Increase your business – Go within


Happy New Year everyone!  This is a really good time to stop and take a look at our business.   What worked?  What failed?  List our successes.  Acknowledge ideas that just did not create the benefit we wanted.  This reflection is standard business practice. I whole heartedly support this reflection and suggest that we write it all down!

As an intuitive I am also aware that everything we create manifests from within us.  Our businesses do not manifest as a result of something separate from ourselves.  If this sounds a bit obscure it’s because we are not used to thinking or being aware in this way.

Add an intuitive look to your review of your business.   When we create change within it will reflect on our business.   At a deep level our reality is a reflection of our inner selves so let’s start there to grow our business.

With this in mind our successes and our failures are really no mystery.  You can see this for yourself using the following exercise. 

Intuitive Exercise: Take the time to sit quietly.  Write down your successes and failures for 2008.  Write down the things you are proud or grateful for and those that were disappointments.

Quiet yourself.  Maybe close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and go within.  Stop thinking.  Open to your intuition.  Allow yourself to imagine or see in your minds eye.

Now ask yourself for an intuitive answer to any of the items that you wrote down.  Do not think.  Listen intuitively.  See in your minds eye.  Notice your very first thought and only your first thought.  What you hear, see or know does not have to make sense.  It is important that you not think but allow yourself to be open to your intuition.

Once you get an answer reflect on this.  Notice how it created or caused the outcome you experienced.  Do not think, analyze or explain it.  Just know it.

You may find thoughts that do not help you get your goals.  For example, you wanted to increase your sales by 10% for 2008 and they stayed flat.  When you looked intuitively you felt all the demands on your space, family, friends, outside commitments, etc.  So now you know that despite great plans to increase sales they did not increase because of other demands on your space that grabbed your attention and I suspect – your energy.

Another example, you just cannot get over the fact that you did not get the big contract you worked so hard for.  Intuitively you saw the energy of your assistant.  Without being logical you can see that she was not in agreement with this new contract because it would change a routine that she was comfortable in.  Yes others energy does affect our business.

This can be a fun and enlightening exercise.  Take some time to do this and you will be in a whole new space for 2009 and so will your business.



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