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Have a clear vision!

Blog – Focus and Clarity of Vision

There is a direct correlation between the clarity of vision and the success of a business.  What more can I say?   How can I convince you?  As a Business Intuitive I can tell within one minute of talking to a business owner how successful they are and will be.  Successful business owners and professionals have a VERY clear vision without doubt or uncertainty.  They hold that vision in their minds eye.

I can see that vision intuitively.  Others also see it perhaps unconsciously and react to what they perceive exactly as the owner sees it.  If the business vision is unclear or uncertain then others sense that and react accordingly.  When a business has a strong and clear vision that is also sensed and we react to their product or service with great expectation.

It begins with you, the professional or business owner.  As a business intuitive in practice for over 28 years I have one simple though not easy recommendation.  Meditate!  Meditate to find that clear vision and focus.   I know the technique below is simple.  I also know it is not easy because most business owners don’t do it which explains the success rate of businesses.

People most often say, “I am too busy to meditate.”  My response is, “If you take the time to meditate on your vision you won’t have to work so hard.”   You can create in two ways.  You can work really really hard and you may or may not be successful or you can take the time to have a clear vision (and work hard if you enjoy this) to create your success.

Try this Intuitive Exercise and Meditation and see what happens.

The clearer your vision the more successful you become.   Meditate first thing before you begin your day.  Take the time that you need for each these steps.  It will make all the difference.
•    Have a comfortable quiet place to sit down
•    Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and release.
•    Bring your attention and awareness into present time by focusing on yourself,
•    Take a deep breath and release and let go of the thoughts and energy you are holding from yesterday or the day before.
•    Bring into focus a clear vision of your day, your week, etc.  Use your imagination not your logic.
•    Let go of the demand energy or to do list.
•    Set your energy and your space to the vibration you want to be for the day.

This takes 10 minutes to an hour.  It varies on how clear your space is and how focused you are.  Let me know your questions or comments about this modified meditation.

This is not only good for your body and soul it is good for your business and professional success.


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