The Right People in the Right Positions

org charg I met with a new client yesterday. Kathy is the President and CEO of a very successful family owned business with two of her sisters working for her.  Kathy finds she is doing a lot of the work and wants to hire but does not know how because she has never done this before.

Set in Their Ways

As we spoke it became clear the problem is more complex than simply hiring.  Because this is a family business that has been around for over 30 years many of the staff have been on board for 20+ years.  Loyalty is a great asset but it only works when the long-term staff is willing to develop new skills, allow change and grow professionally.   Kathy feels her staff are “stuck in their ways”, not interested in learning new technologies, changing systems or changing their roles.  They have gotten into routines and habits that keep the company from growing. Kathy cannot fire them because they are loyal employees.  They are LIKE family. Then there are her two sisters who are not about to have Kathy tell them what to do.  She can’t fire them.  They ARE family.

New Vision of Success

Kathy wants to take the business to a new level.  She is creative and has a new vision for their success. She is the CEO but finds no one else wants to change.  She even finds herself doing a lot of the day-to-day work assigned to staff and her sisters that somehow bounces back to her.

New Organizational Design

I took an intuitive perspective on this with Kathy.  Her father made all of agreements with staff when he ran the business.  They are not her agreements (spiritual or other wise).  It was time for Kathy to develop her own vision for the staffing of her business.  For Kathy it begins with letting go of the energy and pictures that say there is no hope, that she is saddled with her dad’s agreements and sisters who don’t share her vision to grow the business.

As an intuitive I know the power of a clear vision so Kathy’s first step is to meditate on the kind of staffing she knows she needs to manifest her vision.  This is not about specific people but rather the ideal structure, positions and  functions – an org chart.

When Kathy is clear in her mind’s eye of how she sees staffing the business to achieve her vision then we agreed that she would it down – not to be shared.  This is just for her work as the visionary/CEO of the company.  She would also write down her vision of the business in three years.  This she would share with her sisters first seeking their input then the staff inviting everyone to work toward this vision.

Who Fits In?

Once she has a clear vision of the business and the staffing then she must take her attention off and stop resisting her current staffing and her frustrations with everyone.  It is my experience that when an owner begins in this way everything starts to change.   Kathy will start to assign work to her current staff in a way that fits her vision, slowing creating change.  As she does this she will see a change in the staff.

Don’t Resist What Is

By creating a vision of what she wants it begins to manifest.  This is different than resisting what is.  (Resistance perpetuates what you don’t want.)  Intuitively staff will feel the change. Staff who is in agreement with her vision will begin to fit into one of the positions on her org chart.  Staff who are not in agreement will suddenly find a new job, decide to retire or force themselves to be fired.  This is not a coincidence. That is just how a vision manifests.

Steps To Create Change

This is a story about a family owned business but the intuitive principles apply to every business.  If you are a business owner take the time to meditate on your business.   First see clearly the vision you have for the next three years.  Write it down. Be clear in present time.  Now meditate on the ideal staffing to get you there.  Write this down.  Finally begin to act in ways that support your vision.  Read and meditate on this everyday then watch this vision manifest.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Focus on a goal – Create a miracle

GoalsOn my way to give a presentation today on “Staying on Track to Achieve Goals” I created a miracle.  One of the main concepts in my talk was the importance of focusing on one goal intently even if you are not certain how to make it manifest.

I took BART and realized I did not have the dollar to pay for my parking.  I thought about paying on my way back after I got some cash then feared I would forget. I decided to use the focus concept from my presentation.  I had to focus intently on my goal to make it manifest even if I was not certain how it would happen.

I went back down to the payment machines focused on finding a dollar to pay for my parking.   As I approached the machines I saw one of them had a dollar bill hanging from it.  My goal manifested!

Try it!


Inspired Success Coach

EMyth Certified Business Coach

Taking Charge of Change

dreamstime_4244380  If nothing changes then nothing changes.  Creating change is more than just a decision.

Change is inevitable if we want something more or something that we do not now have.  Creating change of any kind involves many levels in order to be accomplished.  We fail to accomplish the change we want when any one of these levels does not change.  Let’s go through this in a simple way.

What You Don’t Want

What is the change you want?  This sounds so simple but it is not.  Most respond by identifying what they don’t want, the situation they want out of, etc.  This is a start but this does not accomplish the change you desire.  It simply gets you out of what you don’t want.  Remember that whatever you declare with certainty will manifest one-way or the other.    The old saying “Be careful what you pray for.” It happens very often when we say we hate the job we are in.  We want a new job but we don’t take action to get out of our job so as it turns out we are laid off or fired.  How else can we get what we said we wanted?  We did not take the action to leave our job so the only way for it to happen was to be removed.  This happens in relationships as well.  You might find yourself saying, “I need to get out of this relationship.”  We do not take action to get out of the relationship then our partner leaves.

My point being we are good at saying what we don’t want and having that manifest though not always the way we want  This happens because we did had the thought but did not create the change.  We let it happen the only way it could.  Are you following me here?   So focus on what you do want.  Know what you do want and let that manifest.

Can You Imagine It Happening?

Creating the change you desire begins with knowing clearly what you do want.  The next step is to see that happening clearly in your mind’s eye, to imagine it, visualize it, or whatever term helps you realize your ability to see what you want.  This is a state of seeing not thinking or knowing.

See It Happening Now

See your vision or your goal fully manifested in present time.  If you imagine in the future then it will forever be something you imagine in the future.  The tricky part that defies reality is to imagine it happening NOW.   This is the only way that your reality can change.  If you imagine it in the future then nothing changes.

How Does It Feel?

Once you can see this in your mind’s eye the next step is to know what this feels like in the body.   Actually experience this vision in present time.  Change happens when we can imagine something new, see it clearly in our mind’s eye, feel the difference in our body, emotions, etc.

Do this often.  Do it in meditation so that your logic and fears don’t get in your way.   Once you have your vision everything begins to change, subtly and not so subtly.  Observe, don’t control and allow the changes to manifest.

Try this today.  The steps are: to know what you want to create; to see it clearly in your mind’s eye actually happening now; feel yourself being in this new place of change and, finally, allow change to happen.

Please add your comments and experiences to this conversation.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Write It Down and Change Your World

h  A good way to start the new year is with a clear perspective. The first step is to know what is important to you and what you value.  Take some time with this.  You probably have your top three right off the top of your head but there is more to it.

Coaching with my clients begins with them writing down what is important to them and what they value.  The reaction is the same from everyone.  Taking the time to do this is very grounding and helps them focus.  I suggest they write their first thoughts then come back and look at it again preferably in a quiet place where they can clear their thinking, quiet their body and listen within.


This process creates many ahas!   One woman, Carmen, thought her family was most important to her but when she really looked at it money was most important because of financial uncertainty.  In terms of her values her family was first but money was most important at this point in time.  There is nothing to judge here and there are no right answers.  What is important is that we know and acknowledge what is important to us and what we value.  Some of  this is based on circumstances and so it changes.  Some of it reflects who we are at our core and that does not change.

Once we know this then every action we take and decision we make needs to support this otherwise we get off track.  This happens all the time.   Part of my role is to help you stay aligned to who you are, what is important to you and what you value.


This week I was meeting with a business owner excited to expand his company, an expansion that would make his role more global.  I asked Rick to go back and read what he wrote about what was important to him and what he valued.  In both, family and spending time with family was first.   He sat back and reflected on how he could still grow his company globally and not take him away from his family.   His solution was to let go of control, to trust his top executive team and to hire a VP of Global Sales.  This sounds easy but it was hard for Rick because he is a hands on person.  His impulse is to get involved but his first value was his family and still is.  So for him sticking with his values is important but in this case not easy.


A professional woman stated that the most important thing to her was to have a loving and supportive relationship with her sons and her husband.  These holidays challenged those values.  Kathy was frustrated because she wanted to attend a number of holiday parties.  Her husband and sons did not.  They wanted to stay home and have a family holiday. Kathy was angry, feeling like she cannot get what she wants, etc.  Her resentment and  judgment of her husband and sons were foremost in her mind.  When she reread what was important to her and what she valued she was taken back.  Things were not very loving and supportive at this moment. Kathy decided she had to engage her family in an agreement to attend one or more of the parties in a loving and supportive way or she had to let the parties go.  This was not easy because she was feeling as though she was not getting what she wanted.  I suggested that  after the holidays she go back to what she wrote about  what was important to her and what she valued to make sure the list is complete and that it reflects who she is at her core.  Professional and social pressures often cause us to loose our perspective.

Write It Down & Change Your World

There were many more stories from this week about where we move away from what is important to us and what we value.   If you do not have this written down for yourself I suggest you take the time.  It will change everything and  will set the course for the new year.  If you have written what is important to you and what you value, read it over.  It does change so make sure it is true for you in present time.   Keep this in your view.  Read it often.   When you have a tough decision to make or things seem out of sorts so back and read your list before you make a decision or take an action.  It will help you stay on track and will support your vision of success.

