Are your habits and routines killing your success?

Out of your comfort zone?
Out of your comfort zone?

When we decide we want something and set a goal we have decided to change! The only problem with that is we often don’t have the full extent of the change in our mind. Our lives are already filled with what we are experiencing right now. Deciding that we want something new (a goal) means that our life needs to change in some way to make room for this new goal. There is an intuitive way to say this. Your energy is set in a particular way (pattern) based on your life as it is now, your routine and your habits. To create something new means changing this pattern of energy. Sounds simple except that we are comfortable in our routines, and we don’t imagine changing these when we create a goal.

Goals will not manifest if we are “set in our ways” or our energy is set in a particular and inflexible way. That is why people who are willing to take risks are more successful. They are willing to go through a period of being uncomfortable. They are willing to get out of their comfort zone. They are willing to allow the energy change to an unknown or unexpected. When we are willing to allow change and a period of being uncomfortable with our energy changing then we are ready for greater success.

Try this intuitive exercise. Find a time and place to be quiet. Close your eyes and go within. Begin to imagine one of your goals. Allow yourself to be aware of how your life, routines and habits will need to change to make room for this goal. Don’t think! Imagine. Be intuitive. This is not logical. Allow your inner self to be heard. Notice what part of your goal makes you uncomfortable. Notice any our resistance to change.

Come out of this meditation and write your goal. Now write how things might change as you manifest this goal. Decide if you are ready for these changes and your goal to happen

Begin today. Your next step is to notice your habits, routines or patterns and change something. Get out of at least one routine. Notice how easy it is for you to allow change. This is a measure of your ability to succeed.

Best wishes on your success,



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