Tiger & Phelps used the same technique to succeed – Visualize

j01490291I love watching athletes and others who know the power of having a strong, clear vision of their “target.” They know how to create success. We think it is because of their hard work. I would say it is because they know how to visualize. This truly is “The Secret” except it has never been a secret. It is an intuitive ability to see clearly in your mind’s eye. How many times and how many ways can this truth be stated? The power of visualization has been known and stated since the writings of the ancient philosophers then restated by theologians, educators, intuitives, physicians, business experts and others. If you can see clearly strongly in your mind’s eye whatever it is that you want to experience it will manifest – unless you decide that it won’t.

I mentioned this strange truth in yesterday’s posting. Your thoughts are literally translated into your reality. Don’t think about this just take a moment to notice and you will see this in your own life.

After you read this post do the following exercise then notice the outcome. Take time today to stop everything that you are doing. Find a quiet comfortable place where you can close your eyes and go within. Closing the eyes helps you from engaging your analyzer. In this exercise you will try not to think. In this exercise you want to engage your imagination.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Start to put your attention on something you would like to have happen or experience this week OR bring to mind something you have going on this week and begin to imagine how you would like it to go and how you would like to experience it.

Continue to imagine. See it in your mind’s eye. Keep changing what you can imagine until you get to the vision of this experience that is exactly as you would like it to be. Sounds simple but it may not be depending on the thoughts, emotions and experiences you have about this experience.

For example, if you want to make a sale, but you called 50 companies last week and they all hung up on you it is hard to imagine a different outcome when you imagine making calls again tomorrow. This is where you learn about your ability to change energy. All the energy in your space says that this weeks calls will go no better than last weeks calls. Thinking about it will change nothing but if you can use this exercise to imagine in your mind’s eye a different outcome then it will. To imagine a different outcome you will have to let go of and release the energy generated by the last 50 calls. You have to bring your attention, awareness and your energy into present time. Right here. Right now. What do you want to experience now? Change it from what you experienced before. Change the energy and your perspective.

There are many intuitive techniques that help us clear our thoughts, emotions and ideas so that we are in a new place creating in present time rather than recreating on the energies of the past.

The extent to which we can imagine or see clearly in our mind’s eye determines our ability to create or not create this thought in reality.

Practice this. Notice. Be aware. It’s like having the magical answer! Now it is up to you. Have a great day!

Best wishes on your success, Kay


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