Best wishes on your success,


Setting the Energy for Success

During October we focused on setting the energy for success. What does it mean to set energy? Quantum physics demonstrates  what we have known for a long time that we have an effect on everything by where we place our attention.  But it is more than placing our attention.  We can create change through our attention.  In doing so we can make things better or worse so being conscious and aware of where we place our attention is an important ability to develop.

Whatever thought we dwell on becomes our reality.  Scary thought if we are not paying attention.  For example, it is not a coincidence that something happens to you right after spending some time dwelling on it.  Dwelling on it is the same as focusing on it.  We have a thought and we begin to imagine what it would be like, adding our energy to the thought.  Poof!  It manifests.   I was working with a client and she worried that she would be laid off.  There was no evidence to that effect but she got stuck on that thought, worried about it (adding energy), imagined what she would do if she was laid off (expanded the picture in her mind) then became anxious (adding more energy).   As imagined she was laid off and to this day I know her supervisor is wondering why they laid off someone so capable.

My efforts to have her take her attention off her fear of being laid off fell on deaf ears.  She could have just as easily dwelled on and imagined being successful in her job, being enthusiastic about that (adding energy to that concept) then that thought would have manifested.  We have free will to create whatever we choose so be careful what you dwell on.

Setting energy is a way to consciously focus your attention and your energy on precisely what you would like to see happen and experience.  Being intentional is a far better practice than dwelling on what we fear or resist.

During this month we focused on some specific areas we can set energy.  You can do this as well. Try understanding your ability to set energy in the following areas.

  • Your Space & Your Success: How do you want to be?  How are you being in your work? Everyone is intuitive so how do others experience you? How would you like them to experience you?  Set your space in a way that supports your success.
  • Your Office or Workspace: How do you feel when you are in your office or workspace?  Are you inspired or do you feel irritated?  Identify what irritates you.  It could be someone, something, the energy level, etc.  Make changes to raise the energy level of your workspace so that you feel inspired.  Clear the clutter, rearrange the space, fix what is broken, move away from someone negative, etc.
  • Communication: Communication is more than words.  It is an intuitive experience.  Take the time to notice how you want to be when in communication with someone.  Remember that everyone is intuitive so what are they picking up from you? What is the goal of your communication?  What is on your mind?  Clear your thinking. What energy is in your space?  You can’t hide it so change it to the vibration you want others to experience from you.
  • Achieve A Goal: Setting energy to meet a particular goal.  You have a goal.   Can  you see it in your mind’s eye?  Notice how you react to your goal.  What are your thoughts about it?  How do you feel (your energy level) when you put your attention on this goal?  Now clear your thinking and change your energy so that your goal can manifest in the way you desire.

There are recorded meditations on each of these areas if interested in learning more about how to set energy for success.  Series is “Setting Energy for Success” To  buy.

Best wishes on your success,


If it does not feel right…

One of my client’s is making a serious effort to double her revenue.  Claire was inspired by how easily she increased her revenue by 30% this year.  (She did use the word easy in hindsight.)  With this new goal in mind Claire developed a marketing strategy that takes advantage of all the new ways of marketing.  Most of this plan is out of her comfort zone so she looked for experts in a variety of areas to carry out her plan.

Claire is clear about her new marketing strategy.  She has done her homework.  Her task is to find the right people.  At first she was drawn to professionals she has used in the past and who are loyal to her and her company.  She thinks they could do some of it including her sister who is a professional writer.  Recently a PR expert at a networking event approached Claire.  She agreed to hear what she had to offer.   Finally she received recommendations from myself and other trusted advisors of professionals she may want to interview.

Before she began the process of finding a team she took the time to meditate on her vision of success, which for this upcoming year meant doubling her revenue.  She felt if she could not see this clearly then how could she navigate a team toward this goal.  Claire meditated until she cleared her thinking and could see clearly doubling her revenue.  She then meditated and imagined a team of experts who would help bring in new clients with specific demographics, a team that would work together, enthusiastically and collaborate to achieve her vision of success.

My task was to watch intuitively to see what was driving Claire’s choices so that loyalty did not trump skill and strong salesmanship did not talk her into something that was not a good fit.

As Claire sorted through her options, she used both a logical and intuitive approach.  She checked credentials, looked at samples of everyone’s work, interviewed writers, social media experts, PR professionals, graphic designers, etc.  Her most difficult decision came when her intuition told her not to use the writer and marketing person she used in the past.   This was not a logical decision.  She just felt intuitively that they were not the right fit for the level of growth she envisioned.   Claire did stay with her graphics team who are young, inspired and push her to think in new ways.  They stayed on the team!

The PR person had a strong presence and was very interested in helping Claire increase the visibility of her business but in the end something just did not feel right.  Claire found herself finding fault with the proposal, their communication, etc. then she realized that she did not need to find fault.   The PR company just did not feel right.  It was not logical. She stopped trying to find fault (logic) and simply decided not pursue this strategy at this time. It was intuitive.

Finally, she needed a social media expert.  This is a new and growing field in which an expert is not well-defined.  She decided in the end to interview three of the five people on her list of possible experts.   Her choice of the three was intuitive and she was correct.  In those interviews she found someone who described an approach that fit for Claire and how she saw her brand.

Coincidentally, immediately after Claire and I met to finalize her marketing plan and the team she would be hiring, her phones were ringing off the hook.  Three new-targeted clients called and scheduled appointments.  Claire felt that was a miracle!   From my perspective is was Claire’s vision of success beginning to manifest.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Let me know if you would like an review of your marketing strategy from an intuitive perspective.

Get Out of Comfort Zone, Push Your Envelope & Own Your Value

Getting out of comfort zone

How to create inspired success is not rocket science.  In all that I have read, experienced and observed there is a short list of must do steps.   Everything you read and hear from me is about these steps and how we can get in our own way.  Kathy took the step to get out of her own way and created success.


This week I again observed how these steps work. Kathy has a bookkeeping business and her goal for the year is to increase her sales by 20% and net income by 30%.  Each week she finds herself having to make decisions that will either keep her comfortable or push her outside her comfort zone.   She struggles to decide knowing that she wants to reach her goal for the year.

Kathy’s team participated in an audit for one of her clients and the outcome was in her client’s favor.  It took a lot of work by her team to get his out of date books in order.  When it came time to bill for services Kathy was uncomfortable because the bill was so high.  Should she lower her bill and charge what she was comfortable asking or bill the full amount and own the value of their work?  She could not decide.

When Kathy and I discussed this I saw three intuitive principles at work.
•    Havingness: Was she going to let the energy of her company stay where it is familiar or push through to take it a step up?
•    Non-resistance: The second principle was for her to allow both possibilities. Ask for the full amount and allow the client to pay less.  This is not logical but it is a very important principle. She had to get out of resistance.
•    Clear vision:  We can visualize what we want but if our thoughts and emotions conflict with that vision then it will not manifest.

Kathy decided to invoice the full amount, to call the client and follow-up.  She wanted to be fully paid but for this new client she would be willing to negotiate if necessary.  Finally her vision was that the client would pay her in full without batting an eye.  In meditation she cleared any thoughts she had about him not wanting to pay, her guilt about invoicing such a large amount and the fear of pushing her company to a new level.

In the end the client was so grateful the audit came out well that he did not even bat an eye at the invoice and paid it upon receipt.

It is our own thinking that gets in our way.   Kathy laughed and immediately unconsciously created another situation with another new client who wanted her to create books for his company.  It took longer than they both expected and she was afraid to bill such a large amount to a new client.  The steps and the outcome were the same at the story so I will not repeat them here.  Kathy struggled.  She billed the full amount.  The client paid.  Amen.  Kathy is learning to get out of her own way so her business grows.

Best wishes on your success,


Check out the next Inspired Success Webinar series beginning September 5 in which we will discuss the core principles of Inspired Success.

Taking Control of Our Thinking

Watching very capable business owners and professionals for the past 20+ years has brought me to the same conclusion many have said before.  Thoughts are creative.

Those who see clearly what they are creating, stay focused and determined succeed.   Some do not have a clear vision and so nothing is manifesting.  This is not difficult to understand.  Imagine that you are the creator.  If you do not have a clear idea of what you want to create then nothing manifests.  Still others have a clear vision followed by a great many thoughts that tell them why what they envision cannot happen and so it does not.

This brought me to a very clear understanding of how we manifest.  It sounds easy but it is not.  The most difficult task before us is to control our thinking.  When we stay focused on our vision, align our thinking and our feelings to support our vision it will manifest.  On the other hand if we let our thinking drift to argue against our success then what we are creating comes to a stop because we thought so.

As an intuitive I can see this clearly.  We always have either a vision or a thought.  Something is on our mind. It can be something we want or something we do not want.  It is all the same. Our energy begins to form around that picture (vision or thought) and once enough energy gathers it becomes a physical reality.

With this in mind, I work with people who focus on success (personal or professional) to clear their thinking, notice what they are thinking and stay focused on a very clear vision.

