Why is this happening to me?

B0319623Do you find your time taken with responding to one thing after another?  Do you feel that stuff keeps happening to you and you wonder what is next? Who is creating all of this?  Successful business owners and professionals know this well.

As a business intuitive I offer an intuitive perspective.  We each create our own reality and can create whatever we want.   When we don’t create then things will keep happening.  It is our choice to create our reality or just experience what’s out there.

I know this is hard to wrap your head around because our whole lives we have been taught to see life from an atheist perspective.  From this perspective everything that exists is, for the most part, beyond our control.  To be successful a change in thinking and perspective is required.  Success happens when we embrace being the creator of our reality.

When we turn our heads around and change our thinking we can change everything.  You can begin by imaging how you would create your life if you understood yourself to be the creator.  A creator, what did you have in mind?   I don’t mean the fantasies we all have.  The real question is what would you like to be, do and have.

Try the following intuitive exercise to experience yourself as a creator.  If this works for you then use it for other aspects of your life.

Intuitive Exercise: Find a quiet place and take the time to go within.  Meditation is a great way to do this. A quiet space of contemplation will do.

Close your eyes and be aware of gathering your attention and your awareness onto yourself. Breathe and relax.

Now be aware of one issue in your life that is not working for you.  Stop thinking about it and instead imagine your preferred solution or vision of this issue.  Imagine it in your minds-eye.  Imagine seeing the outcome in a new way?

Do not think of solutions.  Just imagine a different scenario.  See it intuitively.   Keep imagining until you can clearly see your preferred vision of the situation.

In this process you will notice thoughts, concepts and emotions you have and can let go of in order for your preferred vision to take hold.  Breathe and release.

Keep looking, breathing and imaging until you see it clearly.  When you can see the situation in the way you would like it play out then your meditation is done!  Your problem has been solved.  Watch for the evidence of this with great enthusiasm.

If you were unable to see or imagine you preferred outcome there is energy in you about the issue.  Let me know if you would like further insight into this.


3 thoughts on “Why is this happening to me?

  1. Hi Kay,
    I read your article smiling knowingly because of the “golden thread of truth” that you’re writing. I was taught that “thoughts are things” about 25 years ago and it amazes me how often I want to “do” something before I create my desired outcome or result in my mind’s eye, seeing what I want as already completed.

    As a male intuitive and business owner, I often struggle to keep my competitive (yang) parts of my personality from running the show. Slowing down, living intentionally and deliberately using my mind to create my success prior to taking action is so “not natural” for western males.

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder of what works.



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