Don’t even get out of bed….

We get up.  We get going.  We have a list of things to do.  At the end of this busy day we may or may not have taken steps toward our goals.

Consider this.   We all have thoughts, concepts and ideas in our awareness.  To an intuitive this looks like pictures in your aura.  Our lives are created through these pictures whether we like them or not.    When we get up in the morning how we experience our day and decisions we make are in direct response to these thoughts, concepts and ideas and not necessarily our goals.  This is a serious distraction to our business success.

For example, your goal may have been to develop a proposal for a potential client.  Instead your attention and awareness are occupied by the energy your staff may have put into your space.   They had a problem and they wanted you to solve it.  With these thoughts and the energy of this communication in your space you could not focus on the proposal.  A proposal that was important to achieving one of your goals.

This is one of an endless list of stories from my clients in which they began their day with their attention and awareness on any number of issues that did not help them achieve their goals.  Working hard and not accomplishing any of our goals.  It can be so frustrating but it is no mystery.  Once we realize that we are the affect of other’s thoughts and energy then we can take steps to resolve.

As an intuitive I offer a simple exercise that produces dramatic results.  Wake up and stay in bed until you are focused and aware of creating a day to achieve your goals.  Try this.  Make a point of waking up in enough time to “meditate” in bed.  You could also go this after you get up.  The key is to do this exercise before you begin your day.

Intuitive Exercise:  Relax.  Take a deep breath.   Begin to be aware of your space.  Don’t think.  Be intuitive.  How do you feel?  What is on your mind?  Who is on your mind (or in your space)?  Take deep breaths and let go of whoever and whatever is occupying your space.  Release any energy or tension you may feel in your space.   Be aware of clearing others, their thoughts and their energy from your space otherwise you will spend your day achieving their goals for you!

Begin to focus on your goals and your vision of yourself and your business.  Focus on the goals you want to accomplish this day, this week, etc.   Now begin to imagine what you can do to achieve those goals.  Let go of everything and anything else.  These distractions keep you busy but do not help achieve your goals.

This exercise may take five minutes or an hour depending on how clear your space is.  If you do this exercise each day it will become easier to clear your space and reset your attention and energy to achieve your goals.

While I started by saying this exercise was simple it may not be easy to clear your space if you are not familiar with this technique.  Begin simply.  Do this everyday even if only for 5 – 10 minutes.   It will become easier and the results will become more and more apparent.

If you do not create your day then you are experiencing your day through the ideas and energy of others in your space.

Be successful everyday.


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