I find that some of us  are set in our ways, have a certain way of thinking and believe what we think. If we are not accustomed to change then nothing changes.  Dwelling in negative thoughts, unable to imagine a new reality, don’t believe their vision can manifest are some of the more common forms of thinking that get in the way of success.

Success comes from a clear vision, focusing all our thoughts, feelings and actions to that end.   Do not be deterred. Don’t see problems but only solutions.  Keep moving forward even if you do not know precisely how to get there.

When we can become conscious and aware of our thinking, take control of it so that we don’t dwell on thoughts that negate our vision and work hard to change our thinking about things success comes easily.   We read stories all the time of people who tells the story of how they imagined success in a very particular way then it manifested.  Kate Winslett tells about standing in front of a mirror practicing her Academy Award acceptance speech while she was in college.

I recommend meditation though that is not the only way to clear our thinking and open our awareness.  I work with business owners and professionals every day to clear their thinking and create a strong vision they can manifest as success.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Time for Big Change

What is the definition of insanity?  You remember.  It has something to do with doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.   We do this all the time.  All of us.  Routines that don’t serve us, rigid thinking, ideas that aren’t true, habits that get in our way, blame games, being set in our ways, not allowing change, etc., are all ways in which we create our own insanity. Do old concepts about money and relationships control your reality (illusion) with concepts of blame, fear, scarcity, etc.? It is time to stop if we want something to be different.

Change Now

I work with people who focus on manifesting their vision of success and the only thing I can see is in our way is ourselves.  Truly.  So I have decided to shout out! Loud!

  • Know your vision of success.
  • Clear your thinking.
  • Stay focused on vision.
  • Don’t get distracted.
  • Take NEW steps.
  • Allow your vision to manifest.

A New Paradigm

There is also an energy shift happening.  You can see it in government and in corporations.  Old models and ways of thinking are no longer working and, in fact, are harming us.  Old paradigms of being right, in competition, self-serving, being first, etc. are old ways of being.   As you focus on your vision of success include the highest good for yourself and the highest good of all. When you do this you might find yourself going back to something that has always been true for you or doing something you have always wanted to do.

No Fear

Making this shift will take you out of your comfort zone.  If you find that is not the case then nothing has changed.  Meditate to have clear communication with yourself.  Fear, risk, the unknown are characteristics of real change. This is a time to be conscious, aware and open to new possibilities, allow new and perhaps unusual ways to make money. Allow and discover love and fun!  You know your answer.  Just do it!

  • Meditate.
  • Get out of your mind.
  • Open to new ideas and solutions.

This is a time of change.  Old ideas and ways of doing things will not move you forward.  They will maintain precisely what you have now.  Maybe that is ok or you can see yourself having more.

Be a Leader

This is a time for leadership, for each of us to model a new way of being.  Clearly leadership at the highest levels of government and corporations is not the model that works.  So as a paradigm shift let’s have leadership start at the “lowest” level meaning with each of us influencing our family, community, company, etc.


Manifesting our vision of success takes great courage.   It is our inclination to stay in routines and patterns of being even if it does not serve us.  Taking the time to be conscious and be the change you wish means getting out of our routine, our comfort zone and changing our thinking.  Try this for one day and you will know the difference.  Then try it for another day.

Best wishes on your success,


If you cannot see where you are stuck then contact me ( and I will offer insight on this for you.

Mistakes Can Support Success

Cathy was really angry with her office manager, Sara, who had made a mistake.  Cathy vented to me how upsetting it is for her when any of her staff made a mistake.  It makes her want to fire them because she cannot afford to have people make mistakes. I offered Cathy another perspective.

Cathy decided to grow her company by 30% this year.  We have been working on her strategy to do this. We have met with her staff and created a strong vision that everyone supports.  I meet with Cathy weekly and one or more of her staff every other week to keep everyone moving forward to meet this goal. Things are changing.  There is heavy new client recruitment and at the same time nurturing and servicing existing clients.  Big steps are being made to bring everything inline to support this growth, new messaging, updating their marketing, changing their internal systems, etc.

Mistakes –  An Opportunity to Learn

Knowing that with all these moving parts and changes mistakes are inevitable. I suggested to Cathy that she recognize the mistakes as adjustments to change.  Staff making mistakes is an opportunity to look more closely at some aspect of the company, train staff to be better at their job and allow staff to expand their skills into unknown or evolving skill areas.  Consider mistakes as a way to let your company grown and improve That is not to say that it is ok for an employee  to continually make mistakes without concern or attempts to improve.  That is another situation entirely.  On the other hand employees who are not afraid to make mistakes knowing that they will learn and will receive help or training along the way is a very valuable employee.

Hiding Mistakes

I have seen employees who are afraid to make mistakes and hide the mistakes they do make both of which hurt your company.  Employees who are afraid to make mistakes will not grow in their positions and will not help you grow your business.  Employees who hide their mistakes are an even greater detriment to your company as those mistakes are usually discovered after they have had a negative impact in some fashion.

Mistakes that Support Your Success

  • Creating a culture where everyone is knows and actively supports the vision of success is the first step.  Staffs who know you vision of success are an entirely different part of your team than staff who simply has a job to do.  Encourage staff to move outside their comfort zone to learn new skills.
  • Empower your staff to take initiative in their job in ways necessary to support the vision of success.  Ask them to offer creative ways to do their job.  They know things about their job that others don’t so encourage them to offer ways their role in the company can support its success.
  • Encourage staff not to be afraid to make mistakes and ask for support or training.
  • Allow staff to work together to find solutions. Staffs that buy into the vision of success are greatly inspired by working with others in the company to solve problems and find solutions.  That means trying something new and making a mistake along the way.  It may mean making a mistake from lack of experience but they are ready to learn.
  • Create a culture of support so that staff work in communication and collaboration and not judgment and competition of each other.  Set the energy of your company so that support, encouragement and cooperation are valued.
  • Notice your reactions to staff making mistakes.  How does your staff experience your reactions?  Take the time to meditate on this as a way to clear and let go of past patterns and thoughts but more importantly imagining a new way of being in reaction to mistakes.  How do you want to be?
  • Clear your thinking.  Notice your thoughts and reactions to mistakes.  Some of this may feel automatic and beyond your control.  Become conscious and aware of those concepts and the energy that comes with them.  Decide how you want to be.
  • Finally, do you allow yourself to make mistakes, take risks and get out of your comfort zone?  Do you hide your mistakes even when they are in plain sight?  They are always in plain sight.

Take a look at where you are now and how you want things to change so that your company can grow in its vision of success.  The team you have around you is the key to your success.  Meditate on how you want to set the energy of your company for everyone involved.

Best wishes on your success,

Kay Robinson

Business Consultant

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Business from the Ashes

Tracy is not my client though she shows up at every free event that I have.  I do not mind that but it does make we wonder.  Her story is one of giving up, stepping out of the energy of success then trying to get back in.

Twenty years ago Tracy and her friend, Kathy, started a business together.  They created a wonderful model for searching for the ideal staff person but even more than that they prepared people for those jobs.  Their model is proprietary.  It worked and brought them instant success.  Their business model allowed them to work together or with their own clients.  All was well and money was flowing in.  Their combined female creative energy was a fireball that inspired everyone they worked with.

Because Tracy is not my client as I only met her when giving a talk at a group of business owners I cannot tell what went wrong and it really does not matter.   Something I said and the growth period Tracy was in caused her to look to me for an answer.

It is now 20 years later.  She is turning 50 and her business is dead.  Tracy was desperate to know why and how to get it going again.  Frankly she needed the money more than she wanted to have a business.  My intuitive read was she had taken her attention off creating her business sometime ago thinking it would continue on its own steam letting her staff run the day-to-day work of the business.  She was wrong.

Vision of Success

A business is a vision (a picture) when energized by the owner becomes a reality.  Conversely when the owner of that vision (picture, business) takes their attention (their energy) off their vision it begins to dissipate.  I know you all are thinking this out logically but I am describing something that I see energetically.  This is why the a strong vision by an owner is so critical to the success of any business.

The only other way her plan would have worked is if there was a particular staff person who had a strong vision and ownership of that vision such that he/she would use their life force energy to manifest it.  This is rare though it does happen.  That was not the case here. Her business died from lack of vision and energy.

Tracy needed to get her vision back or create a new one then focus (energize) that vision.

Success in Past Time

When I offered to Tracy that she needed to get out of her house and back into the world and into her business, the pain in her space was too great.  She had pulled her energy out so much that she no longer has a vision of success.  When I suggested that she create a new vision of her company in present time she declared that was not possible.  She believed her success was in the model she created originally.

Tracy’s vision and energy are stuck in a past time success and she is unwilling or unable to create a new vision in present time.   When we have our energy of success in the past we are not able to create success in present time.  This is not logical but it is intuitive.  I saw clearly that Tracy has the ability to create success.

Creative Energy

For sometime Tracy let the energy in her body drop very low.  When you looked at her you could see the spark that was Tracy but her creative energy and life force energy were low.  There is no way to create from a low vibration so her next step was to get dressed, get out of her house and into the business world.  She knew this was going to be hard.


