confusion.

Whatever you can imagine is exactly what will be created and is being created – unless you have a thought that it won’t. Clear your thinking so you can see your success, and all your thoughts believe what you see. When you are finished open your eyes, take a deep breath and stretch. Repeat this exercise often to keep your vision clear. When things get off track do this exercise again.

Now with a clear vision of your company and its success re-write your plan for the upcoming week. Do not put on your list things that you “should do” unless it helps you achieve your vision of your company. Put first those things that support and are directed at your success. Put last “other” things”. Notice if this makes a difference.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


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