Limited Thinking Gets In Our Way

Can you imagine winning?
Can you imagine winning?

In my work with business owners and professionals I learned that the single most common reason for not getting a goal is not seeing it happening, or only see it happening one way. To be successful, we have to know what we want, see it clearly on our mind’s eye, create a plan to get there AND allow a miracle. A miracle is the unexpected and something that “comes out of the blue.”

One of my clients was a successful Creative Director for an innovative Silicon Valley company. He recently decided to move on and create his own company. As with any new company development takes a planning, courage and a strong vision. He has all of that, AND he is in his own way.

Phil has a clear vision of his company. He has a great plan on how to start his vision. His downfall is his thinking about what has to happen to get clients, working capital and good staff. When I gave him an intuitive consultation recently, I saw business coming to him from four different directions that he might consider unexpected and out of the blue, opportunities he could not imagine happening. He was convinced there was only one way. He was unmovable. He was stuck. In his mind, it is going to take a lot of time to get his business going. I could see clearly, intuitively that was not the case. Phil will create his business exactly as he can imagine, pushing away other possibilities that are literally standing at his door. He can’t see them. His thinking is making him not only blind but also turning away from opportunities. Ah, free will …..

Another client is a filmmaker. She is filming an exciting project. In the midst of filming she decided that the project was not working. Sue was going to abandon the film before it was completed. Sue called knowing that she was reacting to something that she could not put her finger on. She felt she had lost her vision and the reason she was making this film in the first place. Sounds profound but it is a simple matter from an intuitive perspective. I saw intuitively bringing together her passion for travel, speaking other languages and filmmaking. I saw a worldwide interest in her film from thousands of people involved in the subject of the film. I saw support from hundreds of organizations willing to give time and resources to the project. Ultimately it depends on what Sue can imagine as possible. It does not matter if there are thousands of people and hundreds of organizations willing to support her; if she can’t imagine it then she is not aware that they are there. She does not see them.

So often we are limited by what we can imagine for ourselves. We create our own limits when we “can’t imagine it”. What limits do you imagine? It is important to know because your thinking and what you imagine creates what you experience.

Intuitive exercise: Take time and find a quiet place. Relax. Close your eyes. Notice a project or goal you want to manifest. See it clearly in your mind’s eye. Do not think. Begin to see or imagine in your mind’s eye. Imagine how it will manifest, how it is possible. Now open your awareness to other possibilities. What is “beyond your imagination?” Open your intuition. Allow other possibilities.

Thinking brings us one set of possibilities. Seeing intuitively offers other possibilities that are not logical. To be successful allow both.

Best wishes on your success!



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