Successful people vibrate at an energy level I call havingness.  It means simply that they expect to have what they want.   They imagine it happening.  They expect it to happen.   Their vision is strong and they are certain.  Tracy had that when she created her business so I know she has that ability within her.  She is not at that vibration at this moment.   I suggested that she meditate to clear her thinking, see her vision of success in present time and get the creative energy moving.


When Tracy realized she could not get out of the low vibration, create a new vision, let go of the past and get back into the world she looked for support.  Tracy partnered with another company that does her work globally hoping that by aligning herself with a bigger company she would get the energy moving in her business.  Logically it sounds like a good plan.  Intuitively we have to have energy moving in our space to have energy moving in our creations so she still has to do this for herself.

Tracy’s next steps as I see them from an intuitive perspective are:

  • Get energy moving in her space.  Raise the energy in her body.
  • Get back into her business.
  • Create a new vision in present time.  Stop thinking and create a vision.
  • Pull energy out of her past success.
  •  Create in present time even if that means a new business model.
  • Clear her thinking.
  • See herself as successful in present time – raise her havingness

Tracy is a really good example of how we can lose our business then take steps to create it again in present time.  I do not now if she will decide to do this that is yet to be seen though I see her taking steps to see if she can make it happen.

Your story may not be the same as Tracy’s but if you are looking to re-energize your business or career these same principles apply.

Nothing is impossible and determination (focused energy) can change everything.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Inspired Success

Get Out of Your Mind!

     The term “out of your mind” has negative connotations and yet I tell all my clients to do this.   Being “in your mind” can lead you astray.   When we are in our mind or thoughts we tend not to be aware in present time.  Our mind has the ability to create stories around our thoughts.  They are just stories but we think and act as if they are reality.  This is where we get off track.

Our thoughts are different from our logic. We use our logic to solve a problem, find a solution, understand a new level of information, etc.  This is very different from getting lost in thought, over analyzing and creating stories in our mind.  Knowing how to get out of our mind is important to having clear perspective, making the right decision, reducing stress and creating our vision of success.

A conversation, a situation, an experience can re-stimulate highly charged memories or emotions.  When this happens our mind replays old thoughts.  We begin to react.  Our reactions come from highly charged energy from the past and we begin to react, get lost in our thoughts, lose perspective, create a whole story around these thoughts, none of which are relevant in present time. This is different from being conscious and aware in the moment and responding accordingly.

The focus of my work is the success of business owners and professionals so I pay attention to thinking.  From an intuitive perspective thoughts are creative so our thoughts matter.

Imagine the Possibilities

Carol, owner of laundry business, planned to expand her business to three locations.  This is a big step and one she tried before.  When she attempted expansion five years ago she ran into so many roadblocks that she abandoned the attempt.  Carol had a choice this time around.  She could get lost in her thinking about everything that went wrong in her first attempt, create a story of failure in her mind and stop before she started.   She took another approach.  Carol used logic to create a new plan that addressed what did not work last time.  Her vision of this new attempt was clear, her thoughts were about the possibilities and she could clearly see and visualize the success of this expansion.

Thinking of the Roadblocks

Felicia, owner of a beauty salon with six hair dressers, wanted to expand by opening a new salon in a larger community close to many of her current and potential clients.  Her current salon was very successful and has been established for more than 10 years.  Felicia tends to get lost in her thoughts and fears.  She began thinking of the possible obstacles, remembering how hard it was to set up her current salon and anticipating things not going so well, i.e. the bank turning down her loan application.

Clear Your Thinking

It is not hard to tell which of these expansions will be accomplished from these two examples.  As it turned out they both succeeded.  Carol expanded her business with little effort and a great deal of success.  In our business mentoring sessions, Felicia worked to get out of her mind so that she could clear her thinking and create a vision of her new salon using her experience and knowledge.  She had to release the energy of the past including her fears and limits and be present.

Limiting Thoughts

Kathy, a lawyer, was looking to join a law firm.  She described to me the possibilities as well as the obstacles.  As she told the story that she had created in her mind, I began to laugh.   Her story was filled with limits and roadblocks none of which she had actually  experienced but they were what she feared.  I asked if she really meant to create the realty she was describing.   Kathy stopped and looked surprised by my question.  She did not realize she was telling a story based on thoughts in her mind.  With this awareness Kathy was able to clear her thinking, get out of her mind and created a new vision of the possibilities.

Be Real in Present Time

Success comes from being conscious and aware of what is real in the moment, clearing our thinking, getting out of our mind, creating a strong and clear vision of success.

Take one day and notice your thinking about everything during that day. Notice the stories you create in your mind.  Notice how you react. Be amused by what you notice.  Change your thinking to change your reality. Get out of your mind and be grounded in present time.

Best wishes on your success,


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Achieving Goals Won’t Get You There

Getting your goals won’t do it.  When I began working with people some 20+ years ago I was all about goals.  I knew how to get people to meet them.  I had a strategy that worked. Over time I found that my clients were achieving goals and faster than they expected but complained that they were not satisfied nor any happier.

From an intuitive perspective I saw that they focused on achieving goals but did not have a vision for themselves.  What was the life they imagined for themselves? What was the bigger picture they wanted to create?   What did their goals have to do with that?

Since that time I  focus on making sure my clients have a clear vision of their life, work, health, wealth, etc.  I have found that once we have a clear vision then we can create goals to move in that direction.  That creates the next obstacle.  I observed that most people take their goals very seriously and perhaps you should.  I suggest that you focus on your goals but focus more on your vision.

Goals are a good way to direct our actions while not making them more important than our vision.  Let me explain.   Your vision is paramount.  Your goals are simply the actions you believe you need to take to get there.  It is your best guess at the moment.  Often our vision begins to manifest in unexpected ways and faster than we expected.   If we are so focused on our goals we can actually get in our own way and keep our vision from manifesting.

Often I see my clients get so focused on a goal that they do not see the opportunity in front of them. One of my clients, Tim,  is the Director of Health Care for a mid-west medical system.  He had a strong vision for his facility.  He created goals that included staff changes.  There was one doctor he wanted on his staff because he was convinced he would help achieve his vision.  He created a series of five goals that he felt he needed to achieve to bring on this prominent doctor and it would take a year.  Tim continued to meditate on his vision.   A week or two later another highly regarded doctor became available.  Tim could not see that this doctor would help him get his vision for the facility because he was so focused on the goals he had set.  I suggested Tim take his energy out of his goals and focus on his vision, that perhaps this new doctor is the way to meet his vision.  Tim meditated on this, cleared his thinking and realized would be the asset he needed.  He hired him.  Over the past month they have increased their patient population and brought new visibility to the facility.  Tim is well on his way to achieving his vision for the year in the first six months.

Create your vision.  Create goals too.  Notice how your vision is manifesting.  Don’t get stuck in your goals or make them more important than your vision.  Meditate.  See your vision. Constantly notice where you are and be willing to let go and be in present time.

Best wishes on your success,


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Remember What You Prayed For

Image  When I began working with Sara a year ago she had one very large corporate contract that was her primary work along with a few private clients.  Everything was going well but she worried that if her large contract for some reason was cut she would experience too large a loss.  Sara wanted to create another large corporate contract with the idea of adding staff to her business.

We identified the type of corporations she wanted to approach and began to develop a plan to secure those contracts.  This list included what Sara would call her “fantasy” company, a large famous company that she always wanted to work with but with a laugh wondered if it was possible.

As part of the plan to secure another contract I asked Sara how she would make room for this additional work, as her schedule was already fully booked.  This question always seemed to end the conversation and the planning but time and time again Sara would bring up the need to secure new contracts though she did not take actions to make it happen.

As an intuitive I know a few principals always in play.

  • We are always getting our goals.
  • Whatever we resist will manifest.
  •  A strong vision manifests.

These may not be logical but they are very intuitive so I worried that Sara was not aware of what she was creating.  She was resisting loosing or reducing her current contract.  She had a strong vision of bringing on a new contract but was not making creating a plan or space for it.

As I mentioned we are always getting our goals so here is how it is turning out for Sara.  She raised her fees for her current contract and they agreed.  Not coincidentally, a few of the executives she was working with left the company thus reducing the work she was doing with them.  Her first reaction was fear at loosing this contract.  This is not logical but could manifest if she believes that it will.  In reality the contract reduced a little, enough to give her room to bring on another contract or client.

Also not coincidentally an executive from her fantasy company called to discuss her services and contracted with her to work with one executive as a beginning step to a larger contract!  She was beyond thrilled.  And finally one of her private clients referred her company to Sara.  She just submitted a proposal to secure a new contract with them.

Now with all of Sara’s vision beginning to manifest my question still is how is she going to provide services to all the clients she has created.  This will make her take the next step in her vision of success, adding staff to her business.

I love this story as I watched it unfold.  I watched Sara’s vision created so my message is remember what you pray for because it is manifesting.

