Spirit, Mind and Screaming Body

j0149029You know the feeling.  You decide to take a big step or take a risk in order to move forward.  You have a clear vision. Intuitively you know it is the best step.  You make the decision.   All of a sudden you break into a cold sweat and a world of doubt washes over you.   Were you wrong?  Was your decision too impulsive? Why do you feel like you just made a big mistake?

From an intuitive perspective everything is happening exactly as you might expect.  When we have a goal, it is by definition something you don’t currently have.  You know that to move from where you are to where you want to be requires getting out of your comfort zone, taking a deep breath and making that decision.  This is how a successful business and successful people operate.  They know what it will take then they just do it.  They don’t let anything talk them out of their vision.

When we decide to get out of our routine, our comfort zone and all that is familiar we are ready to get our goals. This takes vision.  Your intuition holds this vision.  You can imagine and see intuitively exactly what you want.  You create a mental image picture of this in your minds eye then think through all the logical steps to get there.   These are the first two steps and they involve the spirit (the vision) and mind (the plan).

What happens next determines your success. The body and your emotions react to this great idea.  The body does not like change or to be uncomfortable so it starts screaming.  YOU DECIDED WHAT!   SCREAMING…. the cold sweat.  In the end many business and professional decisions are made not intuitively or with any logic but rather how loudly your body screams and resists change or being uncomfortable.  Your emotional reactions to good sound decisions can completely talk you out of taking the steps you really want to take.

Your success depends on your commitment to your vision and focusing on making it happen.  If the discomfort or fear is too great then you will back away from your goals until you feel comfortable again.  Our success is always this choice.

Learning meditation is one way to get through this fight between your vision and the discomfort change creates.  In meditation you learn to quiet the body and release the energy that is in your way.  After meditation you are re-energized and feel more certain.

Finally, take steps to make yourself comfortable physically and emotionally when you are ready to push forward to achieve your success.  It will help you through what can be a challenging time of change.

Best wishes.  Kay


One thought on “Spirit, Mind and Screaming Body

  1. Kay, so true. Meditation and prayer are the resounding antidote to fear and sweat! God leads us, we follow. With good communication with God our paths open before us.


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