Getting Back on Track

Man sitting, pondering, worryingThere are days, and weeks…. when all your hopes are shattered, something goes terribly wrong………….. You know what I mean. We have all had that happen once or twice. Over the years, I have observed the ways that we respond to these disappointments.

First it affects our energy. We are hit by the sudden realization or feeling that something or everything is not working. Our energy drops, and we stop breathing! We are confused as our focus is suddenly being directed another way. Most of us lose our awareness, perspective and space out when something like this happens. This is not a good time to make any decisions.

From an intuitive perspective, the first thing to do is ground, get centered in present time, gather up all your attention and awareness and focus within because a shift in our awareness is happening. This is the complete opposite of our first and automatic reaction. It is essential to find our space and to become clear to learn and grow from this energy shift.

The next intuitive step is to reset your energy back to where you feel in charge of your experiences. Someone or some energy affected your space and changed your energy completely. It is very uncomfortable to have our energy changed in this way. If we take the time to look intuitively we can see clearly what happened and what energy affected us so directly. It is never a mystery if you look intuitively.

Finally, you can decide to become the effect of the energy and let it bring you down, or you can decide to reset your energy a step or two above this destroy energy. When you reset your energy and take back you seniority, you can re-own your goals. You can decide to change the energy back to success. Being hit by energy can have a long or short-term effect. It is up to us.

Let me know if you would like to learn more about the intuitive tools or techniques mentioned in this posting. Try them and let me know how it worked for you.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


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