Best wishes on your success,


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The definition of insanity or success

You have heard the definition of insanity. That same concept applies to business and success. From an intuitive perspective the way that you think now, your routine, actions, perspective, attitude, approach and energy level all create what you are experiencing, have and are creating in this moment. If nothing changes in these areas then nothing will change in your life or your work. You may reach a goal or two but your vision of success personally and professionally remains beyond your reach.

On other hand if you allow and create change then everything else changes. Some of those changes might include:
• Change your thinking
• Get out of your routine
• Develop a new perspective
• Take different actions
• Adopt a new attitude
• Approach everything in a new way
• Change your energy level

These sound simple but it’s not that easy.   We are creatures of habit. We have automatic defaults for the above and when we are not paying attention we automatically revert to our default. You might say we are set in our ways.

There are other levels of change you can create within you as well changes outside yourself, i.e. the people around you, where you spend your time, your physical environment. This is why vacations are so helpful. We get out of an old pattern into an entirely different space. It’s why changing offices, redecorating, etc. can raise the energy. Letting go of staff that are no longer in agreement or bringing in new staff at a higher vibration creates a sudden success.

While changes external to you can give an energy boost this is temporary. The real change has to come from within. Success in many ways is a state of mind and being at a high energy level. Each day is an opportunity to reflect or meditate on your space.  The answers may not always be logical so don’t look for that.  Allow your intuition as you meditate, clear your space and reset your energy.  Ask:
• How are you doing?
• What is on your mind?
• Who is on your mind?
• What are your thoughts about your vision of success?
• How am I in my way?
• And more

I have clients who embrace change, are eager to know themselves and what they can change to reach their vision of success. Other clients want to reach their vision of success but are not good at allowing or creating change. They persist in old patterns that do not serve them so nothing changes.

Being aware of what is behind you or inside of you gives you the chance to create your vision of success. Once you have decided the change you want to be and create then be conscious of doing so. If nothing else be conscious of creating a single change within you each day, see how things are different then create another change until you reach your vision of success. If nothing changes within you then nothing changes in what you are manifesting.

Best wishes on your success,


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Where am I going in my search for success?

Knowing your vision of success is a journey in self discovery.  Some of us know it right off and perhaps have known it our whole lives.  I know a 6-year-old who proudly declares that he IS a paleontologist and to back it up he knows, studies and learns everything he can about dinosaurs.

Many career experts suggest that you remember the first professional you imagined wanting wanted to be.  In my experience that is not far off while we may not end up doing that precise career we are not so far off the mark.

Your vision begins with a thought about what that might be but to really know and see your vision requires quieting the body and clearing the mind.  To get out of your mind so that you can hear yourself. So take time to sit quietly, relax and begin to imagine your vision of success and what that is for you, how it feels and releasing any thoughts that may compete with that.


I met with a new client this week who is in school to develop his skills in hopes of supporting his success.  He believes if he can develop his skills as a digital artist then he will be more marketable.  Indeed that is true but I noticed as an intuitive that Fred did not have a vision of his success.  He did have steps and goals but without a clear vision he was just working hard.  When I asked Fred what his vision was he described wanting to work with a major digital arts production company.  I asked him if he could imagine that happening.  He chuckled saying it was what he wanted.  Wanting and having a vision are really different.  Wanting creates…..wanting.  Fred’s next step was to create a space of quiet (meditation) and start to see his vision of success.

He called back the next day to say how hard this was.  I explained it was only hard because he had not done this before.  Once he gets comfortable with visualizing it won’t be so hard.  He agreed to stay with it.  I am curious to see how this turns out for him as my experience is once you can see your vision of success in your mind’s eye everything starts to change.

Best wishes on your success,


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Staying on Track with Your Goals for the Year

  It paid off to trust my intuition yesterday when I gave a presentation to a group of women business owners.  The topic of the presentation was “Staying on Track with Your Goals for the Year”.  It was the end of the first quarter, an important marker for businesses to evaluate how they are doing in achieving the goals for the year.  This is something you want to know early though many businesses neglect to take advantage of opportunity and regret it later. When you take the time now to assess where you are you can make adjustments, get unstuck and move forward to meet your goals.

Goals Not Being Met

As an intuitive business consultant I know that progress in achieving our goals is not always logical.  Some things move along nicely, one step leads to another.  Other goals languish on our strategic plan, list of targets or goals we have established.  I would guess that some of these have been on our list year after year. From my perspective, if there were a logical solution to unmet goals they would have been accomplished by now.  Sometimes what gets in the way of our goals can be determined more from an intuitive perspective than analyzing the problem.  This is where I started with this group of business owners and this is the approach I use with all of my clients.  Use your intuition.  Stop thinking and see clearly.

Vision of Success

I had them begin by revisiting their  vision of success.  The most successful people in any field are those who have the strongest vision.  I find that we are good at setting goals but goals absent a vision are just a lot of hard work.  So I had them write their vision of success.  Some knew it and felt good writing it down.  Others had never looked at their business in this way.  They had a business plan and a business model that guided their decisions but not a vision.

Now Determine if the Goals Fit the Vision

Once you have a clear vision of success then everything else falls into place. This is not logical but it is very intuitive.  With a clear vision, look at your goals to see if they now fit to carry out your vision.  If not then change them now before you get to far into the year.

A vision is different from a thought or a plan.  Vision is something you see in your mind’s eye.  You know and see what success is for you.  It is an intuitive ability to know for certain.    The best way I know to do this is in meditation.  Meditation is simply quieting the body and clearing the mind so that you can open to more awareness and to see more clearly.

Exercise: Try this for yourself.

  • Sit in a comfortable and quiet place.
  • Begin to quiet the body.  Take a deep breath and release all the tension and energy you are holding in your body.  Relax.
  • Now clear your mind.  Stop thinking and instead just be aware of yourself.
  • Be present in the moment.  Imagine calling your energy and attention back from where ever it is outside you.  Have all your attention right here in this moment.  Notice yourself and your immediate surroundings.
  • With your eyes closed imagine a red rose.  This keeps you from thinking and opens your intuition using your mind’s eye.
  • Meditate on this rose as you ask what is your vision of success.  Don’t think just imagine what success is to you.  Get to know this for yourself. Imagine what it looks like, feels like, etc.  It may not be what you think it is for you. Take a deep breath and let go of others ideas of success, “you should”, ego, etc.


It often takes several meditations to get clear enough so say that is it.  That’s my vision of success.  It feels right.

My surprise was how eager the business owners embraced this exercise and the insight each person got from their meditation.  I expected them to roll their eyes and want something logical, linear and practical.  That approach works too but when it doesn’t access the other side of your brain.  Be intuitive.

Meditation is essential.  We all need time to stop clear our space and our thinking so that we regain our perspective otherwise we make the wrong decision, don’t see clearly and get off track of where we want to be.  Meditate.

Next Step: Get your staff to buy into your vision.  Watch for this on another blog.

Best wishes on your success,


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Goals Do Not Create Success

   Most business owners and professionals take the time to decide their goals.  Some even write them down.  From my experience working as an intuitive business consultant, goals do not achieve success!

You can write and achieve goals all day long and never manifest your vision of success.  Manifesting success begins with having a clear vision of what this is.  Once you have a clear vision then you are ready to create goals that support your vision.  Goals without a vision is simply a way to discipline yourself or create tasks.

Knowing how to visualize is key.  To visualize means to see in your mind’s eye or imagine.   If you are thinking about what you want then you are not visualizing.  Thinking and visualizing are different sides of the brain and create different results.

Steps to visualize:

  • Take the time to be quiet.  I recommend meditation but simply sitting quietly with your eyes closed is enough.
  • Relax and clear your mind.  Stop thinking.
  • Breathe deeply throughout to relax and release.
  • Begin to imagine.  What is your grandest vision for yourself, your business or your work?  Don’t fantasize.  Imagine or see your business or your work precisely as you would like it to be.
  • Keep clearing your thinking.  Releasing tension. Opening to your ability to see clearly.

This may not be so easy at first.  Do this often until you can see your vision clearly knowing that if you cannot imagine it then it cannot happen.  See your vision as the blue print for what you are creating. This may not be logical but if you do this practice you will see immediate results.

Next Blog will be on how to create and use goals from an intuitive perspective.

If you would like help with learning to visualize please make a mentoring appointment with me and I will guide you.

Best wishes on your success,


I Don’t Have

Be careful what you declare or as the saying goes “be careful what you pray for”.  Recently an employee of one of my clients, Clare, quit suddenly.  The employee was very angry for no clear reason but did accuse my client of being wealthy.  Clare heard herself saying in defense, “I’m not wealthy!”.    When Clare relayed this conversation I knew she would experience a hit to her income that week and she did.  So what happened.

From an intuitive perspective it was a perfect example of what happens when a company decides to make a change.  I had worked with Clare on her vision of growing her company by 30% each of the next two years.  It may be surprising but her vision and her plan are completely doable in her industry and the way she positioned her services.  So far this year her company has already grown 20%.  Her business plan was right on target to meet her goal by the end of the year.

When a company changes its vision, its business plan and its goals this has an impact on everyone in the company both practically and on an energy level.  Every company has an energy level.  We feel it and experience it when we interact with them as a customer, vendor, contractor, etc.   If we like the energy (and this may be not be entirely conscious on our part) then we continue our relationship with them.  If we do not then we move on.

In this scenario, the employee was experiencing many personal conflicts among them financial.  Clare was supporting her in every way she could, knowing that she could not solve an employee’s personal issues.   As Clare changed the energy of her company to grow financially by 30% this year it vibrated in the space of this employee.  It made her uncomfortable because the energy in her personal life was the complete opposite.  She was creating “not having” money.

As an intuitive I watch the energy in everyone’s space to see if it supports or gets in the way of achieving goals.  I was not surprised when Clare told me the story of her employee quitting in anger.  The anger was directed at Clare’s “havingness” for financial success because it made the employee uncomfortable because she was creating the opposite.  She was creating not having.   This may not be logical but it is very intuitive.

While Clare is not wealthy at the moment it is her vision and her energy is set to create wealth. When she declared, “I am not wealthy!” she invalidated her vision.  Not coincidentally her income dropped 30% for that week.  I reminded her that words are creative.   She realized this as well and reset her vision of success (wealth).

In the end Clare reached out to the employee offering her the opportunity to continue to work with the company knowing the vision of growth.   Clare owned her vision of wealth and success as she spoke to her former employee who she valued.  In the end the employee returned understanding the success of the company and now being in agreement to support that success.  I saw intuitively this employee will change her personal financial situation by matching the energy of success in this company.

This was a great experience for both owner and employee.  Clare was able to look intuitively at the situation to gain greater understanding and awareness.  This experience helped her grown in her understanding of her vision of success.

Take the time to look intuitively as situations in your workplace and how you might grow in your success.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Getting decisions right

The most common reason people call for a consultation is they have a decision to make and they want to get it right.  We all want to be certain about the decisions we make but is not always what happens.   Neurologist Robert Burton believes our brains often manufacture a sense of certainty that we are right whether that is the case or not.  This happens because the brain has the ability to create a feeling of being right even when we are drastically wrong.  That is scary and we have all had this happen to us.  How often have your said or heard, “What was I thinking?”  I often tease that the brain has a mind of its own and makes up incredible stories that simply are not true.

From an intuitive perspective it is easy to be a better decision maker. When people call about making a decision they say:

  • I feel one-way one day and the opposite the other.
  • I can’t decide.
  • I have three thoroughly logical decisions and I can argue each of them equally.
  • I want to feel absolutely certainty about this decision.
  • I can’t find a good decision. I don’t like any of my options.
  • I have made a decision but it doesn’t feel right.
  • All the facts say I should decide this way but my intuition tells me otherwise.

Is this a decision you need to make?

Would it surprise you if I said, “Most times there is no decision to be made”? Or that decision making is overrated. Knowing when not to make a decision is just as important as making the right decision. For example, Should I quit my job?  Should I move?  Should I hire or fire Suzie?  When I hear a question like this I know the person is not ready to make a decision OR they are asking the wrong question.

When someone has a decision they are struggling with my question is always the same.  What is your goal or the vision you have for your company?  That is always the starting point.  If you don’t answer that question first then you are building a Winchester Mystery House of decisions and not a successful business.

Decision making from an intuitive perspective

When we have a clear vision of our success and a plan to get there we barely realize the decisions that we are making all day long.  We gather the facts and information and if it supports our goal then we make a decision without a second thought.  You don’t call me.  Everything is moving, as it should.

When decision-making is difficult

When we get out of sync with our vision, lose our perspective or someone places a demand, their energy or a problem in our space  suddenly we feel like we have a difficult decision to make.  When you hear yourself say, “Should I…..? you know you have lost your perspective so it is time to stop and not make a decision from that space.

What gets in the way of having perspective?

When we are overwhelmed by energy in our space, cannot see straight or think clearly we are not in the space to make a decision.  So what can  affect our ability to see or think clearly?

  • Other’s energy or concepts in our space.
    • What others want you to decide
    • Others reactions to what you decide
    • People who have investment (or energy) in your decisions
  • Ego: Our ego can easily get in the way of making a decision that helps meet our goals
  • Past experiences, memories, energy or thoughts clouding our perspective
  • Our fears or emotions
  • Resistance to change
  • Wanting to stay in our comfort zone
  • Wanting to please someone or everyone.

Knowing what affects your decision-making ability makes you a better decision maker. If does not feel right then step back, get more information, find other choices or realize its not a decision you need to make. Having perspective means seeing clearing and being able to step back and look from a neutral place. Making good decisions means being aware of your vision and what is affecting you in the moment.

Recognizing when you have lost your space (perspective)?

You have lost your space and your perspective when:

  • When you feel pushed to make a decision.
  • When you feel yourself reacting to someone or something or everyone and everything.
  • When you hear yourself say, “I should…” This is always a red flag that we have lost our perspective.
  • Can’t decide. Arguing one-side then the other. Or keep changing your mind.

How to Make Good Decisions

Here is an intuitive approach to making better decisions. Make sure you have a clear and neutral perspective when making a decision.  If it seem difficult even after having all the information that you need then stop thinking.

Stop Thinking: If the decision was logical based on available information then you would have already made the decision without effort.  So the answer cannot be found in logically. Robert Burton, a neurologist, shows studies that indicate our thinking can be dead wrong. Another study showed the more we think about something the more inaccurate we can become.

Find your space/Regain your perspective: Take the time to meditate.  Everyone whines about this but this is the best way to regain your perspective. How are you doing? What is on your mind? Who’s in your space? Are you clear thinking and in a space of neutrality?

Take the time to be clear about your goals or vision of success. Ask, “Will this decision  help me meet my goals?” If the answer is “No” then whose question is it or whose problem are you solving?

Intuitive Exercise

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to close your eyes
  • Take a deep breath and begin to bring all of your attention on yourself
  • Calm your body and clear your mind
  • Be grounded and centered
  • Imagine (do not think) the decision you are about to make
  • Meditate on one decision versus another.  Use your intuition to begin to clear your thinking
  • Let go of others’ energy in your space about this decision
  • Take deep breaths and release
  • Once you are calm and quiet and you feel clear then ask yourself what is the right decision (even if it makes you uncomfortable in some way)
  • Listen to your first thought because the thoughts after that will be the mind arguing with you

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Is your vision of success up to date?

This past week I watch the new hit cable show “The Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman.  This segment was on the concept of time.   I won’t go into the discussion about time though I was happy to hear scientists describe reality.  One scientist in an effort to explain time first defined reality as a series of mental image pictures that we have about reality.  Those pictures are constantly manifesting what we perceive.  Heady stuff but none the less affirms what I know intuitively, thoughts are powerful.  They create our reality.  It is hard to analyze but easy to see intuitively.

This is why I work so much with my clients to develop their vision of success (mental image pictures of success) because that is what will manifest.   Another way of saying it is, if you cannot imagine it then it cannot manifest.

The most difficult part is to know the difference between thoughts about what you want versus a vision of your  being successful.   Thoughts are literal so thinking about what you want is translated as something you do not have.  Your reality then becomes “wanting” and “not having”.  This is not logical but it is very intuitive.

All my clients want something that is why they come to me.  “How do I achieve my goals?” “I am doing all the right things but it is not happening.”   My immediate response is “What is your vision?”  “Now what are your thoughts about that vision.”    If their vision is clear (I want to have a successful printing company) but it is seen as something outside themselves (wanting not having) it will not happen.  Or if I want to have a successful printing company then the thought in the back of their mind is “but I don’t think it will happen” then they are left with wanting and not happening.

My best advice is to take the time to meditate to quiet the fear in the body and the noise in your mind.  Quiet your body and clear your mind then begin to imagine yourself being successful in the way that you desire. Keep meditating and do it often until you can see this vision clearly.

Next clear your thinking about this vision.  Release any thoughts, emotions, doubts, etc. that are in the way of seeing your vision manifesting.  Do this and experience a miracle?  But don’t do it just once.  Make meditation a tool you can use to continue to create the reality that you desire.

Best wishes on your success,


Imagine Big!

    Imagine Big! was the theme of last month’s meditations. The goal was for each person to open to their true vision of themselves and their work.  For some it meant changing their perspective on what they are doing and for others it meant changing course and committing to their dream.

As an intuitive I have seen that most of us do what we are good at, have been successful with or fell into.  Then there are those who go within to remember their true passion, their dream job or work then take a deep breath and commit to making it happen.  Both choices need your attention, focus and hard work so why not choose to focus your life force energy on creating what you have always wanted.  We don’t do this because change is scary.

Here is a brief summary of one woman’s journey back to her true passion.

Kathy, an interior designer, signed up for intuitive mentoring with me because while she was very successful working for a prestigious company, she longed to pursue her lifelong passion as an artist.  We agreed the mentoring sessions would be focused on making this happen.  I could see intuitively this was going to be a tough transition because all the energy of validation and success in her space from years of successful interior design work.  It was going to make it hard to let that go and step into the unknown. She was willing and eager.

After a few mentoring sessions Kathy declared that she did not want to give up interior design and could she do both.  I saw intuitively how letting go of all that was familiar was making her very uncomfortable in her body. I also saw this was her way of working through this bright yellow energy in her heart.

Kathy did all the right things to move her interior design business forward even signed up for a class to write a business plan.  In that class she realize she wanted to write a business plan for her art business and presented this to her class mentor.  He told her, “You cannot make a living being an artist. It is better to get a job.”  Invalidated by that communication Kathy changed the business plan to develop her interior design company.  At the end of the class each student was to present their  plan to the class.  Kathy stood up and realized that she could not do it.   The business plan for a successful interior design company was not what she wanted though completely doable because of her experience, contacts and resources.  It was at that moment she committed to her original vision of being an artist and created an art business.

In our most recent mentoring session Kathy told the business plan story, that she was ready to create the art business and wanted our mentoring sessions to focus on that.  She was scared.  Her energy was also electric with the passion of the work she truly wants to do.  Kathy developed her plan with concrete steps as a way of managing all the uncertainty.

Imagining Big! can mean simply committing to the path you have always wanted to take or it can mean stepping off the train you are on then stepping onto the path of your desire.   I remind all my clients, “It is never too late and you are never too old to create the change you desire.”

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Recordings of the series on Imagine Big!    Intuitive business or professional mentoring sessions.  Weekly meditations.

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Making Real Changes!

We are ending the first month of the new year, a year of promises and commitments but how much has changed?   This is not a mystery.  It is a function of our commitment to change.

Everything we do, our routine, how we think, etc. is creating our lives, our work and our business precisely as we are experiencing it now.  If we want something new, a goal, a vision then something has to change!

Thoughts Are Creative

This change can begin with what we think or believe.   Thoughts are powerful.  I cringe when I listen to some of my clients whose thoughts are filled with what is not working or their fears about what won’t work.  They don’t realize that those thoughts are creating their reality.  They are creating what they don’t want!

On the other hand those who have a strong vision of their goals and can see it happening are directing their energy to manifest that vision.  It’s a miracle!  Not really a miracle but it is how we create reality.

Aware in the Moment

It is hard to create change when we unconsciously go through our usual routines in what we do, how we are in our work, how we react and not respond, etc.  Making real change comes from being conscious and aware in each moment.  It begins with being aware of yourself and what you are being now.    Notice if you are creating the change you want or are you in a pattern that is routine, responding to someone else’s demands, distracted and not different from before.

Be The Creator

Most believe that stuff just happens.  Few are aware of their ability to create reality.  I know this is not logical that does not mean that it is not real.  Making real change requires having a clear vision of the outcome you desire then direct your energy and attention for this to manifest.


Take the time to stop, clear your mind (get out of your mind), quiet the body (stop reacting) and go within to listen to yourself.  Where are you now and what do you want to create now?  What can you change to manifest your vision for 2011.

Meditate on your vision.  See it clearly (imagine it).  Change your energy level to determination.  See your vision manifesting.

Best wishes on your success,   Kay Robinson

Beyond Wanting!

Move Past Wanting!

During the past 30 years I have learned a lot from the business owners and professionals I’ve worked with intuitively.   Patterns emerged that give insight into how to succeed.   Some are able to manifest whatever they want while others struggle looking for the magic key.  Well, there is no magic key.  How to manifest is not a mystery.   Over the next few blogs I will share with you what I have observed and would love to hear from you as well.


When I use the term manifesting I am referring to the process of taking an idea and making it a reality.  This is what I have seen as an intuitive so it is not logical.  That is the other side of the brain.

Ideas & Wanting

Everyone has ideas and goals.  Some are fantasies and others we actually want!  When I see those who manifest and those who do not I see a difference.  Ideas are not creative but they are the first step.  Knowing what you want is very important.  When we stop here nothing manifests instead we just know what we want!  We stop in the space of wanting.


Successful people take this to another level.  They can see in their mind’s eye or visualize how to make it happen.  They focus and imagine it happening.  It is feels real!  They are certain.   In this way they are not thinking logically.  They are using their intuition to imagine and see their idea and what they want manifesting.

Take Steps

Finally, the clearer their vision the easier it is to take steps to manifest and make it real.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I can’t imagine it!”  Well, when you can’t imagine it then it cannot happen.

Steps to Manifest

In summary

  • Have an idea
  • Decide that you want it (commit)
  • Using your mind’s eye, imagine or visualize it happening
  • Create a plan to get there


If you find you “cannot imagine it” save yourself a lot of work and  meditate.  Clear your thinking and release your doubts until you can see your vision clearly then you will be ready to make it happen.

Best wishes on your success!

Don’t Give Up Your Goals!

You have your vision for the year.  You are enthusiastic about your goals.  Your plans are in place.   It is just about now when the energy hits! You begin to wonder about your goals.  The energy level has dropped or things are not moving as expected.   This is normal so don’t give up your goals.

Each January my gym, and probably yours, experience a sudden increase in membership and participation.  We all complain about equipment not being available but also know that in one month those folks will be gone so we wait it out.  It is worth making this observation.  This happens not only to those who commit to working out  it happens to anyone setting goals.

Change Is Uncomfortable

When we create a goal and have a strong vision of it manifesting our energy changes and our entire universe starts to change so that this new goal can happen.   These changes are most often uncomfortable because change means getting out of our routine and our comfort zone.  When we get out of our comfort zone everything seems unfamiliar and uncertainty sets in.  It is at this point in our confusion that we consider giving up our goals.  Don’t give up your goals.

Old Thinking

A goal  is something that we don’t currently have but we want.  Our energy, thoughts and pictures create our current routine, to manifest our lives and our work as it is now.  To achieve our goals something, and maybe everything, has to change.  Our energy begins to change.  Everything feels awkward and perhaps uncomfortable.  We  also have to change our thinking, which challenges what we know or believe.  During this time we may doubt ourselves.   Finally we have to see our lives, our work and ourselves in a new way, a way that supports our vision.

Not for the Faint of Heart

Change can be unnerving when we aren’t aware of what is going on.  We tend to question our goals and our ability to achieve them when all we really need to do is focus even more on our vision, to observe the changes this vision is creating, be certain, be enthused and ride the storm of change.

As an intuitive business consultant I know that is the time when business owners and professionals decide to commit to their vision or give up.   In all the years I have consulted the reason most do not achieve their vision is because they decide it won’t happen.  It is my perspective that it takes great courage and determination to achieve goals.   Achieving our vision of  success is not for the faint of heart but achieving a vision has a profound impact on our sense of self and our ability to create.  Giving up our goals  creates a different impact.

Intuitive Tips

We call these periods of uncertainty growth periods or periods of growth.   They happen periodically and usually signal that you are taking a big step towards your goals.   When you hit the wall it is important to get energy moving.  This can happen in several ways.

  • Raise your energy level to enthusiasm!  For each of us that means different things.  Take the time to have fun!  Do something you enjoy.
  • Get the energy moving by taking a new step towards achieving your goals so that you don’t back away.  Do something you enjoy and that inspires you.
  • Get communication.  Talk to one or more people who you trust about your goals, the steps you are taking and get their best counsel.

Most importantly  focus on your vision of success, be in enthusiasm and create ways to keep the energy moving know that this period of change is part of the process.

Don’t give up your goals. When you are traveling on the road of  success and a bolder falls along the way, don’t stop.  Climb over it.  Walk around it.   Be certain that you will find a way.

Best wishes on your success.

Calling in Your Clients/Customers

Clients, customers, patients, etc. are the core of any business or work that we do.  You already know many tried and true ways of generating new business and retaining existing customers.   In this blog I want to add to the discussion and offer an intuitive approach.  As always the intuitive perspective is not a logical one.  It is the other side of our brain.

Our own thoughts and beliefs or even fears define our success.


One of my clients, Ted, owns an event planning company.  He has been quite successful in the past; work just seemed to come his way.  Last year that was the case.  For the first time he has to generate new business and find new clients.  He was great at creating an event but in complete fear about generating new clients.


Sara called me recently. She is an interior designer who has also been quite successful.  One client referred another and her company had as many clients as they could handle.  Sara took off last year to travel and to buy furniture and artifacts for her clients.  It was, in a way, a time of renewal for her.  When she returned her clients seem to have disappeared.  For the first time she finds herself needing clients.  Sara was uncertain about how to begin.

Create A Vision of Your ideal Client

Whether you are just starting your business or profession or have been at it for years generating new business is part of the game.  As a business intuitive I begin by looking at your vision of your clients/customers.  How clear is this vision?  Ted and Sara, never really looked at that because work just came to them.  Having a clear vision (in your mind’s eye) is the first step.  If you can’t see it, it won’t happen.

Stop Thinking

When creating your vision you want to be out  of your mind!  By that I mean, don’t think.  Imagine.  Thinking is not creative.  Imagining is.  This is a basic intuitive principle and you will read this in each of my blogs.  The only way I know to get out of my mind and focus on clear seeing is through meditation, which is why I recommend it so strongly.

Take the time to meditate

Take the time to create a clear vision of your customers.  Imagine new business coming your way. Be specific. How many new clients do you imagine?   Can you imagine or see this vision in your mind’s eye?  Keep looking until you see your vision clearly.

Finally, notice your thoughts and fears about your vision manifesting.  Clear the thoughts and release the fears that invalidate your vision.  Whatever you believe creates your experience.  This is not logical yet very intuitive.  Your vision is 50 new clients this week BUT your belief is “It’s not possible!”  That is precisely what will manifest – wanting.

Do this exercise for as long or as often as necessary until you see your vision and can imagine it happening.   Be aware and notice as your vision manifests.

Best wishes on your success!


Create Success NOW – Not in the future


You have a clear vision of your success!  You have a plan to get there.   Business owners and professionals often tell me they are doing all the right things so ” WHY is my vision not manifesting as they had envisioned it?”  Our success is always manifesting precisely as we imagine it.

Expect Success NOW!

As a business intuitive I often see the thoughts a person has about their success. They may not be aware as these thoughts may be in the back of their mind. They may have feelings that are just below the surface.  I find that business owners who see their success happening NOW see their success growing.  Successful business owners fully expect to experience their success everyday!

Success Come From Within

I have seen very talented business owners and professionals with great plans and even a lot of cash not create success simply because they envision success in the future.  This is simply false thinking, programming to see success in the future or it comes from invalidation and fear.  That may be the fear of failure or not being able to succeed.  For others it is the fear of success.  There are many more possibilities.


One of my clients, Stephen, wanted to perform on Broadway.  He arranged intuitive business mentoring with me to achieve this goal.   So far this goal was just not happening. The first step was for Stephen to create a clear vision of his success on Broadway.  Soon after his vision began to manifest.  He auditioned in San Francisco for a major musical.  He did so well they asked him to audition in LA for the national touring group.  This audition also went well.  He was asked to fly to New York to audition for the Broadway show.  It was at this point that Stephen found his fears.  He was in fear of this step and all the changes it would bring in this life.


Sara grew up in a family that loved boats so when the opportunity to buy a company that sold high-end yachts presented itself she jumped at the chance.  She invested all the money she had and that she could borrow into the purchase of this business.  In addition to her love of boats, Sara was also very business savvy, disciplined, organized, etc. and yet her business was not moving forward as she imagined it.  During an intuitive consultation I saw a picture in her space that said she was too young, too new in the industry that she would have to put in her time before the money would flow.  When I told her what I saw she laughed because she knew these thoughts were in the back of her mind.  She cleared her thinking and her business immediately began to turn around.

Your Vision of Success Now!

Notice for yourself.   Do you imagine your success as “Just around the corner”?  Do you see it happening in the future?  Do you believe that you are not ready for your success?  Perhaps you believe that this or that has to happen before you can have your success?  In all these beliefs we are keeping success from happening NOW!

Intuitive Exercise

Success is not a mystery that only a few have the key to.  Success can often be a journey in self-awareness.  Knowing what you want is the first step.  Seeing it in your mind’s eye is next.  Now notice your thoughts and feeling about your vision.

Take the time to meditate.  Notice your thoughts about when you imagine your success happening. Clear your thinking and see your vision of success happening NOW!

Best wishes on your success!

Getting Out of Our Own Way and Allowing Success

There is a difference between our vision of success and our thoughts.  Our vision is creative but so are our thoughts.  Being aware of the thoughts we have about our vision and our goals (personal, professional, etc.) will make all the difference.

For example, your vision is to double your revenue in 2010 and within one second your thought is “But that won’t happen!”   Your thought just replaced your vision.

Another example, I was working with a client, Karen, this morning.  She is planning to move her offices and she was feeling stressed about finding the right fit for her business.  She did not believe she could have what she wanted.  As an intuitive I know everything we experience is the result of our vision, our thoughts or others thoughts.  My focus is always to help you find and see your vision.

Compromising Your Vision

I asked  Karen to describe her vision of the new office space.  I expected to hear her vision for her company and how this new space would support her goals for the next 5 – 10 years.   She began to tell me what she wanted then immediately describe all the compromises she would need to make.  Why did she believe she had to compromise?  As I listened to her intuitively I saw her deciding and believing what she wanted could not happen and so she was creating a vision that “would do”.

As a business intuitive I urge my clients to notice when they are creating their vision and when they are creating something as a result of the energy in their space.  It took time working with Karen to create a clear and true vision of the new office space based on what she really wanted.  During the process I worked with her to recognize, release and clear all the pictures and energy that were in her way.

Thoughts That Argue

If you notice carefully you will find this for yourself.  Bring to mind one of your goals or visions and notice that within seconds the mind and your thoughts will come up with 20,000 reasons why it can’t happen exactly as you want it to.  These are false thoughts though it is our tendency to pay more attention to these than our vision.  This is how we get in our own way.

Hold Your Vision Exercise

From the an intuitive perspective success comes from having a clear vision of what you want without knowing at this point how to get there.  Just create and see your vision.  Release and let go of any thoughts that fight or want to alter your vision.  Hold your vision then allow your success to manifest.

Best wishes on your success,


Havingness Now!

As business owners and professionals we all know what we want.  Some even have a vision of their success. Finally a few show Havingness for their vision.

What is

Havingness is an intuitive concept that describes an energy level.   Let me give you an example.   I want to create a successful business.  Notice the term “I want”.  Wanting does not create anything.  In fact, it is a flat out statement that you do NOT HAVE.  Thus you are “wanting”.     There are others who have a clear vision of their success.   They know and see intuitively creating success.  This is an important step but it is not enough.  To actually manifest your vision you need HAVINGNESS, the energy level of enthusiasm and certainty about your ability to manifest your vision!

Havingness and Non-Havingness

“I want to create a successful business.”   It won’t happen.   “I see my business success.  I see exactly how it will be created.”  This is a really essential step toward success!   “But I don’t believe it can happen.” This is non-havingness and it just replaced your vision of success.   Let’s replace that last statement with, “I don’t have all the answers but I am certain of my vision of a successful business.”  That is HAVINGNESS.

An Energy Level

Havingness is an energy level you create when you know what you want, have a strong vision of it and are enthusiastic about the possibility.   Havingness is a high energy level.  Non-havingness is a low vibration.    High energy levels are creative.  Low energy levels are not.

Your Energy Level?

We have the ability to set our energy level and our business to the vibration of havingness.  Simply go into meditation and open to your awareness.  Notice where you are now.   Are you in the vibration of havingness or non-havingness?  You will recognize it.  Havingness is the vibration of all things possible!

Take the time to clear your thinking, to release concepts or emotions that are in the way of your success.

Contact me if you would like an intuitive consultation or healing on your Havingness!


Best wishes for your success!


The Circle of Your Success!




You know your vision of success.  Have you shared this?  Who else knows? How many people are in agreement with you?  As an intuitive I see what happens to the energy of your success when you:

  • Keep your vision to yourself
  • Share your vision others
  • Ask others to support your vision of success

Keeping it to yourself

When you keep your vision to yourself it stays within you and, therefore, never fully manifests.  You are holding it back.   When you are the only one who knows your vision the vibration may not be strong enough to manifest.

Your vision is a precious creation that carries with it the energy of who you are emotionally, professionally and spiritually.  This is the reason so many keep it to themselves. We do this to protect our vision from invalidation, competition, judgment, etc. This is understandable but it creates limits. It takes great courage and certainty to tell others your creative idea.

Sharing your vision

When you share your vision it moves from within you to a place in the world.  Others add their agreement.  Now your vision is stronger, strengthened by the energy of those who are in agreement and support you.  I am not speaking logically rather from what I can see intuitively – clairvoyantly.

There are considerations.  It is important to share you vision but not with just anyone. Choose wisely.  Choose those who you see intuitively will respect and validate your idea.  This may include a family member, a friend, another business owner or professional, a supportive group, etc.

Asking for support

The next level of support is the very important circle of support. Your circle may include selected family, friends, staff, consultants (accountant, banker, webmaster, coach, etc.) and other professionals whose wisdom, knowledge and support you respect. Invite those who have expertise that could support you and your business.  Consider these individuals your Circle of Support, a formal or informal group of advisors that you can call upon.

On the other side if you have others in your business or associated with your business that do not support your success their energy has the opposite effect.  It diminishes the vibration of your success.  Create change so all those around you are in agreement with your success.


The vibration of your success is much greater with the support and agreement of others.  Notice how comfortable you are with sharing your vision and asking for help or clear council from others.  On an energy level success comes when we can receive.  Success is the vibration of energy bringing to us what we desire.  Asking for support is the same energy. It is the act of receiving.

Take a step today.  Share your vision of success and create a circle of support.